A Night Out With Friends Ch. 02

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Thumbing through the mail I’d just carried in, I tossed my keys and handbag onto a chair. I’d seen an orange envelope hiding amongst the bills and catalogs as I’d pulled it all out of my mailbox and I wanted that envelope! Nick hadn’t been able to come see me for a couple of weeks and work was keeping me at home too. My hope was that this was a card from him. Finding the envelope, I looked at the outlines of black cats and witches drawn on the back. The return address wasn’t Nick’s and the card was addressed to both of us. I quickly slit it open and pulled out the glossy invitation from inside.

“Boo!” I read from the cover. Flipping it open I saw Hayley’s familiar handwriting outlining the date and time for a costume party… a naughty costume party. How intriguing! Our instructions were to come dressed in costume, as covered or uncovered as we wanted to be. There would be party games and about 30 guests who were all friends she and David knew were open to new adventures. There would be a prize for the best female and male costumes but we were free to claim our own prizes at will!

“Hmmmmm how interesting,” I thought as my mind conjured up all kinds of naughty thoughts revolving around prizes. I propped the invitation on my mantel with a mental note to call Nick later when I knew he’d be home. I changed clothes, did some chores, and fixed myself a sandwich for dinner. I almost forgot the invitation as I got caught up in a movie on television that night. The phone rang around 9:45 and I watched Nick’s name and telephone number appear on the caller id in my tv.

“Hello sexy,” I answered.

“Hi babe, how are you?”

“I’m wonderful now that you called,” I said as I poked the pause button on the movie.

“I have bad news,” he cautioned.

My heart fell as I guessed that meant he was not coming to see me this weekend either. His answer was affirmative when I asked if that was the news.

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too but we’re working on this project they want finished by Monday and they changed a couple things so the boss has us all working this weekend.”

“The overtime will come in handy,” I soothed the frustration I could hear in his voice.

“I’d rather have a night in bed with that hot little body of yours,” he said, lowering his voice to the husky growl I love so much.

“Ah Nick, I want that too,” I whispered to him as a tingle ran up my spine. “If not this weekend, maybe the next?” I asked as my eyes fell on the invitation.

“He promised us the weekend off if we get everything done for Monday’s deadline so yeah, I’ll bet we can work something out,” he answered.

“Good. How about a party?”

“What kind of party?”

“Halloween. Hayley and David have invited us to a naughty costume party on Saturday night. Maybe if you can come for the weekend, we can have Friday night together and Saturday night at the party?” I suggested.

“Oooo,” he said in his sexy growl. “That sounds sexy. What kind of costumes?”

“Anything we want.” I picked up the invitation and read it to him.

“You know that old joke about the couple who gets ready for a costume party and the chick is wearing knee high boots so the guy strips and puts a pan on his head. She asks him what he’s supposed to be and he tells her if she can go as puss in boots, he can go as peter pan?” Nick chuckled. “Were you thinking of something like that?”

I laughed before telling him no. Nick knows how shy I am so he was fully aware that was the last thing I was thinking of. “I hadn’t thought about costumes because I wasn’t sure if you could make it. I’ll think about it this week and run some ideas by you on the weekend. Is there anything you don’t want to be?”

“Not really. Just make sure they’re comfortable. A bear suit might get kind of hot,” he added.

“I was thinking more along the line of people, not animals,” I laughed. “But if you want, we could go as the front and back of a horse.”

“No, that is definitely out,” he laughed in return. “Maybe you could go as a French maid?” he suggested.

“And what would you be?”

“Your boss obviously,” he answered.

“Very funny. I’ll think about it but right now I’m saying NO!” I laughed along with him. We continued making small talk then hung up with long sighs over the distance between us.

As the week wore on, I thought more and more about that invitation and what kind of fun we might have. We hadn’t seen them since the night we all went out to eat. Hayley knew Nick and I were long distance lovers so I decided they must have known getting together again would be tough. I had no idea if they were even interested in another night like that one. The invite to the party let me know they didn’t want that night to be the only one.

I was thinking it might be fun to have a costume that covered our faces. Pirates with eye patches, or maybe train robbers, something that would allow us to see everyone but no one would know who Emek Escort we were until we were ready to show them. I told Nick and he chose masked train robbers. We both already had jeans, cowboy boots, and cowboy hats. All we needed were western shirts and bandanas to cover our faces. I went to the local western wear store and bought us each a flannel western shirt. I like the softness of flannel and if the night proved chilly, we might be glad of the warmth. I got bandanas too then drove to the mall. I wanted something more than the cheesy plastic guns sold at discount stores. The toy store in the mall had just what I was looking for so I bought us each a set. The holsters were vinyl but looked a little like genuine leather if you didn’t look too closely. The cap guns were six shooters like in old westerns. They came with round plastic caps instead of the red paper strips I remembered from my childhood. We could carry the extras in our pockets in case we needed to reload.

We had several conversations about the upcoming soiree as the weekend drew closer. We were both curious about what kind of party this might be. The weeks apart had heightened the anticipation of being together again and we even discussed skipping it and staying in bed at my place all weekend. Our calls were getting more frequent as we each felt the sexual tension increase. When Friday night finally arrived, I met Nick at the door with all the eagerness of a parolee upon release from prison!

“Ahhh Jada,” Nick groaned as I pulled him into my house and into my arms.

Our lips met hungrily as he kicked the front closed behind us. I felt him throw his bag onto the couch and then his arms were wrapped around me, pulling me up closer to his body. Our lips mashed against each other, hungry for the satisfaction that we each knew the other could give. He turned me so my back was against the front door and our lips opened and clung to each other.

He licked my lips and then his tongue was inside my mouth, stroking against my tongue, my inner cheeks, and along my teeth. I met his passion with my own and rubbed my tongue along the length of his until I felt it retreat. I was feeling as starved for him as he was for me. I closed my lips and sucked on his lower lip making him groan out loud.

“You vixen,” he said when I nipped it before pulling my mouth off his. His hands were holding my hips firmly against him. I could feel his erection pushing against my lower stomach making my pussy hot and wet.

“God, you make me so hard I can’t think,” he muttered as he used his hands to rub my hips against him.

“Is this shirt one of your favorites?” he asked.

“No,” I answered uncertainly wondering why he wanted to know about my clothes at a time like this. His hands lifted and he grasped the lapels at my neckline. I knew what he was going to do and I wanted it as bad as he did.

“Last chance,” he warned, the question in his blue eyes.

“Yessss,” I moaned as his hands yanked my shirtfront apart, ripping the fabric and popping buttons off to roll across the floor. I didn’t have a bra on. His hands cupped my naked breasts and he lifted one roughly up toward his mouth.

“I need a bite of your titties,” he moaned. His lips opened and he shoved a nipple and the surrounding flesh into his mouth. He sucked deeply and I felt even more of my breast enter his mouth. My hands cupped his head, holding him against me as his mouth drove me wild. He released that one and moved to the other breast, alternately nipping at it and sucking all over it. I watched his head and saw him raise blood to the surface of my stark white skin with the suction of his mouth. He knew exactly what that was doing to me, to both of us. The position pulled his hips away from me and I needed that pressure, needed the feel of him against me.

“Please Nick,” I begged him as he continued to lick and suck my tits. He held me pinned to the door by my upper arms. I could only hang on to his elbows as his mouth lifted. He placed open-mouthed kisses on my chest as he straightened up. He kissed the flesh of my upper breasts and licked and bit his way up to my neck. He released me long enough to pull my shirt down over my shoulders before pushing my arms back against the wood behind me. He arched his back and his hips made contact with mine once again. I pushed against him, eager to feel the hardness of his cock between my thighs. After scraping his teeth across my neck and sucking at the flesh covering my collarbone he finally made his way to my mouth again.

The sounds of two needy people looking for satisfaction were the only thing in the room as I closed my lips on his tongue and sucked on it. He groaned and thrust it in and out of my mouth as I sucked. It was a signal to mate and I wanted his cock inside me! Sometimes we played a game where we’d tease each other until one or the other would give in and ask for what they wanted. The longer we waited, the better Eryaman Escort the orgasm. We were too long apart for games and the roughness he was displaying had already driven me high up the peak towards a climax.

“Fuck me Nick,” I moaned as our mouths parted. We looked at each other as he released my arms so I could touch him.

“Soon,” he murmured. His hands dropped to my waist and he hooked his fingers through my belt loops. It gave him leverage so he could hold my restless hips still against his crotch. We both looked down between my breasts at the hard bulge in his jeans. We watched as he pulled me up and let what had to be the head rub against the front of my jeans as he allowed me to slide back down.

“Ahhh Nick,” I moaned as my hands found his hard chest. I rubbed them over the muscles under his t-shirt before bunching the fabric between my fingers and pulling it up over his head. His hard chest met my softer one and he rubbed against me like a cat causing me to moan again. We both watched my hands drop to the bulge pressed against me. He stepped back a little and allowed my hands to cup him.

“Mmmm, so hard,” I moaned. I unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper carefully in case he wasn’t wearing any underwear. The head of his cock was pressed up towards his waist so I reached inside to protect it from the metal teeth of the zip. I could feel the mushroom shaped tip against my palm. It was hot and hard and slick with a drop of pre-cum. I bent down to lick it off.

He had his thumbs hooked around the waistband ready to help me lower them but I couldn’t resist a fuller taste of him. Grasping the sides of his jeans near his hands, I held his hips in place while I opened my mouth around his cock head. It was so warm and satiny against my lips, a wonderful contrast to the hard shaft jutting out behind it. My tongue bathed the underside and circled the head before I sucked it gently into my mouth.

“Ahhh Jada,” Nick groaned, releasing his pants to place his hands on either side of my head. I sank lower onto the floor so I was actually kneeling on the throw rug. I tugged his pants down without releasing him from my mouth. Putting my hands on his thighs, I dipped my head lower, taking more and more of his cock inside the hot, wet recesses of my mouth. I flattened my tongue and licked the underside as it slid over my tongue. It had been weeks since I’d felt the delicious heat of him in my mouth. I wanted to savor it but the need I could see in his face as I looked up at him made me close my mouth around him. His erection seemed to pulse inside my mouth as I sucked on it. I pulled my head back a bit and circled his thighs with my hands. It allowed him the freedom to thrust without overbalancing me.

“Ahhh Jada,” he groaned again. “Suck it.” His hips thrust to meet me as I sucked him back into my mouth. He pulled back and pushed forward again. I moved to get more of him and we were out of synch. Gently Nick held my head still and began moving the engorged length of his rod in and out of the suction created by my mouth. His thrusts were shallow so as not to choke me. I moaned around him, knowing he could feel the vibrations around his erection as he probed my mouth. My pussy was aching to be filled by him but I couldn’t stop licking and tasting him, drinking the pre-cum I could feel leaking out of the tip.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned as he pulled back further so he could feel my mouth tight around the shaft behind his head. His hips were moving faster and I could sense that the change in position was to keep him from cumming. Still he wasn’t ready to stop me yet. His hips drove a couple inches of his cock back and forth on top of my tongue. The move outward pulled the head back against my lips and the contact made him push back in. I’d taken him further inside my mouth in the past but the sounds he made let me know he was enjoying this. His breathing was faster and I knew he was getting close as he suddenly pulled all the way out.

He held himself still, using my head for balance. He was breathing hard and I watched his cock throb before my eyes as he leaned over me. “Oh God, Jada,” he groaned between breaths. “You almost sucked the cum right outta me.” I started to reach for him but he stopped me. “Don’t touch it if you want it inside you.”

“I do,” I told him feeling my pussy throb in time with the dick dancing in front of my face. It was red and fully engorged, the veins standing out on the hair-roughened surface. The head was a light purple color and shiny with moisture. I could see a bit of pre-cum hanging from the tip. I licked my lips and heard him groan again.


“Right here,” I told him as I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans. I watched him bend down and pull his own jeans off as I stepped out of mine. He pulled me close so our bodies were pressed tightly against each other, his cock trapped between our stomachs. He kissed me deeply before stepping back.

“Bend Esat Escort over. I wanna see that ass while I fuck you,” he demanded. He knows I love doggy style. I turned toward the couch and bent over with my hands on the top of the couch back. Spreading my legs I looked back over my shoulder at him. He was watching my ass and holding his erection as he moved in behind me. I felt the muscles of his thighs against the backs of my own. I closed my eyes as I felt his fingers and then the tip of his cock sliding between the outer lips of my pussy. I pushed up onto my tiptoes to give him a straight shot at my waiting hole. His hand moved from between my legs and then I felt the hot length of his swollen flesh against my own.

That slow slide in is one of my favorite parts of sex and Nick knows it. He anticipates my reaction and always makes it good for me. As anxious as we both were, tonight was no exception. He pushed the tip of his cock inside my hole and held it there without moving. My pussy opened up for it and clamped down when he entered. I increased the pressure around him by working the muscles at the entrance to my hole. I heard his groan when he felt it and then he pushed all the way inside. His head bumped my cervix before he bottomed out.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I groaned. He pushed in tight behind me and I felt his balls bump my outer lips. The hard plums added to the pressure against my slit and I felt a momentary pang at not having gotten to lick and suck on them. It was gone an instant later when Nick began to move.

The arrow shaped head of his dick pulled back along the walls of my pussy before he shoved it back inside. My pussy tingled and I continued to squeeze him, increasing his pleasure and my own. After a couple of slow thrusts, he stopped and bent down over my back. His hand cupped my mound and he spread my pussy lips apart. He began brushing his fingers over and around my clit.

“Do you like that baby?” he asked as he felt me tremble.

“Oh yeaaah,” I moaned. “Make me cum.”

His fingers moved faster. He rubbed them down the sides of my clit, feeling the tension in my body increase. His fingers pushed against it, making it even harder. He could feel my pussy walls clenching on him as he teased my clitty. He knows just where to touch and how much pressure is needed. Anticipating his arrival had sexual tension building in me all day. In a moment, I felt my orgasm approaching.

“Mmmmmm. Yeah, touch me there. Ohhhhhhhhh yeah,” I moaned as his finger stroked me. “Yes, yes, yes,” I whispered. My knuckles were white on the couch as I held onto it. My pussy was beginning to spasm on its own around Nick’s erection and I thrust myself back against him. “Make me cummmm,” I begged even as my climax hit. I shuddered against him, cumming hard around his cock. He released my clit and rubbed around it as the waves of pleasure spread outward, clamping my pussy down hard on his cock and squeezing it tight. Nick straightened up and pulled his cock back. He grabbed my hips and slammed his dick up inside me, drilling me from behind and intensifying my release.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” he groaned as he pounded into me. He had held himself back once before when he could have cum but this time he was giving it all to me. I pushed back to meet his thrusts as he stuffed his cock into me over and over again.

“I’m gonna cum,” he grunted. “I’m gonna cum in you.”

My own orgasm was waning and I wanted to increase his pleasure if I could. I knew he enjoyed a little dirty talk. “Are you gonna cum in my pussy?” I asked. “Are you gonna fill me up with it?”

“Yes,” he said, his voice tight.

“Does it feel good? Is your big cock about to cum? Your cock feels so big inside me… Come on… let me feel you fuck me… Fuck me, Nick… Your cock is so hot… so big… Oh Nick, fuck me hard.” I kept it up, letting him know how good he made me feel. I felt his cock expanding and knew cum was boiling up the long, hard length of it.

“Oh baby, let me have it… Make that big bad cock cum in my pussy… Oh yeah… That’s it… Your nasty girl likes being full of cum.”

“Yeessss,” he hissed as he continued to pump me full of his cream. I could hear it squishing as I filled, the sounds of our fucking getting wetter with each thrust. He held my hips still, his fingers biting into my skin as his cock jerked with each spurt of cum. His breathing was harsh in the room. I moaned my appreciation of the good time and heard him give a chuckle. I looked back over my shoulder at him and saw his head hanging down as he struggled to control his breathing. His hair was damp from the exertion and I saw a light sheen of sweat on his arms and chest.

I squeezed my pussy muscles as tightly as I could and he pulled back and gave one more weak thrust. I felt his cock jerk inside me, emptying the last of his load deep inside my hole.

“Mmmmmmm, that was nice,” I moaned as one last shiver ran through my body. I felt his softening cock slip from me as Nick pulled out and turned so he could flop down on the couch next to me. I pushed myself back and straightened up. We grinned at each other and he pulled me down beside him.

“So, tell me more about this party…”

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