A Night of Nylon Passion

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Carole was a very attractive older lady with whom I had been close friends for nearly 7 years. We had often engaged in sexual conversations but had never been able to get together and act out our fantasies. I had discussed many times with her about my fetish for wearing tights and having sex with men and women whilst both partners were wearing tights and whilst she was intrigued by my passion, she could not quite understand it. Eventually she agreed to come away with me for a weekend so I could finally feel the touch that I had longingly dreamt of for so many years.

I pulled up in her driveway and nervously walked to the front door, my excitement could barely be contained although I was still unsure as whether it would actually happen.

I rang the doorbell and waited for what seemed like an eternity until the amazingly sexy silhouette of Carole appeared through the frosted glass as she opened the front door. She looked as nervous as I felt as I admired her choice of outfit, black dress falling just above the knee, black semi opaque tights and knee high boots. I told her she looked amazing and we hugged and shared a brief kiss in the doorway.

I collected Carole’s bag as she put on her coat and escorted her by the arm to my car. I opened the door for the lady and she smiled as she sat in the passenger seat, my eyes following her lovely legs for a glimpse as her dress rode up slightly, then I placed her bags in the boot and got into the drivers side.

The journey lasted just over 2 hours, largely in silence but never uncomfortable as we exchanged nervous smiles and my hand rested on her silky thigh. We made small talk, neither referring to the weekend ahead, seemingly too nervous to discuss what awaited us at our destination.

I pulled the car into the parking bay by a secluded converted barn at the end of a dark country road and exited the car, walked round to the passenger side and opened the door for my lady. Taking her hand in a gentlemanly fashion I escorted her to the doorway of our weekend love nest.

I opened the door and we gazed into a lavishly furnished converted barn, luxury sofa’s and rugs adorned the main living area with a large ornate open fireplace, logs stacked on the hearth.

I lead my lover into the barn and closed the door, pushing her back against the door we kissed passionately, her arms pulling me tight against her as my hands explored her wonderful curves. Seven years of lust releasing in a passionate embrace as we kissed and touched each other, my cock straining against the confines of my underwear and trousers as my fingers massaged Carole’s pussy through the crotch of her tights.

As my fingers explored I noticed something and stopped kissing, staring into Carole’s gorgeous eyes I commented that it didn’t feel like she was wearing any knickers, a cheeky smile confirmed my belief and I whispered into her ear that she was one seriously sexy cock tease as my fingers pushed the silky nylon deep inside her pussy.

Carole playfully pushed my hands away with a smile; “down boy” she said and winked, “I think you should get the bags in”. I grinned as I playfully slapped her bum and opened the front door and walked out to the car.

When I returned with the bags, the lights were dimmed and Carole had lit some candles, I carried the bags into the bedroom and returned to the living room where Carole was opening a nice chilled bottle of wine. I went over to the fireplace and built up a small log fire over some kindling and firelighters and spent a few minutes getting the fire going.

I moved back to the sofa where Carole was sitting enjoying her wine, I knelt in front of her and unzipped both boots and slipped them off, casting them aside on the floor. I sat on the sofa and beckoned her feet up onto Batumi Escort my lap where I began to massage her warm toes.

As we sat in front of the roaring log fire, drinking our wine and chatting away, my fingers massaged Carole’s tights covered toes and feet. I asked her if she had ever had her toes sucked before and she told me that she hadn’t yet experienced that. I put down my wine and began kissing and gently sucking her soft nylon covered toes.

As I sucked I began to gently bite her larger toes then kissed and sucked them until the nylon was moist, I moved onto the other foot as Carole lay back enjoying the sensation and the relaxing surroundings as I began to kiss up her legs.

I knelt in front of her once more and continued kissing her legs all the way up her thighs, lifting her dress slightly to expose her tights covered pussy, just visible through the semi-opaque tights.

I began to kiss and probe her pussy through the tights, starting slowly then getting harder with my tongue. Carole’s hands rested on my head, gripping it ever so slightly and encouraging me to push my tongue deeper through the nylon. As I probed her moistening pussy Carole rested her legs on my shoulders and I briefly stopped to rip open her tights and bury my tongue deep inside her.

I pulled her pussy apart with my fingers and teased her clit, flicking my tongue over it before pushing deep inside her once more, her juices beginning to flow into my mouth, tasting oh so sweet. As I continued pleasuring her with my tongue I pushed a finger inside her alongside my tongue and began working it in and out as Carole began to moan with pleasure.

With my finger now moist from my tongue and Carole’s juices I slipped it further back, pushing gently into her tight hole, Carole inhaled deeply as my finger penetrated her anus and began working in and out, increasing her pleasure as my tongue continued exploring her glorious love hole.

After a while Carole asked me stop and kiss her, I moved up her body, lying on top of her as our lips met, tongues intermingling and tasting her wonderful juices together. My fingers began exploring her moist hole, four fingers working in and out of her soaking pussy as we passionately kissed and Carole began fumbling at my belt.

I stood in front of her as she sat on the edge of the sofa and unbuckled my belt. I could see the broad smile that formed on her face as she dropped my trousers to reveal my very hard cock encased in a pair of sheer grey tights.

She took my nylon cock in her hand, working it gently, the feeling of the nylon against my cock was unbelievable and then she kissed the tip, gently sucking it and flicking her tongue across the nylon sheathed foreskin.

I felt a finger push the nylon deep into my anus at the same time as she sucked me as deep as the nylon tent allowed, her pace and passion building as I gripped her hair, the pleasure overcoming my body until with a moan of “oh god” as my cock pulsed and jerked through the nylon and a stream of semen exploded through the tights and into Carole’s mouth.

Carole seemed taken aback by this and after taking some of it in her mouth she took my cock out and smiled up at me with semen covered lips, “so soon” she said, I apologised as I knew she didn’t like taking cum in her mouth but she smiled and pulled my cock over the top of my tights, licking and sucking my softening member clean.

As she sat back on the sofa, wiping her lips and drinking some wine to wash down the semen, she asked if that would be it for the evening. I looked down at the stunningly beautiful woman before me and smiled, my cock already beginning to grow hard as I stared at her gorgeous body.

I took her hand and pulled her up off the sofa, slipping my arms around her and Georgia Escort pulling her close we began to kiss again, my hands gripping her nylon clad buttocks as she gently played with my hardening cock.

As we kissed I unzipped her dress and pushed it over her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. My hands explored her naked back, feeling for the clasp of her bra as I unhitched it and allowed it to drop off exposing her wonderful breasts.

I kissed her neck and moved down to her breasts, kissing, biting and sucking the nipples as my hands explored every part of her body, fondling, fingering, squeezing. I moved down her body again, kissing all the way until I was kneeling in front of her sweet pussy and began to gently probe her with my tongue once more.

Carole sat back down on the sofa and I began to push my tongue deeper inside her with increasing passion. I stopped and told her to beg me to fuck her once my licking had become too much then buried my tongue deep inside her, fucking her with my tongue as the passion overcame both of us.

Carole gripped my head and screamed “FUCK ME NOW” and in one motion I moved up her body, my hard cock slipping easily inside her soaking pussy as her fingernails dug into my back, pulling me deep inside her, pumping her hard and fast.

We became one, now totally overcome with the whole act, kissing passionately, sucking and biting her nipples as each and every thrust became harder and harder. My hands gripping her nylon clad buttocks to give me the purchase needed to pump my cock so deep and hard inside her slippery wet pussy as her fingernails dug deeper into my back, pulling me inside her.

We breathlessly carried on, the sensation on my cock becoming more numbed as her juices reduced the friction to a level that I could barely feel anything so I pulled my cock out and asked her to kneel on the sofa facing away from me. Carole knew what was coming as a dirty smile crossed her face and she leaned forward over the back of the sofa, her fingers pulling her cheeks apart exposing her tight anus.

I rested the tip of my hard slippery cock at her tight entrance and gently eased it inside her, my hands gripping her hips as little by little we began rocking together, each movement increasing the penetration until my balls were tight against her arse.

Carole gripped the back of the sofa as I began to move my cock in and out of her tight hole, each thrust becoming harder and faster as we both began to moan in pleasure.

The intensity increased as I began to lose control, the tightness of her arse stimulating my used cock as I fucked her harder and harder, Carole almost screaming with every thrust as my hands reached around and cupped her breasts, fingers squeezing her nipples tightly as I pumped hard and fast into her.

I felt my orgasm flood over my body as with a final thrust my cock exploded deep inside her, semen filled her tight hole and ran down her thighs as the motion subsided and I withdrew breathless and collapsed next to her on the sofa.

We both sat silent and breathless as our passion subsided and our eyes met, smiling at each other as Carole embraced me, delicately kissing me on the lips as we held each other with our breathing returning to normal.

I lay on the sofa with Carole in my arms; drinking my wine and watching the flames leap hypnotically on the open fire as Carole traced her fingers gently up and down my chest then down over my sticky soft cock. She looked up at me and asked if I had anymore to give this evening, I looked in her eyes and smiled as she gripped my cock tightly.

We stood up and kissed some more before I lead her to the bathroom. Turning on the shower I pulled her ripped tights down and off over first one foot then the other. I Tbilisi Escort watched mesmerised as she stepped into the hot water and pushed her head back under the shower. Hot water tumbled over her gorgeous curves as she placed her head back and closed her eyes.

I removed my tights and stepped into the shower next to her; I poured some shower gel onto my hand and began to massage it into her body. Carole closed her eyes as my hands caressed her body, massaging a soapy lather all over her as I washed her. Carole returned the favour, cleaning my cock with her hands before we kissed under the hot water as it cascaded over our faces.

I turned off the shower and stepped onto the bath mat, water dripping off my body I held a towel out for the lady and gently dried her sexy body before tending to myself. I took her hand once more and lead her to the bedroom.

Carole sat naked on the bed as I opened my back and pulled out several packets of tights, I asked her to choose a pair for herself and one for me. Carole sorted through the packets selecting a pair of sheer black tights for me and some natural tan ones for her.

We both sat in silence on the end of the bed, as we carefully pulled on our tights and then moved up to the pillows and lay on the bed in each others arms, kissing and touching.

Carole reached down and stroked my soft cock as I began massaging her pussy through her tights. She began kissing my neck then my chest and moved down my body until she was kissing and sucking my still soft nylon encased cock.

I lay on my back as Carole sat astride my face, her tights covered pussy pushed against me mouth as I began to push the nylon inside her with my tongue. As I probed her through the nylon Carole took my soft cock in her mouth and began to flick her tongue over the nylon covered head.

After a while I finally began to feel my cock growing hard again and Carole needed no more invitation, she ripped open my tights and greedily sucked my cock deep to the back of her throat. I ripped open her tights and pushed my tongue deep inside her until she was rocking back and forth on my face, riding my tongue as she sucked me hard and deep.

I gently pushed against Carole’s thighs, encouraging her to dismount my face as she lay down on the bed I positioned myself between her legs and pushed my wet cock inside her moist pussy.

Carole wrapped her legs around my waist as I began to thrust deep inside her, kissing her neck and biting her nipples as we fucked. I knelt up with my cock still inside her and took first one foot, then the other to my mouth. As I sucked her toes I rocked back and forth, moving my cock gently inside her.

As I began to pump her harder and faster I sucked harder on her toes, gently biting and kissing them. Carole lay back, moaning quietly and massaging her nipples.

I moved Carole’s left leg over so I could lay alongside her, my cock still deep inside her pussy as I thrust into her from behind. With one hand I lifted her left thigh to enable me to fuck her deeper and harder and began moving faster.

Carole’s moved her fingers down between her thighs, massaging her clit and my cock as I thrust deep inside her, getting faster and faster, harder and harder.

My well used cock was beginning to feel numb again as I built up to an even faster rhythm to keep going, Carole was moaning with every thrust as I moved my hand from her thigh to fondle her nipples and kissed her neck.

Once again we were both moaning, breathlessly fucking harder and harder until when it felt we may just pass out, our orgasms shuddered through us as we both climaxed together, a wave of euphoric feeling passing over us.

We collapsed on the bed, hearts racing, with my softening cock still inside Carole’s soaking sticky pussy. I gently kissed her neck as she stroked my nylon covered thigh.

Carole rolled over to face me and as we held each other, looking into each others eyes, we kissed gently then fell into the most perfect sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32