A Night Never Forgotten

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Vanessa pulled up in the driveway, arriving at Carmen’s house a little after 6 o’ clock. Only the porch light was on as she stood at the front door. The sound of the lock and door swung open as Carmen’s mom stood smiling, waving Vanessa to come in, as she held a phone pressed tightly to her ear. Vanessa walked into the middle of the living room. Carmen’s mom smiled again, walking away from her, as she headed off into the kitchen.

Carmen’s feet were heard, making contact with the wooden steps that lead down into the living room. “Hey, it sure took ya long enough.” Carmen laughed, teasing her about being late.

“Yea, my mom was distracting me. I tried to leave earlier but, you know how my mom is. She always wants to know what’s going on.” Vanessa said, giving her the typical answer.

“What did you tell her?” Carmen wondered.

“I told her we were going to do something fun to celebrate my birthday.” Vanessa answered with a smile.

“Well, you’re right!” Carmen said, turning to grab her leather jacket.

“Yea? Do I get to know what that is now or later?” Vanessa asked, pushing for answers.

“Well, it’s nothing to crazy but, it will be fun.” Carmen paused, “I have your present but, I can’t give it to you here. My mom will shit kittens!” Carmen laughed, rolling her eyes.

“So… where are we going?” Vanessa asked, waiting for her to put her jacket on, as she noticed that one of her pockets hung low and heavy to one side.

Carmen reached in, grabbing from the inside of her pocket. “We are going to get drunk for one thing!” she pulled a bottle of Malibu Rum out, just far enough so Vanessa could see the label. Carmen giggled, whispering as quiet as she could, praying her mother couldn’t hear her.

“You’re crazy Carmen! I’ve never been drunk before. How would I know if it’s fun?” Vanessa laughed a little too loud, as Carmen’s mother walked in, finally off the phone.

“You guys getting ready to leave?” her mom questioned, studying the two of them closely.

“Yea mom, we don’t want to be late for our movie.” Carmen said, winking at Vanessa as she turned her head.

“You girl’s stay out of trouble, you hear.” that firm motherly voice, sounding so familiar. Carmen smiled as she always did, “You worry to much mom.” as Carmen kissed her on the cheek. She grabbed the gift wrapped package and put it between her arm and the bottle that she tried so hard to hide from her mother.

Vanessa shut the heavy door to Carmen’s Monte Carlo, staring out the wind shield looking back at Carmen’s mom. She stood in the kitchen window waving, waiting for Carmen to give her that last wave goodbye. Her mom would be fast asleep by the time they got back, Vanessa was sure of it.

“You’d better wave, I think she’s waiting for you to notice her.” Vanessa said, tapping Carmen on the shoulder. With a quick wave, Carmen laughed and then started the car.

They drove for awhile, talking about school, parties and the latest buzz around campus.

“I saw Dan again on campus today.” Carmen suddenly spoke, tapping Vanessa on the leg, “He was hittin’ on me big time.” she said, grinning from ear to ear. “He’s so good at playing the game.” Carmen bit at her lower lip just enjoying the attention.

“You’re playing with fire, Carmen. If you don’t want to sleep with him, then why do you toy with him?” Vanessa said, beginning to wonder what he looked like, since she hadn’t ever seen him.

Carmen described how tall he was, perfectly lean but, not overly buff. Just your typical guy or all American, she called it. Carmen said his eyes trapped yours when you looked at him and that his voice was the icing on the cake. Which is one of the reasons, toying with him was so much fun. Carmen just loved his quick flirty comebacks and reactions. They were always trying to one-up each other. She told Vanessa how Dan came up with interesting ways to get her attention but, Carmen just wouldn’t budge and go out with him.

“Nah, I know exactly what will happen. As soon as he’s got me into bed, the games will end and then there would be no more fun.” Carmen said, tapping the steering wheel with her finger tips.

“Don’t be too sure of yourself. Maybe he can see that wild streak in you and that’s why he’s not giving up.” Vanessa laughed, because she’d seen that streak in her clearly, sometimes being so transparent with her body language.

Carmen was bold, daring and tried anything once. She had a fire that Vanessa wanted to capture but, was shy. Vanessa wasn’t sure that she could ever bring herself to do the things she wanted to experience. She saw Carmen as her ticket to get there.

“Maybe you and I should attack him together.” Carmen turned briefly catching Vanessa’s reaction. “He wouldn’t see that coming!” Carmen laughed hard at that, looking back at the road.

“You’re out of my league Carmen!” Vanessa felt her stomach tighten at the idea as she watched Carmen go off into that secret place, somewhere inside herself. Carmen’s eye’s burned while watching the road as a small hiss came from her breath, Bostancı Escort enjoying the idea’s that she spoke of.

“You aren’t seriously entertaining the idea? Are you?” Vanessa studied her face. Without even a flinch, Carmen smiled back at her without a word.

“You arrrre serious!” Vanessa gasped, her mouth dropped open, as she sudden felt a burst of adrenaline.

“I haven’t even had anal sex yet! And not only do you want me to jump in bed with my best friend but, with another man in it too!” Vanessa felt her heart racing, thinking of all the possibilities. Too many to wrap her head around, she suddenly became quiet.

“Okay, I’ve officially just freaked you out.” Carmen smiled, studying look in Vanessa’s eyes, watching her mind get lost in thought. Her cheeks became flushed pink in color, almost looking as though she had a sun burn.

“Wouldn’t you rather it be with someone you trust?” Carmen said, testing her.

“Well yeahhh. That would probably be a good idea.” Vanessa said, humoring her.

Pulling into the parking lot, they looked up at the billboard and found the times for the movies.

“Gimmie that bottle, I need a drink!” Vanessa said, her face once red, now turning pale.

They pulled into a parking spot and Vanessa leaned forward yanking the bottle from her jacket, after Carmen un-clipped her seat belt. Unscrewing the cap off, she took three big swallows and then dropped her mouth open, making a horrible face.

“Ooooohhh!!” Vanessa coughed, putting her hand up to her lips, feeling it warm her all the way down to the pit of her stomach.

“Easy!! Jezz, you’ll be drunk before the movie is over!” Carmen laughed, as Vanessa tried to collect herself.

Carmen reached in the backseat and grabbed the package, tossing it into Vanessa’s lap. “Come on, open it.” Carmen turned off the car, throwing the keys into her purse.

Vanessa pulled the bow on the small box. Breaking the tape on the side with her finger nails, slowly, she uncovered the tissue paper that concealed the waiting surprise. Carmen sat restless in the seat next to her, almost wishing as though it were her gift instead.

What lay folded was pink ribbons as she began to lift it out of the box, more material following it. “Oh my!” Vanessa said, as pink lace and smooth satin material shimmered against the light that came down into the car window. Vanessa found a small slit through the middle of the material as she turned and look at Carmen oddly.

“They’re supposed to be that way. They are crotch less panties.” Carmen smiled wildly.

“What do I need those for?” Vanessa smiled, and then laughed, knowing full well that Carmen wouldn’t buy what she was asking.

“At least you won’t have to take them off if you don’t want too.” Carmen teased, as Vanessa leaned over the seat about it give her a hug.

“How about a little kiss instead?” Carmen dared her. Vanessa stopped short looking at her, shock filling her eyes.

“Oh come on, you don’t think our relationship is truly going to change, just because you kiss me. Do you?” Carmen looked at her, feeling how torn Vanessa was between the adventure of it all and what she was willing to do.

Vanessa widened her smile, leaning in a little closer, just inches from her lips and then paused. The lower part of Vanessa’s lip trembled. Unable to bring words to her breath, she looked at her best friend, as Carmen’s eyes glazed with temptation.

She could smell the rum on her own breath as it bounced off Carmen’s lips, back onto hers. The soft scent of sweet coconut filled her nose as Vanessa wet her lips, tasting the last drink she had taken.

Carmen’s hand reached up, placing her finger lightly at the edge of her bottom lip. Vanessa jolted, her finger unnoticed until it made contact, as she began to laugh nervously.

“I don’t bite.” Carmen breathed, her nose rubbing the top of hers, seductively, softly moving it back and forth.

“My heart is pounding, I can barely breathe.” Vanessa whimpered through her open lips, at the very edge of tasting her best friend.

“Just… one…” Carmen breathed out lustfully, “…Soft, little… kiss.” And then her lips finally made contact.

Vanessa felt herself swallow hard as their lips met. The core of her body began to tingle as Carmen softly rubbed her lips back and forth, across hers. Vanessa dared herself to be brave, taking in Carmen’s bottom lip, tasting it, feeling the texture sliding between her lips.

And then Carmen kissed her back, letting her tongue come to the edge of her mouth. Licking softly, her tongue playfully touched Vanessa’s soft lips, searching for some sign that she would want more that just that kiss.

“Ohh, it feels so good.” Vanessa breathed, breaking away, taking a breath.

“Now a little harder…” Carmen said with a husky breath, “…a little deeper.”

Vanessa’s eyes became lazy as Carmen’s mouth invaded hers. The intense feeling heated her, dripping down her throat, shooting a slow pulsating burn, Bostancı Escort Bayan straight into the core of her pussy.

“Okay, Okay.” Vanessa began to pant, pushing her back with her hand, breaking off the kiss. Vanessa smiled, rubbing her lips with her finger, still feeling the kiss as though it never left. She took the lid off the bottle, taking another drink and then looked up to see Carmen still gazing at her.

“Did that turn you on?” Carmen said bluntly. Her smile was soft, still heated and curious.

“Yesss, I’ve never kissed a woman before.” she paused, “It was different than a man but, the same in other ways.” Vanessa said, taking a big drink from the bottle.

“Are you going to have any? Or are you just trying to get me drunk?” Vanessa laughed, changing the subject.

“Hand it over.” Carmen smiled, as she tilted the bottle and took a big drink, wiping the edge of her lips. “How about that movie?!” Carmen said, in a relaxed tone as she watched Vanessa bite at her lip. Her thoughts poured all over her face, like rum spilt into a glass.

“You know…” Carmen paused, watching her reaction, “…Dan’s having a party at his loft tomorrow, just a few couples. We should go and make it a birthday weekend!” Carmen said, giving her a wink.

“Please tell me you didn’t set this whole thing up.” Vanessa stared back at her, watching to see if she’d flinch. Vanessa could always tell when she was lying or making something up.

“Nooo! I told you, if I slept with him, the games would be over. He’ll have what he wants and he’ll be done with me.” Carmen replied with complete certainty. “This is just for extra fun, during your birthday!”

“I still say you are wrong. I may not have as much experience as you do but, you and Dan have been at this ‘game’ for a long time.” Vanessa said, warning her again.

They got out of the car as Carmen slipped the bottle into the inside pocket of her leather jacket and then zipped it up. Vanessa watched her and then rolled her eyes.

“What? Can’t drink it if it’s out in the car, now can we!” Carmen laughed, putting her arm around Vanessa’s shoulder, walking toward the theater.


“Would you two be quiet!” an irritated man said, just three rows up.

“Carmen, I can’t feel my nose?” Vanessa giggled quietly, taking another drink, handing it back to her.

“I think you’re drunk.” Carmen laughed, tapping the top of her nose.

Vanessa’s body was floating, her lips full of flavor from the rum that she shared with Carmen. She licked at her lips, loving the newly found discovery. Her pussy was wet and almost aching while she moved, shifting her weight in the movie-style theater seat. With her foot up, wedged between the seats in front of her, she shut her eyes and became lost in the feeling. Her body needed to be touched but, felt as though it already had.

“I’m so turned on. It must be the rum.” Vanessa confessed, leaning into Carmen’s ear, trying to whisper.

“Shhh!!!!” another woman said several seats away.

“Come on, let’s go. We aren’t watching the movie anyhow.” Carmen said, snickering under her breath.

“Act normal. We don’t want to get busted before we leave.” Carmen warned her.

“I don’t know if I can stand.” Vanessa said, grinning from ear to ear. “I’ve got you to thank for that. You got me drunk!” Vanessa whispered and then tried pushing herself up to a standing position.

“Here, let me help.” Carmen stood, putting her arm around her.

They reached the trash can just before the closed doors. Carmen looked around, pulling the empty bottle out of her jacket as she dropped it into the trash as they quickly left.

“Almost there, only a few more steps.” Carmen whispered, warning her as they walked by an employee standing in the hallway.

They reached the car and Carmen opened the door, helping Vanessa slide into her seat. “Hey these swivel. I didn’t know the seats moved like that.” Vanessa said giggling, rocking right to left.

“Come on, get your feet in. We need to get back to my house. There’s no way you’re going anywhere else tonight.” Carmen said, sliding her feet into the car, shutting the door.

A short drive and they pulled up into the driveway, turning the car lights off before coming to a full stop. Sneaking into the house quietly, they tip toed up the stairs while moving slowly past her mom’s room. Carmen touched the door knob to her bedroom door with Vanessa hanging over Carmen, like a blanket.

“Ohhh, you guys are back. Good.” her mom stood peeking out from her bedroom door as Carmen flinched from the sound of her voice.

“Yea, we’re back mom. Go back to bed, that’s where we’re headed.” Carmen replied, as Vanessa looked straight ahead. She didn’t have the poker face like Carmen did.

“Vanessa? You alright?” her mom said, concerned.

“Oh yea, I’m fine. I think I just twisted my ankle.” Vanessa replied, holding back her laughter. They kept walking, only now pretending she had a limp.

“Oh ok. Well, there’s an Escort Bostancı ice pack in the freezer, if you need it.” her mom said, shutting the door to her bedroom.

Carmen dropped Vanessa onto her bed in a heap. Her arms went over her head, like she’d been shot, lying motionless. Vanessa looked up at Carmen with eyes of curiosity, watching her glance down over her body.

“Did you have fun?” Carmen whispered, leaning over her, pulling her hair away from her cheek.

Placing her hands on each side of her shoulders, Carmen leaned in a little closer. Vanessa licked her lips, wetting them with no words spoken as Carmen gazed at her. Vanessa softly sighed, each breath felt as her breasts moved against her shirt.

“Uh huh…” Vanessa said finally, her smile increasing, “…You?” she answered, looking into Carmen’s eye’s.

“Yea, you’re really cute when you’re drunk.” Carmen snickered, her lips only a breath away.

“Are you going to kiss me again?” Vanessa whispered, feeling pinned to the bed.

Without any response, Carmen’s mouth slowly melted down onto hers. Her lips pressed them open, looking for her tongue. A sharp flinch was felt at the edge of her sex as Vanessa let out a soft moan, Carmen’s jaw now cradled in her hands.

Carmen’s soft lips found her tongue, softly sucking onto it as her hips moved against her. Vanessa instantly felt connection between her tongue and her pulsing crease, remembering the last time a man had tasted her. It began to pull, tug, and then ache as Carmen continued to lightly caress her mouth.

Vanessa became dizzy and her skin tingled, lightly buzzing with her nipples sharply cutting at the inside of her bra.

“Ohh, I think I’m going to pass out.” Vanessa whined. Her arms dropped to the bed and then she blacked out.

“It’s okay, I’ll take care of you.” Carmen whispered the last words, before seeing her lay motionless, breathing deeply.

The next morning…

Vanessa awoke, rolling onto her back. Looking beside her, Carmen slept peacefully breathing deeply into the pillow beside her. She wore a thin, peach colored, t-shirt with white cotton panties. The covers were pulled back with her body lying completely still.

Vanessa looked at her for a long moment and then glanced at her own uncovered body. Her light blue panties were still on with her bra clipped, still holding onto her breasts. She looked back at Carmen, and thoughts began racing though her mind.

“Ohh man!” Vanessa sighed out loud, feeling as though her head would split.

Carmen moved slightly then opened her eyes. “This is the part that’s no fun.” she giggled, partly awake, watching Vanessa squint her eyes, rubbing her head. “Now you need another drink or you’ll feel that way all day.” Carmen said, having done it a million times.

“You must be joking!” Vanessa said, not wanting another drop.

“We’ve got a party to go too tonight. Ya don’t wanna’ miss it.” Carmen stretched and arched her back, giving way to a big yawn.

“We didn’t do anything last night, did we?” her voice, unsure. She watched Carmen hesitate, her smile curled at the edge of her lips.

“Nah, just another kiss…” she said, innocently. “…But, things did cross my mind.” she added with a devious tone.

Carmen slid out of bed, leaning over too grab Vanessa by the arm. “Come on, hot shower time. You’ll feel better, trust me.” Carmen smiled, pulling her along.

“Oh my! My head is pounding!” Vanessa sighed heavily, standing next to the bed, leaning into her.

“I think the tub would be a better idea.” Carmen tugged her hand, dragging her into the bathroom.

Vanessa slid from her panties, unhooked and then dropped her bra at her feet. Leaning over the tub-shower, turning on the water, she turned to look for Carmen. Carmen stood behind her, still stand in her t-shirt and panties with her eye’s gazing. Holding a thick and fuzzy bath towel, Vanessa grabbed the towel and dropped it on top of the closed toilet seat.

“Thanks.” Vanessa smiled. Carmen stood there hesitating to move as Vanessa turned, slipping her toes into the hot water.

Vanessa settled down into the water. It began to soak deep into her skin, wrapping around her hips, soothing her body along with her aching head.

“Ahhh…” she sighed, “…What?” Vanessa said curiously, wondering how long she was going to stand there.

“Do you mind if I crawl in next to you?…” Carmen said, smiling innocently, “…I’ll keep my hands to myself, promise.” Vanessa could see it, she was lying.

“Yes” Vanessa answered without hesitation.

Carmen peeled her t-shirt off, revealing her hardened nipples. She was excited, dying to touch her again and Vanessa knew it. Her panties slid down over her shapely legs, resting on the tops of her painted pink toes before stepping out of them. She braced her arm against the cold tile that encased the shower while she brought her leg up. Slowly her toes stepped down into the hot water, just inches in front of Vanessa’s watchful eyes.

Vanessa could smell Carmen’s sweet scent. She was aroused, giving away how much she wanted to be touched. Vanessa’s mouth began to water, looking at her open sex in front of her, as thoughts of tasting her, crept into her mind. Vanessa looked up following her smooth, tan-kissed skin until Vanessa met her wanting eye’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32