A Night at the Theatre Ch. 2

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‘Alright you bitch,’ I thought, ‘you’re going to have to bite your lips to keep from moaning out loud this time’. I replaced my two fingers with my thumb, shoving it all the way in while palming her pubic mound and clit. By pressing in with my fingers above her pelvic bone and pressing out with my engulfed thumb I could feel her abdominal muscles stiffen and spasm as I tried to rub by fingers and thumb together through the walls of her lower belly.

On the outside, I was still sitting calmly, resting my chin on the palm of my right hand. To all intents and purposes, I was just another spectator enjoying a night at the theatre. If the truth be known, I had trouble even remembering the name of the show I’d paid $75 a ticket to see. And I couldn’t care less.

Where’s that little g-spot? Experience told me that I was rubbing in the right vicinity and when I find it little lady I’m going to ring your little bell till you scream. I starting sliding my thumb in and out of her slippery slit, each time curling it when it was all the way in and rubbing hard against the front wall of her pussy before withdrawing. Again she seized my hand in a feeble attempt to stop my outrageous onslaught as her pussy, failed, stiffened and gushed yet another silent orgasm over my probing digit. Good! I liked responsive women.

By now I’m sure her seat was soaking wet and anyone with a good nose would have detected the sweet pungent smell of this woman’s sexual discharge. Well it was certainly going to be different from the wall over expensive perfume that always hits me on entering a theatre to watch an expensive production.

I slowly withdrew my cum-covered thumb and smiled in self-satisfaction. ‘I hope you’re prepared for the final assault, you slut’ I thought to myself. If anyone had seen the cynical smirk on my face just then they would have thought I had completely misunderstood the plot unfolding on the stage before me. Right then however I was more interested in the stage next to me.

Turning my wrist I again sought out her juicy lips with my fingers and slid my index and middle fingers into her wet pussy. There was no resistance. This time I curled them towards her back and began to rub the back wall of her pussy. She must have sensed what was coming because she tried to sit up. Either she was too weak from her orgasms or she was secretly looking forward to some variety. In any case she wasn’t going anywhere until I had finished.

Before she could move I pressed my wet thumb against her moist anal sphincter and pressed into it. It gave and my thumb popped easily into her hot arsehole. Now I really had her. She gasped but fortunately so did everybody. I had timed it to coincide with a scary scene on stage because I knew she wouldn’t be able to hide her reaction to this latest intrusion. I had her in a solid three digit grip, two fingers in her pussy pressing against my thumb lodged in her arse. I allowed her a few seconds to get used to the width of my thumb before I began to alternately push in and pull out of her two tunnels all the time feeling her through the soft membrane that separated the two. Her pussy started contracting and ballooning in unison with my assaulting digits.

This wasn’t the first time this girl has had her arse probed. No, she was obviously used to this and even after two orgasms, she was juicing up again. What a woman! Where was she all those long nights of boners that just wouldn’t go away? The nights when a menage-a-trois ended with me lying in bed between two tired, sweaty, cum-drenched and sore lovers and yet another erection. Whatever happens I had to get her number because as I see it a man’s days of limitless sexual stamina are always numbered and sooner or later……fuck that thought. Let it happen when it does. Right now I had better things to do if only with my hands for the moment.

As I continued the double assault I added first one and then the other remaining finger into her cunt. She took it all. If I had her alone I’m sure she would have taken my cock in as well. If only this wasn’t a one show stand, I would love to get her alone and give her a good going over. I wanted so badly to feel my come overflow every fuckable orifice in this womans body. I needed to. God I hope she doesn’t just walk out when escort kurtköy bayan the show finished and left me to deal with a case of lover’s nuts.

Right now this would have to do. I continued to hand fuck her cunt and thumb fuck her arsehole. It was lust and sadism. There’s nothing quite like giving a woman pleasure while knowing that she can’t squrim or arch her back or moan and mew with delight. Poor bitch, how she must be fighting between arousal and frustration. When she gets home she’s going to rip her partners clothes off in a dash for his cock. I intend to get first dip though. I’m not juicing up this honey for someone else. No way!

From the way she pressed back against me she was going to have one hell of a double come and I don’t think she could’ve done it quietly. I had to stop. So I reluctantly stopped and pulled my hand out of her holes. She tried to pull my hand back in. I guess she was too far gone to care but she had no way of knowing that I wasn’t done yet. Placing the tip of my thumb on her arsehole, I teased her some more by rubbing the outside of her little puckered ring. It actually began to twitch in anticipation. She started pushing back against my thumb to express her urgency. I obliged by shoving not my thumb but three fingers as far up her arse as I could. I felt her legs tense and then her hips and buttocks as she reached an anal climax. Just as she was about to peak I pulled my hand away and stood up.

I had to. Everyone else was. The show had just ended and the cast was being given a standing ovation. As I clapped one soggy hand against the other I could smell the muskiness of her cunt and anus. It only served to cause more precome to seep out of my cock which was also giving a standing ovation but for other reasons. She was slow getting up and needed help from her none to wise partner who asked if she had dozed off. I turned and looked at her. I’m six feet tall and she was about six inches shorter than me. Her companion was about the same. I guess it was her husband although he looked much older than either of us. She was an attractive woman and I guess she must’ve broken quite a few hearts when she was younger. Like most of the audience I was cheering but my yells of ‘Bravo!’ were for her and I think she knew it. She was applauding too although her glassy eyes told me her thoughts were on something closer at hand. She blinked a few times then looked me straight in the eye and mouthed the words ‘I want you,’ followed by a cheeky grin. She may have been a middle-aged woman but her expressions were those of a lustful teenager. ‘I want to fuck you,’ I mouthed back. This brought an even wider smile from her as the words sank in. She gave me a quizzical look that said the obvious, ‘How?’. How indeed.

Still clapping I said matter-of-factly, ‘Wasn’t that great?’

‘Fantastic,’ she replied weakly.

‘I’d love to tell them personally at the ‘Meet The Stars’ reception. It’s being held at the Imperial Inn across the street after this,’ I said as I turned and walked away towards the aisle at the side of the theatre. She had all the information she needed. The rest was up to her.

Twenty minutes later I was at the bar of the Imperial sipping a martini. It was crowded and noisy. Many people were there from the audience and as usual after a few minutes, the alcohol was doing most of the talking. Some of the cast with lesser roles had drifted in and were being mobbed by the crowd. The leads would come in much later. They had to make an entrance. It was a typical opening night.

I exchanged a few pleasantries with some of the revellers but mostly I faced the bar. I saw her approaching long before she reached me. Following her reflection in the bar mirror I watched her looking around searching for and then finding me. After she spotted me, she headed straight for me, pausing occassionaly to avoid the crowd who were now standing elbow to elbow. My erection returned long before she did. She looked more attractive or was it the martini talking. She reminded me of Penelope-Anne Miller, elegant yet somehow fragile, a sweet oval and ageless face and a soft yet full mouth. She was wearing a light pink lipstick and the thought of that pink ring around my cock brought my manhood up escort kurtköy bayanlar to what must be a bloated purple header. Yep, I was just horny enough to fall madly in love at the drop of a hat. Looking at her you wouldn’t have thought she was walking up to a stranger and who had just crudely and lewdly played with her privates in public.

As she drew nearer she looked me carefully up and down. What was she seeing? I’ve an athletic build. I play and enjoy every sport I’ve ever tried but my favourite ones are swimming and squash and I have a fully equipped home-gym. I’m reasonably handsome and have close-cropped almost military jet black hair. I guess you could say I’m tall, dark and handsome. I have been picked up before and I’ve had women fight over me in a disco. I guess she wasn’t disappointed with what she was seeing if her smile was anything to go by. She also now knew that I’m highly sexed and have few limits when it comes to getting in on.

I turned around just as she reached me. ‘Hello. I’m glad you could make it’. Hell, I was talking as though I’d known her all my life.

‘So am I,’ she replied as she settled on the stool next to me. She pressed her shoulder and hip against my side as with a familiarity that spoke volumes about what she had in mind.

‘Where is…?’ I enquired.

‘Oh he tires easily so he’s left. I told him I wanted an autograph on my souvenir program and I’d catch a cab when I was done. Could take hours you know?’ she added with a smile. I liked her.

‘Yes it could’ I agreed. ‘A drink for the road?’

‘Please, a Gin and Tonic’ she replied, ‘It relaxes me’.

‘My names Alex, Alex L at your service.’

‘What does the L stand for?’

‘Just L.’

‘Mysterious eh?, I’m going to like this game. I thought I detected an asian ancestry when I first saw you’ she said. I thought asian men were rather less endowed. I hope you’re not going to sell me short,’ she remarked cheekily.

‘My Dad’s English and my mother’s Chinese but I take after my dad and you’ll find I’m more than a handful. And with your help I intend to venture much deeper than I had previously’.

‘Promises, promises. I knew you were a little kinky when I first saw you next ot me.’ There was fire in her eyes. I hope she doesn’t scratch too much.

So she had seen me before she made her move. Should I be relieved to know I had been pre-approved and selected instead of simply being of the right gender and in the right place at the right time? Well it certainly didn’t do my ego any harm. I wondered if my opinion of her mattered to her.

‘A touch of Irish I take it?’ I guessed as her drink arrived. We clinked glasses and both took a long slow sip. She looked at me over the rim of her glass and teasingly licked her moist lips and she returned her drink to the counter.

‘Uh-huh, and a touch fiery at that’ she said jokingly. ‘I’m Susan and I hate crowds, don’t you?’

‘Absolutely,’ I agreed, ‘and we’re both way over-dressed’ I added. ‘If madam would like I have an escape machine just around the corner’.

‘Madam would’ she said as she emptied her glass and offered me her hand.

Minutes later we were walking in the car park hand in hand like any other couple. This night was certainly young. I opened the passenger side door for Susan but instead of letting her get in I turned her around at the last minute and turned her to face me, her back against the car. I looked into her eyes and watch her expression change from surprise to welcome. We wanted each other. At first I held her by the shoulders. Then I slid my left around her back and my right hand slipped down to cover her left breast. It was soft yet firm, 34Cs at least. I slid my hand back up to and around her throat to the back of her neck. Her eyes searched mine, her body quivered while her lips waited. She was telling me that she was mine anyway I wanted her. Words were no longer necessary.

I lowered my lips to hers and felt her tongue snake into my mouth, searching at first then inviting my tongue back into her mouth where she licked and sucked at it ferociously. Meanwhile her legs parted and lifted off the ground to wrap themselves around my waist. I was holding her up by the pressure of gebze escort my crotch against hers. I wanted to take her right then.

After some interminable minutes, I pulled away from her lips and took a deep breath. She was panting and her lips looked fuller from being mashed against mine. I wondered how they would feel wrapped around my cock. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

I think we set a new record for getting seated and pulling out of a parking lot. The cashier’s eye nearly popped out at the sight of a woman unzipping a man as he was paying for the park. I drove off just as she lowered her head to my crotch. She was too hot for any preliminaries. She just pulled me towards her hungry mouth and took half of it in one big chomp. I thought I heard her say ‘Mmmmmmm. Jackpot’, just as she took my cock into her mouth. But I wasn’t about to interrupt her with a ‘Pardon?’ right then.

As she caressed the sides of my love pole with the insides of her cheeks she twirled her tongue over the head. I could feel her oral member going around and around the head as she covered it with her saliva and sucked it all the way in until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. When she pulled back she sucked so hard I thought my balls were going to collapse. Then she teased my pee-hole with the tip of her tongue and went back down again, a satisfied groan escaping from her stretched lips as she indulged in a seemingly well practiced passion for mouth-fucking.

With one hand on the wheel, I let my free hand roam across her back avoiding her head which was busily bobbing up and down on my cock. Then I reached around and under her to cup and squeeze her tits. They were soft yet firm and each squeeze produced an additional moan from her cock-filled mouth. Then I started pinching her nipple buds, the harder I pinched the louder she moaned. This woman was sensitive all over. I’d almost forgotten we had only met a few minutes ago as two smartly dressed people on a night out to the theatre. This is one evening I’ll remember. I decided to spare her mangled tits to explore further. I reached down her back and rubbed her arse. Her skirt was in the way. I pull her skirt up until it was just around her waist. Then I slid my hand between her cheeks and resumed what I was doing in the theatre. I finger fucked her cunt and arse. This made her increase her sucking tempo until I felt the head of my cock grow larger and my balls begin to boil. I was going to have a gusher and I was in no state to drive.

I pulled over to the side of the highway and placed my hand on the back of her head as I shot my wad down her throat. I must have spurted ten or twelve times. It just wouldn’t stop. I felt her try her hardest to swallow but I could feel it dripping out and running into my crotch. She just kept sucking and biting while her hands alternately pulled at my cock and squeeze my balls. I came so hard my arse cheeks cramped up. My balls were numb and my cock felt like it had blown the head off but she just kept sucking and licking. I wish it was light enough for me to see her hungrily sucking me dry but I knew I wouldn’t have been able to keep my eyes open anyway. When the spasms finally subsided and I began to soften, she let me slip reluctantly out of her mouth. Then she lifted her head to me and smiling proudly she began licking her come-covered fingers until she had every drop accounted for. This made my dick twitch again. This woman wasn’t real.

She sat up and planted her soft and swollen lips on mine and probed my mouth with her tongue. I could smell and taste my recent release. She wanted me to. Before things could get all heated again, I drew away and said ‘You’re a bad girl Susan and I’m going to punish you as soon as I get you home’.

‘I’m sorry,’ she replied ‘would you rather I be good now?’

‘Just for a little while so I can drive, then you can be as bad as you like. Little Susan is going to have trouble walking tomorrow.’

‘Is that a promise?’ she teased. ‘Your equipment looks a little limp to me.’

‘Don’t worry girlie, you’ll soon feel it hard enough.’ I assured her. This dong is going to make you sing ding-a-ling.’

I restarted the car and drove off. She put her head on my shoulder and her hand on my semi-hardness as I drove. I put an arm around her and pulled her closer. We were like old lovers. I knew that before the night was through we were going to be a couple of very sore but satisfied lovers. As I drove on congratulating myself on my good fortune for bumping into this hot nympho I began to think of an excuse to use when I called in sick tomorrow.

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