A New Slave Ch. 04

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Early the next morning I awoke, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, trying to look around the room. As I looked down, I saw my now cum-stained panties tented by my morning wood. A shift in my weight to get up off the bed reminded me of the plug still lodged in my ass. A familiar taste on my lips brought the event from the night before back into my minds eye very vividly. Moaning softly, I knew today would be the final session with Mistress under Her command. After that, it was up to Her if She would want me back or not. I raced to the shower to ready myself for the evening.

I quickly showered, taking a little extra time on my ass and cock, to insure it was extra clean for Mistress. Turning off the shower, I grabbed the clippers from the counter top. I trimmed and shaved the areas around my cock, ass, and chest as I know Mistress likes those areas well kept. Going into my bedroom, I grabbed the red boy shorts with a black lace trim and slid them up my legs, not paying attention to my extremely hard cock. Throwing on some jeans and a t-shirt I was out the door.

Arriving at Mistress’ House gave me a bit of a chill up my spine as I had no idea what I had in store that day, and that was the best part about it. Knocking on the door, I was met by the same beautiful Domme as before dressed in a black corset, black mini-skirt, garters, stockings, and tall black patent leather heels – the usual outfit for any Goddess.


Not wanting to be punished like I was before, I stripped immediately outside her door. I had wore sandals that day just for this reason. I was completely undressed in ten seconds.

“Good little slut. Now come in.”

She turned around on her heel, closing the door behind me. She took my hands in front of me, placing me in handcuffs. “Mistress Mandy has something special in store for you today. Or rather, someone…special.” Her evil grin sent another cold chill up my spine. She grabbed my phone out of my jeans pocket and threw my clothes in a basket next to the stairs.

“There had better be some pictures on here for Miss Mandy, slut. Now stay here and put on the stockings and garters by the stairs, the sizes should be correct.” The gorgeous domme climbed the stairs and went into the room where I was to serve my Mistress. I took my panties off and quickly rolled the stockings up like the night before and snapped the garters into place. Lastly I pulled my panties back up over the garter belt and straps.

Leaving me there standing in the foyer of the house, handcuffed, in nothing but my red mardin escort and black lace, I waited for a few minutes until I saw her silhouette at the top of the stairs.

“My slut may crawl to me now.”

Dropping my head I crawled up the stairs, stopping before the top step and kneeling before her.

Touching the top of my head, running her fingers through my hair, “Good little one. Now come with your Mistress”

Now grabbing a fistful of hair, she dragged me to my feet and into the center of the room.

“I am pleased with the pictures you took in your little sissy panties as you came all over your face. I especially like seeing your face covered in cum, which made me confident you will like my little surprise I have already planned for you…”

She placed the collar around my neck and the clamps on my nipples. The familiar pain now welcoming as the scent of my Mistress filled my nostrils once again. I closed my eyes, savoring the pleasure Mistress gave me. Attaching the chain back to my collar she brought me to the bed. It wasn’t until now that I had noticed the other Domme hadn’t left the room yet. She just stood in the corner with her hand under her skirt, rubbing her panties.

“You will be rewarded today for your service over the past 48 hours, my little sissy slut. I know you dream of taking my strap-on up your ass. I know you want to be gagged as well. But I’m pretty sure I have a better idea for a gag then just a little rubber ball. Hahahaha!!!! Now get on all fours on the bed, bitch boi.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Moving quickly, Mistress took a flogger off the wall and brought it down hard on my ass.



She brought the flogger down on my ass three more times yelling, “YOU DON’T DESERVE TO SPEAK TO ME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND SLUT?! NOW, ANSWER ME!!!”



“I will be forgiving today, my little ass-slut. Five should be enough to remind you. Miss Isabelle, would you mind coming to the side of the bed please?”

“Yes Miss Mandy,” Her hand left her skirt as she placed them on her hips, standing at the side of the bed.

“I think you can show our little slut her new gag.”

Miss Isabelle smiled as she climbed onto the bed kneeling as she looked down at me, bringing my eyes up to meet hers, she lifted her skirt revealing a gorgeous six inch cock.

“I told you I like seeing your face covered in cum, nevşehir escort now I won’t have to look at pictures to see what that looks like with Miss Isabelle here. Hahaha!!!”

Grabbing my hair, Miss Isabelle shoved my face towards her cock. She rubbed it on my lips before pushing against my resistance.

Slapping my face hard with her other hand she said, “Take my cock, slut!”

Opening my mouth I took the head into my mouth, circling my tongue around its thickness. Mistress’ hand pushed my head down further unto her cock as I felt my panties being brought down to my knees. Feeling the bed lower again behind me, I knew what was coming next. Feeling two lubed fingers push into my hole, Mistress Mandy began to finger fuck my ass as I sucked on Mistress Isabelle’s cock.

“How is our little slut Miss Izzy?’

“She is amazing, she knows how to use her tongue to place with the underside as she grips my cock with her lips. This is definitely not her fist cock she has sucked.”

In fact it was, I just loved watching porn wear women teased cocks with their tongues and slutty lips.

“Hmmm, and by the way our little sissy pushes back on my fingers, I think she enjoys her reward, doesn’t she?”

Moaning around the cock moving in and out of my mouth, I pushed back on Mistress’ hand even harder to show my approval. If that wasn’t enough to show, my cock was rock hard and swinging beneath me.

“Although, our slut doesn’t know how to deep throat yet, we will have to instruct her further after this, Miss Mandy.”

“Maybe so Miss, but right now I think its time to fulfill our little slut’s deepest fantasy.”

Feeling her fingers leave my ass, she placed her left hand on my hip. I felt the familiar feel of a thick dildo being pushed against my tight opening. I pushed against the cock to let it ease into my ass. In a quick second, I already had two inches inside me. My head was reeling. Mistress didn’t wait for any word, she just kept slowly pushing her strap-on cock deeper into my ass. Moaning louder and louder around Miss Isabelle’s cock, I felt it begin to swell a bit, tasting the familiar salty taste in the back of my throat.

I felt Miss Mandy begin to slowly back out again, then push back in until I felt completely full and her hips were now against my ass checks.

Kneading my still sore ass with one hand, I felt a hot, sting on my back. Now the wench had done it. She poured hot wax down my back, if I wasn’t concentrating on the cock in my mouth, I’m pretty sure I would have niğde escort blown my load all over the sheets right then and there.

“My little slut like that? Hmmmm? Yeah? Hehehe!!”

Moaning loudly around the head I was now sucking hard, the entire 6 inches was pushed into my mouth as it pushed past the back of my throat as I was jolted forward with the sudden extreme thrust from Miss Mandy.

“Oh look at that, our little toy has taken the entire length down into its slut mouth. I guess she does know how to deep-throat. Hehehe!!!”

“You have been such a good little slut, Jenni. You may now stroke your cock and cum for your Mistress, ” Miss Mandy spoke in Her beautiful voice as She was now pounding in and out of my ass. With that, Miss Isabelle pulled Her cock out of my mouth and began stroking it quickly in front of my face. I looked into her deep blue eyes in anticipation as I stroked my cock furiously.

“Oh fuck yes, take your Mistress’ cock. You like being fucked by your Mistress and Her beautiful shemale friends don’t you slut? Hahaha!! I knew you would. Ever since I laid eyes on you I knew you were going to be one of my little sluts. Now look at you, taking cock from both ends, just like a good little slut should!!”

Her words sent me over the edge. Feeling Mistress smack my ass as she thrust her cock in my ass, I saw the look on Miss Isabelle’s face and knew she close. She closed her eyes and stroked her cock faster then ever before. Her hand a blur, she started to blow all over my face. As soon as Miss Isabelle came on my face, my mouth fell open to receive her cream on my tongue and to let out a scream as Miss Mandy gave one final thrust into my ass, making me pour my cum all over the bed. I thought the orgasm I had the night before was amazing, but this one almost made me black out. If it wasn’t for Miss Isabelle blading the cum into my mouth with her slim fingers, I probably would have. Feeling the the cock leave my ass, I sucked on Her finger, making sure to get ever drop of delicious cum off her hand.

Collapsing to my side, Mistress spoke. “Now clean up your mess, my dear.” Feeling the tug against my collar, I reluctantly lifted up, almost unable to move. I began to lick up the massive amount of cum that was on the sheets.

With her strap-on still attached to her waist, she grabbed my leash and pulled me off the bed. “Kneel before your Mistress, slave.”

Kneeling before my Goddess, she spoke again, “You will return here next weekend for your continued training, do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Thank-You, Mistress.”

“Good little sissy whore. Now, rest up slut, take five. Your Mistress Isabelle doesn’t just stop at one little load. She likes to fuck little sissy slut’s asses just as much as I do. HAHAHAHA!!!!”

to be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32