A New Life (Chapters 5 and 6)

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================Chapter 5==================

I woke up very refreshed, but I was restless to get out of this room. Without windows I didn’t even know if it was night or day. I paced the floor checking the doors, still locked no surprise there. I was starting to feel like a caged animal.

What were their plans for me? I couldn’t see them just keeping me here for someone to fuck. With all the fucking going on I hadn’t had time to think; now I just couldn’t think clearly. I wanted out, but I wanted fucked. My body was screaming for attention. Hell, how could I escape? I had no clothes or food to take, and no access to any. I decided to sit in a hot bath and try to relax to figure this out. I knew I’d get fucked, it was the one thing I could count on here.

I started the water as hot as I could stand it. I slipped in to the tub, enjoying the water creeping over my body as it filled the tub. I let the heat of the water relax my body. Once it was deep enough, I slid under the water, wishing I’d wake up in my old boring life. I had just ended a bad 5 year relationship. I hated being alone, but was determined not to get into another relationship for sex. I felt I deserved more. My ex had been great in bed, but very neglectful, even borderline abusive, in every other aspect of our relationship. I loved high risk sex and he always had a way of finding places that were high risk. We would sneak into the storerooms of various department stores; we even had sex in a department store dressing room.

We had gone to this store at various times trying to figure out the best time. On one of our trips we found the dressing room unsupervised and unlocked. We easily went in and found a stall. I knew to never wear underwear with my skirts just for a chance like this. I eagerly pulled his cock out sucking it deeply down my throat, I could never have sex without first feeling his cock in the back of my throat. He wrapped his fingers in my hair and rammed it deep down my throat a few times. He always came fast on our excursions, but the excitement kept him hard. I would suck his cum down and he’s spin me around and ram his cock deep in my pussy. I would put my hands on the wall for support as he fucked me merciless. I could hear people coming in and out of the dressing room and just get turned on more. The thin wall would shake with each of his thrust. He shot more cum deep in me and then I would make sure the coast was clear for us to leave. When we got in the car he demanded another blow job and I eagerly started sucking him again as he pulled out of the parking lot.

I spent most of my time in the car sucking him off as we went from place to place. Then I got in a car and started undoing the drivers pants to suck them off before I realized I was in the car with a friend from work, I realized I needed to break some habits. I had also lost a few jobs because the ex would show up and demand sex, of course I would give in because I wanted it too. Then I would get fired when we did get caught. It was always my fault when we got caught. I should have known better.

Yet he never had a job. I was always struggling to make ends meet and felt it was supposed to be that way. He said it took a lot of energy to keep up with my sexual energy, so that was his job.

I did all this, until one day I just was tired of it all. I had just lost yet another job. I packed up and took as much from the savings as I could. I knew he’d be pissed when he went to pay the bills and saw I had taken the money, but I had to get a complete new start. I jumped in the car and started driving, a couple days later I stopped at the town I was stolen from, I had been there long enough to show my employer I was reliable but now I had lost another job, I hadn’t even developed any friendships because I didn’t want to go back to my old ways.

Now what could I do? My bath water was getting cold and no one had showed up to fuck me. I got out and dried off. Since I seemed to have habits form easily, I checked the door as I went back in the room. To my surprise it was unlocked, this scared me more than being locked in, I had no idea what was beyond the door.

===============Chapter 6==================

I slowly opened the door and peered out, I didn’t see anyone. I then realized that even though clothing wasn’t a big thing around here; everyone seemed to have something on when they came in my room. I quietly closed the door and went to the dresser. I picked out a black thong and a matching shelf bra. I nervously slipped them on and checked myself in the mirror. I tousled my hair to give it more body as I returned to the door. Would it be locked now?

To my relief it was still unlocked. I slowly opened the door. I didn’t want to seem suspicious so I just stepped out as though I had always done so. I saw some women dressed similar to me and figured I’d be safer if I looked like I was with them, while I searched for a way out. I followed them hoping they wouldn’t notice me, but that I looked like I was with them.

They stopped at a door and the smallest one held it open for the rest. She was about 5’ with straight black hair down to her small round ass that was framed by her thong and her small dark nipples stood erect through her matching red nipple less bra, she held the door for me too. What was I going to do?

Since she seemed to think I belonged with them I went through the door. My stomach was turning flip-flops. I stepped into a room with cushions all over the floor. I heard the door close behind me. The small lady walked up behind me and said, “Hi, I didn’t realize we were having someone new join us, just remember that the cushions hold all kind of goodies, and have fun.” I wasn’t sure what she was talking about until I realized the walls were lined with mirrors; something told me they were two-way. Now I had to look like I belonged, I walked to the middle of the room to join the other women. The little one spoke up first, “I’m Lin, this is Sharise,” she nodded towards a black woman about 5’8”, with her hair in braids.

She had a full voluptuous figure, “and that is Rita,” she motioned towards a small curvy woman with curly black hair that reached to the middle of her back. I said hi and wondered what to do.

Sharise stepped up to me and said, “I get her first.” Then wrapped her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss. My body responded. I parted my lips to let her tongue explore my mouth. I reached around her and grabbed her full ass. I knew I looked like I belong here now.

As Sharise broke our kiss, I noticed Lin and Rita in their own embrace. Rita’s hand was already working Lin’s pussy.

I hoped I’d get a chance at them too, as I started nibbling Sharise’s nipples. She lowered me to the gaziantep escort floor and started licking a trail down my body. I watched her as she reach between the cushions. She pulled out a double ended dildo and climbed between my legs as she inserted one end in her own creamy pussy. She thrust the other end deep in me, then proceeded to fuck me hard, her tit’s bouncing in my face. My back arched as I tried to meet her every thrust. I grabbed her nipples and pinched them hard.

She moaned with pleasure, “Oh, yeah. Bite me!” she ordered. I sucked her tit in my mouth and bit it, gently at first, but as my animalistic urges set in; I bit harder and started smacking her ass. I grabbed and scratched at her trying to get more and more of her. Without missing a thrust she rolled over so I could ride her. I felt her nails dig into my back, driving me even wilder. I fucked her hard as a yell escaped me. I started sucking her tits. I could see the bruises I was causing but needed more I kept biting and sucking.

We must have caught the other women’s attention, because Lin came over and straddled Sharise. Her back was to me, so I thought she was going to sit on Sharise’s face, but she bent over, opening her pussy to me. I buried my face, putting my arms around her legs and locking them to me.

I dug my nails in her ass as I spread her cheeks to gain access to her asshole. I thrust my tongue in her puckered hole. I couldn’t control myself as I bit her ass. She yelled and I realized I had picked her up. She was using her hands on either side of Sharise to support herself as she sucked on her tits.

Suddenly, I felt someone grab my hair. I was roughly pulled off of Sharise. I felt a wave of a panic, as I clung harder to Lin. She grabbed my legs and bit my pussy hard as we were dragged across the floor by my hair. I knew I was in trouble now. I felt my legs being picked up and spread wide. Then the most excruciating pain was sent thru my body as something large was rammed in my ass. I screamed and tried to get away, just to have it rammed in me harder; it felt as though my pussy was being bit off me too. I lost consciousness, and would wake up as more extreme pain was inflicted on me, only to black out again. What was going to happen to me?

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