A New Lesson from My Master

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Bobby and I were going to have a date Saturday night. When he called, he suggested that we have a “night in”, and to come over to his apartment, prepared for BIG surprise. For the next few days, my mind could not stop wondering what he had in mind. Bobby was always suggesting various ways to make our sex life interesting and different, but I had NO idea what was going to happen, and he refused to even give me a hint.

He did give me one hint though. Since we were not going out, to not wear anything fancy, since my clothes would be coming off very early in the evening. If he had been planning on a “threesome”, I would have had to dress up differently. Those night, I would be wearing black stockings, a black garter belt, and red bikini panties, without any crotch. My bra would have holes at the end so my nipples would show through a clinging soft sweater. A very very short black shirt would finish the outfit.

Hmmmmm…what to wear? Oh, I know! I picked out a short black shift, with no bra and no panties. And it was time. Bobby lived only a short distance away, so I got in the car and drove over. Just sitting down, my dress came up over my crotch and my pussy hair was showing. I didn’t realize it, until I was passing a big semi and I saw his headlights flashing, and the sound of his air horn blasted in my eardrums. I grinned as I waved at the driver…oh how Bobby loved driving down the road and having me flash the driver.

I thought I would never get there. I was right on time, every nerve in my body tingled with anticipation of the “surprise” that was waiting for me. I was amazed when Bobby opened the door. He was dressed in nothing but a short bathrobe and bare feet. After a big body-molding hug and kiss, I looked around to see if I could see what the “surprise”, but everything looked the same. The mystery deepened.

Bobby took my hand and led me into his bedroom. Soft music was playing and there were candles everywhere…the way his bedroom looked when we made love. Bobby reached down, and slowly drew my dress up over my head, leaving me naked. The candlelight was moving shadows all over my body.

I stepped forward, hooked my fingers under the belt of his robe, and removed it, letting it fall on the bed. Without a word, Bobby drew me down onto the bed and started stroking and sucking on my tits. Bobby always knew that this turned me on instantly, and he was not very gentle. He knew that my body responded to his being rough at times and it looked like tonight was going to be one of those times.

Bobby didn’t let me touch him too much. I could reach his nipples and I stroked his back. I parted my legs to let him know how much I wanted him, and my breath was coming in short gasps. This was going to be sex with little foreplay. We liked to have times with our sex being short, hard and fast, and then the second time would be slow and drawn out, as we reached for that elusive explosion of our mutual joinings.

Bobby was down between my legs, his hands stroking my thighs, his mouth on muy pussy lips. He was being gentle now, light feathery strokes on my clit and sliding down to insert his tongue into my wet dripping pussy. I started to beg him then. “Please, please, jam your cock into me. I need to be fucked, right now!!! I can’t stand this any longer!!!”

Bobby spoke for the first time now. ısparta escort He growled, in a tone of voice that I knew very well. He was now changing into the “MASTER”, a game we played so many times before. I could feel my body trembling with anticipation, as I knew now that something very very special was going to happen. “You are my slut bitch, and I command you NOT to come, until I tell you. If you do, then I will have to punish you. I will spread eagle you to the bed and I will tie your hands and feet so far apart you will not be able to move”.

“I will blindfold you and I will leave you there in the bed, while I go outside and I will find the first black man I can find, on the street, and I will bring him in here and let him pleasure himself with you. And you won’t know who he is, or if you will see him on the street”.

The tone of Bobby’s voice made me shudder – he usually sounded so harsh and angry when he became the “MASTER”. I didn’t want to know what his punishment would be.

One time Bobby had bent me over the back of a chair, and had tied my wrists to the arms and tied my legs wide apart to the feet. Oh, how he teased me then. He slapped my ash cheeks, not too hard, but enough that they turned pink. He explored my cunt, he pinched my pussy lips, and he jammed his fingers inside me, until my wetness dripped all over his fingers. Bobby fucked me in that position, and it was one of the most intense climaxes I ever had, and I know it was for him too. I couldn’t move and every stroke drove his hard dick into the very bottom of me.

I knew something really special was going to happen tonight and I could hardly wait, as I knew it would be something we had never done before. All of a sudden, Bobby stopped sucking and licking on my pussy and clit. He stood up and reached for my hands and stood me up. He wrapped his arms around me and looked into my eyes and said, “Now you are my slut bitch and you are going to do everything I tell you to do, without question!!! Is that understood?” I just nodded my head as he bent down and inserted his tongue in my mouth, searching and tasting, and crushing my lips with the strength of his kiss.

“Yes MASTER, I breathed in a low voice. Whatever you command, I will do, without hesitation”. There was an odd light in his eyes, but I also knew that no matter what game we would play, he would never hurt me. I trusted him totally.

Bobby said we were going to take a shower. My body was on fire from his caressing, I ached for the release of a climax, but no, I was going to have to wait. We went into the bathroom, and Bobby turned on the shower, letting the water warm up the tub, while he lit several candles, and closed the door. The air soon became hot and steamy and tiny beads of sweat broke out on our bodies. We stood there for a minute or two, kissing and touching each other. Bobby’s cock was incredibly hard, and oh, I wanted to bend down the suck and lick on it.

But no, Bobby broke apart from me, and we stepped into the tub. Oh, how I loved taking showers with him. I loved his hands, all soft and slippery, exploring every curve of my body. I wanted my hands on him too so, while the water beat on our bodies, we soaped each other and rinsed and soaped each other again.

I didn’t notice, but Bobby had brought in a small hand kars escort towel and a wash cloth. He reached up and pushed the button to stop the flow of water. By this time, I was really puzzled. Bobby took the hand towel and put it on the back of the tub and ordered me to lie down in the bottom of the tub with my shoulders and head propped up against the back.

I did so, the warmth of the tub was comfortable, and my body was straight down the tub, inbetween Bobby’s legs. “Slut bitch, do you love my cock? Tell me how much you love my cock. Tell me how you love to feel it inside your mouth and how you love to swallow my cum. Tell your MASTER how you love whatever I chose to do to you. Tell your MASTER that you are my slave and you will do anything to please me. I want to hear you beg for my attention. I want you to beg for my cock, no matter how I give it to you. Tell me bitch, tell me you are my cocksucker and that you love my cock more than any other cock that you have tasted or had shoved up your hot and wet pussy”!!!!

“And, if you beg enough to please me, I will let you have my cock in a way you will never forget, and you will crave my cock that way, and you will beg for my cock again and again”. “Yes MASTER, I am your cocksucker. I am your slut bitch. I love your cock and I will do whatever you command me. I love your cock MASTER, I want your cock any way you wish to give it to me. I beg for the release your dick can give me. I need your cock, oh MASTER, I need it NOW”

To my utter amazement and surprise, Bobby took his cock in his hand and he started to PEE on me. The stream hit the hair of my mound and slowly started up my body, splashing over my groin, my stomach and my tits. As he went up my body, my Master ordered me to open my mouth and accept his gift of gold.

I was so surprised, I did as I was commanded to do, and the stream crept up and into my mouth, and spilling out the corners, down over my cheeks, and running down over my tits. Bobby stopped the flow, and just stood there looking at me. I didn’t know what to think…he had never even discussed doing this before. I had never participated in “water sports”.

“Now, you bitch, you are going to learn to like what I am going to do to you now. I want you to move down a bit from the back of the tub, and spread your legs so they are outside of mine”. The steam from the water put the shower in a bit of a haze, and the flickering candlelight almost made this seem unreal. I had no idea what was going to happen next, but from the look on my MASTER”s face, I knew it had something to do with his pee.

Bobby reached for my ankles and drew my legs straight up. He eased his feet under each of my ass cheeks, so my pussy was pointing straight up, my legs stretched out along his body. Bobby held my legs tight against his chest. “Now, you slut bitch, I want you to reach down and spread your pussy lips wide apart, so I can see inside your pussy. I want to see your inside muscles clench, like they do when they grab and suck my cock inside you. I want your eyes wide open, so I can watch the expression on your face”.

With that, my Master, held his cock in his other hand, and started to pee again. This time, he aimed directly at my clit, so the hot stream hit the sensitive outer lips and ran down into my pussy. MASTER ordered me to use those kastamonu escort inside muscles and suck in his golden fluid. My muscles, clenched and released, and the strength of his stream hit my pussy. This was not the gentle stream that had run down my body, this was a hard strong push of liquid directed right into me, filling me up. I could feel my stomach start to swell, to make room for the hot fluid that was filling me up.

“Now, you slut bitch, I want you to cum, and cum now”!!! My Master moved his stream from my clit to my full pussy, and I exploded. I gasped, I cried, I yelled, I went into spasms. ‘Yes Baby, that is what I want to see. I want to see your torment, I want to see you swell up with my liquid gold. I want your release and I want to see your face…yes yes slut, go with it, let it fill you up like you have never been filled before”.

Slowly, the shudders coursing through my body subsided. I went limp, even though I couldn’t move my body, still jammed up against his chest. What could possibly happen now? Surely, my MASTER had nothing left of his golden liquid.

My MASTER reached for the washcloth. I watched him as he wadded it into a ball. He then reached down and jammed it into my pussy, working as much in as he could, plugging me up. I felt like I was going to burst, but I knew not to complain.

“Now, my lovely sweet bitch, there is more. I want you to stand up. I will help you, but you are to keep that wad of cloth between your legs and NOT let it fall out. Very carefully he released my legs and stepped back, allowing my legs to come down to the bottom of the tub, crossing them, to hold the cloth in place. Then, he helped me to my feet.

My MASTER then lay down on the bottom of the tub. Half sitting up, he reached for the wadded cloth with one hand and held onto my thigh with the other. “I am going to hold my hand on the cloth so it won’t fall out, and I want you to move your legs so you are straddling my body. Then I want you to carefully kneel down, so you are right over my nice hard cock”.

It was a bit awkward, to try and move, with his hand and the wadded up cloth stuffed up into my pussy, my belly swollen and taut from all the liquid that was held inside. Once I got into position, over his rock hard cock, my MASTER started gently rubbing my clit lips. Wild sensations roared through my body, the weight of the golden fluids bearing down, until it was almost painful to endure his touch. I could feel myself starting to cum again, my pussy muscles grabbing onto the wad of cloth as if it were a cock. My MASTER could feel this through the cloth and he knew I was on the edge, as was he.

Just at the moment of climax, my MASTER pulled the wadded cloth out of my pussy. With a deep groan, mixing my climax with the release of the mixture of golden fluid and my cum, all of this poured down over the rock hard cock beneath. My MASTER threw the washcloth to one side, and using both hands around my hips, jammed me hard, onto his cock. Each time I raised up and down, caught in the throes of another climax, the last of the fluids would pour out, all over his cock, and down over his balls to his ass. I ground into him, he thrust himself into me, each of us extending the other’s climax, until we couldn’t move, and collapsed onto each other.

When we could, we stood up, both of us shaky and a bit weak, too overwhelmed to even talk. This time, the warmth of the water caressed us both as we slowly and tenderly washed each other off. What we did that night was different, but so totally erotic and intense, that we knew we would be doing this again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32