A New Beginning

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It was a nice clear sunny day on the Costa Blanca in Spain. There were in fact no clouds in the sky at all which was surprising for the month of October. There was a little breeze but it was quite warm, increasing to hot when the wind dropped down to still.

The old style Spanish house, or finca, stood on a slope facing south, with a panoramic view over the city and countryside, right down to the sea shimmering through the gaps in the rocky hills that bordered the coast. Silvery flashes appeared in the sky from time to time as planes approached the distant airport, reflecting the sun.

On the naya of the house, which also faced south, a man sat in an armchair, his Doberman at his feet. He was relaxed and reading, a coffee and a Spanish brandy on the table beside him. He was wearing glasses to read. The time was around eleven in the morning but he didn’t check it. He wore no watch. Men of his age didn’t need to know the time, unlike those who still had a living to earn.

The dog suddenly stood and trotted off towards the gate. The man didn’t move. The dog wasn’t agitated so it must be someone he knew. Sure enough the figure of Mary Martin soon appeared at the gate. Mary was his neighbour from the next street, living about five hundred metres from him. Her and her husband Graham were also his nearest English neighbours.

“It’s open Mary,” he called, “come on in.” Prince the dog leapt up and down as he recognised his friend. Sure enough Mary produced a treat for him as soon as she had opened the gate. She walked the ten metres or so to the naya.

“Well Fred my darling, you look nice and relaxed. Can I join you for a while? Graham has gone off to golf again and I’m feeling starved of company.”

Fred looked up at her. He was delighted and almost excited to see his friend. Mary was wearing light blue short shorts that showed off her smooth brown legs to perfection. Above her shorts she wore a thin white ribbed cotton top, low cut and buttoned down the front. The top finished just above her cute belly button, showing an enjoyable expanse of smooth brown stomach. Mary was thirty-five years of age.

Fred was wearing what he mostly wore at home, a pair of old swimming shorts. Todays were multi green and yellow stripes. At all other times he wore nothing and could show a good all over tan. Fred was sixty-one years of age.

He hadn’t got up to greet Mary and now she bent down before him and kissed him on both cheeks. Why did he have the feeling that she had shown him the beautiful cleavage down her top for just a second longer than she needed to. Nevertheless, in his shorts his cock stirred slightly.

“Hi Mary darling. Can I get you anything?”

“I’ll have the same as you, you old reprobate,” laughed Mary as she sat down in the armchair opposite to him, showing her thighs all the way up to her crotch. Fred’s cock stirred again. “Coffee and brandy for an escaping wife!”

Fred stood to go and fetch the drinks, noticing that Mary was looking at the front of his shorts. He instinctively looked down but his penis hadn’t yet risen enough to show much difference. Mary laughed as he went through into his kitchen to get her drinks.

“I see I shall have to try harder,” she trilled.

Fred’s heart began to pump faster as he made the coffee and poured the generous measure of brandy. He’d always fancied Mary, much more so since his wife had gone back to England, saying that she couldn’t stand the heat. He still had his urges and Mary was part of his dreams every night. Days too if he admitted it!

When he returned with the drinks he immediately noticed that Mary had undone another button on her top, now fastened with only two. Her ample charms were almost totally revealed. He tried to control himself. Graham and Mary were two of only a few friends that he had.

“To what do I owe the honour of this visit, my darling,” Fred enquired, looking into Mary’s eyes as he spoke. “A lady visiting a randy old goat like me could get herself a reputation you know,”

“Good,” replied Mary cheekily, “I’m glad to hear that you’re still randy. I can’t see much evidence of that.”

“That’s because I’m exercising mind over matter control. Your goodies are still very much appreciated, I can assure you. I could sit here all day and just look at you. Anyway, as I was saying, are you here to borrow something, need help with your Spanish or just to gaze at a randy old man?”

“That last one is closest,” said Mary seriously. “Graham is always off golfing or some such and I get lonely on my own all the time. He thinks I’ve got plenty of friends and don’t need much else. The friends I’ve got are all women and can’t fuck me Fred and that’s what I want now and again.”

“Christ Mary, you are only a young woman. There must be any number of young men around here better equipped than me. I hope I haven’t got the wrong end of the stick in that you are suggesting that I can help you out.”

Mary got up and moved over to Fred, squatting down in front of him. She deftly unfastened the remaining two buttons of her top and pulled the material casino oyna apart, unveiling her beautiful firm round brown breasts. Fred looked as her nipples erected themselves in the open air.

“Don’t you fancy me then Fred or are you too old to get it up any more?” Mary grinned as she watched a bulge grow inside Fred’s shorts. He growled and grabbed a firm hold of her big tits. She put her hands down on to his growing erection. They kissed hard.

The kiss grew in intensity. Mary opened her lips to his pushing tongue, allowing him access and thrilling to his swirling motion all around her own. She pushed back and her tongue entered Fred’s mouth. They made what seemed like gallons of saliva, drinking the mixture down.

Fred was really mauling Mary’s big breasts and pulling on her nipples. She moaned and grabbed at the waistband of his shorts, hauling them off with only a minimum of help from Fred as he lifted his hips to help her. His cock bounced into view and Mary captured it in both hands.

“Wow, that’s a biggy,” she enthused. “It’s a lot bigger than Graham’s and bigger than most of the others I’ve seen. I’m going to play with this.”

Mary wrapped both hands around Fred’s cock, leaving only the tip showing. She opened her mouth to eject a mouthful of saliva all over his prick. She rubbed his tool until it was wet and slippery.

“That’s really lovely, all stiff and hard. I would love to toss you off all over my tits. How does that sound? Would you like that?”

“Mary, I don’t think that I can imagine anything better right this second. I feel as though I’m asleep and dreaming my favourite dream.”

“Do you really dream about me Fred?” smiled Mary, still gazing down at Fred’s long hard spike encased in her fingers. She pumped his shaft slowly. “Tell me about your dream.”

“You’ll have to let go of me or I’ll shoot off all over you almost before I get started.” Fred’s breath had started to quicken. “Sit back a minute and drink your coffee and brandy. Take your top right off though and stroke your tits as I describe my dreams of you.”

Mary sat back in the armchair again, hanging her top over the back. She lifted her brandy glass and took a large swallow, dribbling a little of the liquor over her big round breasts. She rubbed it in to her flesh and Fred’s cock twitched.

“Right, begin”, she smiled dreamily, her tongue showing between her luscious pink lips.

Fred lifted his own glass.

“Ever since Joan left I deliberately dream about you almost every night,” he began. “I start by thinking of you as I settle down to sleep. That’s why it’s almost always you in the dream. I used to dream about you before Joan left but that was not always deliberate. You were just there. I used to wake up with a big hard on, like this one here, but Joan was very rarely interested. So I’ve been one frustrated wanker for some time now!”

“Poor Fred,” said Mary, “we must definitely do something about that, mustn’t we? Go on.”

“Well, and please excuse the language Mary sweetheart, I have fucked you in my dreams for many months now and in all sorts of unlikely places. In both our houses, in our cars, on the beach, in restaurant toilets and down in the town in public view. I’ve fucked your cunt, your mouth and your arse. I’ve licked you out and you’ve sucked me off. I sometimes wake up covered in my spunk when I dream about you sucking my penis.”

During Fred’s description Mary had let her spare hand drop into her lap and start to gently stroke herself. As Fred finished a damp patch became visible under her caressing fingers. His cock, still hard, twitched again as he watched. In her turn, Mary kept looking at his erection.

“Don’t worry about the language,” Mary said. “I know all the words and if I read our feelings right we will be using them to each other very soon. Can I have another brandy?”

“Of course,” said Fred, getting up to fetch it for her, “as long as I can drink some off your tits. I’ll have some more too.”

He made as if to pull his shorts up but Mary stopped him, resting her hand on his waist.

“Don’t cover him up Fred. I’ll only have to expose you again and anyway, talking of exposure, you seem to be tanned all over. How come.”

“I spend a lot of time naked,” replied Fred as he walked into the kitchen. He poured the drinks and then, as an afterthought, picked up the bottle and took it outside with him. He almost dropped it as he stepped on to the naya. Mary was still in the armchair but now she was naked! Fred was entranced by her smooth brown belly and completely naked pussy

Fred regained his composure and leaned over Mary’s completely tanned figure as he poured the brandy. Mary watched him look at her and then lifted her legs so that her feet rested on the edge of the chair. Her beautiful pink crack seemed to be inviting Fred closer. Fred stood tall and close to Mary, tipping the bottle so that a big splash of brandy landed on the slopes of her breasts, then it trickled between them, heading for her belly button. She still gazed steadily into his eyes but she slot oyna spread her knees.

“Don’t waste any, Fred darling,” she said quietly.

“Fucking Hell, no,” gasped Fred as he put the bottle on the nearby table and dropped to his knees between Mary’s. “I’m going to drink all of that right now.”

He licked straight into Mary’s belly button, collecting most of the spillage and then licked quickly up to her breasts, grabbing hold of her nipples as he did so. Then she pushed his head away from her teats and pointed downwards. He didn’t see any brandy below her naval and said so.

“I think that you should make sure though, don’t you. I’m sure I can feel some liquid down there.”

Fred wasted no more time. He lifted Mary’s legs higher until he could put her feet on the arms of the chair. Her pink crack opened up before his eyes. He gave a little groan and lowered his mouth to the target. His open mouth completely encompassed her cunt and he thrust his tongue into her crack. He licked from the bottom all the way up to her clit. He agitated her clitty furiously and was rewarded with Mary’s reactions.

“Oh yesss, Fred. Oh fucking Hell. That’s it, that’s perfect. Do it deep, do it hard, yesss, yessss, yesssss! Suck me hard; lick me out. Don’t you dare stop!”

Fred tongued and sucked with a will. Mary was making copious juices so he had to drink as well. He thrust first one then two rigid fingers deep into her pussy and frigged them hard and fast into her. Mary howled into an orgasm.

“Ohh, ohhhh, ohhhhh, I’m coming now. Don’t stop. Yesss that’s it! That’s it yesss. Oh my God, suck me.”

Mary made more juice, almost making Fred spill some but he was determined to have it all. Slowly Mary relaxed and leaned back in the chair. Fred stood and pushed his hips forward, his hard stiff cock pointing straight at Mary. She reached out and took him in one hand, her other one creeping back down to her crack. She started to stroke his magnificent throbbing tool.

“Don’t toss me too hard,” gasped Harry, “I’m nearly ready to come already. I want to fuck you with this erection. Will you let me Mary?”

“Why do you think I came round here today?” laughed Mary. “I knew you were at home and I needed a man to fuck. So why not a man I know and like and who must be short of sex. Do you want me now or do you need to settle down a little?”

“I want you instantly Mary but I’m going to wait a little. If I fuck into you right now I’ll shoot my load in about five thrusts. I feel like a schoolboy again. I think I’ll have to go and take a piss to relieve the pressure a bit and then I’ll let you stiffen me up again.”

“I do feel honoured that I can make you feel like that,” Mary said, still holding his rock hard cock. “I’ll come with you for a pee, you’ve got me feeling very wet too.”

Mary slowly stood up and, leading Fred by the cock, she pulled him off the naya and round the corner of the house to the toilet in the swimming pool changing room. There were no passers by to see them through the gates. She sat on the toilet, still holding Fred’s cock, and opened her legs wide to show him her golden stream pissing out of her naked crack. Fred groaned.

“I need to piss Mary. I’ll do it all over you if you’re not careful. Your pee is turning me on.”

“Another time Fred, although it does sound tempting,” grinned Mary. She stood up and pointed his prick at the pan. “Right, off you go. Do your worst.”

Harry let fly with a powerful streaming piss, Mary still holding him. She seemed fascinated to watch him.

“That’s great Fred. It feels lovely holding it while you pee. I can feel it rushing through your shaft, all powerful and hot. In all our years of marriage I’ve never once seen Graham pee, he’s always been much too shy. He’s never watched me either.”

They returned happily to the naya and their respective armchairs, still anonymous to any watching neighbours.

Fred’s cock rested on his thigh, still thick and long but now soft and waiting. Fred knew he was going to ‘get his oats’ and was happy to wait.

Mary picked up her brandy again and with the other hand idly pulled at her nipples to harden them up and then covered her pussy, gently pressing down on it with her palm. Fred watched as she inserted one, then two, fingers into her crack.

Mary looked across at Fred as his tool hardened up again.

“Well Fred, my friend, shall we go for it now? This pussy here is getting wet again and I can see you growing. Let’s fuck now, shall we?”

Fred stood up and, taking one of Mary’s hands, pulled her to her feet. There was a smallish dining table on the naya and Fred lifted Mary and sat her on the edge of the table. By now his cock was full length and hard. He stood between her legs and moved his tip to the entrance of her wet passage. Mary moaned and took him in hand as he licked and pulled on her nipples with her teeth.

Mary stroked the tip of his cock up and down her crack, rubbing it hard on to her clit. His and hers pre cum juices combined to form a wet junction between them. Mary looked canlı casino siteleri down.

“Look how juicy we are Fred and just look how big your cock has grown. That’s fantastic for a guy as old as you. How old are you now, sixty?”

“Sixty-one,” replied Fred. “I have to admit I’m quite proud of my size today. Mind you, I’ve not had a fuck for months, long before Joan left. Are you ready, Mary?”

“I’ll always be ready for you and your big cock, Fred my darling. Joan must have been mad. Do you think she will come back? Go, on, fuck me now. Fuck me hard, as hard as you like.”

Fred carefully but forcefully thrust the whole length of his cock into Mary’s sopping wet cunt. He stopped deep in her.

“Fucking Hell Mary, that feels fantastic and no, Joan is not coming back. I phoned her only yesterday and told her to get the divorce papers ready. Jeez, your cunt is hot! Feel this!”

He pulled back to the entrance to her pussy and then rammed his cock back into Mary’s hole. He did it again, and again, and again! She grabbed him tight and gasped as she bit into his shoulder.

“Ohh yes Fred, ohh yes. Fuck me hard and fast. Don’t hold back. Shoot your load into me. I want to feel all your hot cum squirting into my pussy. Yes oh yes, that’s it, harder and faster. Oh my God I’m going to come soooon!”

So was Fred, his balls were clenching as they started to prepare to deliver his consignment of spunk. He gripped Mary’s arse cheeks tight and pulled her to him. He adjusted slightly and fingered her bum hole, inserting a finger of each hand into her tight arsehole. Mary held him tighter and shouted, loud enough for the neighbours to hear.

“I’m fucking coming Fred, all over your cock, all – over – your – gorgeous – prick. Ohhh my God! Fill me up. Shoot your load. I want it!”

Fred obliged. His sperm filled his piss tube as it shot out of him deep into Mary’s pussy. The next shot was as much, as was the third. He felt that he had litres of it to discharge. He pulled right out of Mary and shot the rest of himself all over her lovely tits and belly. There was an awful lot, reflecting his lack of pussy over the last three months and his self-control about not wanking too often.

Mary was ecstatic with the result of his ejaculation. She spread his spunk all over her tits and belly, taking little tastes as she did so.

“Oh Fred, that was fantastic. Your cum tastes really good. I shall suck you off next time and drink it all. There will be a next time, won’t there?”

“Fucking Hell Mary, of course there will. I shall stand on the steps of this naya every morning with my cock at the ready. If you don’t get here soon enough the Guardia will be called out to arrest me for indecent exposure.”

Mary laughed. “They will be here in a minute if we don’t move. My shouts were loud enough to attract an audience. Come on, I saw a fantastic large shower in your inside bathroom last time I was here. Let’s go play in there and if you are able to get it up again I will suck you off in there. At worse you can pee on me. I shall certainly pee on you ‘cos I want to go again.”

Mary took hold of Fred’s now flaccid cock again and led him off to the bathroom and the shower. Fred’s prick soon recovered due to the novelty of his experience today and Mary duly obliged with the suck-off. He delightedly fountained another considerable amount of spunk, this time down her throat. Mary swallowed the lot.

Afterwards they had another drink or two, still naked, and made plans for future encounters. Graham was to be encouraged to go to golf more often and Mary would give two rings on Fred’s phone to warn him to get ready.

“By the way Fred, my darling, you remember earlier when you were telling me your dreams? You said you ‘almost always’ dreamt about me. Who else did you dream about?”

Fred looked uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassed and didn’t reply, moving to replenish Mary’s glass.

“Come on Fred, you can tell me. I won’t repeat it anywhere. I’ll be the soul of discretion. Please trust me; I know I’ll find it quite horny.”

“All right but you have to promise you won’t be angry at me and fly off the handle. More importantly you have to promise that you’ll still come and visit with me, fucking or not.”

“Of course I promise Fred. I want more of today, as often as possible so don’t worry your lovely cock about that. Who is she? Who else did you dream about?”


Mary was stunned for a moment then she laughed. Jessica was Mary’s daughter, sweet seventeen, built as beautifully as her mother. She went to school in England but came to Spain every holiday, sometimes bringing one or two nubile school friends.

“I can understand that, you dirty old man you!” She carried on laughing. “She will be here in a couple of weeks. She has two girl friends coming but they won’t be here the first week. I’ll bring her round and we’ll see what develops. I don’t preach to my daughter what she should do sexually; I just try to give sensible advice. I know she’s not a virgin any more but I don’t know her tastes in men. I’m sure that she would love to come round here and play naked in your pool even if she won’t jerk you off. She can’t do that, swim naked I mean, in our pool as all the neighbours can see. Here Fred, let me take care of that for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32