A Nevada Brothel – My Initial Work Ch. 04

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Currently, I work in one of the world’s oldest profession — — possibly the oldest. I work as a prostitute at a legal brothel in Northern Nevada. While I am one of the oldest ‘girls’ at this brothel, I am also one of the newest workers to provide the sexual services desired by a man. My earlier two work periods totaled five weeks. This third work period will be approximately three weeks when I leave tomorrow.

Many of my parties have been 15 or 30 minutes in length — quick in, quick ejaculation, and quick out — as a male rod rubs the inside of my female cylinder. But some of my parties have been one hour and even longer. While the men typically have been sexually satisfied during their parties, I have seldom been completely aroused. Frequently, my body is being used only for the man’s pleasure. But the brothel business is a service business — — a ‘girl’ providing service for a man’s equipment.

But the money at the brothel is much better then my salary as a clerk at a big box discount store in Texas. During these eight weeks, I have had approximately two to four parties per day. My cunt has been extensively used.

Most of the men have only one party with me, but several men have had two or more parties. In My Diary I have a brief record of the parties, but after a while the men’s faces and what they said fade.

But I remember the sexual penetrations longer — especially the cocks that pleased me — — and a few cock that were too large for my female cylinder. I also remember some of the unique and unusual parties.

However, I have had more parties with a special gentlemen — Garrett plans to be at the brothel tomorrow for another party. Earlier during this work period, he had his fifth party with me. Tomorrow will be his sixth party. He is becoming a nice friend — even a special friend; and he really knows how to pleasure me with his manhood. What type of future will we have? Separate? Together? As the saying goes: “Only time will tell.”

Afternoon — Last Full Day

I just completed my lunch about 1:15 pm. Tomorrow afternoon, I will be leaving the brothel for a vacation. My recent three weeks working at the brothel have been very successful financially — I will not need to return to the big box discount store and work as a store clerk. I will be able to have an actual vacation and relax at my apartment in Texas.

For many minutes, I think about my life — — my life in two completely different worlds. In Texas, I have worked at a big box store and live in a small apartment. I have some relatives who live in other states. In Texas, I have some distant friends but only three close girl friends who know that I work at a ranch Nevada. But they have never asked me about any specifics of my ranch work.

My best friend, Marsha, from high school has worked at this brothel. But she goes by the name of Brenda, when working. We were both at this brothel recently — but not this time. But we keep in contact using emails — and sometimes cards and letters are exchanged.

For many months since my divorce, I was not involved with any man. But, just before coming to Nevada this time, I had a casual date with a man — restaurant meal and a movie. Back in my apartment, we had some dessert and watched television. Through the fabric of my clothing, he cupped and gently squeezed a breast. And we kissed. Years ago, when I was a teen age girl, we called it petting. Actually, it was very light petting. He left about midnight and said to let him know when I would be back home.

He actually wanted more — a lot more. He wanted penetration — but I was not willing, on the first date, to take his cock inside me to pay for a meal and a movie. Not when I knew that other men would soon be paying big dollars, at the brothel, so they could rent my body and enjoy my special female flesh.

I also think about my life and work at the brothel. Wearing revealing clothing, stripping for a man, and being very intimate for the sexual pleasure of a man — — a complete stranger. But the money paid for my sexual services is excellent. Most of my parties have been 15 or 30 minutes, but some have been longer. I have had different condom covered cocks in my mouth and/or cunt — usually two to four per day. It does not matter to me the color of a man’s cock; as long as his money is green, or his debit card is adequate, or his credit card is approved. But size does matter — a few times a large sized erect cock has hurt my cunt.

The bell rings — my thoughts about my life in Texas and in Nevada are over. A man wants a line up of available ‘girls’. Hopefully, he will select me.

In the hallway, leading to the lobby, I join four other ‘girls’ who are available. Boobs, genitals, and legs are covered with a variety of clothing: opaque gowns, leather dresses, thigh high hose, and shoes with heels.

I am wearing my day time brothel uniform: an opaque reddish – orange gown with matching thong panties, and medium high heel shoes. Black thigh high hose and some jewelry completes my illegal bahis outfit. My lipstick is a reddish – orange color. The gown has a plunging neck line — my boobs are partially covered. Only their shape is evident, but not the details. The valley between my breasts is visible along with some rounded female flesh. The gown’s plunge ends a few inches above my navel. The bottom of the gown ends about four inches above my knees, a side slit extends upward and almost reaches my rounded bottom. This gown can be quickly removed.

The Shift Manager asks us to enter. She says: “This gentlemen is Brian. He would like to have a short party. Please introduce yourself.”

When it is my turn, I take one step forward and say: “Kitty.” Then step back into the line.

For several minutes, the man looks at each of us. He appears to be looking primarily at the first ‘girl’ in the line. Then he quickly passes over me, and appears to be focusing his attention on the ‘girl’ at the other end of the line. Then he looks at me, and smiles. Our eyes meet.

“I would like to discuss a party with the ‘girl’ wearing the reddish – orange gown. I believe she said her name is Kitty.” Brian says.

I smile and walk toward him, as he stands. Hand in hand, I lead him down the hallway to my room. And close the door.

He looks around the room. Then says: “It is a nice room. And adequate for a fifteen minute party — brief hand job, blow job, and cow girl intercourse. What is the price?”

I quote a price thirty dollars above the house minimum. But we negotiate for a minute or so, and settle for the house minimum. Brian turns toward the table lamp — and drops his pants and shorts. I get on my knees and closely examine his flaccid penis, balls, and surrounding area. I am satisfied that he is free of any disease.

He gives me the money. I leave and book the party with the Shift Manager, then return to my room. Brian is already completely naked and is standing in the adjoining bathroom. He has taken a quick shower and is drying his body.

He looks at me and says: “Strip, Kitty.”

He walks into my bedroom / work room and sits down on a towel that is covering the chair and looks at me. I face him and strip, completely.

“You have nice boobs. And I like your neatly trimmed pussy hair. A nice package of female flesh — — — I believe that I will enjoy your naked body. Please turn around, slowly.”

As I turn, he says: “I like your S shape figure. Nice boobs. Nice ass.”

As he looks at my back, Brian says: “You have an especially nice ass.”

Now facing him, I say: “Thank you for those pleasing words. I am glad that you like what you see.”

Brian looks at me and says: “Soon, I expect to very much like what I am feeling.”

Brian looks at my boobs and neatly trimmed pussy hair as he spreads his legs. His flaccid penis and hair covered balls are completely exposed.

“On your knees — put some lub on my penis and give me a brief hand job. Then dress my erection in a condom and suck my cock for about five minutes.”

In less then a minute, his once flaccid penis has become a cock. A large, long, hard, and rigid cock.

“Suck it, Baby. Suck it. Get me harder. I want you to really feel my cock when we are fucking.”

“I am certain that you will like our party, Brian.” I say, as I open the condom package and roll it down his organ with my fingers.

I open my mouth — and start moving in toward the base of his shaft. Then partway out.

“Take all of my cock that you can, Baby. I want to feel you sucking me.”

Again, and again — I move in toward the base of his shaft. Then partway out. As I suck his organ and stroke his balls, I can feel his cock becoming larger in my mouth. Several inches of Brian’s cock is always in my mouth but his cock is now simply too long. I focus my sucking action on his cock head, cock rim, and some of his shaft. My fingers continue stroking his hair covered balls.

As I suck his cock, Brian moves forward. He fondles a breast. Then he pulls and pinches its nipple.

I wonder about the penetration of his cock into my cunt. His flaccid penis was a pleasing size — but now his erection is large, long, hard, and rigid. I see Brian glance at his watch and at the timer on the table by the bed.

“I love the cock sucking, Baby. But it is time to fuck. Cow girl style.”

Brian is on his back on the bed. His cock is pointing upward toward the ceiling. I straddle his body, the juncture of my legs only inches above his manhood. I grasp his condom covered cock and guide it past my pussy lips and into my cunt — — as I lower my body. Slowly, I continue to lower my body — slowly his large cock penetrates me completely. It seems that my cunt is completely filled. Even over filled.

But finally my trimmed pussy hair mashes his pubic hair. I can feel my pussy lips touching the hair and male flesh by the base of his shaft.

“Ride me, Cow girl. Ride my horn hard and fast. I want to watch you boobs swing and sway.”

“You illegal bahis siteleri like to watch bouncing boobs?”

“Yes — — moving or stationary, I enjoy looking at a woman’s breasts. Am I really love fondling and sucking them.”

Quickly, I lift my body upward with my legs. Then lower myself again. Up and down — again and again.

“Wonderful, Baby. Ride me harder. I love watching your boobs bounce. I love watching my cock appear — — — and then disappear into the depths of you cunt.”

“I am pleased, Brian, that you are enjoying our party.”

Again and again — I move up and slide down on his erection.

“Faster, Baby. Faster.”

My legs are starting to hurt from the effort of lifting and lowering my upper body. But some how, I manage to ride Brian’s large cock even faster.

“Lean forward, Baby. I want to play with your pretty boobs and teats.”

I continued riding Brian’s hard horn as I lean forward. Soon one breast and its nipple is wet from his licking and sucking. My other breast is being fondled and squeezed with his large and strong fingers. Its nipple is frequently pinched and pulled. My nipples enlarge.

“Oh, Baby. Your body is very pleasing. I love watching you ride my hard horn.”

“Thank you, Brian. I am glad that you are being satisfied.”

“I am, Baby. I am.”

His dressed cock continues to slide deep into my moist cunt and then come partway out, as I move. But his cock head, rim, and some of his shaft is always inside my body.

Brian wraps his arms around my upper body — and pulls me on to his body. Together, we roll. Now I am on the bottom, he is between my legs. His cock deep inside my body. My legs are spread as far apart as possible. For only a minute or so, he fucks me in the missionary position.

The timer starts buzzing, indicating that only two minutes remain in our fifteen minute party.

My fucking continues — hard and quick thrusts as his organ penetrates me. Frequently! His large and long manhood is ramming and pounding deep in my cunt. He bends over my body — again, a breast and its nipple are licked and sucked. I feel his large erection become even larger. It seems that my cunt is being stretch far beyond what other cocks do to my cunt.

At last, his body jerks several times. Deep inside my cunt, I feel his cock shot out a load of male cream into the condom. Brian seems exhausted, he collapses, most of his weight pushes onto my body.

He glances at the timer. And says: “I enjoyed fucking you, Baby. You have a nice pair of boobs and a nice ass. And I really enjoyed getting inside your cunt.”

“Thank you, Brian. I am pleased that you enjoyed our party.”

“You did a very good job of riding my cock, Kitty. The last time I was at this brothel, I had a party with Brenda. That woman does an excellent job of cock riding. Do you know Brenda?”

“I am not sure. Please describe her.”

In a minute or so, Brian tells me Brenda’s physical appearance: boob size, hair color, approximate height and weight. He even mentions that Brenda has a mole on her ass and a small heart shaped tattoo on her left breast just above the nipple. He even describes the type of gown, bra, thong panties, and shoes that she was wearing for their party.

As he talks, Brian puts on his street clothes. I put on my brothel uniform. He has received the sexual services that he wanted. He has rented my body for fifteen minutes — and he REALLY USED my body for fifteen minutes. My cunt is somewhat sore from the pounding his cock gave me, but I know that I will recover. After he leaves, I will take an aspirin. Possibly two aspirins.

I smile and say: “Yes. I believe that I know her. But she is not at the brothel — — now.”

Long ago, I learned that sometimes it is best not to tell someone everything you know. Brenda, her brothel name, is one of my best friends — — we went to the same high school years ago. Her actual name is Marsha.

As we start walking toward the lobby, Brian has his arm around my waist. But soon his fingers are pinching my ass — — through the fabric of my gown.

We hug and say good by. Brian walks to the bar and orders a beer. I walk back to my bedroom. The room needs to be straighten up and the bed sheet and towel changed. I want to be ready for my next party.

For an hour or so, I socialize with some men in the bar. The beverages being consumed are beer, liquor, coffee, tea or a soft drink. I usually drink tea or water. Peanuts, dressed in their shells, are available for free.

I have noticed, in the past, that men remove the shells in different ways — some slow and careful, some fast, and some rough. One man even put the unshelled peanut in his mouth and cracked the shell with his teeth — then he spit out the bits of shell into his hand before he discarded the shell. Sometimes, I wonder if a man would undress a woman in the same manner that he undresses a shelled peanut. Slow and careful undressing. Fast undressing. Rough undressing. canlı bahis siteleri But I know that sooner or later, most men want the woman to be completely naked or at least have her boobs and sex exposed — — for his eyes and touch. And for his hard cock.

In different subtle ways, I try to get several men at the bar interested in discussing a party. We can discuss possible fun but money can only be mentioned in our bedrooms. But no one is interested. Then the bell rings, a gentlemen wants a line-up of available ‘girls’.

I join five other ‘girls’ in the hallway. The other ‘girls’ are dressed in a variety of lingerie — opaque and semi-sheer fabric and leather. Breasts and genitals are covered — the Brothel Madam believes that a little mystery about a woman’s body is appealing and creates an interest in men. That is true during the day.

But after midnight, for Late Night Line Ups (L N L U), most anything is approved and can be worn — cotton night gowns, baby dolls, semi-sheer and sheer gowns. Even being totally naked is satisfactory for a Late Night Line Up. A few of the ‘girls’ have been stark naked for L N L U, but I have always had my genitals covered and my breasts partially covered — but that may change.

I am wearing one of my other day time brothel uniforms: A semi-sheer black gown trimmed in bright red, black panties, black thigh hose, and red medium heel shoes. The shape of my breasts is very evident, but not the details. The gown plunges slightly — the valley between my breasts and part of my female mounds of flesh is exposed. The gown stops several inches above my knees, a slit extends from the bottom of the gown on my left side and reaches toward my rounded ass.

The Shift Manager asks us to enter the brothel lobby. She says: “Ladies, this gentlemen is Dave. He said that he would like a thirty minute party, but possibly a one hour party. Please introduce yourself.”

When it is my turn, I take one step forward and say: “Kitty.” Then I step back into the line.

Dave looks at us for several minutes. Then he says: “I would like to discuss a party with the woman who is wearing the leather outfit. I believe she said her name is Valerie.”

Soon, the man is following Valerie down the hall way to her room.

Again, I socialize with some men at the bar. Then I see a man at the pool table, he has just started to play — — and there are no other ‘girls’ in the area.

I walk over to the pool table and ask: “Would you like me to join you in a game of pool?”

“Yes. My name is Martin. And your name?”


We play pool and make small conversation for almost thirty minutes.

Then, Martin says: “Possibly we should have kept score. We had some good games.”

I smile and softly say: “I believe you could score with me. Would you like to discuss a party?”

“Yes. What would it cost me?”

Let’s go to my room and discuss a party. Money can only be discussed in the ‘girl’s’ room.”

Hand in hand, I take Martin to my room. My bedroom. My work room.

After I close the door, I ask: “What type of party would you like, Martin?”

“Probably the standard — thirty minutes. It has been several years since I was in a Nevada brothel.”

“I would suggest a hand job, a blow job, and then intercourse in the missionary position.”

I mention a price of fifty dollars over the house minimum but we negotiate a price of twenty dollars above the house minimum.

“I need to check out your manhood, Martin.”

He drops his pants and underpants. I closely examine his penis, balls, and surrounding area. I am satisfied that he is disease free. He gives me the money. I leave and book the party with the Shift Manager, then return to my room.

Martin is sitting on a towel that he placed on a chair. He is completely naked.

“Strip completely. Kitty. While playing pool with you, I enjoyed watching your breasts hang down as you bent over to take shots. But now, I want to see you stark naked.”

I set the timer for thirty minutes. In less then a minute, I am stark naked. I stand and face him. Martin looks at my female mounds of flesh and sex.

“With your hands behind your back, bend over. I want to see your boobs and teats hanging down. Shake them, Baby.”

I shake my upper body — and feel my boobs bouncing around.

“Very nice, Kitty. Very nice and ample — — almost like a matched pair of book ends. Please get on your knees and fondle my penis. Also, I would like you to stroke my balls with your fingers.”

As I fondle his manhood and stroke his balls, his flaccid penis quickly starts to grow. And it continues to grow.

“Get my cock dressed, Kitty. Use the large size condom. I am going to enjoy this blow job — but I will enjoy even more having you in the missionary position. Your cunt is going to be pounded with my large cock.”

I open a package containing a large condom and place it on the tip of his erection. Using my mouth, I unroll the condom over his cock head and partway down his shaft. My fingers complete the unrolling. Martin’s cock is dressed and ready for pleasuring. Sucking pleasure.

I look up and smile: “You will enjoy your party, Martin. You will score with your cock in my mouth and then in my cunt.”

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