A Naughty Married Filipino Couple

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Big Dick

(Note. This is a story of my lady lawyer friend which episodes from time to time, were relayed to me by her, and where I have already submitted my first story sometime last June 2002, I thought perhaps submitting this rather extremely sexy story of this malanding friend of mine will somehow be added to the list of those Pinoys who have good true stories to tell. I’m sure once I tell her about this site and go to these stories and make her read this one, will surely blow her mind. By the way, this is one story which may be considered as a taboo for most Filipinos because of their culture which is somewhat conservative, cloistered with moral norms and reserved. But whether we like it or not, we must accept that there are couples out there, married or not, in the streets of Manila or anywhere in first class cities in the country, Cebu City, Davao City, or Cagayan de Oro City, that are into these or about to do the same or enjoy certain activities which provide them pleasure and gratification. So, kids below 18 years of age or those adults, particularly Pinoys, who are not ready to accept or enjoy this sexual field, please hit the back button and browse elsewhere.)

Hi there! I’m Inez, and we are your average middle-aged but still good looking and physically endowed Filipino couple residing in a comfortable 4-bedroom townhouse unit in Pasig City. At night, we can see part of the Marikina Valley, the mountains and the lights that beautifully go with it and just by relaxing with our favorite drinks in our rear lanai overlooking our open and elevated garden, the cool and crisp breeze slips past and soothes us perfectly. My husband Teddy Boy is a fair-complexioned Capampangan, clean-looking and suave five-foot nine hunk. He is, I think about 180 lbs., still good-looking also, with massive and sexily-developed chest and ……one innovative sex animal. He works in Makati City for a high-end company designing, manufacturing and selling first class furniture and kitchen modular furnishings and, for him, he’s relatively enjoying a high-paying job.

Me? I’m a Cagayan de Oro City-bred woman who obtained a degree in law in a local university and became as such sometime in my mid 20’s. A high-paying job in an investment company’s legal department provides me the comfort of living reasonably in Metro Manila. I also maintain a controlled light brown and smooth complexion, about 5’5”, 125 lbs (down from 130) and blessed still, with a 36-25-37 (34-1/2-24-34 while as a single) figure despite our three beautiful kids, a boy (13 y/o), another boy (11 y/o) and a girl (10 y/o). While my boobs had not been they used to be (sometimes I teasingly blame my husband for impregnating me and thereby causing the somewhat sagging of my beautiful breasts), but my almost half-inch nipples provide visual relief whenever are made erect (makes me feel very sexy at that) by hubby, or me fondling them or just by mere sexy thoughts.

Hubby and lady friends say I have killer legs (shapely, tapering and smooth) too and a vibrating sex appeal to boot. I look good in my suits and when I wear fashionable tight-fitting jeans or pencil-cut dresses (above the knee) every color day, which is a Friday, I get my regular stares, praises and earthly stares from those around me. Why? It’s mainly because my still shapely and tight big ass (somewhat close to Jennifer Lopez’ killer ass) sexily sways and for most men and sexually pre-occupied lady friends, was built for licking, fucking, spanking or whatever. My boobs? Well, at 36B, these jugs obviously draw intense attention other than casual or appreciative stares from those who see me, especially the daring guys who would want to hit me, whenever me and some close friends hangout in a cool, trendy and cozy bar for people not our age and which my hubby claims as a target-rich environment tailored best for vultures and predators.

My hubby is one level-headed animal and I’m blessed that he is one. I never thought that he is like that. Albeit when we used to date during our single years, we were already making out in different places and he would introduce to me the joys of sex and the results? Naturally, being my first guy of transforming me into a woman, and aside from his wild and calculated pounding coupled with an expert tongue sucking, licking, probing my depths and giving me wild orgasms, whether in motel beds, his bed, car or outdoors (dormitory garden), who wouldn’t?.

As time goes by, he became more adept in providing me the other fields of enjoying sex like using sex toys (he had to order the same from a close friend in the East Coast of the US of A, but the other ones were bought locally at Ermita) and getting my ass licked, whether or not using a vibrator (Naku poooooo! This really makes me wet . . . just by narrating to you this). Whenever I thought of this, my ass squeezes and tickles and when we do that, my orgasm gets wilder and more intense. Surely, for ladies and guys who happened to observe their respective lovers under this sexual state, imagine the average 20 to 30 seconds of intense shivering a woman experiences kuşadası escort following a mind-boggling orgasm. Whewww!!!.

Part of his being a level-headed and broad-minded animal, uhmmm is, he firmly allows and boldly encourages me to be “open” with my sexual fantasies, which to my mind, Hey! What kind of man is this? Is the word jealousy foreign to him already? But me, being a person who feels that fantasies would greatly enhance one’s imaginations and makes sex more satisfying, ooopps! I couldn’t help but conclude that – this is something I should take advantage of. Can you imagine that while being open, either wild or not, discreet or not, your hubby or partner finds it sexually gratifying? So, since this guy is one rare find (I pity the other women who are holed up in their shells and could confine their fantasies – only in their minds!) such as while making love, I would envision that somebody is watching from a known distance and enjoyingly jacking off and would want to join the action by taking over my hubby so he could ram his big, thick and swollen cock inside my freshly-fucked and likewise swollen pussy, or for something less sexual, we are in a favorite bar full of younger and good-looking guys and babes, and while the younger ladies would secretly or openly admire my attractive physical attributes especially in said tight-fitting jeans or black leather-like minis which would gracefully show my sexy ass or shapely legs, I would tease my hubby by making him get turn on (I’ll bet he always does and please tell me sino ba’ng hindi? [who wouldn’t?]) by telling him that I feel very sexy and that I would go to the ladies room and when I get back, my half-bra is already in my bag and my almost half-inch sexy nips are pointing directly to the lucky guy.

But sometimes, he does the prodding and sensing that there are nice guys around, then of course, I would consider his proposition especially if nakainom na (had drank already). In other times, while we are seated in bar stools in bar walls, I would spread my legs about half a foot and innocently turn around and if one is directly before me, then he could zero in on my sexy red or pink silk or lacy panties (black panties can be visible but the mound is not!) and if one is lucky, he can have a good view of my sexy mound which all women believe, drives every man crazy. In one occasion while in a small round table, after about 2 rounds of piñacoladas and another for weng-weng (this combo really brings out the animal in me) while dear hubby is enjoying his usual rounds of double-shot J&B Rare whisky, I told him that the cute yuppie guys with their partners sitting across the other table (the guys were sitting beside each other in front of me while the girls had their backs on us) are getting restless after seeing me flash my red silk panties for 5 seconds or sometimes longer, and before their partners could sense what’s unnecessarily bothering them, I crossed my legs and shifted to another direction. Sexy and naughty, no?

I knew that sometimes I really enjoy being an exhibitionist and hubby Teddy Boy loves it too. One time, while already in my nighties and almost about midnight, Teddy dear came to the room and told me to go with him for a spin in the city. I was surprised when he told me not to change anymore what I’m wearing because we were not going out of the vehicle anyway. When inside, Teddy Boy hugged me and started to kiss then French-kiss me but only to cut it off after 5 seconds. That of course, is a classic way of teasing me. We went straight to the outskirts of the city and while he was driving, he told me to play with myself and seeing the tinted windows closed, so I proceeded to spread my legs and played with my clit. The mere thought that while he was driving and I was masturbating gave me the shots of sexual excitement. He even mashed my left breast with his right hand and then went down to my pussy while I was concentrating on my clit. The naughtiness in him came up again when he brought the vehicle, a new Isuzu Hi-lander Crosswind XUV, to a busy street and as I was enjoying fingering my wet pussy, I never thought that we made a stop while in a red light and people were passing by and in front of the vehicle and others were just standing and talking by the streetside and – not knowing that somebody inside was about to explode her orgasm. When I did explode, my left leg was stretching to my hubby’s legs as my right leg was up in the windshield. Whewwww again!

Feeling the sexual heat, Teddy Boy turned off the airconditioning system and pulled my head down to his already exposed and stiff cock. So, while he was casually driving, I took his cock, sucked it, licked it and sucked again until it grew bigger. Unknowingly again, he pushed the power window button and lowered the window to our right for about two thirds, and if people were standing or beside the vehicle, Gossshhhh! they would be seeing me. While I was experiencing sexual bliss of sucking his cock, I was also thinking that others may see what we were doing, but finally, I just ignored the threat (was it?) and continued sucking his cock. Teddy dear had controlled his explosion until we reached an abandoned parking park outside a church near our place and parked in a somewhat dimly lit area. Then in a second, he lifted my legs up high and began eating my soooooo very wet pussy. Sarap ng putok na ganito! (This kind of orgasm is great!) When I had another orgasm and still in a state of sexual euphoria, he told me to straddle and fuck him until he exploded inside my stretched pussy. We got back to the house still feeling messy as his cum was dripping in my legs. After showering, we fucked again but before those multiple orgasms, he ate my pussy again then gave me the vibrator to use it on my clit while he lambasted and tormented my asshole with his stretched tongue, flickering and shoving it inside. Oh, my!!!!! The masturbating activity inside the vehicle while in a busy street continued and we do it at least once a month.

In yet another incident, Teddy Boy made me watch newly-downloaded short adult videos in his computer inside our study room. While getting aroused because the movies (interracial, threesomes and masturbating scenes) were really making me wet, I went to our room and removed my clothes and wrap myself in a towel and went back to Teddy Boy and sat on his chair with him at my back. I purposely did not close the door (There! My exhibitionist self had set in again and it’s the excitement that is paramount here) and we could hear the kids playing computer games in their room. Then, while watching those short adult videos which Teddy Boy had selected for me to watch, I really got turned on when he started touching my pussy and when he noticed that it was indeed very wet, he asked me if the scenes were giving me the shots, then I said yessssssssss. He then stood up to bring me to the room (obviously to avoid being caught by the kids should they unexpectedly go out of the room) but I signaled not to stand up and instead, I removed my towel and sat in his chair and spread-eagled. Taking my cue, he got down and gave me a tongue-lashing until I let go of my first orgasm. Then I made him sit and straddle him and only after few strokes, his balls stiffened and bang! he came. I know that if he comes right away, he is one very turned on animal.

Ever since Teddy Boy and I have been enjoying these other fields of sexual activities, I would want to share to you sexy short tales about what took place in bars such as those made at Hard Rock Café, Katips, Pier One, Venezia and the like, and these are places which are frequented by good-looking couples or groups of guys or girls, so to say. But dear fellas…….there is one bar at Malate, Manila where couples are allowed to dance, whether with their respective partners or new acquaintances (if you are lucky and gorgeous or sexy or better if both), while others confine themselves to drinking either in the bar, tables or out in the patio, and people just don’t care really (Swingers’ pad? Cheats’ haven? whichever, but not exactly really!) but please allow me not to reveal the name of this place, for otherwise, we might see and bump each other there. So………

I usually do not wear panties while in a panty hose. So in a bar with my hubby, I wore a miniskirt (just about 4 inches above my knee) and a pantyhose. Wearing these types of outfits makes it very easy to show some pussy especially if the slit is in front. I usually do this when I am getting on and off the barstool. And the men will have to be looking right at me to see “that” something. If we are in a good conversation with some guys and I have had enough drinks and in a good sexual mood, I try to show him my pussy a few times or if we are in a secluded area in the bar, I sit with my pussy slightly exposed. Aaay! Nakakatuwa talaga ito (This really amuses me).

One night in a trendy bar somewhere at Libis, Quezon City, I was in a real sexy mood and we were talking to a really nice, sexy, good-looking and smart 30-year old married banking executive whom dear Teddy Boy had earlier befriended and often see around with other guys. While hubby was busy talking to a group of ladies about 3 tables away, I was able to take a sit in a bar in the wall with high stools with this guy. He says he frequents the place and made lots of acquaintances in there (conquests, too I suppose). His name is Brandon or Dondon (he’s almost a dead ringer for local Filipino-American actor-model Troy Montero but with longer hair) and with his height of almost 6-feet and weekly workouts (his biceps and triceps showed his diligence through his cool Loalde cotton short-sleeved T-shirt), he is a surefire headturner. . . and sabi nila nowadays, woman-magnet.

Feeling sexy and bent on teasing Don, I had to go to the ladies room so I could unbutton the lower buttons on my skirt so that it would open when I got up. I turned toward him when I got off the high stool and I know my pussy was visible for just a moment. I wasn’t also sure if he would see this as it only shows for a second. But he did see it. I could tell by the smile on his face and the approving look he gave me.

When I came back he was waiting to see if I would show it again as I got back on the stool. Well as you know, getting back on the stool takes a little more work and I can show my pussy for quite a bit longer. Which is what I did . . . he he he. He didn’t miss a thing and saw all of me. And his intake of breath and smile really let me know what he saw. When I finally got settled he waited until he was sure no one else was looking at us, especially Teddy Boy, and he mouthed “Thank you”, just in time another lady friend of his called his attention and off this hunky went.

Like I said, I was in a real sexy mood that night so I texted to Teddy Boy that I wanted to show my pussy a little. Somewhat shocked but excited, he then came over and looked around and saw that the only ones who would be able to see was him and the couple of gentlemen sitting across us. But if he would stand up, he would block the view of the said guys. So he said ok and stood somewhat on my left side. What I did was move around on the bar stool until just by the movement, my skirt had opened and pulled up so that my pussy was now showing a little as I sat there.

Then Don got back and as we were talking, Don kept glancing down and looking at my sexy legs and a little further of course, is my pussy. At this point Teddy Boy was off again and I didn’t bother to look around for him since a sexy guy is already before me. He did not make it to obvious and tried to act as if nothing was going on. He spent a little while catching looks and finally once he looked up and I was looking at him, we both just smiled. He instantly got a big smile on his face as he realized that I had done this for him. But he still could not bring himself to just look at it. So I stayed that way for a little while so he could keep peeking.

Although nothing sexual had happened with Don, but we have run into him a few times now and it really is nice to talk to as well as tease him. If only he knew that I always think about him almost every time Teddy Boy eats and fucks me. But I confine these satisfying thoughts to my mind and translating the same into action will surely be very exciting but dangerous and disastrous. However, I do not always show him my pussy, but my cleavage too. I must confess we always have a good time with him. Sometimes when we were seated together and I am wearing a skirt and spreads them, Brandon always observes other guys in front us would drop an item or thing on the floor so they would have to pick them up. This would give them a chance to look up my skirt to see if they could see much more. If I were in a real good mood I would open for them a little and give a quick peek of my beautiful (dear hubby says) pussy. But showing my pussy in a bar is not something I do all the time.

We have also gone to a bar at Malate, Manila that is so quiet and only a handful of people in there and despite my sexy blouse and short skirt, nobody interesting would notice me there. Most of the time we leave the place if this is the case. But one time in another bar at Makati City, we decided to stay. I am never sure what Teddy Boy will do at any given time, as he seems to be always prepared for anything and everything. So as we were sitting in a cozy corner of the bar, there he started to slide his hands over my legs. No one could see us and it felt great, and it is something I am used to from him. But he started going higher and he motioned for me to spread my legs. I just figured he was going to feel me up in the bar and play with my pussy. As I said no one could see us, so I complied with his wish and opened my legs for him. With my silk red thongs, it was very easy for me and Teddy Boy should he slide it and out comes my minoras. Then he whispered to me to remove my panties and sensing again that he is up to something, I excused myself to go to the women’s room and slowly removed my thongs and put it inside my small bag. When I took my sit, he grabbed my bag and pulled out my thongs and ended up instead in his pockets. His hand then went back to his target.

Well, as he was rubbing my legs he started playing with my pussy, and I was getting very aroused (who wouldn’t ba?). It was kind of exciting while sitting in a public bar with a man playing with your pussy. Teddy Boy started to move me forward on the stool. I figured he wanted to make it easier to reach my pussy, so I quickly moved forward as much as he wanted me to. Since the small table was in a corner just beside the main door, I kept looking to make sure no one could see what he was doing. But the bar had a small turn in it and we were on that side and the few people who were in the bar were sitting on the longer side. All of a sudden while enjoying this activity, I felt something pushing at my pussy and when I look at Teddy Boy, he was naughtily smiling. Wowwww!! He had a small 5-inch dildo in his hand and was pushing it up my cunt. I have no idea how he carried it in the bar or why he brought it, but there it was inside my pussy and bent on inching its way in. I then figured out that this small dildo was the one he just bought at a Malate store before we went to this bar while I waited outside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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