A Nanny’s Secret Affair

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I had just recently been by hired by Bryon and Leslie Anne to look after their adorable daughter Kaylee Anna. So far, I was doing real well, especially when it came to bonding with her. One day, when I was getting Kaylee Anna ready for her afternoon nap, Brian introduced me to his tall, dark, and handsome cousin Kevin. We talked and I gave him my phone number. After work, I went to my apartment and took a warm bubble bath. My phone rang and Kevin was talking to me.

We talked about ourselves and I was brazen enough to ask him, “Have plans on joining me in my bath?”

Kevin said, “I would love to.”

I softly chuckled not sure if he was kidding.

Then, he said, “I bet the water’s very warm and your skin is soft.”

“Well, the water is warm.” I responded with a smile.

“Just kind of lonely in here though.” I added.

Kevin said “I can imagine my hands touching and holding you in the bath and my lips kissing your neck.”

I held back a moan as my hand skimmed the surface of the water.

He added “My hands rubbing soap all over you.”

By now, my hand had moved toward my chest moving my hand down lower on my body.

“My hands make a trace of every inch of your skin. My hands softly cup your breasts.” Kevin said.

I softly moaned as my hand slipped under the water.

He added, “I caress your body and I take my time kissing you all over.”

I responded “I don’t know if I can take it anymore”, wishing he was here in the bathtub with me instead of making me hot over the phone.

He continued, “I would love to feel you, touch, kiss, Zonguldak Escort and lick you.”

I asked him “When would you like to be able to do this?”

He said “How about tonight?”

“Where are you right now?” I asked.

He said, “I’m in a hotel room. If you want, I can come over.”

I said “T-That’s fine with me.” feeling the water getting warmer.

Twenty minutes later, Kevin arrived. I answered the door in my white cotton robe. I let him in and closed the door behind him. He softly, slowly kissed my lips. I was a little surprised, I couldn’t think straight.

I said, “Kevin, I’m so glad you’re here. Would you like to take a bath with me?”

Not waiting for his response, I stepped back and dropped my robe in front of him before heading back into the bathroom getting back into the tub. We went back into the tub and I watched Kevin undressed in front of me. My breath was caught in my throat as I watched him remove every item of clothing, revealing a well-toned body. My skin suddenly felt warm. With my tongue, I softly licked and sucked 8 inches of his manhood. He held his head back as let out a moan. As I tasted him, I felt his hands in my hair. After that, Kevin climbed into the tub with me and his hand caressed me from the neck down. I almost sprang out of the tub in shock at the feel of his touch. I felt both of his hands softly fondling my breasts as his kiss went deeper in my mouth. I wondered if this was really happening , as I was moving onto his lap facing him. I leaned back, giving his lips access to my neck. That felt erotic Zonguldak Escort Bayan and hot as I felt his rough facial hair brushing against my hot and sweaty skin. My hand went under the water feeling his chest and abs. He felt real as I started to press myself against his body. His lips moved lower to my breasts. I gasped once as I felt his mouth closing around one of my nipples. My hands ran through Kevin’s dark hair. I felt a tight knot in the pit of my belly as he continued to nurse on my breasts. After that, his lips found my belly button and started kissing all over my stomach.

“Mmmm, Kevin. What are you planning on doing?” I asked, as my voice seemed a little shaky.

“Making love to you all night long” he whispered in a prayer soft voice.

I moaned leading his head down lower using my hands on the back of his head. Kevin placed his hands on my back. I was moved up onto the edge of the tub as my legs were slightly pushed apart. I felt his slippery tongue licking me down there, as his hands were lower from my back to my hips and bottom.

I moaned as I felt the tip of his tongue brushing against my clit and folds. I closed my eyes as I felt his tongue moved faster against me and then he began sucking me.

“Kevin” I whimpered as my head fell back as he continued going faster with his mouth and tongue.

I was getting hot and wet at the same time. I was close to exploding as my legs started to feel like Jell-O. I could feel Kevin licking and kissing my thighs and his tongue in my clit. I couldn’t take it anymore as the knot became tighter Escort Zonguldak in my stomach. I was going to come after one more flick of his tongue. I want to touch and taste him. I wanted Kevin inside me.

I pulled myself long enough to slip out of the tub. He got up from the tub, grabbed a towel and dried me off. I walked into my bedroom stopping at my big bed. I laid down on the bed with my head on a pillow once I was dry looking at him, waiting to see what he wanted to do next. He sat beside me and his fingers found my womanhood, hot and wet.

“Kevin” I moaned not sure if I could stand the teasing anymore.

He then replaced his fingers with his manhood, waiting to get inside me. I moaned as I felt how big he felt inside me. Slowly, he was going in and out of me. While doing that, he was whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I moaned as my hands rested flat against his chest. He was whispering of how beautiful, sexy, and sweet I was. I felt close to the edge as my fingers were brushing against his shoulder blades and down his back. My orgasm got louder and louder. I screamed as my walls were closing around him fast. I felt Kevin cummed inside me and he kissed me while he was still inside me. Kevin took himself out of me and held me in his strong arms. I lifted my head up, towards his the column of his neck. I started to slowly place kisses down his throat. I softly caressed his abs while kissing his lips. I moved my kisses down to his chest; placing soft butterfly kisses there before I moved my kisses to along his jaw line. I could feel his hands stroking and running through my hair. I moved my attention to his lips before I slowly rested my head on his chest. I was in a total state of romantic, sexual bliss.

Kevin whispered, “I’m so attracted to you. I like making love to you. I want to see you often.” as I wrapped my arm around his, pressing me closer against him.

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