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I left Leon’s room and went back to my hotel. To be honest, I was completely worn out and my pussy hurt from being stretched so much….but Leon did leave me with a big smile on my face.

I stopped at Pizza Hut for a pizza then went on to my room. I’m not going to do much today, just get rested up and wait for Phil to get back.

I still remember what Phil had said to me. It’s been on my mind since he left. I’m going to have to look closely at my feelings for him. I know that there is something there, but after what I went through with Mike, it’s hard to trust anyone. I suppose that’s why I fuck around with so many different guys….love ’em and leave ’em before they can hurt me. I have to do some real soul searching and see if it’s going to be possible for me to trust a man again.

I showered and washed my hair ate some pizza and went to bed. I didn’t realize just how tired I was. I slept the rest of the day and all night. It sure felt good. When I got up I put myself together and went to have breakfast. Today is the big day. I have to do well if I’m going to have any chance of getting into the National Finals.

After breakfast I went over to get Rip ready. I think he is a little nervous like I am. He probably feels my nervousness and is responding. I talked with some of the other women and that helped calm me. When Mom, Dad, Matt and Annie showed up, that really calmed me down.

“Chelsea, I know you’re going to do well today, just remember your training….concentrate on what you’re doing and let Rip do his work. Everything will come out fine,” Mom told me.

“I know, I’m just a little apprehensive. I really want to do well as a rookie and not make stupid mistakes. I’ll be fine by the time I ride.”

Time passed and it was time. I could tell that Rip was ready and I was ready too. Best score up to now was 13.566. That was going to be hard to beat. But, when I checked before rodeo time, the arena was going to be fast….so, if Rip is on, we can beat it.

The other contestants had all wished me good luck and I was going to need it. I was ready. I kicked Rip in the flanks and we were off. I could see the first barrel coming. Rip set up and made the turn, only inches from the barrel. On the second barrel, we were in tight and bumped the barrel. It rocked a little and continued to set up. That was a close one. Last barrel……..I can see that Rip is focused and so am I. We round the barrel and head for home. It feels like Rip has kicked in the afterburner….he’s flying. My hat flew off as we crossed the finish line…..I feel this is going to be a good ride.

I look over at the timer…….oh my God…..13.21……I can’t believe it. That is going to give these other gals something to shoot at. I can see the disappointment in some of the other women’s faces. I just hope that I can hold on. There are two more days of competition….I’m going to be a nervous wreck by the time this is over.

I cooled Rip out and was just finishing up brushing him when my family arrived. “Great ride Chels,” Matt told me as Annie gave me a hug. My Mom and Dad were excited for me also. They told me that they were all staying in Cheyenne till the end. We all decided to go out to dinner at T-Joes Steakhouse and celebrate my ride.

The evening was great. I was still on a high from the time I turned in today and everyone In my family was happy for me too. Mom kept telling me that it was in the bag….I had won Cheyenne. I still wasn’t that sure at this point.

T-Joes had some live music so we decided to stay and have some fun. There were several of the barrel racers there and I got to visit with them. Later in the evening Leon came cruising through. When he saw me there, he made a B-line for me. Of course, what he had on his mind was not what I had on mine. We danced a couple of times then he said he had to go check out another party that was going on. About midnight, I think the day caught up with all of us so we decided to call it a night and went to our hotels.

I was still a little wound up when I arrived at my room. After I showered I was not ready to go to sleep yet, so I started watching an old movie on TV. All I was thinking about was Phil. I know now that Phil is the guy for me. I sure wish he was here right now. I hugged the other pillow on my bed wishing it was him. He is everything I want in a man and I think I’m going to tell him that when he gets back tomorrow. I also know I cannot continue doing what I have been doing with men. I finally fell asleep, confident that I have made the correct decision.

The next day I didn’t do a lot. I went to the rodeo with Mom and Dad. Phil got back, so we all went out to dinner then went to the Garth Brooks concert. Phil had a friend that was in charge of entertainment for Frontier Days and had gotten tickets for all of us. We had a great time, especially my Mom and Dad.

After the concert, Mom and Dad went to their hotel and I went with Phil to his. When we got there, we decided to go to the lounge and have a night cap and talk. I told Phil how I felt. He got a big smile on his face and told me that he loved me and wanted us to be together always.

“Are you in love with me, Chelsea? Do you want to get married?”

“Yes, Phil, I want to marry you….not right now, but in the near future.” I told him. “I think that I want to get through the National Finals then do it. What do you think?”

Phil was agreeable. I knew I still had to get past some tough competition to make it to the Finals and I didn’t want any distractions.

We went to his room and this time we made love…we didn’t just fuck. It felt completely different, like maybe I had found the one man that I could be happy with….that I could trust.

The next day I called Mom and Dad and we all went to breakfast. When we told them the news, they both were really happy for both of us.

The next day Frontier Days went into the history books. I won the barrel race competition and pretty well assured myself a place at the National Finals. I felt great. I had a chance to do something that no woman had ever done….win the National Finals her rookie year. I now had a goal to reach that would test my abilities. I also had a man that loves me. Time will tell how this story will be written.


For the next several months, I continued my winning streak, Aydın Escort not finishing any worse than second place in any rodeo I entered. Phil and I had competed in several of the same rodeos. After a time, we both agreed that we would have an open relationship, which meant that we could have sex with other people, as long as we shared the intimate details with each other.

There were times that we engaged in threesomes with me and Phil and another guy or with another woman. Three times we had swapped partners with another couple. Our sex life was not boring, to say the least.

A couple of times Phil shared me with his brothers. It was like when we had first met, after I had lost the horse race. The fucking is great and I love it. I do believe, however, that I am a nymphomaniac. Sometimes I’m just not sure that Phil will be able to take care of my sexual needs. I know that sometimes he seems to just enjoy sitting and watching another man satisfy me.

A few times I have brought him a woman to fuck….and I have to say that I really like watching him ravage another woman. We have no secrets between us and nothing is “out of bounds”. The more that I live this lifestyle, the more I love it. I know that I want to continue with it. Phil and I have talked about growing old and knowing that this all will end as our bodies age, so we are determined to enjoy life to its fullest as long as we can.

The year has passed so quickly and the National Finals are approaching. I have qualified, but did not come in leading in points as I had hoped. I am in 5th place nationally by only 6 points. The competition is tough and I have got my hands full here. I know I can do it.

National Finals week is a very busy time. It’s held in Las Vegas at the Thomas and Mack center. The arena is just a little tight, but not bad. The whole town is so alive and busy. The lights, the casinos, the people…..it’s all so fascinating to me. Phil did not qualify, but came with me to boost my morale and keep me up for the event. I ride the last night of the Finals, so I will be able to know what I have to beat to win. In the mean time, we will enjoy the nightly rodeos and have fun….and a lot of it.

Phil has a good friend that has a ranch just outside of Las Vegas. We were able to put Rip out there for the week. He will be able to be out in a pasture and be rested when the time comes to perform. Speaking of performing………..

Each year Phil and 5 of his good friends had a private game of Texas Hold ‘em during the Finals. They arranged, with the casino, to have a private table set up in a guest room. The casino provided the dealer, food and beverages for the game, which would only end when there was one winner. The buy in was $50,000 each…winner take all. Sometimes it took a couple of days to end the game.

Phil asked me if I would attend to be his “good luck charm”. I said yes and looked forward to watching him play. His friends all welcomed me and it didn’t take long to become comfortable with them all…..they were really a nice bunch of guys.

Phil had won the game 4 times out of the 10 times they had played, which caused him to receive a lot of teasing from his friends. As time and the alcohol loosened them up, the conversations got a little risqué….sometimes referring to me….but I didn’t mind.

The game progressed into its 10th hour. Two of the players, Marty and Ray, had been eliminated and were sitting at the bar snacking, drinking, watching the game and flirting with me. Phil was the money leader at this point and it was looking as though he might win again. Marty, Ray and I had started our own game of draw poker in the living room area.

As the 17th hour passed Phil had been on a losing streak. Dave had been eliminated leaving Phil, his friends Steve and Wayne. Dave joined our game in the living room. Wayne was leading, Steve in second and Phil in third. The table turned and after the 21st hour, Wayne was eliminated and joined our little game, which left Steve and Phil with Steve leading.

The hours passed. The game had gone into the 26th hour. At this point, Steve was the leading money winner. Phil’s stacks had dwindled down to about $10,000. Our game had became interesting, to say the least. None of us was feeling any pain as we had started drinking shots.

Phil was beginning a comeback. I watched as his stacks grew and grew. It looked as though he had almost $100,000 in front of him. At this point Phil and Steve decided to take a bathroom, food and beverage break so we all decided to do the same.

When Phil came back from the bathroom, he came over to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. “Looks like you’re not doing too good Chels. What are you going to do when you run out of money?” he laughed.

In my buzzed state I smiled and said, “If you don’t mind honey, I might have to get a little innovative with my betting.”

Phil just smiled at me and replied, “This could turn out to be an interesting event…..you can do whatever you want, my dear….it’s ok. Enjoy yourself.”

The break was over and we all returned to our respective games. As the 4 guys and I returned to our table in the living room I said, “Do you guys want to make this game a little more interesting?”

Dave was smiling and said, “What do you have in mind Chels?” The others all commented with the same question.

“I was thinking of strip poker…get this party really going.” I said.

All of them replied at the same time smiling, “I’MMMMM INNNNN.”

So, it began. The way I was feeling at this point, I knew how this game was going to end and I was looking forward to it. I think everyone else was thinking the same thing.

At the end of the 36th hour, Phil had been on a winning streak and had near $250,000 in front of him. Around our table, things were pretty even. I was down to my jeans, panties and bra. Marty had only his underwear, Ray was down to his jeans and underwear, Dave was down to his underwear and Wayne had his jeans, and underwear. On the next hand I lost my jeans, Marty was naked, Ray was down to his underwear, Dave got his jeans back and Wayne was down to his jeans and underwear.

For the ones with nothing left, they could still play……but……that person had to give oral to call a bet. We were all still drinking shots and feeling no pain whatsoever. It was about to get interesting.

Phil Aydın Escort Bayan and Steve were seesawing back and forth while the rest of us were continuing to get naked. I was totally naked as was Marty, Ray and Dave. Wayne still had his underwear. The next hand I lost. I looked around the group and said, “Okay guys, I’m going under the table…..fuck the poker, let’s have some fun.

Everyone got up from the table and went to the couch. Wayne dropped his underwear….now everyone was naked. As I looked around, I could see I had a wide variety of hard cocks to play with. So……I got on my hands and knees and went to work causing a lot of moans and groans. After a little while I felt a long hard cock move inside me. I looked over my shoulder and saw that it was Wayne. He had his hands on my hips and was fucking me hard. I went back to sucking Marty’s cock and made him cum in my mouth…..it tasted so damn good….I wanted more. I felt Wayne pumping his hot load inside me. It was hot and felt good as it splashed inside me.

Steve and Phil had stopped playing and were watching me get fucked. I moved over in front of Ray and began sucking his cock as Dave mounted me from behind and slid his thick 7 inches into my cum lubricated cunt. I heard Phil telling Steve they should take a little break so that he should go over and add his cum deposit when Dave was done. As I watched, Steve stood and removed his clothing, smiling at me as he began stroking his cock to hardness.

I went back to blowing Dave and within a few minutes my mouth was filled with his rich semen. I really like the taste of cum as it slides down my throat to my stomach.

Phil had disrobed and was sitting on the couch stroking his cock, waiting for me to suck him off. Dave was still pounding my cunt and I could feel a huge orgasm building. About the time I took Phil down my throat, I felt Steve tense up and begin spewing his fertile seed into my sperm permeated pussy. I could feel his hard cock swell each time he released a hot stream of thick cum inside me. The superb sex I was receiving was making my head swim with pleasure and desire. My body exploded in a breathtaking orgasm that seemed to go on endlessly.

I felt Dave withdraw his spent cock from me and it was immediately replaced with Steve’s. It felt a bit smaller in length but much bigger around. Steve was slapping my ass cheeks as he drove his engorged cock into my eager pussy. He pushed me into another exquisite orgasm as I took Phil deeper and deeper into my gullet.

Phil’s head was laid back on the back of the couch. He was moaning in pleasure when I detected the presence of warm ejaculate being spewed down my throat. I wanted all of their cum in my belly. The thought of it intoxicated me and made my mind visualize them doing all kinds of depraved things to me.

Steve’s cock began to swell as he injected his contribution into my now overflowing vagina. Streaks of man juice were flowing down the inside of my thighs…..I felt like a total slut as these men continued to gangbang me.

I was weak from the multiple orgasms I had experienced so far. Phil got up from the couch and with Wayne’s help, placed me front side down on the ottoman in front of a chair. I heard the dealer ask, “Hey Phil, mind if I get a piece of that?”

I looked around at them and said, “Give me more cock”. Between the booze and exquisite sex, I had become an insatiable whore wanting to be filled with hard cocks and cum.

I heard Phil reply to the dealer, “Be my guest friend!”

The dealer stripped and moved in behind me. I felt him dipping his fingers in my cum filled box and lubricating my tight asshole. I smiled as I knew that I was going to get fucked up my ass. After he had fit three fingers inside my rectum and loosened it up, he inserted his big cock slowly into my colon till I felt his low hanging balls slap against my engorged pussy lips. He leaned forward and grasped my shoulders and began to sodomize me, taking long slow strokes. His cock filled and stretched my ass. It actually felt good, causing me to have intense orgasms that shook me to my core.

I think that dealer fucked me for over half an hour then I felt his cock filling my guts with warm cum. I felt his cock pulse each time it shot a stream of his man juice inside me. When he finished he wiped his wet cock on my ass and said, “Young lady, you’re one hell of a fuck….I’ll be back for seconds later.”

For the next 3 hours these guys filled my orifices to overflowing, filled my stomach and covered my skin and hair with cum. I was fucked every way that one could imagine. I was a total slut and loved it.

Phil won the poker game and I “won” the fucking. I have always had a desire to be gangbanged by more than 3 guys but had never had the opportunity or guts to carry through with it. It felt empowering to me to know how much these men desired me and the control I have over them. It was almost as thrilling as winning the barrels at a rodeo. I’m beginning to see that I love sex as much as I love the rodeo. There should be an Olympic event called “Sport Fucking”……I’d enter in a heartbeat.

I went to the shower, cleaned myself up and got dressed. All the guys had left the room except for Phil and the dealer. I poured myself a drink and sat down with them. The dealer said to me as he extended his hand out, “I don’t think we were properly introduced, my name is Jerry and I am truly glad to have made your acquaintance. I must say, you are a really beautiful woman and I totally enjoyed the sex with you.”

I smiled at him as I shook his hand, “Well handsome, I’m Chelsea and I have to agree with you, the sex was great. I’m a little sore, but totally enjoyed it.”

The three of us talked for quite a while about the evening then left. I needed some rest before tomorrow. I have to go out to Phil’s friends place and go through the paces with Rip before my event the next day. I want to do well and win this event this year. If I can do that, it will be the perfect ending for a great year.


The next day Rip and I practiced the barrel run. Phil’s friend had an arena with a barrel course set up for his teenage daughter. I was having a hard time sitting in the saddle, my pussy and ass were still sore from the workout Phil’s friends gave me yesterday. But, the soreness will go away and I’ll be fine.

My Escort Aydın family have arrived in Vegas and Mom is here this morning giving me pointers and Phil is giving me moral support. As the morning passes, I am feeling more confident that I can, indeed, win. Mom is out in the arena watching us closely and Phil is fence sitting telling me how good I look. I am in love with this man and every day I know that we are going to have a great life together. I haven’t said anything to any of my family members about when we are going to get married, but when the Finals are over I will break the news to them.

Early this morning, over breakfast, Phil and I had a long talk about the events of yesterday. I asked about his feelings about me getting fucked by all the guys. Did it bother him that I was their slut and was completely filled with their cum….that I ate their cum and enjoyed it?

Phil smiled at me and said, “Chelsea, my love, knowing all those guys desired you and wanted to have you, made me proud that you are my woman. I could see that they were all jealous of me, having such a beautiful, talented and sexy woman. As I watched you take all of them, I was so proud of you. Chelsea, you are a strong woman and I want you to be happy. I don’t have any intention of controlling you or telling what you can or can’t do. I will be there to protect you, should things ever get out of hand and I will always be one of the guys standing in line to enjoy all of your charms. It turns me on to watch another guy push is cock slowly inside you and when he is finished, to watch his cum run out of you. I love you and everything about you, Chelsea.”

The one thing I have learned about myself, is that I am addicted to sex, in any form. I love the feel of a man inside me…the look of desire in his eyes as he is pleasured by my body…the taste of his cum as I swallow it into my belly…the warmth of his cum inside my cunt. I feel really lucky to have found a man that can accept this and enjoy watching me with other men. We share many of the same perversions and desires.

The day passed quickly and the time for my ride has arrived. I feel really good. I’m ready for it…Rip is ready for it…I’m going to win, I can feel it. As I stand behind the fence at the Thomas and Mack arena, I watch the guys competing in the different events. I look around at all the people that fill the stands. I can feel the energy all around me. As I scan the stands, I see my family sitting to the left of the chutes. I just have to perform well for them as much as for myself. If I do this….what am I saying…when I do this, I will be the first woman to win the Finals her rookie year. It is time to prep for the ride and I’m ready.

As I go behind the chutes to get Rip and get mounted, I am greeted by several of the other women competing against me. Everyone is tense, anticipating the job at hand. As I approach Rip, I can see that he feels the excitement too. His ears are alert and I can see the excitement in his eyes. I check my saddle and cinch it up. I give Rip a big hug and say to him, “This is it pal, this is what we’ve worked all year for. I’m ready and I can see that you are too so let’s go do this thing.” I mount him and head in to the staging area.

The time to beat is 13.82 seconds. It’s going to be tough to do. I am riding second to last so I’ll be able to see what I have to beat. I have 6 riders ahead of me. The first one is called out. We all watch as the other riders do their run. So far no one has beat the winning time. Connie Barrett is riding just ahead of me. I think that she may be the one to watch.

I am anxiously watching as Connie begins her run. She has a good start and I watch as she makes a clean run. The announcer says, “For Connie Barrett, the time is 13.79….she takes the lead in this event.”

It’s just like I thought, she will be the one to beat. I am called to the starting area…we’re ready. I spur Rip and he is off and running. As we approach the first barrel, Rip is in tight to the barrel. I hope he doesn’t bump it. We make it around clean and take off for the second barrel. He’s going too fast, slow down Rip don’t blow the pattern, I think to myself. We make it around clean and off to the third barrel. I feel that we’re fast, but I don’t have time to look at the timer. Into the third and last barrel. The dirt is flying from Rip’s hooves, the wind in my face feels like my head is outside my pickup window. Now it’s a mad dash for the finish line. My hat flys off, I feel my hair blowing out behind me. I’m low in the saddle, Rip is moving like the wind. We pass the timing camera. I hear the crowd going wild…the announcer is yelling over the PA system, “And Chelsea Yates puts up a 13.01….she is the new leader….what a splendid ride!”

I’m ecstatic…I’ve done it. The other women are congratulating me on a great ride. I can tell that Rip is excited from all the commotion around us.

The last rider, Casey Martin, is preparing for her run. She is one of the toughest competitors out there. She won the Finals last year and if anyone can beat my time, it will be her. She is off and running. I’m watching intently as she makes the first barrel clean. Then she rounds the second barrel with no problems. I look at the elapsed time, she is fast at this point. As she comes out of the last barrel her horse bumps the barrel and it falls over. I smile…it doesn’t make any difference now what kind of a time she puts up now, the five second penalty throws her out of the money.

I can’t believe it….my dream just came true, I won the National Finals my rookie year. This will put my season’s earnings over $300,000. The only thing that is better than this is running toward me right now…..Phil is smiling as he embraces me and kisses me saying, “Congratulations honey, you did it.” He kisses me again and I see my family coming toward me…all smiling. I’m totally surrounded by my family and friends. What a great day for me.

The awards will be presented tomorrow afternoon, but tonight, we are all going to party and celebrate our accomplishment. I say “our” because everyone that is close to me is a part of this. They have all contributed to my successful season in one way or another.

After the awards ceremony, we pack up and head home. My family all flew to Vegas, so they departed the arena and went to the airport. Phil is going to drive home with me. I expect that we will be talking about our future together. It’s a long drive back to Wyoming and I’m glad I don’t have to do it alone.

To be continued………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32