A Movie Theater Climax

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Hey readers, this is only my second story submission here on Literotica so any feedback/constructive criticism is welcomed. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve. Let me know what YOU want me to write! -sxpx-


I’d always kinda checked out Alex before, back when she still had long, silky reddish-black hair. I never really cared that she had a boyfriend, nothing was going to happen between us anyway. She was straighter than a ruler, as far as I could tell. There was no funny business with her either. It’s a good night if I can get her to even take a sip of beer. I love her petite body and the nonchalance attitude that she carries it with. She’s got multiple piercings all along both ears, but my favorite is her newest industrial one. It’s so hot. She’s beautiful, in a real rebel sort of way. She doesn’t give a damn about what others do and do not say about her and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion on anything.

I’m always real discreet whenever I check her out, I don’t want anything to come between our friendship. But today, god, today, I couldn’t help but stare. I was waiting for her in front of the theater – we were going to catch a late night showing of some stupid horror movie (we’re both into cheesy horror flicks) – and at first I didn’t recognize her as she approached. She’d completely buzzed her hair off. And I mean OFF. She left a good amount on the top to style it really freaking cute though, the tips still tinged in the reddish color I like so much. My jaw nearly dropped open at how ridiculously gorgeous she looked in that new cut.

“You like it?” she asked, smiling.

“Uhh… y-yeah…,” I stammered like Ümraniye Escort a fool, “It’s uh…it’s nice. It looks good on you.” I tried to be cool and indifferent, but she definitely caught my lingering gaze.

“Here, touch it. It’s so soft!” she exclaimed excitedly. Before I could politely refuse, she grabbed my hand and placed it on the nape of her neck, just at her hairline. Oh god, it was soft.

“Rub it!” she encouraged.

I laughed nervously, “Stop it, Alex, what’ll your boyfriend think?” I joked.

“I don’t care what he thinks! He doesn’t even know I shaved it off,” she affirmed confidently.

“Holy shit. Are you kidding?” I asked her, pulling my hand back.

“Of course not.” “Oh my god, Jules, don’t be so serious.” she commanded as she put my hand back on her neck. “Just rub it!”

I quickly stroked up and down the back of her head. I so badly wanted to caress her and move my fingers through her short hair. I removed my hand before I could get turned on.

“Come on,” she grabbed my hand, “I don’t want to miss the previews!” “Did you get the tickets?” she asked me. I nodded and held out the two ticket stubs to her.

I followed her into the theater and to the very back row. We always choose the back so annoying kids can’t kick us from behind.

“I’m gonna go buy some popcorn for us, do you want anything else?” she asked.

“Let’s share a soda too,” I suggested.

“You got it!” she replied as she left.

When she returned, the lights had already dimmed and the previews were just beginning. By the time the movie started, I still couldn’t get her sexy new Ümraniye Escort Bayan haircut out of my head. She has a boyfriend. She’s not interested. She has a boyfriend. You have no chance. I had to keep telling myself over and over. I tried to shake the thoughts from my mind and focus on the movie. I reached for a handful of popcorn in her lap and didn’t realize she’d move the tub over. I reached right for a handful of her crotch. She was only wearing a cotton skirt so I touched way more than I should’ve through the thin material.

“Oh shit. I’m so sorry,” I quickly apologized as I felt a tingle of attraction move through me and I flinched my hand back.

She whispered back in a half smile, “Don’t be,” and grabbed my hand back and placed it back into her lap. She leaned closer and whispered in my ear, “Rub it.”

An excited shiver ran through my spine as I fulfilled her command. Luckily no one else wanted to sit in the back row so we had a private showing all to ourselves. I traced my fingers up to the elastic waistband of her skirt and slipped my hand inside. Just outside her panties, I could feel her heating up. I started to get pretty hot too. I thought I’d tease her a bit. I maneuvered my fingers down to the edges of her panties near her labia and ran my fingers back and forth along the pantyline, feeling out her smoothness.

“Oh my god. Rub it!” she whispered again.

“Not yet,” I whispered back and continued to tease her.I flipped up the armrest between us and leaned in to kiss her. I started at the base of her neck and worked my way up to her lips, wanting to savor every moment of this. Escort Ümraniye I could feel myself growing really wet as my tongue finally found its way to hers. I worked my hand into the inside of her panties and pushed my fingers into her warm juices. She was absolutely dripping.

“Rub it, please!” she begged harder. I finally consented and started working my fingers up and down her labia, occasionally pushing on her clit. I felt her tense and her clit became a hard little pearl under my pressure. Oh, I had her now. My tongue and fingers worked in tandem to give her the most pleasure possible. Her breathing became labored in my mouth and I continued to let our tongues dance with each other while slipping my index and middle fingers into her slowly. She let out a suppressed gasp. I began to pump in and out, slowly increasing my pace. She was dripping all over me and completely ruining her seat. I moved in and out repetitiously and forcefully and she tensed a little each time, trying to hold back. It was getting impossible for her to resist, I could feel it as I felt a wetness spreading over my own panties.

As I slid in and out harder and harder, the movie, like her, was reaching a climax. I kept an eye on the screen as I continued my work. Alex struggled to suppress her moans, which only encouraged me to push faster and harder. And then… I felt her completely tense up around my fingers just as the movie’s volume heightened and she let out a scream that was masked by the screams of fright from all the other patrons. She shuddered continuously, bucking up and down in her seat as I continued to stroke her until she finished.

A loud moan escaped her lips as she trembled, “Oh-h-h, my god,” and finished.

Once I felt her relax, I pulled out my fingers and licked off all of her sweetness right in front of her. She kissed me once more, full on the lips, tasting herself on me and whispered, “We should go to the movies more often.”

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