A Mother’s Rival for Her Son

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Anal Fingering

I had just returned to my home town of Chadron Nebraska after serving two years in the army special forces. The town hadn’t changed much. I guess that’s the way it is with small towns. I was driving past the college my folks had wanted me to attend after I’d graduated high school. I had decided to get my service to my country over first, then go to college afterward. It was a nice fall day, warm enough to allow me to drive with the top off of my 62 classic T-Bird. So here I am twenty years old and just getting ready to start collage. I guess it would be nice if I let everyone know just who “I” is. Well, my name is Alex, I’m 6’1″ with blond hair and blue eyes, and I have a medium build that has bulked up quite a bit from my training in the service.

I was just driving slowly around the school grounds admiring the local females standing around in front of the main building. As I neared the front entrance, I noticed a couple of guys wearing football team jackets trying to persuade a very attractive girl to get into their car. I could see that she clearly didn’t want to, and was loudly letting them know it. I pulled up behind their car, and as I was getting out I heard one of them say.

“Come on Kelly you know you want to.”

Just as she was probably about to tell them what they could do with their invitation I walked up put my arm lightly around her shoulders, leaned down and asked.

“You ready to go yet Kelly?”

She just stood there for a few seconds looking at me. Then picking up what I was doing went along with it smiled like we were old friends and said,

“Ya I’m ready. I was just trying to get it through to these two blockheads that I was already waiting for someone.”

She hooked her arm in mine, gave the two jerks a withering look, and we walked back to my car. I glanced back and saw them looking at me like they wanted to cut me up into little pieces with a dull knife. I opened the door like a gentleman and helped Kelly in. I got in my side and we drove off. Nether one of us said a word till we were several blocks away. We then looked at each other and busted out laughing. After we were able to quiet down, she looked at me and said.

“I want to thank you first for rescuing me from those two neanderthals, but who are you, how did you know my name, and especially how did you know that I needed help?”

I pulled the car over parked it, and introduced myself as Alex Long. I was 20 years old, born here. I’m just back from the service, and temporarily staying with my mom. She’s been living alone sense my dad left us just before I was born. I figured she could use the company, at least until I find a place of my own. I had just pulled up to school when I saw the disagreement going on.

“I could hear you half way down the block telling them what you thought of their invitation, and what they could do with their car.”

She dropped her eyes and I watched as her face turned a lovely shade of pink. After a minute or two she looked back up to me and continued.

“Well I really want to thank you again. My name is Kelly Storm, I’m nineteen and I grew up in a small town about a hundred miles south of here. I’m a freshman and I’m staying at a boarding house three blocks from here.”

I smiled at her, headed the car back onto the street, and told her I was very happy to meet her, and how lucky I was to have been able to rescue the prettiest girl in town on my first day back. This of course brought forth another small smile and that lovely shade of pink to her very beautiful face.

All too soon we arrived at her place. I cut the engine off, and asked her where I was supposed to go to register tomorrow. She told me how to get to the office, and also that I could register on my computer. I told her that my computer was being shipped with the rest of my stuff. She thought for a minute and told me she didn’t have afternoon classes tomorrow and that if I wanted to I could come over and use her’s. That way she could help me pick out the classes I wanted. I thanked her and told her that would be a great idea. She said great leaned in and gave me a light peck on the cheek, and before I could recover from my surprise, she was out the door and walking toward the house. She called back over her shoulder that I could pick her up at 12:30 in front of the school. Boy! Not only did that girl look good from the front, but she looked great from the rear, as I started checking out the statistics that she had modestly left out of her personal information. Like the fact that she’s about 5’7″, with very long shapely legs ending in a very nice butt. Narrow waist, and kırklareli seks hikayeleri about 36c breasts.

I pulled up to the school the next day just in time to watch her walk down the steps and over to my car. As I watched I thought to myself. Damn that girl looks sexy. I watched as her short skirt moved back and forth with the sway of her hips. Thinking as my cock got hard, I wonder if she’s going with anyone. She jumped in the car flashing her long legs almost to her crotch as her skirt slid up. She suddenly leaned over for another one of those quick pecks on the cheek. I surprised her this time though and at the last second I turned my head toward her, I slipped my arm around her waist and kissed her lips. It wasn’t a passionate tongue dueling kiss, but just a nice warm gentle one. I felt her stiffen at first, and then she relaxed. Her lips became softer; she put her arms around my neck, melted her body into mine, and returned my kiss. This was much to the delight of her friends and some wolf whistles from a few guys. As we parted I could see she was flushed, and we were both breathing a little more rapidly. She gave me a little smile then stuck her tongue out at me.

“Ok, you caught me that time. I hope you’re satisfied that you’ve made us the talk of the campus for the next few weeks. When did we meet, how long have we been going together, I can just hear them now. Let alone when I take you into the house and introduce you to the girls that are staying there. God! There goes my reputation…. Well don’t just set there with that stupid grin, say something.”

I was enjoying the memory of feeling her lips on mine, and the fact that she didn’t pull away and slap me, she kissed me back. I got my focus back to the here and now. Kissed her lightly on the lips. Put the car in gear and pulled away from the curb. As I pulled up to her boarding house I looked at her for a moment with that same grin on my face. Then very softly I said.


Her mouth flew open, eyes went wide and all she could get out was AAAG Men! I started laughing and shortly she couldn’t keep from joining in as we got out of the car and headed for the house.

We entered the front room of the house and the first thing I noticed was this bevy of girls lounging around in a casual array of clothing. Kelly introduced me to the group as a very close friend, emphasis on the very. I got the word “hi” out as she quickly led me to the office. I sat down at the computer as Kelly shut the door and came over and stood behind me. She brought up the school registration page. After I got finished with all the personal information she helped me pick out the classes I’d need for the last semester. We even had a couple of classes together. After we finished she leaned down and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Congratulations, you’re now a student of Chadron State.”

Before she was able to stand back up I reached around her waist and pulled her down onto my lap. This time the kiss was one of passion. She pressed her body against mine. The tip of my tongue circled her lips and I felt her mouth open and her tongue tentatively touched mine, and then pulled back as mine followed it in to battle in the warmth of her mouth. She let out a soft moan as she pressed her body to mine. I could feel her breasts as they pressed into my chest. I slid my hand down around the curve of her ass pulling her hips tighter to me. She continued to moan softly as her ass slid along my hardened cock our passion grew along with my cock. We finally pulled away to catch our breath and let our heart beats slow down. I smiled and whispered.

“I think we’d better take a break, or I can’t be held responsible for my actions.”

She chuckled as she slid off my lap. Of course this action didn’t help the problem I had lying against my inner thigh. We walked out as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I told all the eyes that were following our every move toward the front door that is was nice meeting them. I leaned down gave Kelly a peck on the cheek as I whispered in her ear that I’d see her tomorrow. She shook her head OK and squeezed my arm as I left.

I climbed into the car thinking how nice her soft butt felt rubbing me to a very hard erection, and how soft and sweet her mouth felt. I headed on home to let my mom know that not only did I get registered but that I found a girl friend too. Just thinking of that soft body and firm breast pressed against my chest started me getting hard again. I pulled into the driveway and set for awhile to give my cock time to return to normal. I went in and found a note from mom telling me she’d gone shopping with a friend and would be home in time for dinner. I decided to take a shower and catch up on some sleep till she got back.

I was still asleep when I registered a sound on the stairs. I listened as I started to come awake. Not hearing anything I drifted back off. I felt movement as someone sat down on the bed, and a cool hand slide down my cheek. It then slid on down my bare chest onto my stomach. I came awake but kept my breathing slow and my eyes closed. I waited to see what would happen next. After a moments pause the hand continued down to the edge of the sheet covering me from my hips down. I was getting aroused with the anticipation of where those soft fingers would finally come to rest. My cock was starting to swell. The head reaching for the edge of the sheet and those caressing fingers. I slitted my eye lids as the finger tips started to slip under the edge of the sheet. I was startled to see that the hand caressing my body belonged to my mom. She must have noticed the change in my breathing, because she pulled her hand back. She tried to cover it up by telling me that it was about time I woke up. I could tell though that she was flustered because her neck and face were red. The strange thing though was that my rod was continuing to harden.

I must admit that when I was a teenager I had a thing for my mother. I used to check her out whenever she wasn’t looking. In the mornings if she’d forget to shut her bedroom door tight, I’d peek through the crack and watch her get dressed. She had a great body, and still does even at 38 years old. She still had nice breasts that sat up there nice and proud. A face and figure that still draws wolf whistles when she walks down the street. I thought though that I had gotten over that when I got older. Judging from the state my hard on was in at the moment I guess I hadn’t. I tried to cover it up, but the movement of my hand drew her eyes down there. She just looked at it for a moment. The head had pushed out above the edge of the sheet and its one eye was looking back at her. I saw the tip of her tongue for an instant before she looked back at me.

“Besides it looks like you’ve ether had a very good dream or you have to go pee. Whichever it is I’ll go down and start dinner and let you take care of it.”

I got up and got dressed wondering if mom realized that my hard on wasn’t from a dream or having to go pee. I got my boner from her running her fingers down my stomach toward my dick, and then staring at it. I headed on down the stairs like nothing happened. Mom had dinner ready to serve. I sat down as she leaned over to fill my plate. My eyes were level with her breasts. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and her blouse had parted enough to let me see the curve of her creamy breast. So much for getting my mind off sex. She straightened up and walked over to put the rest on the stove. I couldn’t help but notice her tight ass under her skirt. We ate dinner without saying anything until mom suddenly put her fork down and looked over at me.

“Alex, I want you to know how sorry I am about what happened this morning. It’s just that when I came into your room to wake you up, and saw you lying there. You reminded me so much of your father. I just sat there and looked at you for a moment. Then I guess I kind of got a little carried away. I hope it won’t make you hate me, or think I’m sick or anything.”

I could see how really upset she was. I got up and knelt down in front of her.

“Mom I could never hate you. I love you to much.”

I leaned in and gently kissed her lips. We held the kiss as I slid my hands along her legs and grasped her hips. She spread her legs apart as I pulled her toward me, forcing her skirt to slide back to her crotch. She let out a moan as her arms went around my neck. Our kiss turned passionate as our tongues intertwined. I pulled her body tight against me. Her lower body pressing against my rigid member. I could feel her moving her hips up and down. Sliding her pussy along my hardness.

“Oh Alex I know this is wrong, but I’ve wanted you for so long. Hate me for what I am later, but I need to feel you inside me now.”

I picked her up and carried her up to her bedroom and proceeded to slowly undress her. I kissed her lightly as I slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Then caressing her breasts as I trailed kisses down her neck to her hardened nipples. I suckled on them as I had done as a baby while I unfastened her skirt letting it drop to the floor. Mom had arched her back pushing her nipple as far into my mouth as she could. When she felt her skirt fall to the floor, and my hands slide up her hips and over her butt to hook my thumbs under the waistband. She sort of growled deep in her throat and started ripping my clothes off. When she undid my pants and they fell to the floor my prick jumped out and smacked her on her tummy. She grabbed it and started stroking it, then fell to her knees and swallowed it. I felt the shaft slide down her throat, as her warm tongue circled it. She started moving her head in and out, all the while running her tongue around, sucking as you would on a candy cane. She wasn’t trying to get me off so much as she was just enjoying the feeling of my hard shaft sliding in and out of her mouth. I was torn between letting her continue this exquisite feeling to it’s ultimate end with me shooting my load down her throat. That or pulling out pushing her onto the bed and sliding my now very itchy cock into that warm, soft pussy. I forced myself to lift her up and push her onto the bed so that her butt was right on the edge. I knelt down, spread her legs wide and lowered my face to her now dripping pussy. I slid my tongue lightly along the crack leading to her treasure trove, careful not to penetrate her puffy lips. I then moved down and started to nibble on the inside of her thighs, moving slowly upward. She was making a soft kenning sound now and clawing at the sheets. It was like she was trying to get my mouth and the spot that would finally give her the release she needed so badly to meet. I spread her legs wider and her lips opened revealing her little clit standing up all swollen and red. I slid forward and lightly touched the tip of my tongue to the top of her swollen clit. Her legs wrapped around my head pulling me in tight to her raised hips. She cried out to suck it hard. I jammed my face to her pussy and sucked hard on her clit while I hammered it hard with my tongue. She cried out her climax, arched her back, and squeezed my head like a grape. I finally was able to pull back or be smotherd to death. She was just coming down from her high as I crawled forward and slid my cock into her wet channel. It closed around me like a glove. I started ramming it into her like a piston. I was building up towards my own climax when her cunt tightened up in another climax, bringing me on to my own. I shot my wad into her over and over again. I thought I was never going to end. Finally I dribbled out my last and collapsed on top of her breathing hard. Sweat pouring off both of us.

Mom’s breathing settled down and she wrapped her arms around my neck kissed me and said.

“God that was fantastic. I’ve never in my life cum so hard or so often. Not even your dad was that good. I think we need a shower dear.”

Smiling I kissed her and rolled off exhausted.

“I think your right. I smell like I’ve been rode hard and put away wet.”

She looked over at me and chuckled.

“Who was it that got rode hard?”

She climbed out of bed and headed for her bathroom. I slowly got up and followed her. We relaxed as we washed and dried each other. Then climbed into bed, ready to face another day. I woke up the next morning and saw that mom was already up. I got up got dressed and headed down to breakfast. She was drinking her coffee when I came in. I kissed her on the cheek told her good morning and sat down with a glass of juice. She looked over at me and said,

“Hi, sleep well?”

I noticed she was a little subdued this morning. I told her I was fine and asked her how she was.

“Hon, I had a great time last night. I’ve never felt so good. I know that what happened can’t continue, but I enjoyed every second of it. Now tell me how your day went yesterday.”

“Well first off I met a girl that I like a lot. Her name is Kelly, she’s 19, and she’s a freshman. She helped me get registered and I’m supposed to meet her this morning so she can help me pick out the books I’ll need for the semester.”

Mom gave me a nice smile and said.

“That’s nice dear. I’m glad you were able to meet someone that quickly. You’ll have to bring her around sometime so I can meet her, and knowing how careful you are, I just know she’s a very nice girl.”

Everything that mom said was friendly and the right thing to say. I was watching her though as she was talking and I could see a change in her eyes and a slight tightening around her mouth. I didn’t say any more. I just got up from the table and put my glass in the sink. I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips and told her to take care and I’d see her later. She squeezed my arm and said you be careful now. I smiled and gave her a little peck on the tip of her nose

“Don’t worry mom I’ll be just fine.”

I left the house, got into my car and headed out.

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