A Modern Relationship

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Sarah had lived a hard life. To look at her you would think she had her life together but deep inside her were many emotional scars which caused her to cut herself off from people. She had been through so much in her short 25 years but she just wanted to put it all behind her.

Growing up she had felt invisible unless her father needed someone to take things out on. This lead to her mistrust of people. Why had this man that was supposed to care for and protect her done so much damage to her both physically and emotionally?

Everything she had dealt with to overcome her past had led her to retreat into a world of fantasy online. She interacted with people never becoming too close to them as she didn’t want people to find out about the hurts of her past. She didn’t want to be hurt, so she couldn’t put her trust in people.

One day she met a new player in her world of escape and they started talking. She provided him with advice on how to make his character stronger and then left it at that. She went back to her own little world. This world of fantasy was a place for her to forget her problems and let herself just enjoy.

A few months passed with Sarah continuing to find retreat from everyday life in her make believe world. She continued to help other players as she steadily increased her prowess within the game but she always locked her personal life away from the other players. She had players that she was close to but never let on to anyone about her past.

Sarah was running maps, helping weaker players get what they needed, when she received a message from the new player she had talked to just months before. He just wanted to chat while they ran the maps that he needed. She tried to close herself off from him but couldn’t help but open up to him about her views on a variety of different things. There was a friendship blooming that she had not been ready for but she found she could not close herself off from him.

After several days of communication she found herself opening up to him about her past. He understood what she had been through. She was worried he would pity her but there never seemed to be any pity in his responses to her. He tried to be supportive to her and help her see that she was more than what had happened to her.

Sarah was surprised at how much she opened up to this player whom she had no idea about other than a username of greyghost. They would chat for hours. Sarah had never felt so comfortable with a person, not even her last boyfriend had known the things she told him.

As they chatted, they shared so much with each other. They shared their hopes, their dreams, their fantasies, their deepest secrets. They found that they had so much in common, things that they never thought anyone would share with them. They discussed movies, books, and their lives in general. Every day they talked and never seemed to run out of things to discuss.

After weeks of talking in game, they finally decided to add each other on facebook. Sarah didn’t add many people on facebook but she couldn’t help herself wanting to know more about this guy. Sarah searched him out with the name he gave and sent him a friend request. His name was Trent. She looked at his profile but didn’t really get much information from it other than the fact that they lived on opposite sides of the world.

Then one day Sarah received a message in game from Trent that she hadn’t expected. He told her in the message that he wanted to run his hands over her body. This sent a shiver through Sarah’s body. Why did the thought of his hands on her cause such a reaction through her body when no one else in her life caused these stirrings?

Trent was sitting at his computer, thinking about Sarah. He had looked at her pictures and found himself wondering what it would be like to hold her, kiss her, be with her. He wanted to test the waters so had sent her an innocent message about touching her body. Would she respond positively or was he alone in the feelings she stirred in him. Lately, when they had talked, Trent found himself getting aroused by her, the things she said, the way her brain worked, all enticed him.

Sarah had no idea how to respond to the message Trent had said. She needed to think about this but she didn’t want to scare him away. She messaged him saying that she appreciated the thought but needed time to think. She was scared that she was becoming too reliant on him. She didn’t want to rely on people, why you rely on people they hurt you.

Trent was concerned when he received the reply from Sarah. Had he scared her off? He quickly responded telling her that he didn’t mean to scare her. He just felt that he had to be honest with her and told her that he would always be honest with her. He didn’t want to lose her from his life now that he had found her and it didn’t matter what she said to him, as long as she wanted him in her life, he would always be there for her.

Sarah read the message and could feel herself starting to get teary. How could he be so gebze escort sweet to her when she was a person that no one normally noticed or cared about? She had even said that to him throughout their discussions but still he was there. He was being honest with her so she felt she needed to be honest with him. She wrote him a long message telling about how she felt. She talked about how her body had reacted to the message about him touching her body, about how it scared her that she looked forward to talking to him every day, how his messages had an effect on her that she had never experienced with anyone in her real life before.

Trent couldn’t believe what he was reading in the message from Sarah. He responded to her telling her the truth about how his body would react while they were talking. He told her about how her mind, wit and spirit drew him to her. He appreciated her honesty when they would talk and how she always stood up for what she believed in.

Sarah found her body reacting to what Trent was saying in a way she had never realised she could. She had never met this guy but her body wanted to be with him. She was scared and excited at the same time at how she felt towards Trent. She sent him a message asking him what he would do to her if she was with him for real.

Trent was shocked when he got the message from Sarah. He didn’t want to scare her off but he wanted her so bad. “I would slide my hands over your body, taking my time to touch you. My mouth would capture yours in a deep kiss before I start to kiss down your neck. I would slowly run my hands over your body through your clothes feeling the rise and fall of your chest. Cupping your breasts, squeezing them gently while my thumb brushed your hardening nipples through your shirt.”

Sarah’s mouth went dry as her pussy grew wet reading those words. “I slide into your lap, my head resting against your shoulder. I moan softly at your touch.”

Trent’s cock grew hard, his hand reaching down to adjust himself for comfort. Wow this girl is hot, he thought. She hadn’t written anything really sexual but wow he was so hard from those simple words. He responded to her message tenderly. “I wrap my arms around you, cradling you against me. My hands rubbing your back and legs.

“I stroke your cheek with my hand, smiling up at you contentedly,” she responded.

No one had ever made him feel special like she was with her tender gestures. Even though they weren’t in the same location, he could still feel her in his arms, her touch against his cheek. What was she doing to him? He wondered how she would react if he were to kiss her in the virtual world. He was really scared of freaking her out and refusing to talk to him anymore. He knew about her past and didn’t want to stir things up for her. He decided on an approach that would be considerate of her feelings.

“Can I kiss you Sarah?” he asked in a message simply. Sarah’s heart fluttered. How did such a simple question have such a strong effect on her? Her mouth was drier than it had ever been, she was squirming in her seat. She needed to stop this now before it went any further. She responded to him, “I can’t do this. I’m sorry. I wouldn’t be surprised if you never wanted to talk to me again.”

Oh no. Trent was worried. “Sarah, please don’t pull away from me. I will step back. We don’t need to push things too far.”

Sarah started to tear up and signed off. How could someone she didn’t really know have such an effect on her? She couldn’t let him in or she was going to be hurt again. She was sick of being the victim of the men in her life.

Trent watched as Sarah moved from being online to being offline on both the game and facebook. This wasn’t good. He sat there in shock. How was he going to get her past her fear? He cared for her and wasn’t willing to lose the friendship that they had already developed.

“Sarah,” he wrote, “I didn’t mean for things to scare you between us. Your friendship means more to me than anything physical ever could. We don’t need to do any of that if you don’t want to. Please don’t pull away from me. Your friendship is too important. I have struggled with trust as you have and don’t want to do anything that would stop the trust between us. I care about you.”

When Sarah logged on the next day she found the message from Trent but refused to respond. She avoided him for a few days while she thought things through. She really like Trent and felt a connection with him. She wanted to explore the connection they had.

The next time Trent logged on he found a message from Sarah. “I’m sorry I pulled back and have been avoiding you. I want to continue our friendship and see where things go. You are important to me. I kiss your cheek.”

Trent waited for a bit to see if she would come online and his patience was rewarded. When he saw her come online he messaged her saying “I scoop you up and put you in my lap, my arms wrapped tightly around you to help you göztepe escort feel safe.”

“I sigh contentedly, snuggling against your chest. Feeling reassured,” flashed on his screen.

“I lean down and kiss the top of your head as my hands rub your sides and back… Are you sure about this?” he replied. “Yes” was all the response he received. “Then tell me if it gets too much for you.”

“I slide my hand along your side, up to cup your breast through your shirt. I run my thumb across your nipple feeling it get erect.”

Sarah shivered. She felt like she could feel his touch. Her nipples were getting firm and causing peaks in her shirt. What was happening? She responded “I reach my hand up to your cheek and kissing you gently, my lips barely brushing yours.”

Trent was becoming more uncomfortable. His pants were getting increasingly tight. “I pull you closer to me and kiss you firmer.”

Sarah found herself aroused but couldn’t bring herself to go any further this time. She told Trent that she couldn’t handle it and logged off.

Poor Trent was starting to suffer blue balls, needing relief but he didn’t want to get relief without Sarah. She was having a strange effect on him but he liked it. He logged off and thought about what might happen the next time they talked.

A couple of days later Sarah logged on while Trent was on. She needed to do this. She needed to face what it was that was happening between them. She felt anticipation welling deep within her when she thought of Trent, but today she had decided things were going to be different about their interaction. She messaged Trent. “It is time that we saw each other in person.” Such a simple sequence of words but the anxiety they instilled in her was almost overwhelming. She needed to do this, she needed to face her fears.

Trent got Sarah’s message and was amazed. Where did she plan for this to go? “Sure. How do you want to do this?” was his response. There were different ways they could video chat, whether through facebook video chat or skype, it didn’t matter as long as he got see her.

“Let’s use facebook video chat. I will call you in a minute through it,” she replied. Her hands were shaking as she typed these words. Was Trent what she imagined when they talked or would she be disappointed? She didn’t know what was going to happen.

Trent waited in anticipation. Was she going to go through with this or pull back like she had so many times before? Suddenly, his computer came to life, his facebook was ringing.

Was he going to answer? Did she want him to answer? Sarah had clicked the call button. It only took a few seconds but to her felt like forever when he finally answered. Sarah’s mouth went dry. He wasn’t what she had expected but still he really did appeal to her. He was sitting there without a shirt on, his hairy chest in plain view.

Trent looked at the image on his screen. Wow was all he could think. She was hotter than he had imagined. “Hi” he said. Play it cool he thought to himself. He didn’t want to scare her off.

“Hi” she said shyly. “How are you feeling today?” She knew he hadn’t been sleeping well and that his shoulder was acting up with the change in the weather where he was. They had talked about this regularly.

“I’m fine. My shoulder isn’t giving me much trouble today. How are you feeling? I don’t want you feeling uncomfortable with our friendship. I meant what I said, I will back off if you need me to,” he said to her.

“I am coping. I was scared about what to expect from this but am glad we have finally done it. I feel so comfortable with you.”

“I am glad you are comfortable with me. I feel privileged that you have trusted me with the things you have told me, Sarah.”

When Trent said her name, a shiver ran through her body to her pussy. How could he have such an effect on her? She was getting wet and they hadn’t said anything intimate. “Oh Trent, I really don’t know what is happening between us. I have never felt so close to someone I hardly know, but I feel like I know you.”

Trent’s cock was throbbing. The way she said his name had jolted it awake. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, trying to not let Sarah notice. “You are so beautiful Sarah. I know you have told me that you can’t see it but looking at you now, you are amazing.”

Sarah blushed. Her cheeks were so hot.

Trent got harder. Her blush enhanced her beauty. “Fuck Sarah, we said we would be honest with each other so I have to tell you, looking at you, hearing your voice has me so hard right now.”

Sarah blushed even more. “I… umm… You have me getting wet Trent… What are you doing to me?”

This made Trent’s cock throb. She was delicious. He wanted to have her, he wanted to touch her. For now he would make do with what they had.

“Sarah, do you mind if I stroke my cock while we talk? I need relief from how hard you have me.” Trent asked.

Sarah was shocked but excited. halkalı escort “Sure Trent, as long as you don’t mind me rubbing my pussy. I feel so wet.”

Trent grinned. “I would love to be the one rubbing your pussy for you Sarah. You are so sexy.” Trent’s hand found his way into his shorts and he started to slowly stroke his cock. He didn’t want to make it too obvious to Sarah even though she knew he was. He didn’t want to scare her off again.

Sarah slid her fingers into her wet pussy, trying not to moan. She couldn’t stifle it completely and Trent’s eyes opened in surprise but the grin on his face said he had enjoyed it. She rubbed her clit as she felt her wetness increasing.

Trent and Sarah continued to chat about their lives, their hobbies and a variety of topics as they both watched the other pleasing themselves. They were both getting close, they could see it in each other’s eyes.

Sarah was trying to focus on what Trent was saying, but her moans were getting hard to keep controlled. She could feel her pussy contracting, she could feel her moistness soaking her panties. She was going to cum and Trent was going to see it but she didn’t care. She needed this. It had been so long since she had had release. She normally didn’t touch herself.

Trent’s cock was throbbing in his hand. He was watching her mouth as she moaned so gently pushing towards her release. He wondered how it would feel to have her mouth wrapped around his cock. He wondered how her pussy would taste, how it would feel to ram his hard, throbbing cock deep inside her tight, wet snatch. He was getting close. He could feel his cock building to erupt.

Sarah was close to cumming. She could feel it. She wanted to see him cum. She felt so wanton but didn’t care. “Trent, I’m going to cum. I want to see your cock explode for me. Would you show me please?” She licked her lips.

Trent was taken back by her request but it was so hot. She had asked for something from him, surprised him for the first time in a while. He hadn’t expected a request like that. He stood and angled his monitor so that he could watch as she climaxed. He moved his webcam so that she had a good view of his cock. He was so close to cumming, his cock pouring precum.

Sarah gasped at the sight of his cock. It looked so big. She wished she could reach out and stroke him herself but that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. The sight of his cock and his hand working it was enough to cause her to scream out as she came hard. She hadn’t cum like that in so long, if ever that she could remember.

Trent couldn’t hold back any longer. Sarah had cum and her face was flushed. She looked even more beautiful. He came and he came hard. He had needed this. His cock pumped cum, shooting onto the back of his computer seat. She had caused this, she had done this to him. He grabbed a towel he had nearby and wiped up his mess on his chair. He was tired but couldn’t stop smiling. He sat back on his seat once it was somewhat clean and readjusted his camera and screen.

Sarah’s eyes were wide and she was blushing bad. She had never seen anyone shoot so much cum in one go. She wanted to avert her eyes but couldn’t bring herself to look away.

Trent looked into Sarah’s eye through the screen. “Wow” was all he could say as he regained his composure.

Sarah looked at Trent. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Trent smiled at her, “Neither have I. You looked so beautiful with your cheeks flushed when you came. Maybe one day I might get to see your pussy as you drive yourself to cumming but only if you want me to.”

Sarah blushed and said she would think about it but needed to go. She quickly signed off and spent the rest of the night flustered. Would she be willing to show him more of her? She didn’t feel quite ready but maybe she could think of a way to satisfy his curiosity without going that far yet. She wanted to be enticing to him but didn’t feel confident in herself.

It had been a long time since Trent had cum like that. He hadn’t had any serious relations lately apart from the odd one night stand but nothing had made him cum like Sarah had. He couldn’t fully understand his body’s reaction to her but he wasn’t complaining. He wanted more of her. He wanted… he didn’t know what he wanted. This girl had him all turned upside down.

A few days passed and Sarah had been thinking long and hard about what she could do for Trent. She finally came up with an idea that she thought he might like. She ordered a light blue lace and satin babydoll dress online, but she had to wait for it to arrive.

In the meantime, they continued talking via chat and when they could video chatting avoiding anything sexual when they could see each other. Things were heating up between them.

One day, while they were messaging Sarah felt comfortable with Trent enough that she wanted to shock him a bit. She sent the message to Trent, “I straddle your hips wearing nothing but my panties and bra. I lean in and kiss your lips.”

Trent’s mouth went dry and his cock instantly sprang to life. The thought of Sarah straddling his lap was more than enough, not to mention that fact that she was talking about being in her panties and bra. “I run my hands along your sides, cupping your breasts as I do. My cock pushing its way towards you through my shorts.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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