A Massage

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We met in the parking lot of the corner drugstore. She had answered my craigslist ad for an erotic massage. I told her I would show her ID and that she could always decide to leave. The young, slender, dark hair girl walking towards me had me wondering. She looked so young, she was very pretty.

I nodded to her and she got into my vehicle. I asked her “everything seem ok? Are you ok going with me?”

She said yes and I pulled out of the parking lot, heading towards the back gate of my resort community.

As we drove I asked her if she was at least eighteen. She smiled and said; yes she was well over eighteen. That she looked so young because she was half Asian. She told me her husband had suggested she come for the massage. I responded that she could give him some pointers afterwards if she wanted to. The comment about a husband struck me as odd.

As we pulled into my garage I was happily excited. This young woman knew what I was offering, since I had posted a detailed description of the massage.

She knew that it would be undraped, total body and that it would include anal sphincter, vaginal and clitoral massage. She knew that I would be massaging every inch of her body from head to toe. Even down to individual fingers and toes.

I was looking forward to this more than I usually do because she was so much more attractive than most of my clients. Not that I haven’t had some nice ones.

I ushered her into the bedroom. Told her she could use the bathroom and undress in there. We’d be doing the massage on the bed.

I turned and looked out the window so as to not appear too eager. I was much older than this young lady and was being careful not to creep her out. I am an attractive guy, even to some younger women, but demeanor can mean a lot.

As the door to the bathroom opened I slowly turned. She came into the bedroom wearing only bra and panties. I was struck at the perfection of her figure. Swell of breasts tapering to a slender waist with flat stomach. Then a gentle flair of her hips. No tattoos to mar her beauty, just a small stud piercing in her belly button. She looked at me and said “Do you massage me like İstanbul Escort this?”

I replied “No, you really should take those off, but only if you’re comfortable enough.” She quickly shed the bra and panties.

I indicated how she should lie on the bed and watched her as she lay face down. It was hard not to sigh at the exquisite vision before me. She was perfection. Her small perfectly proportioned breasts with puffy nipples. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair just above lovely swollen labia major.

I began with a light touch around her shoulders. I proceeded a little deeper and felt her relax as I massaged her shoulders and then arms. I massaged her hands, taking them in mine in an intimate gesture, but still kept moving with the massage rhythm.

It was a real exercise in self-control, since my primal desire was to be inside this perfect creature ejaculating my essence deep into her. That of course wasn’t going to happen.

Now I was moving down her back, taking my time, feeling the muscles soften and relax as I pressed and rubbed. I was approaching her buttocks. Lord I thought to myself, you are indeed the greatest artist.

I massaged her buttocks and moved down her legs. I massaged her thighs and moved them outward, so a little more of her was exposed. I went down to her feet, massaging, touching. Rubbing between each toe, massaging each toe. I rubbed up on her legs, encouraging circulation towards her core.

As I moved up to her thighs I began working on the inner thighs, going higher until I was just brushing her vagina. I saw her lips were swollen and I could see moisture glistening from within her labia minor. As I moved upwards, I slipped my fingers between her lips and felt her moisture. She sighed.

At this point I stopped the massage and put an exam glove on my left hand. I took some KY jelly and lubed her anal area, while I held her cheeks apart with the fingers of my other hand. I told her “Take a deep breath and hold it as I slide my finger in.”

She did as I instructed and I pressed gently until she relaxed slightly and my finger slipped into her. I pushed all the way Kadıköy Escort in and then let my thumb fall naturally so that I could gently hook it into her vagina. I gently squeezed in a pulsating action.

I continued the anal/vaginal massage for about five minutes. Knowing that during that time she would become more sensitive as blood rushed to the area. It was also a period of surrender and acceptance. She lay there quietly. Reacting ever so slightly to my ministrations.

I was still reveling in the fact that I had my fingers inside this beautiful creature. This in and of itself was worth all my effort in advertising and giving free massage.

My genital area ached with need and my balls felt very full.

After a time, I told her to turn over onto her back. I told her I would keep my fingers in her so she should move slowly.

As she lay on her back, I put a pillow under her head. With my fingers still in her, I began rubbing her tummy. Then working up to her breasts. I gently squeezed those wonderful puffy nipples and she whimpered a little. Whether in desire or distress I could not tell. I looked down at her and asked “Everything alright? Is there anything else you’d like?”

She had her eyes closed as she was focusing on the sensations. She asked “Would you suck my nipples please?”

I responded by leaning down and licking first one and then the other. Finally I gently began kissing and sucking them. She moaned.

As I ministered to her breasts, I put my free arm around her in a partial caressing gesture. I asked her “Anything else you need?”

I had no intention of fucking this young woman, no matter how badly I wanted to. So when she said “It would be perfect if I could have your cock in my mouth.” I caught my breath and with my free hand I took a few moments to drop my shorts and pull off my t-shirt.

I have mild erectile dysfunction, but my penis was firm and nice sized. I was dripping pre-cum.

I stood before her naked. As I moved up so that she could take me in her mouth I asked “Is it ok if I cum?” She nodded in the affirmative and took me as deeply as she could in her Ataşehir Escort mouth.

I continued massaging her anus and vagina, but was really focused on the sensation as she held me in her mouth. She moved in very tiny movements, just enjoying the feel of my penis in her mouth, and no doubt the taste of my pre-cum. I know from experience that it is a salty-sweet flavor.

I only lasted for a few minutes until I felt my ejaculation building. I said “OH, I’m getting close.”

She whimpered as if she needed it.

Soon I was ejaculating into her mouth, moving in limited thrusts so as not to choke her.

It was a strong and prolonged climax. She sucked and slurped as my semen ran down her throat.

After I had finished, she kept me in her mouth for a while. I stood there on shaky legs. Finally I pulled away and asked her “May I kiss you? I’d like to taste myself in your mouth”

She smiled and we kissed deeply. It was electric and the taste of myself in this exquisite young woman’s mouth made me groan.

After we kissed I asked her “Would you please let me return the favor to you?”

She nodded and I said “I’d love for you to sit on my face while I give you a g-spot massage.”

So she got up, I removed the exam glove and lay on my back. She straddled me and I buried my face between her legs.

I reached up with two fingers and found her g-spot. At the same time I pushed my tongue into her as far as I could. She was so wet and clean smelling.

Soon my face was wet with her juices. We went on like this for quite a while. She was now grunting and crying out. I exposed her clitoris from beneath its hood and started kissing, licking and sucking on it. I could tell from her movements and groans that it wouldn’t be long.

She came with a huge crying shudder. It was glorious. My wet face felt a renewed gush of warm fluid flowing out of her, into my mouth and all over my face.

She came down from the orgasm with ever decreasing whimpers until finally she was done.

When we finally recovered, it was time to dress and leave. I asked her if she enjoyed it as much as I did and she said “Just know that you are very good.”

Right before I dropped her off in the drug store parking lot I said “you know I don’t know your name.”

She smiled and said “Katie.”

I replied “Well Katie, hope to see you again.” She nodded, smiling and waved as she drove away.

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