A Loving Gran and Mum Ch. 04

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Tuesday morning was the same as Monday; gran woke up Jack with sucking his cock, they had a great session then gran made Jack’s breakfast as Jack showered. Gran was so happy with the lamb; she would roast it in the oven slowly for three hours; they were both looking forward to dinner tonight. Jack got the train again, mum had sent Jack a message late last night, but Jack and gran had an early night, and he didn’t pick it up until this morning. Mum had suggested the Italian restaurant; it was only a couple of minutes walk so nobody needed to drive. Jack replied, “Mum, I had an early night last night; I was tired and was asleep early. I’ll book a table this morning for Friday evening at seven. Tonight gran has invited my old teacher, Sister Helen, for dinner. We have lamb; I’m looking forward to seeing her again. She was my favourite teacher. Gran was telling me that she is no longer a nun; she has retired from teaching and is now a pensioner. I hope all is good with you and Jean doesn’t annoy you anymore. I’m looking forward to Friday. I keep looking at your Camel’s Toe picture; it’s beautiful. I love you, Jack xx.”

Jack had a busy morning; he had phoned and booked a table at the Italian restaurant. He was now in the cafeteria for some lunch. Mum had not responded to his message of this morning. Jack wondered what was happening, was mum too busy at her conference? Was mum alarmed at Helen coming to grans for dinner? Should Jack not of mentioned mum’s beautiful Camel’s Toe? Jack knew that mum would answer as soon as possible, but he had sent the message over four hours ago.

As Jack was having his coffee his phone beeped, mum’s message read, “Jack, I’ve had a busy morning; I couldn’t reply at my break as I was speaking with Jean, she apologised for how she treated me. She wanted me to visit her after the conference still, but I told her that I’d already changed my flight. Anyway, I want to be with you on Friday night; Jean has a dinner date with another man this evening. I think that she’s working her way through all the men here.”

“Helen is a lovely lady; she’s been a good friend to me over the years. I see Helen often, she’s the older woman that I told you about. I wanted to be honest with you, that’s why I’m telling you this. Please don’t tell Helen that I’ve told you this. I felt it better that I told you. Helen knows how I feel about you. I know that she likes you. She said that you were a young gentleman. I’ll be interested to hear tomorrow how tonight goes. Tonight, I’ll take a picture of a pair of my new leggings; they are flesh coloured and very tight fitting. I thought of you a lot this morning. I love you, mum, xx.”

Jack was a little relieved with mum’s reply; he was pleased with mum’s honesty about Helen. He wondered why mum had not mentioned gran, did mum know that gran was having sex with Helen too? Was mum and gran having sex also? It was a possibility, but how could Jack kastamonu seks hikayeleri find out?

Jack replied, “Mum, I’m glad that you’re coming to me on Friday. I am looking forward to tomorrow morning and seeing you in your new leggings. I wonder how gran will be tonight when Helen is here. Gran’s wearing very sexy clothes around the house. She’s wearing lots of low cut tops which show her big tits and leave nothing to the imagination. Gran is now giving me cuddles at every opportunity. Should I respond to this? To be honest, I feel comfortable when she does it. I think of you all the time, love Jack xx.”

A couple of hours later Jack got his reply; he was happy when he read it, mum wrote, “Jack, don’t worry about gran, I think that she’s trying to make herself attractive for you. Flirt with her; if she responds and you would like to go a little further, you are both adults. I would say the same with Helen, flirt with her too, if she responds then, once again, if you want to take it further. We are all not young girls on our first date. If an older woman makes a play for you, then it’s up to you to respond. I know one thing for sure, I’ll be making a play for you on Friday. I have another seminar. I love you, mum, xx.”

Jack smiled then replied, “Mum, don’t be surprised if I make a play for you on Friday. I wish it were Friday! I love you, Jack xx.”

On the train home, Jack’s phone beeped, mum wrote, “So you know, I’ll be doing the same. I have a lovely outfit to travel in; I also have a beautiful outfit for Friday night. I wish it were Friday too. I love you, mum, xx.”

There was a VW Polo in gran’s drive; Jack wondered if that was Helen’s car. He opened the front door and heard voices coming from the lounge; Jack said out loud, “Hi gran, I’m home; there’s a beautiful smell coming from the kitchen.”

“Jack, we’re in the lounge, get a wine glass from the kitchen and come and join us.”

Jack got his glass and went into the lounge, the first thing that he noticed was Helen was not in her habit, she looked gorgeous in street clothes, she had a stunning figure. Her curves oozed sex; her outfit was showing her body to perfection, especially her legs, her mini-skirt was showing the tops of her self-supporting stockings. Gran was similarly dressed; they both exuded sex. Gran stood up when Jack came into the room, she hugged him then gave him a slow tongue kiss, she said, “I’m running a little late, the roast is on, but it has still two and a half hours to cook. If we eat at eight-thirty is that ok with you?”

“No problem, that’s good for me. Helen, I wouldn’t have recognised you if you walked past me in the street, you look beautiful though you were always beautiful, I see a completely different person than the person I knew all those years ago. It’s great to see you again.”

Helen stood up and hugged Jack; she was pulling him closer to her. Their mouths were an inch apart, Helen pushed her mouth forward, their lips met then she tongue kissed him. It was a long sensual kiss, she broke away and said, “Jack, it’s great to see you, you’ve turned into a very handsome young man, it’s great to see you again.”

Gran was filling Jack’s glass then she topped up her own and Helen’s, gran said, “I’m happy to see you get on so well, Helen’s brought her habit with her, she has left it in the bedroom but ..she can put it on now if you would like or would you like her to wear her street clothes this now?”

Jack smiled then said, “It is great to see Helen looking so good, all my memories of her are of her wearing her habit. Helen, it would be great if you wore your habit now, would you think that I was naughty if I told you that I’d like to kiss you as we kissed with you wearing your habit?”

Helen smiled, she said, “Would you like to be very naughty with me when I’m wearing my habit? I’ll go and change now for you.”

Helen left the room, gran kissed Jack and stroked his semi-hard cocktail then said, “I’m sorry we’re a little late, Helen had a little bush, I know that you prefer a pussy smooth so I shaved her. She’s hot, and she wants you. Would you like me to give you some time alone with her then we can have a threesome after dinner?”

“Gran, that would be nice, give us some time then we can get to know each other.”

As gran stroked Jack’s cock, she couldn’t help herself, she unzipped his trousers and pulled his now erect cock out, gran was sucking Jack when Helen came back, she was wearing her habit, Jack noticed her big tits sway, she wasn’t wearing a bra under her habit. Gran brought her mouth off Jack’s cock then said, “Helen, I was just getting him nice and hard for you. I will leave you two now, that will give you both a chance to get to know each other.”

Gran then kissed Jack and Helen then left the room. Helen looked so angelic in her habit; she also looked beautiful with her makeup on, her lipstick and face colouring was perfect. Helen took Jack’s cock in her hand and started stroking it; she said, “She has made you so hard, you are blessed to have such a magnificent cock, it’s so long and thick, the head of it looks like a giant mushroom, perhaps it would be better if you removed your clothing then I’ll be able to give you some relief.”

Jack immediately stripped naked; his erect cock looked so impressive. Helen was wearing a modern nun’s habit; her skirt came to just below her knees. She wore a leather belt with her blouse tucked into her skirt. She wore a headdress which covered her head neck and front to below her massive tits. With her stroking, some precum had appeared on the head of Jack’s cock, with a flick of her tongue it was gone. Helen said, “You are so hard, you are lusting for sexual pleasure, aren’t you, my naughty boy?”

“I am Helen; I love how you are stroking my cock and massaging my balls, you have a beautiful touch, is there anything that I can do for you?”

Helen replied, “That’s so thoughtful of you to ask, if you put your hand under my headdress you will find that the buttons of my blouse I have left open for you, my breasts are very sensitive, I will cum if you suck and play with them. Then when you feel that I am ready, you can unbuckle my belt. I also lust for sexual pleasure; when we are ready, I want you to fuck me hard and deep, will you do that for me, Jack?”

“Of course I will, I want you so much, but I also want you and gran after dinner?”

“Jack, that excites me so much, you will have us both then.”

Jack slipped his hand under the headdress, he was right, she wasn’t wearing a bra, her tits were significant but not as big as gran’s, Helen was giving Jack an incredible blow job, she was now rimming his ass with her tongue, Helen knew how to give pleasure. Jack then undid her belt, she pulled her skirt off, underneath all she was wearing was her self-supporting stockings. Her stomach was flat; her vulva was perfect, smooth and swollen, her pussy was so wet as Jack slid two fingers inside her, Helen then said, “Jack, would you mind if I went on top? I’ve never had a cock as big as yours, I have made it so hard for you. Let me ride you first; it will be good when I get used to this big beauty then I’ll give you great fucks.”

Helen removed her headdress and blouse; she was naked; she had an incredible body. She then went on top of Jack on the carpet, she was good, she had strong cunt muscles, she knew how to grip. Twenty minutes later, Helen had a massive climax; her whole body was shaking and trembling. Jack felt that Helen had needed that. When Helen recomposed herself, they kissed tenderly and affectionately; there was something beautiful about Helen. She said, “Jack, that was amazing, it was the best fuck of my life, you filled me, you were hitting my cervix, no one has ever done that before. You didn’t cum, later do your gran first then I’ll make you cum, that’s a promise.”

They lay in each others arm chatting; Jack was surprised how easy it was to talk with Helen; she was so open and honest. Then Helen asked, “How is your mum doing at her conference? She must be busy as I haven’t heard from her. If you’re talking to her, tell her that I send my kindest regards.”

Jack told her that he would do that, then gran knocked on the door and said dinner was ready. Helen went naked to the bedroom and came back wearing a dressing gown. Jack got a dressing gown too then they ate. The lamb was beautiful, gran was an excellent cook, she was so happy when Helen and Jack complimented on the meal.

That night was terrific, gran and Helen were both so hot, they brought each other off first, this aroused Jack then he did gran. Helen was fantastic; they were at it for just under an hour later, they both climaxed simultaneously. Helen loved it when Jack filled her with his cum. The three of them fell asleep quickly that night; they were all contented.

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