A Long Time Coming

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“Ah, fuck it,” I exclaimed as I let go of my throbbing dick and attempted to recompose myself.

It has been four years since the accident that paralyzed more than half of my body and confined me to a wheelchair and I still can’t believe that one of the biggest struggles is how to find some sexual relief. Despite my spinal cord being pretty messed up, doctors assured me I had retained relatively good sexual function, but would still have a hard time reaching orgasm. I hate to admit it, but the bastards were right.

Four years! Four long years and I still haven’t managed to cum once even though I can get a hard on. Stupid injury took so much of my muscle endurance in my hands that I just can’t jerk off long enough to get over the edge without getting frustrated. Could be worse I guess.

I took a look in the bathroom mirror as I got situated. Overall, the accident didn’t hurt my looks too much. Sure, I had a lot less muscle and was skinnier, but I still had my short dark brown hair and grey blue eyes. My skin was a little paler than it used to be and I couldn’t show off my 6’2″ height anymore, but who cares?

“You doing alright in there Adam? You’ve been in there awhile,” said Paige from the hallway.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just finishing brushing my teeth,” I lied.

Paige had been my personal care attendant for about a year and pretty much knew everything about my private life, but I still never had the guts to open up about my sexual issues. Probably because I thought she was super attractive and I’d just become hornier than I usually am.

I wheeled myself over to the bathroom door just as she came in, showing that little smirk she always had when she was about to tease me for something.

“You done making yourself all pretty, princess or do you need a pedicure while you’re at it?” she joked.

“As long as I’m getting it from a hot babe, I’ll gladly sit around for one.”

“Well, that rules me out.”

“Oh stop. You know that’s not what I meant,” I said while shaking my head and wheeling out into the hall.

To the contrary, Paige was gorgeous. She sported long, curly, dirty blonde hair and perfectly round eyes that were a deep green that were an amazing contrast to her somewhat pale and freckled skin. The fact that she had a firm round butt, a pair of nicely shaped and perky boobs, and long legs didn’t hurt matters either. All those days on the soccer field definitely kept her in shape. However, she still had a conservative attitude towards her body, or was it a lack of confidence? Needless to say, I had a reluctant crush forming since the day we met.

We had gotten to know each other extremely well over the past months and despite her looks, athleticism, and intelligence, Paige always acted a bit shy and reserved. Like something inside was holding her back.

“What do you wanna eat? You can’t go another day without eating before I get you to work,” Paige reminded me.

“I think I’ll just grab something at the cafeteria.”

“Hell no you won’t. Every time you say that you end up skipping every meal until someone tells you to eat.”

“I forget,” I said with a shrug.

“I swear, you can be a real stubborn ass sometimes.”

I laughed.

“Okay, fiiiiine. Surprise me.”

I live alone in a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago and get by working with the court system as a victim advocate for kids. Contrary to popular beliefs, a guy in a wheelchair can do quite a lot with the right setup, so after several agonizing years of saving money and adapting my lifestyle, I managed to move out of my parents’ place and live independently. Albeit while getting help from Paige for a couple hours every morning and night.

Paige started darting around the kitchen and grabbing what I assumed was what she needed for an omelet. That’s pretty much the only thing she can make from scratch. Unless you count mac and cheese or cereal, but I don’t mind. Simple guy and all.

“Are you okay?” Paige asked. She was giving me an inquisitive look as she cooked. “You’ve been quiet all morning and seem flustered. That’s not like you at all.”

“Just tired,” I lied. “It’s been a couple of rough nights again and it’s catching up with me.”

If only I could tell her the real reason I hadn’t been sleeping.

“I’ll be fine once I get to work,” I responded.

“You need to work less and spend more time having fun. Hell, get a girlfriend even. You cevizli escort can’t just hang out with me forever.”

My body stiffened a little at that. “I don’t think that would be so bad. At least I wouldn’t have to debate movie tastes with some girl that just watches reality T.V.”

“Touché,” she admitted while handing me a plate.

I quickly scarfed down the omelet Paige made and we both got our coats on before heading out the door to make our way to the train station down the street.

The cold blast of air hit me as I rolled onto the sidewalk and Paige pulled her red knit hat a little lower for some extra warmth. Nothing like a cold January wind to wake you up.

We spent most of the commute downtown in silence, preferring to huddle under our coats and hide from the cold than speak. Paige helped me get settled at my desk as always before getting ready to brave the cold once more during her trek to the college campus she was taking classes at.

“So, I’ll meet you back at your place at eight?” she asked.

“Yep. I’ll manage the ride home on my own. Try not to cuss out your biology professor again,” I said with a smile.

“No promises,” she murmured as she turned to leave.

I got home earlier than expected and after shedding off my hat, jacket, and work bag, started heating up some leftover pasta in the oven. My phone chirped and my heart skipped a little when I saw it was a text from Paige. She was running a few minutes late and apparently had just gotten hit by a stream of icy water from a hose a construction worker was using. She wasn’t going to be happy after nearly freezing.

She showed up a half hour later shaking, wet, and definitely irritated. However, her eyes appeared to soften at my presence. Her lips were a little blue, but her layers of clothing kept her from freezing completely. She dropped her backpack and threw her soaking wet navy-blue parka in the corner before emitting another visible shiver.

“I fucking hate winter!” Paige exclaimed. “Why couldn’t I have moved my ass down to San Diego like my friend Kara told me too? Urggh!”

“Because then you wouldn’t get to see this face every day,’ I joked while moving to grab a towel for her.

That seemed to decompress her a little more. She looked up, took a deep breath, and finally exhaled. “Thanks for the towel, but I don’t think it’s going to cut it. Mind if I borrow some sweats or something?”

“Yeah, of course! Can’t having you die on me,” I said while chuckling a little.

Paige knew where everything was, so she ran off to grab dry clothes while I attempted to throw her stuff in the dryer. The thought of Paige stripping in my room came despite my best attempts to push it away. I could just picture those toned thighs slipping out of those skinny jeans she always wore and her wrapping her arms around her bare chest before donning one of my fleece lined zip up hoodies and track pants. She’d have to roll the pant legs up, however, since she was significantly shorter than me.

Honestly, these thoughts were probably stupid to have. I mean, she was my care attendant for one, although we act more like good friends. On top of that, what would a gorgeous girl like her want with a guy in a wheelchair? Still though, I couldn’t help but wonder.

“You know I could have helped you with that.”

Startled, I looked up to see Paige standing in the doorway wearing one of my black “Germany Soccer” hoodies and a pair of sweats I still had from high school. Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun and I felt warmth spread to my cheeks as I looked at her.

“Well, I figured I’d at least give it a shot. You know me,” I said.

She smirked. “Yeah, I know you’re too stubborn to ask for help when you need it.”

“Bite me, I like a good challenge.”

“Well, then you can challenge yourself to transfer yourself into your bed without help tonight.”

“Deal, but if I fall, you’re buying the drinks next week at my brother’s party!”

I rolled myself into my room and lined my chair up alongside my bed. Paige watched silently as I prepared myself for something I usually refuse to do, standing there with that damn smirk that excites and irritates me at the same time.


I pushed as hard as I could with my arms and tried to pivot…and lost my grip halfway through. Paige jumped forward to catch me and I only avoided falling erenköy escort when Paige expertly threw her weight around and saved my stupid attempt. As she did so, my face was pressed into her soft breasts before we fell to the mattress with her ungracefully landing on top.

“Holy shit, are you alright?” Paige asked in a panic.

I couldn’t help but laugh as soon as the initial shock passed and Paige immediately relaxed and started to burst out in deep laughter. As we laid there trying to calm down I became more aware of Paige’s body still trapped against mine and the tingly feeling in my chest. My pulse was quickening and it wasn’t because I almost face planted into my floor.

I tried to relax and pull myself further onto the bed and Paige started to help, but something was different. She wouldn’t meet my eyes and was moving quicker than normal. Almost rushed. That’s when it occurred to me that my dick had stiffened considerably.

“Everything alright?” I asked sheepishly.

“Mhmm”, she murmured with a slight, but unconvincing smile.

I seemed to have lost control over myself during the near fall and my cock was fully erect and the bulge in my jeans was clearly visible. No wonder she was acting awkward.

“Sorry about that,” I mentioned. “After four years it kind of jumps at anything.”

She glanced at the bulge in my jeans and then up at me. “You haven’t touched yourself in four years? At all?”

I stammered for any answer. “I…uh…tried…but I’ve never been able to get myself off. It’s part of the reason I’ve been so flustered and unfocused. I can’t even concentrate well at work, which is why I have to work so damn late.”

I hadn’t intended to spill my guts like that, but my lips moved before my mind could catch up and shut the hell up.

Paige seemed to mull over my revelation, chewing her lip while in deep thought. She sat down on the bed next to me.

“Adam, I know your situation is incredibly tough and can’t imagine how difficult it is.” She gave me a nervous, but compassionate look. “Do you want me to help with it?”

I could not believe what I was hearing. It must have been a mistake. My mind was racing with excitement and fear. Uncertainty and desire.

I slowly nodded my head.

Paige said nothing. She just slowly moved her hands down to the bulge in my groin and undid my jeans. She pushed her hand beneath the blue fabric and gently rubbed my underwear clad cock until it was hard as a rock. My heart was beating harder and faster with each rub and I could feel the thud of my heart in my ears.

Paige wrapped her fingers around both the waistband of my jeans and the elastic of my boxer briefs and pulled them both down in one smooth motion. Yanking them off as my dick came bouncing up in full view.

We both stared each other in the eyes for a moment. Me in nervous anticipation, while she had a look of determination. Paige moved her eyes to my now fully erect dick and took hold of it with her hand. She began moving her hand up and down in long slow strokes, eliciting a small groan from me. Her pace quickened as she began turning her hand clockwise while continuing her strokes and used her free hand to play with my balls.

The excitement, foreign touch, and dire need for release combined to cause something I hadn’t felt in some time. That dull tingle in my groin that I desired to feel again.

The pace got faster for a time and she began using a corkscrew motion with each stroke. The tingling and pressure in my abdomen and groin were building when all of a sudden, she stopped. I looked up to see Paige adjust her position on the bed so her face was closer to my engorged dick. She smiled at me before using her silky smooth tongue to lick up my shaft and around the head of me and promptly engulfed the first few inches of me with her warm soft mouth.

I was in heaven. The warm and wet embrace of her mouth lit a fire inside me and I moaned in pleasure as I squeezed my eyes closed. She began sucking in more of my cock, inch by inch, until she wrapped her hand around the remaining length and started to pump it hard and fast as she sucked.

Her pace constantly alternated between fast and slow, coaxing my body to react and shiver with anticipation and excitement. The swirling of her tongue around my shaft and head shot electricity through my whole body. The tickling of my balls and added esenyurt escort pressure of her sucking harder and faster brought me closer than ever.

I was struggling to think. Heat was building in my core and it felt like I was holding back a dam. Waves of electricity buzzed down to my toes and my abs clenched.

That was all I could take. I felt the pressure in my balls reach its climax and the fire in my lower abdomen felt hotter than ever. I could barely process what was happening as my cum erupted from my dick in thick streams that Paige abruptly swallowed eagerly. My muscles spasmed and tightened as the orgasm swept over me powerfully, time seemed to slow, my mind went blank, and I moaned loudly as she coaxed all the cum from me that she could. Slowly, my heartrate and breathing began to normalize and I looked up to see Paige watching me closely.

Her cheeks were flushed and she was lightly chewing her upper lip. Something was definitely on her mind. Was it regret?

I reached for her arm and pulled her closer to me. I gazed deeply into those green eyes and felt a rush of heat in my own face.

I leaned forward slowly, closing the small gap between us until our lips touched. Her smooth lips sent sparks through my whole body and lit a fire within me yet again. The kiss deepened and Paige crawled on top of me, straddling my hips and grinding her pelvis against mine as we kissed desperately.

My heartrate climbed through the roof again. Our tongues danced together and our faces pressed against each other harder to deepen our kisses. Paige bit my lip and tugged back a little, before sitting up and looking down at me from her perch on my body.

She gave me a small smile and removed her hoody, exposing her large breasts and her fully erect pink nipples. I moved my hands up to gently massage her boobs and brushed my fingers over her nipples, eliciting a soft sigh from Paige.

I felt my dick begin to stiffen again from the gentle gyrations of Paige’s hips and pulled her back down to my level and mashed my mouth against hers in another frantic kiss. Paige worked my shirt off of me and I now felt the warmth of her body against mine. Her hard nipples scraped against my chest as I ran my hands along her shoulders, back, and down to cup her firm ass, before hooking my thumbs in her waistband to shimmy her pants below her hips. Paige kicked her sweats off the rest of the way, revealing her long toned legs and well trimmed pubic mound.

She was even sexier naked.

My cock jumped up in anticipation, begging to penetrate her tight pussy.

Our kissing briefly stopped as we both realized what was happening. My cock throbbed against Paige’s thigh. I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy on my skin.

Paige looked deep into my eyes as she lowered herself onto my dick slowly. Her pussy was slick and warm and I felt the tight grip around my dick as I bottomed out inside her. She began to gyrate her hips again and steadily impaled herself on me. Her pace quickened, our breathing grew louder and faster, her body began to glisten with sweat, and quiet moans escaped our mouths.

Paige took complete control again and rocked her hips faster and harder. I watched her boobs bounce in sync with her rocking as I held her hips and ran my hands up towards her ribs. She began to gasp and moan louder.

“Oh my God, Adam. You feel sooo good inside me.”

I could only moan my approval. Her hips were moving faster and I was struggling to contain myself. If I could have thrown her on her back and fucked her, I would have.

“I’m so close…so close,” moaned Paige.

Her pussy tightened around my dick, her nails clawed at my chest, and she moaned loudly as she came hard. I watched her eyes squeeze tightly shut and felt her body shiver as her orgasm coursed through her.

That sent me over the edge again soon after. I felt the heat and pressure build in my groin and the orgasm rolled over me once again. Cum spewed from my cock into her quivering pussy and I let out a long moan of pleasure.

Paige continued to slide herself along my softening dick until she collapsed on top of me, still trembling from the high of her orgasm. We were both breathing hard and clearly exhausted.

“Feel better, Adam?” asked Paige between gasps.

“Fuck, that was amazing. Better is an understatement,” I responded.

Paige shifted to my side with her leg still draped over me. She gave me a soft smile and closed her eyes.

“I guess you just needed a little help.”

Paige drifted off to sleep in my arms and I couldn’t help but think how amazing this woman was. I fell asleep shortly afterwards and finally slept well for the first time in months.

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