A Long Distance Romance

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Public Sex

A warm Saturday morning in late September finds me in front of a white vinyl-sided condo complex. Large white letters on the high stone wall identify the property as Breton Hills. Above the wall is a black metallic fence and some recently planted evergreen trees.

I had driven the clunker, a ten year old black Honda CRV, 36 miles from my home in Sayville to Glen Cove to spend time with Danielle Crane. We had reconnected at our very recent 20 year high school class reunion. Actually that occasion had been our first chat of any length.

Back in the day we ran in different circles. I was a cheerleader who enjoyed watching the football games. She played on the field hockey team. Except for the sophomore Biology class, we might never have even crossed paths.

Imagine my surprise when Danielle came out as lesbian. She always wore her lipstic and makeup. Nobody had ever seen her not wearing a dress. Back in the day everyone took her for straight.

Back in the day it was no secret that I’m lesbian. I had been spotted kissing Katie Kresley, a butch type with a short hair and a plain face.

I closed the car door and dialed with one touch. I heard it ring twice then heard, “Stephanie I’m glad you called.”

“I’m right outside.”

Dani came outside wearing a body-hugging orange scoopneck with cap sleeves and under-bust ruching. My eyes went right to the tops of her generous bust. She wore dark-blue jean shorts and wedge sandals. I had expected to see her in teeshirt dress.

I wore a black cold-shoulder top with light-blue jeans and lady Shetchers slip-ons.

“I love that top.”

“You mean what’s in my top,” she quipped.

We embraced for a few seconds.

As we enter her home I am impressed buy the spacious open concept. She brings me to the outdoor patio that has a fire kaçak iddaa pit and gas gril and furniture. A fifty-something blue-eyed blond woman is sitting away from a table.

“This is my friend Stephanie Solozzo.”

“It’s nice to met you. I’m Joan.”

“Nice to meet you Joan,” I replied.

“I’ve known Stephanie since high school. She was in one of my classes.”

“Biology,” I said.

The three of us then engaged in a long chat.

After a few minutes I expressed a wish to see the mansions on the Gold Coast.

“They are spectacular.”

Joan’s remark was not lost on me. If anything, it gave me a stonger desire to see the mansions.

Is the way I look at Dani giving away my sexual orientation? My eyes briefly locked onto her boobs again.

“I have a 19 year old daughter who’s gay.”

I asked, “is she recently out.”

“A week ago,” said Joan. She added, “the girlfriend is nice.”

Seconds later a girl came out from the building and joined us. She was wearing dark-blue Capris jeans with a crystal-blue striped boatneck tee. She wore her blond hair in a pony tail.

“This is my daughter Melissa.”

“Nice to meet you,” said the daughter.

She turned to her mother and said, “Jen and I are going to the mall.”

Minutes later a green-eyed strawberry-blond wearing black ankle jeans and pink cutout-sleeve sweater came to the patio and gave Melissa a kiss on the lips. She and Melissa linked arms and walked away.

Dani and I gazed at each mansion on the Gold Coast for a minute or two. They called to mind the jazz age of the 1920s and the F. Scott Fitzgerad novel “The Great Gatsby”

The Vanderbilt estate had prompted me to make a remark on what we had seen.

“I can’t imagine anyone owning a place such as this.”

“They have money,” said Dani.

I kaçak bahis had heard of people being wealthy.

I asked, “have you ever read Nelson DeMille’s ‘Gold Coast’.”

“Is that the one about the MAFIA guy who lives next door to the tax lawyer?”

“Yup, and wise guy uses lawyer John Sutter to defend him against a murder charge,” I said.

“I read the book Stefani.”

Night fell. The temperature dropped significantly after sunset.

Dani and I went from her car into her livingroom and plopped into the sofa, a tan fabric piece. A long conversation about school days and the people we knew ensued.

Several minutes into the conversation Dani remarked about Katie.

“I couldn’t be out then. Otherwise I would’ve stolen her out from under you.”

I giggled then gave a reply. “She was usually on top.”

“Steph she was hot, I mean smokin’.”

“She enlisted in the army. We drifted apart when she never returned my letters.”

“Maybe she was just afraid of being outed.”

“Maybe,” I said.

We had both wondered why Katie had not attended the reunion. Is she okay?

“Obama changed the rules.”

I acknowledged Dani’s observation with a nod.

“Katie and I started dating during Sophomore year. I came out to my mom like two weeks into the relationship. She told my dad that same night. Anyway we were a couple right up until she took that bus ride to boot camp. I hated to see her go.”

“How long did it take you to stop crying?”

“The rest of the night,” I replied. “It felt like we were breaking up.”

Dani was a student at NYU when she fell in love with Janette.

“I was curious even during high school days. Anyway I joined the sorority. Janette was a sister.”

I asked, “was she good in bed.”

“We were roomies for two years.”

I illegal bahis should move here. Sayville is a bit too far away for a relationship but living here means a long ride to work. Hell either way I’m spending a ton on gas.

“Is anything for sale in this neighborhood.”

“Not at this time, but I’ll let you know,” said Dani.

Dani knows from our chat at the reunion that I’m a nurse at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital. She had mentioned that she’s a lawyer specializing in wills and trusts in her own law firm.

Dani told her story. “My sister Anne paved the way for me. She’s 3 years older than me. I came out to her then to my parents.”

“What does Anne do for work?”

“She’s a waitress, lives with Debra.”

“Did they meet at a bar?”

“They met at Henrietta Hudson.”

The lesbian romance “Desert Hearts” ended just before 9 p.m. It had put both of us in the mood.

Dani leaned into an open-mouthed kiss, her tongue poking into my mouth. Her caresses intensified my desire.

She led me by the hand into her bedroom. Her hand slid into my pants. Within a minute my clothes and hers landed at our feet.

She eased me onto the bed wedging her thigh between my thighs squashing my breasts under hers. Her lips pressed my lips and our tongues touched.

I moaned softly with delight as Danielle pressed her fingers against my clitoris. The organ gradually swelled and my labia parted. I could feel my wetness.

Local muscles spasmed causing my legs to quiver. We both recognized the signs of my impending orgasm. My vagina ballooned letting her fingers enter.

Suddenly muscles relaxed. The long awaited but not unexpected orgasm happened leaving me huffing on my back with a toothy smile.

I rolled to my left on Sunday morning and kissed Dani on her cheek.

I asked in a soft tone, “where’s a good breakfast place.”

“American Cafe,” said Danielle.

“It’s on me but you drive.”

By 8 30 we had taken a shower together and were heading to American Cafe.

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