A Little from My Sister

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Where to start? One thing’s for sure, this would sure make one hell of a Catholic confession; “Forgive me father for I have sinned.”

“And what is your sin my son?”

“I have been banging my sister, father, and she’s one hell of a hot piece of ass too!”

I can only guess at what the penance for that one would be! You could say it started just after we turned eighteen. And what is “it?” Sex with my sister – one of the big taboos! I’m John I have a twin sister, Sharon, and I was just seriously getting into sex (late bloomer) at that age. By that, I mean I had most of this sex thing figured out, my hormones were raging, and I wanted to get laid. I had known what women’s bodies looked like and the rudiments of sex and sexual intercourse for a few years, but it hadn’t been all that big a deal – up until then. Having been born in the later winter, we were a little older than a lot of kids in our class – who apparently weren’t late bloomers. My real problem was I didn’t have a girl to have sex with.

My sister and I lived with our parents in an old house that they had owned since before we were born. It was the kind that had two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and one bedroom and a bathroom downstairs, along with a formal dining room, kitchen, living room, and so on. The place had old-fashioned locks on the doors, well, the inside ones anyway: the kind with a “skeleton key” as they are called – the kind where if the key isn’t in the lock, you can peek inside the other room. My sister and I had the bedrooms upstairs and our parents had the one downstairs. Not a large house, but a comfortable one; we were far from rich. This house was also out in the country, which added to our isolation too: so much for the house.

I started to have a greater interest in girls and, since my sister was just that, something of an interest in her body. Most of the time we got along rather well as we got into our teen years; partly, this was brought about by two working parents – meaning we were left alone a lot of the time. What has that got to do with getting along? Well, we discovered that by working together we could pull a lot more wool over our parent’s eyes than we could if we were at odds with each other and it really hurt if one of us ratted out the other. So, I played dumb for her, she played dumb for me, I didn’t rat on her, she didn’t rat on me, and even better, she lied for me and I lied for her. Not exactly being idiots, we also knew where to draw the line on all of that.

My sister and I usually took between two and three showers or baths a week. Our bathroom was the upstairs one and we shared it. I have long been aware that when she used the bathroom she habitually locked the bathroom door and, for some reason, removed the key. Recently, with my heightened interest in girl’s bodies, I had occasionally started spying on her while she was drying off after taking a bath or shower. All I had to do was be sure to keep an ear out in case either of our parents came upstairs. It really wouldn’t do to be caught peeking through the keyhole at my nude sister by either parent. I didn’t watch her at every opportunity, and nor did she put on much of a show very often either. There were times when I was horny and wanted to see her nude body and she would be out of position so much that I hardly got to see anything at all; now that was frustrating. As far as I knew, she never spied on me nor did she know I was watching her. I also left the key in the keyhole and that would certainly have impeded her vision had she tried spying on me.

Somewhere during the late spring of our senior year in high school, things changed a little. I can’t say that it just happened one day, but the “shows” got better. I had started watching her just about as often as I could. By now she was more into showers that she was into baths – which made it a lot easier to tell when the show started. I would wait until I heard the shower water shut off, give her a few seconds to get out of the shower, and then peek through the keyhole. There hadn’t been any point in watching through the keyhole while she was in the shower: there wasn’t anything to see and it left me exposed to a parent finding me with my eyeball glued to a keyhole should I be so careless as to not be listening for them. Now, when she stepped out of the shower, she would stay facing the door as she got dried, and seem to check over her body, standing there perfectly nude. She would tease her nipples a little, making sure they were perfectly erect, and fluffing up what little pubic hair she had between her legs, and not exactly keeping those rather shapely legs close together either. It was like she knew I was watching, or hoped I was, and was putting on a show for me: exposing herself to me. Early on, these shows weren’t reliable: some days I got a great show, some days I couldn’t see much of anything. But, as time went on, the more likely she was to put on a good show almost every time.

We had both had a few dates. Mine weren’t anything to write home about, kars seks hikayeleri and while I had managed to cop a few feels, that was about as far as any of the girls would let me go; maybe they would have gone further, but maybe I gave up too easily.

Sharon had a few dates where the boy had been a little too pushy about going further than just feeling her rather good looking boobs and while she was getting horny as hell, wasn’t going to put up with that. She just didn’t like pushy boys; things were going to go at her pace when it came to sex on a date or the sex part just wasn’t going to happen. She knew as little about what to do with a boy as I did about what to do with a girl. And, as far as I knew, her sex life was about like mine – zip.

The two of us had a few basic problems in common that limited our social life: our parents were relatively poor, we were pretty plain – the kind of kid that never gets noticed: not so ugly as to be made fun of but not one of the “pretty” set either. I wasn’t a jock, or into sports in any way, and neither was she. Living out in the country in a family with just one car meant that getting the car for a date for the whole evening was near impossible. And to top things off, neither of us could dance worth a lick; kinda odd for a girl, but she really felt self-conscious about dancing so she usually tried to avoid it.

My father never did get around to the old father-and-son sex talk with me. Sex education for me came at the hands of Eddy Brown or Fast Eddy as we used to call him. Fast Eddie was just another kid in our class with one difference – he had certain “connections.” His father had a collection of porn flicks on tape. Now and then Eddy’s parents would leave him alone at home and he would give me, and sometimes a few other boys, a quick phone call. I would, if I could get away, hop on my bicycle and race over to his place and we would watch those porn flicks – especially if his father had purchased a new one. Somehow we had the sense to know that women didn’t shuck their clothes nearly as fast as they did in those movies and we suspected most wouldn’t do, or didn’t like, a lot of what they showed in the movies either, but we did eventually learn about clits, eating pussy, and a few other things. His father was also fond of, shall we say, “fuck books:” those being both magazines and X-rated novels. His father never kept them for very long. And, when he put them in the trash, Eddy usually managed to retrieve them, read them, and pass them on to a few select friends – myself being one of the select few. Another glorious source of sexual information, albeit slightly out of kilter with reality.

Sharon and I rode a bus to school and got home long before our parents did. We came home and did our chores and usually got our homework out of the way. Sometimes we helped each other with the homework and sometimes, if we had the same classes, we would cheat like all hell; she would do the homework for one class and I would do it for the other, then we would copy each other’s work. Come to think of it, teachers must have hated having twins in their class; we thought we were being very clever, but they were more than likely on to us.

She would never take a shower after school; it was an evening event. All of a sudden one day, she got her chores and homework done quickly and announced that she was going upstairs to take a shower.

“In the middle of the afternoon?” I asked rather incredulously.

“Yes, I feel a little hot and sweaty.”

It wasn’t that hot out and she certainly hadn’t worked up a sweat doing her few chores that day. “Suit yourself,” I said getting back to what I was doing. I had to wonder why she was announcing that she was going to take a shower – unless she really wanted me to know that she was going to be doing that and wanted an audience. That thought occurred to me not long after I heard the shower start. Now the quandary: do I go and watch and get a great show today, or is she trying to see if I am watching her and will get pissed if she finds out that I do watch her and possibly rat me out to our parents? I thought about it for a while and decided that if she were going to tattle on me, she would have taken the shower in the evening when our parents were home and ratted me out on the spot. I presumed that just maybe she knew I watched, she was horny as hell, and wanted an audience. So, I quietly slipped upstairs and into my room until I heard her turn off the water. Only then did I quietly slip out into the hall and peer though the keyhole. Sure enough, it was show time! She got out of the shower and put on quite a show as she got dried; even moving closer to the door and turned around and bending over to dry the front of her sexy legs. Yea, my sister had a very sexy body and great legs and today she was really being quite the exhibitionist. She might have been my sister, but I knew a sexy girl when I saw one; okay, the face and hair were pretty plain-jane, but that body was pretty hot as far as I was concerned. Anyway, I got a great view of her ass and pussy when she did that. After that, she had turned around and moved toward the tub again while she fiddled with her hair and eventually got the towel wrapped around her wet hair – all the while giving me a full frontal view of her body. I had an erection that was killing me and had unzipped my jeans and had taken my dick out and was slowly stroking it while I was watching her. When I figured she was about done, more by dumb luck than anything, I slipped my dick back into my jeans, intending to finish myself off in a few minutes in my room or in the garage, and had just zipped my jeans when she suddenly opened the door. There hadn’t been any warning, as she had never locked the door – I had just mistakenly assumed it was locked and it would take enough time for her to unlock it for me to make my getaway.

Standing there nude, save the towel on her head, she said, “Enjoying the view?” She wasn’t making any attempt at covering anything, just standing there completely nude waiting for an answer.

Now that was a stupid question if there ever was one! A thin good looking girl is standing nude in front of a teenage boy and she wants to know if he is enjoying the view? She didn’t seem pissed; she was actually smiling. “What view?” I said after several seconds and blushing badly. My eyes must have been bugging out, and I wasn’t looking her in the eye either.

“Through the keyhole and right now John!”

I took in a few more seconds of this fantastic and unexpected view before answering. “Yea, right now the view is pretty spectacular, but what makes you think I was watching you through the keyhole?” I said guarding my words. You might notice I hadn’t exactly admitted I had been watching her through the keyhole. I was prepared to say that I was leaving my room and heading downstairs – right now I sure-as-hell wasn’t going to admit to watching my sister nude through a keyhole.

“Easy. The hallway wall is white and when you’re there, the keyhole goes dark. Not to leave out that I can see a shadow under the door where your feet are.”

“Okay, yea,” I finally admitted. “I think your body is pretty hot and I like looking at it. It’s not like I ‘m molesting you or something.” Shit, if she ratted me out to our parents now, I was really going to be fucked.

“Cripes, I’m your sister!”

She still hadn’t made any attempt to cover herself, but it was like she was changing her mind about showing off to me. “And you know you’re putting on a show too,” I said, taking away her feigned horror at having caught her brother watching her after a shower.

“Sometimes I just wish I had a boyfriend who was doing the watching,” she said and closed the door.

Right then she sounded disappointed. “You do have dates and boyfriends,” I said through the closed door. Somehow I didn’t think she was going to tell anyone about this little incident.

“Yea, but buying me a cheap cheeseburger – that I really don’t want in the first place – and thinking that’s a romantic dinner isn’t going to get some boy I hardly know in my pants – in the back seat of his car.”

I had treated my dates and girlfriends better than that, not that it had gotten me any further. I wasn’t sure what it took to get a girl into bed right then, but whatever it was, I wasn’t doing it, they weren’t talking, and I wasn’t getting laid. Besides, when had she ever taken a shower with a boyfriend in the house? And then, why would she take a shower with a boyfriend in the house? If she wanted him to see her naked, wouldn’t she just take her clothes off?

“You ever watch me?” I asked through the door. No answer. “Well?” I asked. I was pretty sure she never had, but now I wasn’t so sure about that. Maybe this wasn’t a one way thing after all.

It was several more seconds before she said anything. “Maybe once,” finally came a quiet answer.

Once? She must have done it a lot more than once if she would admit to “once.” I let it go at that and went back downstairs. I had to wonder what kind of a show I had ever put on for her. I didn’t think I had ever had a hard-on or had jerked off after a shower in the bathroom; not that I could remember. I didn’t usually spank the monkey in the bathroom. Still hot as hell and now, after seeing her nude body up close and personal with the door open – not quite the same as through a keyhole – I just had to get off. I went out to the garage, unzipped, got my hard and aching dick out, and quickly stroked it until I shot the biggest load of cum I had unleashed in recent memory, all the while thinking of what it would be like to – fuck my sister! Yikes! I was getting to be a real pervert. Not having managed to land a date with a girl who would go all the way didn’t help, but my own sister? After coming, I was nearly ashamed of myself, but not enough to stop wondering how to approach her about doing the dirty deed with her. I had never been able to get any other girl’s panties off, so how was I doing to get Sharon’s off? After all, she was my sister and maybe showing off was all she was ever going to do. Maybe she just wanted someone, anyone, even her own brother, to tell her that she had a sexy body. Maybe she was just something of an exhibitionist and never had any intention of having sex with me or anyone else. As far as I knew, she had never laid one of her few dates, so why did I think would she want to do the deed with me?

Nothing more was said of the incident that day. It wasn’t that long until our parents got home and the rest of the evening was pretty normal.

That night, laying in bed and thinking of Sharon, and yes, stroking my once again hard dick, I had to wonder what sex was like with a girl build like her. I had no idea how to approach her and … oh never mind, I thought. There was no way my own sister was going to let me fuck her. That was incest and that was supposed to be really bad – or was it? If you didn’t marry your sister and have weird kids, was it really that bad? I finished myself off thinking about her sexy little body and went to sleep.

It wasn’t until we got home from school the next day that there was a hint that things between us were going to go anywhere – sexually that is.

“John, did you know that Bob and Linda have sex?” she asked quietly as we did our homework.

Bob was a year older than Linda, who was a senior like us was. I really didn’t know him very well, but was surprised to know his sex life was better than mine was, but then he was in college after all; something I was sure improved your sex life. And, everyone knew that part of going to college was lots of sex and wild parties. As for Linda, according to this bit of news, she was finding what she wanted in boys – whatever that was – and letting them in her pants. I knew that she now had a boyfriend, so asking her for a date was out. “Not really,” I said. “I never dated Linda, so never tried anything with her, and I don’t know her older brother very well. Nothing like finding out that a girl probably puts out AFTER you find out she has a boyfriend and is no longer in the dating pool.”

“As in with each other,” she said quietly and not looking up from her paper.

“Oh…right! I’m supposed to believe they do each other? And where did you hear this little bit of gossip?”

“From Sue. Linda and she are pretty close. And, it turns out that she does her brother now and then too.”

I started laughing. “I’m finding this a little hard to believe. While you and Sue are pretty close, and I have no idea how close she is to Linda, I don’t think she just up and blurted this out today in the girl’s room.”

“Not exactly. It was a long talk about boys and sex and how horny we get but a lot of our dates manage to turn us off to the idea of sex with them when we went out with them fully intending to get laid by them. I swore I wouldn’t tell a soul, so I hope you won’t say anything to anyone. You have always been able to keep a secret before.”

“Yea, sure. The secret’s safe. But do you really believe that? Sounds like so much bullshit to me. I seriously doubt Linda goes home after a date and balls her brother because her date didn’t turn out to be what she had hoped for, and I have my doubts about Sue doing her brother too.”

She let the subject drop and went back to her homework.

I pretended to be doing mine, but I had to wonder if any of that was true. Either way, why would she bring up something she was supposed to be keeping secret? Maybe this was a hint that we could do the same thing? An invitation? I had to be missing something here. If I wasn’t, this was going to be way too good to be true. But just maybe….

We didn’t talk much after that and our parents got home a little early that afternoon. That was a Friday night. The weekend passed and the subject never came up, but then we didn’t spend any time together either.

Monday after school, and after we had our chores done and started in on our homework, she brought it up again. “It’s hard to believe what Sue and Linda are getting away with,” she said softly.

I decided that this was probably an invitation and was going to pursue it very carefully. Step one was to soften my stance on the credibility of the whole thing. I thought about that for a minute and then said, “I suppose. At least they aren’t horny all day like the rest of us…if it’s true.”

“Yea, being horny and not being able to do anything worth while about it really sucks.”

Okay, it was time to go boldly forth. “If they are doing it and getting away with it, I suppose we could too.”

“I guess we could try it and see if we liked it.”

I was right, it was an invitation! Wow! I was instantly hard. I wanted in her pants SO BAD! Unfortunately it was getting a little late to do something that risky with our parents due home just about any time now, and if there was one thing I sure as hell wasn’t going to do, it was have my parents catch me banging my sister. I was horny as hell, but I wasn’t completely stupid. “How about we…uh…try it tomorrow as soon as we get home? Mom and Dad are going to be home pretty soon.

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