A Lesbian – Bisexual Seduction

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A good friend of my husband related this true story to us one evening in our home. We had a few drinks and he loosened up and told us about about how his sex life had slowed down and he wanted to perk it up a little and the idea hit him one day when his wife’s best friend came over and his wife wasn’t home from work yet and the two of them got to talking. Here is his story:

Pam, my wife’s best friend came over one afternoon and my wife, Mandy was a little late in coming home. Pam is a beautiful lady and she and my wife are often taken for sisters. They look a lot alike, wear their hair similar and in dimmer lights have been mistaken for each other, even by their family members. She is not shy and while we were talking came over, sat down by me and leaned over and kissed me. A little surprised, I returned the kiss and before I knew it our tongues were entwined and she is one hell of a French kisser. I reached over and gently cupped one of her firm breasts and her hand came up and covered my hand encouraging me.

“I’ve wanted to have you kiss me for a long time. I just love to French kiss and I always thought you would make a good lover. How is your sex life, by the way?” She asked pulling back slightly still cupping my hand over her firm breast.

“So, so. It was fantastic, but lately has slipped a little. Mandy doesn’t get as sexy as she has been in the past. Unfortunately” I said, a little sadly.

“Is she multi-orgasmic, and do you two engage in oral sex? I love that. A 69 is my favorite position.”

“Well, not to brag, but we hadn’t been married long and one night I brought her to four or five climaxes with my mouth, tongue, cock and lost count after that. All we wanted to do was Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! I love to eat her delicious pussy and she is talented in giving me head. But lately, it is just not up to what I would like it to be. Why? That is a pretty personal question.”

“I just wondered. I’ve seen Mandy naked several times when we were changing clothes or taking a shower after a swim in your pool. Neither of us are overly modest together. We’ve commented several times how close in body style we are. Cover our faces and in the nude, you would find it hard to tell us apart. We even compared our bodies nude, in front of a mirror. God, she is sexy! I love how she keeps her pussy bare, what a turn-on. I could see her outer lips sometimes just barely protruding.” She laughed and reached up and unbuttoned two of her blouse buttons and pulled it open. She was not wearing a bra. I took the hint and ran my hand inside her blouse and cupped, lifted, and gently squeezed her satin smooth breasts. They felt almost identical to my sexy wife’s firm breasts. Her erect nipples poked against my palm.

“Does she have any interest in making it with another woman?” She paused looking into my eyes. “I wouldn’t mind making it with Mandy. I have made it with several lady friends. I love French kissing and would love to slip my tongue between her delicious looking pussy lips. She has looked rather intently at my nude body and my instinct tells me that she might be interested in making it with me. Has she ever told you about trying it with another woman?” She asked slipping her blouse aside giving me full access to both of her beautiful breasts. I kissed first one then the other of her pert nipples, sucking them gently. I love teasing a woman’s nipples to erection.

“Well, during one sexy night when we were both really hot and I was licking her dripping pussy, I asked her if she had ever had another women go down on her. She was really on fire and when she is in that state, her inhibitions fly out the window. She admitted one of her older friends and she had explored each other one night when no one was around and the woman got to talking about sex and slipped off her jeans and panties and began to masturbate. Mandy said she had never seen another woman’s pussy up close and it got her very excited. Her friend spread her pussy wide showing Mandy how wet she was.

Mandy wound up taking her jeans and panties off and the two sat facing each other watching as they masturbated. Her friend showed Mandy her pussy and her swollen clit. Mandy knew about her clit but had never really touched it that much while masturbating. Her friend had Mandy lay back and spread her pussy wide and took her fingers and played them over Mandy’s pussy. She showing her how to excite her clit and just how to wet her fingers in her pussy and spread the slickness over her clit.

The woman gently stroked Mandy’s clit till it was swollen and Mandy was almost ready to climax. Then she leaned over and licked her spread pussy. Mandy said she was so excited she didn’t object and let the woman lick her spread pussy over and over. She had fantastic orgasms as her friend licked her pussy while massaging her throbbing erect clit. She said she had never felt anything like that in her life.”

“Did they go all the way, did Mandy go down on the woman?” Pam asked looking down at me as I went from one breast to the other izmit escort bayan licking and sucking her breasts while my cock was swelling alarmingly.

“No, the friend wanted Mandy to touch her and even kiss her pussy, but Mandy was too guilt ridden to try that. The friend lay back and masturbated while Mandy watched. She said the woman rubbed her own clit and slipped a couple of fingers inside herself and had several very vocal and intense orgasms. She said watching and hearing the wet sounds of her friend’s fingers thrusting in her pussy was very exciting to watch. Mandy couldn’t help herself and leaned very close watching the erotic scene.

The friend was only about a foot away and she could smell the delightful scent of the woman’s excited sex. But, it didn’t go any farther. Mandy said that night in bed she played the whole scene back in her mind and masturbated to a massive climax. As she was telling me this, it really got her excited and while I fucked her she had several very vocal climaxes.” I said and wondered just how this tryst with Pam would turn out.

Well, it ended right then. We heard Mandy drive up and the garage door opening. Pam shrugged, buttoned up her blouse, and sat down a little farther from me on the couch. Mandy came in and saw us sitting together on the couch, smiled, came over and kissed me, then put a light kiss on Pam’s cheek.

“Well, what have you two been doing?” She asked raising one eyebrow and had a little sly grin on her face. It was very evident that Pam’s nipples were both very erect and poking out against the thin fabric of her blouse. She moved closer and could see the large bulge in my pants and laughed!

“Just taking, and I just had to kiss your talented husband, he is quite a French kisser. I had wanted to kiss him for a long time. I just couldn’t resist. This seemed the time to do it! Hope you don’t mind?” She grinned looking into Mandy’s eyes.

“Nope,” Mandy said, “He is a really good kisser and has a very talented tongue too! You two still have all your clothes on, so I guess it didn’t go too far. But he does have a nice bulge in his pants. Just talking, eh?”

I put on my best poker face at that remark. My cock throbbed, aching to get free and —-?

Pam shrugged. “A very talented tongue, eh! Well, yes. How far does that talented tongue go in your sex life?” She asked with a wicked smile.

“I don’t think you would be the least surprised, Girl Friend! You are a big girl and probably guess just where I love to have that tongue. He is a real lover, in all departments. Wow! Where did that all come from? Have you two been talking about our sex life, while French kissing?” She asked smiling at us.

Pam came back. “Well, that did come up just a little. He did tell me some very intimate stories about your sex life.”

“I hope you were enlightened. My sex life before marriage was pretty dull. Shame on you Hubby telling tales out of school. I’ll bet Pam has some real hot stories of her sex life.”

“I was just curious about my best friend’s prior sex life. I’m sure there are some things that you haven’t told me about as there are some about my sex life I haven’t told you about either. So there!” Mandy said and they laughed together.

Mandy came over to me and held out her hand for me to get up. I hesitated as I still had a massive erection from my close encounters with Pam’s delicious breasts and it had not gone down one bit. She motioned with her hand indicating I should stand up. I did and there was the very obvious outline in my pants of my massive hard-on. She pulled me close and her hips thrust against mine and swiveled against my very hard cock. She threw her head back and laughed delightfully.

“Good for you Girl Friend, you seem to haven gotten a real rise, pun intended, out of my husband. Come over any time and French kiss him. He loves it and is good at it too. But, be warned, don’t take it too far.”She laughed looking over at Pam. She bent forward and flicked one of Pam’s erect nipples with her finger. “Another rise out of you too!” We all laughed and Pam’s breasts bobbed delightfully beneath the soft blouse..

“Well, Girl Friend, I’m good at French kissing as you can tell by the results in front of – him! And me too! Would you like for me to kiss you the same way? I love to kiss a woman too, particularly one adept at Frenching. Does that shock you?” Pam asked, her tongue slipping out and licking her lips seductively.

Mandy stood there, close to me and looked at Pam and her eyes were riveted to Pam’s wet lips and gleaming tongue. “Oh you Devil Queen, tempting me are you?” She asked.

“I ‘Double Dog Dare’ you to French kiss me, right now!” Pam was challenged knowing that was a dare Mandy couldn’t/wouldn’t refuse. It went way back to their younger days for both of them.

“You Vixen you, ‘Double Dog Dare’ me, will you? I’ll take you up on that. French kiss my husband and get him all excited, now you want to French kiss me. Done! You heard her Hon. We’ll see about that. izmit eve gelen escort Right now, right here! Let’s see just how talented your tongue really is!” Mandy stepped to one side and planted her feet apart and stood there looking down at Pam still sitting on the couch.

Pam looked up at Mandy, then at me. She had a sly grin on her face as she stood up and came over to Mandy. They are the same height and similar build, almost like twins. Mandy put out her arms and firmly pulled Pam to her. Pam’s hands went to Mandy’s hips and pulled her close and then leaned in and slid her tongue along her lips leaving them wet and glossy. Mandy was a little hesitant at first, but Pam’s kiss was firm and she slid her tongue out and ran it along Mandy’s lips probing gently.

I heard a slight intake of breath from Mandy and then her lips parted a little and Pam’s tongue probed between Mandy’s lips. Pam was insistent and her talented tongue slid into Mandy’s mouth and I knew her tongue was finding all the deliciously sensitive spots in her partner’s mouth. Mandy relaxed a little and Pam’s hands cupped her pert butt and pressed their hips together. Mandy’s hands seemed frozen on Pam’s back then slowly began to stroke the soft blouse as her body accepted the sensuality of Pam’s kisses and the feel of their bodies pressed together. Pam’s hips slid back and forth against Mandy’s hunching forward gently.

Watching the two, my erection became firmer and I had to adjust it as it was caught uncomfortable by me shorts. I could tell my beautiful wife was enjoying the kiss and responding to Pam’s kisses. The kisses went on and on till finally Pam pulled back and looked Mandy in the eye.

“‘Double Dog Dare’ you. Did you like it? I think you did! I really liked it! You are a very talented French kisser. Know what I’d like to do to you?”

“I have an idea, but I think you are going to tell me anyway, aren’t you?” Mandy said softly, her hands moving over Pam’s body. She slid one hand down under Pam’s blouse then upward cupping Pam’s bare breast. Pam closed her eyes and a dreamy smile came over her face. I could hardly believe my eyes.

Pam looked into Mandy’s eyes, her pupils dilated. “Your hubby told me that when you were younger, you and a lady friend masturbated together and she licked your pussy and rubbed your clit till you had several climaxes. You later used that memory when you masturbated alone. I have made love with several of my friends, and also a couple of your friends too. I’d love to slip my tongue along your pussy lips, flick it over your clit, and then slide it deep inside your lush body and bring you to a number of climaxes. I’ll bet your pussy tastes delicious. He says you are multi-orgasmic and so am I. I’ll bet your clit is throbbing right this minute thinking of my tongue flicking it.

“A 69 with another woman is not to be missed. Giving and receiving pleasure at the same time is absolutely the ultimate pleasure. I’m sure you two have tried it together and with another woman it is even more exciting as only another woman knows just how a woman loves to be stimulated while in the most intimate of embraces. I have had some very talented teachers who taught me places that cause climaxes that will blow your mind.” Pam said kissing Mandy’s softly and flicking her tongue across Pam’s wet lips. Their hips continued to slide and press together. Mandy’s hand continued stroking Pat’s bare breast.

Mandy was quiet then looked over at me. “He did tell you one of my secrets from long ago, but it did leave a permanent memory in my mind. I still think about that when I close my eyes and stroke my pussy and rub my clit till I climax. He is a good lover, but sometimes I just have a hot memory that sets me sexually on fire, and I have to stop and bring myself off. He caught me a couple of times sitting on the side of the tub while I had my thighs spread and my fingers rubbing myself to an orgasm. He’d get behind me and fondle my breasts, kiss my neck and hold me while I climaxed. He is so understanding. Sometimes he just loves to watch me masturbate while I tell him explicitly what I’m thinking, sexually speaking.”

She pulled Pam closer to her, their bodies molded together and kissed her again, tongue probing. Pam reached up between them and slid her hand to Mandy’s breast and fondled and cupped it.

Pam pulled back a moment and looked into Mandy’s eyes. “Would you like to make love with me? I would love to make love to you. I think it would almost be liking love to myself, we are so close in build and looks. You don’t have to tell me now. Think about doing it and talk to your hubby about that. I am no threat to him. I love you both and would never come between you two, but a love between two women is so wonderful and different. There is no reason for jealousy. If you wish, we can have a threesome together.

“One of our friends, Juanita, her husband and I have had a long and fantastic relationship, just the three of us. He loves to izmit otele gelen escort watch Juanita and I make love together, gets him really excited. She is a really good lover too and her pussy is absolutely delicious. She really knows how to make love to another woman, orally. You’d love tasting her! Her pussy is so very juicy and delicious! She ‘spurts’ too.”

Mandy looked over at me and back at Pam. “I’ll have to think about it for a little. We are best friends and I would do nothing to spoil that. I have to admit, I have always wondered about two women and what they could and would do to each other while making love. With the sex toys that are out now, almost nothing is out of range. But just what you have, body, tongue, fingers are enough to give each other many pleasures. I have read about my “G” spot and sometimes my hubby’s cock will press against it when he is fucking me ‘doggy fashion’. Fingers there would bring fantastic orgasms. So, ‘yes’, I want to think about for a little. Making love to you and have you making love to me would be something to be treasured. I am definitely interested. OK?” She paused a moment, “And yes my clit is hard and aching.” She said as her hand continued to stroke Pam’s bare breast.

I cut in. “I have a thought, why don’t the three of us go out to dinner at a really posh restaurant and have some drinks and dinner to get us in the mood and then come back here and you two can relax and let your sexual desires come to the front. I’ll watch, or if you two prefer, leave you alone for your first time together.”

That is exactly what happened. We had a delicious meal with a few drinks to help Mandy loosen her inhibitions up a little. We’d put Pam between us and she kept us in stitches as her hands, under the tablecloth teased us unmercifully. I knew Pam was eager and needed no encouragement. Mandy excused herself for a moment and went to the ladies room. When she came back she opened her purse a moment and gave us a quick look at her neatly folded panties inside it.

Pam even talked about the threesome with Juanita and her husband, and went into some very explicit sexy details of just what she and Juanita did together. Damn I’d had a ‘thing’ for sexy looking Juanita since I first saw her. On the trip home, the two had their hands busy slipping under each other’s dresses and the wonderful scent of sex filled the car. I was given a sample taste of the ladies most intimate and delicious nectar. I had to keep my attention on the road and keep my wandering eyes from drifting to the antics of the two. They were Frenching each other and finger fucking at the same time. Damn!

We went inside and the women came together, hugging and kissing. Slowly they undressed each other, taking their time. Soon they were beautifully nude and they were stunning, two almost identical beauties. Pam dropped to her knees and cupped and kissed Mandy’s superb breasts, moving from one to the other. Mandy reached down and cupped and stroked Pam’s breasts kneading them to firmness and pulling at the nipples till they stood erect and swollen.

They took their time and when they were fully aroused, Mandy led Pam to our master bedroom, turned down the silk sheets and as they slid, gloriously nude into the bed, I lit candles around the room. As they moved together, I undressed and sat in a chair to one side with a wonderful view of the two beauties as they began to make love.

Pam was the instigator and had Mandy lie back and she moved between her spread legs and kissed her way slowly up Mandy’s legs and thighs. Pam teased her moving closer to the spread and liquid center. Her hands roamed over Mandy’s soft thighs and teased the soft flesh on my wife’s bare pussy. She has kept it bare for years, knowing I like it. She had the hair laser removed and that left the pubic mound soft and smooth.

“Oh God, I love your bare pussy. It’s so soft and smooth. Every time I’ve seen it I have wanted to jump your bones and eat you. I even masturbated as soon as I could be alone. You almost caught me a couple of times.”

Mandy’s outer lips were now swollen with lust and I could see her juices making the edges gleam. Finally after a long tease, Pam reached up and took each outer lip between her fingers and spread them wide, pulling gently till Mandy’s inner lips were exposed, gleaming pink and dripping with her juices. She lapped at the center and slid her long tongue deep inside drawing a gasp from Mandy. Pam licked the delicious flesh over and over, letting her tongue play over and into the pink flesh while moving her mouth down against the wet flesh sucking the nectar from the delicious source..

Mandy was moaning with pleasure, her thighs spread wide and then Pam moved upward slightly and pulled upward on Mandy’s clit sheath and the turgid head slid out. Pam teased it with her tongue, bringing gasps of pleasure from her friend. Pam began to flick her tongue across the sensitive head and it looked like it was a vibrator. I had only seen one woman in a classic porn flick her tongue that fast. I could only imagine how pleasurable it felt to my sweet wife. Pam still flicked the erect clit while she gently slid first one then two long fingers up inside Mandy’s swollen pussy. From the position, I knew that she was slipping them upward behind the pubic mound.

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