A Layover and Voyeur’s Dream

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I was on my way back home from a three week business trip on the west coast. Because of bad weather my plane had taken off late from Seattle and by the time we landed in Minneapolis I had missed my connecting flight. I went to the customer service counter and was promptly told my previously scheduled flight had been the very last one going out that evening to the Washington, D.C. area. I was summarily given the usual vouchers for a room and food for the local airport hotel.

As it turned out I wasn’t the only one to miss a flight home. While the attendant was rebooking me for a morning flight and completing my vouchers a comely woman strode up to the counter beside me. She was going to Washington also but had come into Minneapolis on a different late flight. She too had her flight rebooked and got her vouchers.

On the way over to the hotel in the shuttle van, we chatted a bit and I found out her name was Sharon. Sharon was married with two children. She was a very nice looking woman, dirty blond hair she had pinned up in back, very memorable curves and a most entrancing smile. I’d say she was in her mid-to late thirties.

By the time we checked into the hotel it was nearly eleven o’clock at night. We both headed right up to our rooms. It turns out they had given us adjoining rooms, so after one last polite goodnight we entered our respective doors.

I got one last, very pleasant smile from Sharon.

I’m pretty much hooked to my laptop so even as late as it was I cranked it up and started reading e-mail. As I sat in the desk chair I heard a couple of noises from next door. As I read on, the noises got louder and I soon realized it was Sharon making some very, shall we say, intimate sounds. If I hadn’t known better I’d swear she was having sex, but I had not heard anyone go in her room after she had. Not that it mattered. I have to admit at first I wanted to get up and go over to the adjoining suite door and listen in. But instead I reached for the remote on the nightstand and turned on the television.

As I replied to an e-mail, even over the sound of the late night sports program on my television, I could hear what I swore was Sharon getting off next door. She was moaning really loud by then. I couldn’t handle it, I turned off the television and walked over to the adjoining door and pressed my ear against it. I tried to stay as quiet as possible although my heartbeat pounding in my ear was tremendous. For a few moments, I listened to her low moans along with the incessant hum of what had to be a vibrator.

I thought back to times when I’d been on the other side of a hotel wall and listened to women moaning or men grunting loudly as they stimulated one another to ecstasy. Other times it was a squeaking bed with just intermittent noises from one or the other, but it wasn’t hard to imagine what was going on in their rooms.

It was really obvious what was going on solo in Sharon’s room right then.

I heard a couple of soft squeals and then I started to hear the bed creak. My penis rose to the occasion. Sharon was completely oblivious to the fact that a horny guy was just a few feet away getting aroused over the sound of her sexy moans. I began by fondling my penis through my boxers and soon was breathing deeply. In no time I found myself massaging a full erection.

I stopped for a quick moment and ran over to my bag and retrieved my wife’s panties. They were full cut and made of a soft satiny material. They were also a pleasant surprise from my wife. She had hidden them away in my clothes with a note that had read…’If can’t be there with you to play. I want a part of me there with you when you do play.’ They had come in handy – pun intended – more than a few times in the last few weeks. I had kept them pristine by not cumming on them the whole time.

In seconds my boxers were at my ankles and there I stood nude against the door. I placed the satin pants against the underside of my cock and rubbed the crotch area against my skin. The feeling was indescribable. I could imagine rubbing my cock on Mary Ann while she wore those panties. I slowly rubbed them up and down the length of my shaft. Before long I could feel my balls tightening and I knew there was no going back.

Not having the visual stimulation, I had to imagine what the scene I was hearing looked like. I envisioned Sharon lying on her back, legs spread, with her hands and vibrator between her legs providing the sounds I was hearing. I pictured Sharon’s one hand moving between her nipples and down between her thighs. Then she moved the fake cock to circle her clit. The thought of her placing that vibrator against herself and turning it on, turned me on. That thought had my tongue sensing I was spreading her lips, lapping against her clit. My cock got harder at that thought.

‘This wasn’t happening!’ I told myself. Whatever images I had of her as an innocent soccer mom were blown away.

I heard Sharon give out another audible squeal. I sensed she held the vibrator against her clit while she had reached up to pull on a nipple fully hard with arousal. kuşadası escort

I started playing with my own nipples. They were already erect as I alternated pulling on each one.

I still refused to believe what was happening, that I was getting off listening to a pretty blonde soccer mom getting off on her side of that door.

I wrapped my wife’s panties tightly around my cock and quickened the pace of my strokes as I listened to my suite mate getting louder with every second that went by. She was now obviously nearing her climax as she was moaning loudly. Maybe it only seemed very loud because I was just on the other side of the door maybe six feet from her.

I leaned back against the doors and started to furiously thrust my hips up to meet each downward stroke of my fist and my wife’s panties while listening to my lusty neighbor. I kept up the rapid pace and started doing that screwing motion over my cockhead, flipping my thumb back and forth over the tip and massaging the underside of my penis where the head meets the shaft.

Then I heard Sharon suddenly let out the moan of a lifetime. It was my voyeuristic dream for my hard cock. And I gave him a few more strokes until a trail of clear liquid leaked from my tip. I stroked and stroked some more until I could feel the pressure building, sending my balls higher. My hand moved faster and faster, up and down my seven and a half inch shaft.

Sharon was cumming.

And then so was I…

I squeezed my eyes shut for a second and held my breath just before the first long rope of cum leapt into the air and up onto my shoulder. A second big shot flew past my head and I heard it splatter on the door beside my ear. Two other shots hit me on the lower cheek and chin. I thrust my hips up into my hand and my wife’s panties grunting as quietly as I could. I couldn’t count the remaining cumshots, but they continued to come and come.

Finally, all was quiet on both my side of the door and on Sharon’s, including the formerly ever-present buzzing of her vibrator.

There I sat on the floor, my wife’s panties wrapped around my softening cock wondering what had just happened. I could see I had drenched my chest and stomach and had more cum dripping down my shaft and over the soft female underwear in my hand. I caught my breath and crouched there enjoying the high you get after an amazing orgasm like that.

But I knew I couldn’t sit there leaning against an adjoining hotel room door all night. I needed to get up to wipe the cum off the door and my body. Although I had been careful the last three weeks not to get them messy I started to wipe my cum off my skin with my wife’s already cum covered panties. But there was simply too much jizm on me, let alone on the door, to clean up with a single pair of panties. I got up and walked naked to the bathroom, my cum dripping down my chest and legs. I grabbed a hand towel and wiped off all I could find on me then went back out to wipe the now nearly translucent streak of cum off the door.

I smiled broadly the whole time I did so.

I still did not hear any more from next door.

I headed back to the bathroom, one hand holding my wife’s cum-soaked panties and in the other the damp and sticky hotel towel, my half-wilted cock bouncing along in front of me.

All of a sudden, there’s a knock at the door! Then I heard the voice.

“Don! Don! I need to ask you something.” I heard Sharon call through the door.

I pondered for a few short seconds on whether or not I should answer. I could pretend I was asleep, but I realized the lights were on in my room and she could probably tell from out there. I threw my wife’s panties, my boxers and towel into the shower and ran back out to get a pair of my sleep pants out of my suitcase.

“Don!” She called again more insistently.

I realized I didn’t have a shirt at the last second but I didn’t want her yelling my name again that late at night.

Slowly stuffing my softening cock in my sleep pants I headed for the door. My heart was racing as I opened it and I know I blinked more than twice when I saw her.

Sharon stood there, her beautiful blonde hair now fully down, her gorgeous eyes shining, and a smile on her face that nearly grabbed me by the throat. And if that was not enough, she had on a short bath robe. I know I stared down at her bare legs much too long. I closed my eyes for the briefest of moments and pictured Sharon standing in front of me in all her naked glory, until she spoke again.

“I must have left the new itinerary they gave me at the counter or I dropped it somewhere along the way. I totally forgot what time our flight is. Having those stupid e-tickets I don’t even have that to look at.” She spoke and then just looked at me up and down a second. “Did I just catch you getting into the shower?”

I just knew my face must have been beet red. “Why do you think that?”

“Actually if I didn’t know better I’d think you were…” An almost knowing grin came over her face. “Oh no, I know, you were on the phone with your wife, weren’t you? You said you had been gone from her for a few weeks. You were supposed to be home with her tonight, before you missed your connection. Oh geez, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Sharon blushed and bit her lip.

I looked back up into her face and damn if she didn’t look cute like that, but now I was hard pressed to find a response.

“Uh, yes, I’m sorry, too. We don’t do this often but…” I said, quickly buying into her thoughts, only half lying.

“”Wow, what a hot thing. I’d love to be doing that when my husband and I are married as long as you two.”

“Yeah, uh, well let me get my itinerary.” I said and turned around to walk back toward the hotel desk. I let out a big breath very relieved that I had not been totally found out. Okay, she knew I had been doing something sexy, but she thought I must have been having some kind of phone sex with my wife. If she only knew it was her I had been listening to while playing with myself.

I grinned as I bent over the desk and wrote out our flight and flight time for her on hotel stationary.

When I finally turned back around Sharon was looking in the room at me smiling. I know I must have still been horny as hell, as that smile almost threatened to turn me on. I had just cum so hard there was no way I was going to get physically aroused that quickly again.

I walked up self-conscious about my penis dangling heavily between my legs. I held out the paper.

“I really appreciate this, Don.” Sharon reached up for it and took it in her small hand. Of course, even that simple gesture got to me as I looked at those pretty, well manicured fingers and pictured where they had been just minutes earlier.

Okay, now I did feel myself being aroused. No way! I lowered my hands and tried to nonchalantly shield any incriminating sight from her view.

“Not a problem; wouldn’t want you to miss another flight. You need to get home as much I do.” At that I realized I almost gave myself away as a perverted eavesdropper.

“I do. I think I really do.” There was that blush and the little nibble on her bottom lip again.

I swallowed hard. “Okay then,” I said, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Night, Don.” Sharon said and wheeled around to go back to her room. Seeing her bare legs under that short robe only brought me back to earlier thoughts of how they had been spread and she had been playing with herself between them.

I slowly shut my own door and leaned my back against it. I could feel the length of my penis resting against my thigh. I literally laughed out loud. Well, not loud, but I did laugh. I laughed at thinking I could get hard again in only a few minutes at my age.

I shook my head and walked back into the room and to the desk. I was wide awake at that point so I picked up my laptop and walked over to the king-sized bed. I propped myself up on the several pillows against the headboard and began to wade through several more work e-mails that had flooded my inbox during the long adventure from the West Coast.

I had just about made it down to the last dozen or so when heard a voice next door again.

“Take it out,” It was Sharon calling out. Who was she talking to?

“Touch it, Ken. Tell me how you fantasize about me.” I could hear her plainly through the door even across the room. She must have been sitting in her desk chair close to our adjoining room doors now. And I assumed it was her husband she was talking to.

I proceeded to lay there and here a very explicit one-sided phone conversation.

“Is it hard?”

“Did I make it hard?”


“What am I doing?” She paused, then added, “I’m pinching my nipples and rubbing my wet panties thinking of your big fat cock.”

“Can you imagine my lips on your big cock, huh?”

At that last question I realized Sharon’s voice and sexy words had cause heated blood to pulse into my cock once again. I shifted my hips on the hotel bed and looked down to see the head of my cock trying to poke through the fly of my sleep pants. I dropped my hand down and grabbed my stiffness and gave it a squeeze.

“Good boy,” Sharon continued. “I bet you’re stroking that big cock now.”

“I bet you need to stroke that cock of yours, don’t you?” she said.

I groaned at the question. There I was lying on the hotel bed in just my sleep pants, my big hard cock now sticking straight up, my hand wrapped around it stroking up and down as I listened to her continue her teasing her man over the phone.

Now I love to edge when I have lots of time to devote to jacking, repeatedly bringing myself to the edge of an orgasm and then backing off to build up my load and enhance the pleasure. Being this was my second attempt to cum in less than an hour it was more getting there rather than edging. Anyway, after a while I looked at the clock at one point and realized that she had been going at it for over a half hour. My cock was actually starting to hurt a little, but I needed to cum again so much. I had to relieve the raw sexual tension that had built up in me for the second time that night. I got up and grabbed my wife’s panties out of the bathroom and jumped quickly back into bed.

“Mmmmm…I wish you were here, too.”

There was silence for a few moments.

“I’m fingering my clit now.”

“Mmm…yes, it feels good.”

“It’s dripping.”

“I’m making my fingers wet.”

“What? Okay I will.”

He had obviously been coaxing her along.

“Mmmm, I do taste good.”

With that vision of Sharon sucking off her lovely fingers, that had just been in her hot wet pussy, I leaned back and abandoned myself to self-centered ecstasy. My cock had been bathed in a generous coating of pre-cum by now so I wondered if my neighbor could hear the delicious squishing sound of my fist pounding my cock as I found a dry part of the panties and caressed my aching balls with it.

“You still stroking that big cock?”

‘Yes, Sharon! I am.’ I actually whispered back.

“You need it, don’t you? You need to cum so bad.”

I meekly groaned out a ‘Yes’ again.

“Stroke that cock! I want you to cum all over my little tits, big boy!”

I look down at my hard cock pointing up toward my smiling face.

With my right hand I gripped my mighty hard cock, while the left caressed my wife’s soft panties over my balls. I know I moaned out in true ecstasy as my hand twisted and pumped up and down on my hard shaft. I felt my juices pressing on more and more in my unbelievably hard cock and I was getting closer and closer to cumming. All along, I could see myself in the mirror thrusting my pelvis up and down in the build-up to another much needed and much anticipated orgasm.

As I worked my throbbing cock it rose to an intensity I didn’t think I could bare. I continued to drive in and out of my fist until I felt myself reach the brink.

“I can’t last much longer like this. You close to cumming?” I heard Sharon’s voice through the door.

And although I knew it was a direct question meant for her husband, I fantasized she was asking me. It was what I needed as the last catalyst. As I heard Sharon reach her climax with the bed creaking and lots of grunts and groans I rubbed my hard cock vigorously, almost in a blur, making my own squelching noises. I looked at myself in the mirror across the room as my balls became tight under my wife’s satin underwear.

I felt my cum rising.

“Yessss!” I heard the near scream come from Sharon.

My eyes rolled back in my head and I leaned back to the headboard with my mouth wide open. I let out an extended grunting moan and started to buck my hips. I bucked so hard the headboard hit the wall a couple times.

I pinched one of my nipples and came.

I spurt my hot cum onto my stomach and down into the soft, already cum soaked fabric of the panties.

With my abating cock still in my hand, I put my head back on my pillow and caught my breath.

Then next door I heard…”Wow…never knew I could cum like that.”

‘Sharon, neither did I?’ I whispered and smiled. I released my penis and ran my hand across my stomach, amazed at the amount of cum there was for my second orgasm of the night. I cleaned up with my wife’s undies again.

It was nearly 1 a.m. by then and I found myself closing my eyes, bidding my neighbor a good night, quietly thanking her for her gift. I fell asleep rather quickly, but woke up a couple of hours later after an incredibly erotic dream that involved both my wife and Sharon. I was actually stunned to feel another erection. The images of both my naked wife and my next door hotel mate joined and soon were just too much. I grabbed myself and started up again. I sat there jerking my cock with my left hand thinking about my wife and then Sharon, while I still held the cum-drenched panties in the other hand. My cock got the action it wanted in that early morning hour. I was pretty sensitive after pulling and rubbing on it for another sweet cum, depositing it in the crotch of my wife’s panties for the third time during my unplanned overnight layover.

I woke up for good that morning at half past six and the first thing I did was pad barefoot over to Sharon’s adjoining door to try and hear if anything was happening. It was perfectly quiet. So I walked back over to the bed and sat for a moment. I started thinking how unreal the night before had been. I’m not a young guy anymore so to have gotten myself off not once but three times in one night was truly exciting.

Then I looked to my left and spied the panties my wife had provided me and the hotel hand towel both laying at the foot of the bed. The sight of the underwear brought the visual of her sexy body flooding back into my mind. I looked down between my legs and found myself hardening again.

I didn’t hesitate to start pleasuring myself. First I just stroked with my left hand, but the more I looked down at those panties the more I couldn’t resist. I picked them up and wrapped them around my hard shaft. I flinched a little at first as all the cum deposited on them throughout the night had turned nearly cold, but I quickly found it really hot that I was using my own cum along with her soft panties as lube for this session.

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