A Lady of Leisure , Pleasure Ch. 05

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Following my enlightenment I woke the next morning to birdsong and breakfast. I had slept in later than usual and even before I opened my eyes I sensed the sun already flooding into my room. Sitting at the end of my bed in a short chemise and choker I watched Kitty a moment as she held a crumpet in one hand and a buttery knife in the other.

She made a little sucking sound with her lips as one might do when tasting something, while light wisps of steam drifted from the crumpet in languid swirls which lived and died within a few inches of air.

Her pretty eyes flicked this way and that as she peered down at the little pots of jams and preserves on the large tray in front of her. She selected one and dipped the end of her knife into it, then brought it to her lips and sucked the little blob of dark red jam from the end. “Hum,” she softly murmured, then dunked the knife into another silver pot.

“Morning, Kitty,” I said and stretched. She looked up from the complexities of choosing a conserve and smiled brightly.

“Good morning, Miss,” she said with a little bounce that conveyed her convivial cheer to me through the mattress. “Would you like a crumpet?”

“A cup of tea, I think, first,” I decided, and stretched again and sat up, then ruffled my hair with my hands as Kitty put the crumpet in her mouth. There was an empty side plate on the tray next to the pile of hot crumpets, but it seemed Kitty thought the best place for hers was between her teeth. I silently agreed as I turned to the balcony doors and looked out at the sky.

“What a beautiful day,” I said and slipped from beneath the sheet to put on a chemise and light robe. Kitty mumbled through her crumpet as she looked up at me, but her fingers looked a little sticky with butter so I hushed her and found my own way into the delicate garments.

“Oh, Kitty, what a mucky pup you are!” I playfully chided as little drips of melted butter fell from her crumpet to colour her chemise. She looked down, spilling my tea in the process as she puffed out her chest and dabbed her fingers to her breasts. I took the saucer from her before the cup toppled from it.

“Sorry, Miss,” she said with all sweetness.

“Don’t worry, no harm has been done,” I told her and was gifted the prettiest of smiles. After cautioning her not to put trays on the bed unless asked to, I had Kitty bring it to the table, where we sat and drank tea and ate crumpets. I had honey upon my first and a spread of strawberry jam on the second. Kitty munched hers with marmalade. We were each itching to talk of the previous evening, but I thought decorum must be maintained and breakfast should be eaten properly.

Whilst the breakfast table, even one secure from the possibility of interruption, is not the place to talk of lust and carnality, the bathing room most joyously is. Leaving our under things in a crumpled pile in a corner Kitty and I enjoyed the splash of the water upon our skin. We spoke of the previous night, and of our shared desire to repeat it. As our lathered hands and soapy bodies slid sensuously over one another we talked in giggles of John, punctuating our reminiscences with soft and sweet kisses.

Kitty was as fond of him as I, perhaps more so due to the constrictions of her responsibilities. Beneath the lukewarm rain of the shower I assured her we would soon enjoy again that delicious curve of reinforced flesh we each had accommodated within us, and pressed together with equal fervour as our tongues twisted and twirled in quick little circles.

I leant my back to the wall between the twin shower heads. The water glittered onto my breasts like tiny shooting stars of liquid silver. Kitty pressed them together as she licked and sucked my stiffened nipples. Her thick black locks matted to the sides of her pretty face and neck. I ran my hand into her curls and gently pushed.

With murmurs upon her lips and my tummy to her tongue Kitty slowly sank to her knees. I pushed each shower head away from my body as her treasured tongue lapped at my sugary slit. Her face tilted up as my back arched, and I heaved a sensual sigh to the stars that shone behind my eyelids as her darling tongue licked and lapped my tingling clit.

The sucking of her lips conveyed their message to my hips and I let them swirl in which ever manner they pleased. I felt her hands upon my inner thighs and needed little encouragement to open my legs a slight bit more. With a pitched sigh and a deep murmur of pleasure I quivered as her quick little tongue writhed and wriggled between my aroused lips and kept slipping inside me in quickened stabs and flicks.

I held her hair, griped in my hand as I pulled her to me, panting ever quicker as she licked and sucked with lustful keenness. My hips rolled, my breasts heaved. I murmured and whimpered and felt the breath of the angels upon my skin as I soared to the cloud covered peaks where they hid from the world and awaited the journeys of initiates. A hand took my own and held it tightly. I knew it to be Aphrodite, leading me to her carnal isveçbahis kingdom. I cried out as every nerve thrummed with the buzzing of pleasure perfected.

My head must have dizzied somewhat, for I left behind completely the shower, the bathroom, even Kitty, and was, for the briefest of moments, elsewhere.

Opening my eyes again I looked down. My pretty Kitten was holding my hand as she pressed soft little kisses to my pussy. I sighed a tiny chuckle. She giggled, her big umber eyes looking up at me. I stroked her hair and praised her loveliness. She in turn told me how beautiful I was, and how that un-quantifiable beauty became that much more so during those moments of extreme rapture, although her expressions were less refined and more crude than my own, and I giggled at her words and phrases.

The slightest of tugs to hand and hair had her up on her feet once more, and I was as eager to taste my nectar as she was to share it. As our tongues moved in sliding, gliding swirls of sensuality I was reminded of honeyed crumpets, and enjoyed the piquant sweetness of my flavour.

We caressed and slid in the water, kissing still. I could tell Kitty was in a very heightened state of arousal, and even after I returned from the dreamy bliss which follows such a thrill, I continued to relish denying her the same pleasure. The occasional little whimper escaped her lips between softly panted breaths, and depending on where my hands slid and my fingers tickled I could coax whines and moans from her as her hips pushed and her breasts heaved.

Although I desired greatly to return her the pleasure she had so willingly afforded me, I decided it of almost equal fun to deny her. Instead we kissed, and I caressed and petted her, keeping her in a state of sexual intoxication. With her eyes closed and her back arched out from the wall I softly tickled her pussy with touches that started lightly and quickly lessened in frequency and intensity. Her hips pushed out against my fingers as I moved them away, and as she whined I pushed her to the wall with my belly and kissed her deeply.

As I continued I noticed several times her hands moving to grab my wrist, no doubt to push my fingers between her legs, but at the last moment she would stop herself, sometimes with a tiny stamp of her foot or an outburst of little sobs through her panted breathing. I continued to tease her, willing her to become forceful and incur what ever punishment that might entail, and as I held my lips to hers, tickling her clit with the lightest of touches and talking of John and his handsome cock, she did indeed put her hand to my wrist, but drew it away again almost as quickly.

I smiled to myself and revelled in her torment. Even these light and teasing touches upon breast and pussy and inner thigh, and the passion of our kisses was proving to be a powerful stimulant, and I gauged she would very likely soon attain that aspirational state of jubilation.

“Time to dry and dress, I think,” said I as I withdrew my hands and body and stepped from the shower. Kitty’s face was a picture! Her eyes were wide and her brows raised in the middle and sloping at the sides in the manner of one pained of emotional upheaval. Her mouth hung open in sheer disbelief. I let her squirm for a moment, but as her hand moved between her thighs I held out my hand and said, “Kitty, a towel?”

“Oh! …Yes Miss,” she grumbled and turned off the shower. I let her pat my skin dry and told her to follow as I strolled off to be dressed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I cautioned Kitty to do nothing naughty to herself while I took a stroll in the garden, and warned her I would be very cross if she were to disobey me. Before I left I soothed her with promises that John would appreciate her heat all the more if she did nothing now to douse the fire which raged within her. Kitty seemed happy to accept this without question, indeed it only served to heighten those flames which glittered in her eyes and danced in her curves. I kissed her and left her to her chamber tasks.

Downstairs, as I ordered a scullery boy to retrieve my breakfast tray, I decided the kitchens would need a fresh coat of paint. Cook asked what I would like for lunch and dinner. I thought a moment, than smiled and said, “Surprise me,” and turned and left.

John appeared from the servant’s staircase as I exited the kitchens. I stopped and looked him up and down, attempting to find some stark and noticeable difference about him.

“Good morning, Miss,” he said with a bow. We were not alone as one or two scullions scuttled hither and thither, pausing only to bow at me over their preciously carried pots even though I bade them not a single glance. I turned my back to John and strode smartly towards the main drawing room, hoping my indifference had in some way confused him.

“Good morning, John,” I said as I passed through the doorway. I knew his eyes would be upon me, and once out of sight of the staff I stopped and looked back at him over my shoulder. There was puckish isveçbahis giriş mischief in my eyes as I flirted calves and curves for him a moment, then patted my left hand twice to my thigh in a manner one might employ to summon a dog to one’s side. I turned from him and continued on as I heard my faithful pet hasten to my heel.

In the drawing room I turned to him. His eyes followed the shape of my legs, wrapped in a knee length, black silk dress, and gradually raised over my belly to my firmly cupped breasts and the hint of cleavage afforded to a man of his height. I ran a hand into my flowing black hair and drew it forth to let it swish over my shoulder and cascade down onto the curves that so enticed him. It broke his bewitchment, and the slightest of crimson hues appeared on his cheeks. I smiled. He looked to feet and floor.

“Did you enjoy your evening, John?” I casually asked, as though he had played bridge and drank beer with friends.

“Oh, Miss Laura, yes! It was the most wonderful night of my life. I can’t thank you enough,” he said enthusiastically. I giggled and stepped to him.

“I too must thank you, John,” I said and put my hands to his shoulders and lifted to peck a little kiss to his lips. I affected an air of sweetness and embarrassment as I stood with hands behind my back and eyes to the floor. “I am not so proud that I am unable to speak of my gratitude, but such words must be said only in secret.” I heard his intake of breath. From the edge of my vision I could discern the stirring of his extension as it filled his plush britches. I wondered if his eyes were upon my charms as I displayed them by the arching of my back.

“You’re only a butler, and as such beneath my favour.” With thoughts of concern for my dear Papa and brother Matthew I brought the welling of tears to my eyes. “But convention be damned!” I said indignantly as I stamped my foot. I cast my eyes up to him. He was viewing me intently, a look of worry upon his face. “I love you, John!” I said as a little tear spilled from each eye to settle upon my cheeks.

“Miss Laura!” he gasped, and quickly fussed about in his waistcoat for a kerchief. With hands that could cradle an injured mouse and show it no additional pain he gently dabbed the glass from my eyes. I felt their reddening and let more tears fall.

“I know you love me,” I said softly and held his hands in mine, “and for that I will be ever comforted. But I fear after last night, after you showed me the completeness of love, the perfect blending of emotional and physical love…” I paused for a little sniff. “I fear I shall never again be as happy.”

“My Lady,” he began in his dark and velvet voice, “you’ll always have me as a faithful servant. Even if a king was to drop his crown and I was right there to pick it up I’d always serve you. No matter what. You’re my first thought in the morning and my last one at night. Please don’t cry, Miss?”

“Oh, John! That just makes it worse!” I said and sniffed again. As I studied him I noticed his own tears beginning to form as he beheld my apparent torment. I chuckled inside as I watched him thinking of words to placate me. “I love you as you love me, yet we can never truly be together. I am to be stolen by a stranger, a man without looks to attract me, in whose arms I shall be entirely miserable.” I threw myself against his chest and pretended to sob as his big, strong arms gently held me.

With my hands to his chest and my arms folded up between us I could not press my belly to his staff without appearing artless and inelegant. Instead I bowed my head down and let my hands drop down his chest and stomach. “Kitty loves you as I do,” I whispered. “You and she will have one another always and forever, and I will live alone in castles and mansions as you both share in one others’ fruits.”

I knew my sentiments would break his heart. I smiled as I looked down. I slid my hands to his prick and caressed it with all my fingers. It had paused in its growth as he considered my words, but now my fingers were upon it with rousing intent, another instinct took over and it responded quickly to my nurturing.

“If only we three could be away together. Leave this land and all its duties and limitations.” I unbuckled him. His fearsome curve sprang forth from his opened britches. I curled my fingers about it and began to stroke him. He drew in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. The thing was rampant in my hands, clearly eager again for the pleasures I had previously bestowed. “We would be happy together, wouldn’t we?” I said, looking up into his eyes.

“Nothing would make me happier, Miss Laura,” he said with tears in his eyes. “I would serve you both, from sunrise to sunset.” I wondered if he had been reading some rather cheap pamphlet poetry recently, and made sure I didn’t give myself away by laughing.

“Let me serve you now,” I said, noting the sudden gleam in his eyes as he no doubt thought now of the first time I had said that to him, and all that had transpired since those small but potent words.

Slowly isveçbahis yeni giriş I sank to my knees. John glanced behind to the doors and seemed relieved they were closed. His eyes came back to me as I contrived a tiny and feeble smile. He was a confliction of wanton desire and brotherly love. He would have me as often as he would protect me. I put my lips to his heated protrusion. The great bulbous head slipped into my mouth to be met by my inquisitive tongue. I licked as I sucked, and as I loved him with my mouth he caressed my cheek and loved me with heart and loin alike.

Between my thighs my excitable pussy moistened as upon my chest my pert round breasts swelled and nipples stiffened. I tingled everywhere, and all waves of rushes within me seemed to head for the same single point. I had such a desire to feel Kitty’s tongue there again. I sucked a little harder and I bobbed my head a bit faster. I had as much of him in my mouth as I was comfortable with and held tightly to the root as I sucked and licked his raging prick.

John’s breathing was ragged. His murmurs became moans and his hips began to motion as he started to fuck my mouth. I put my hands to his thighs and let him do as he pleased. My tongue worked quickly, sliding and gliding over his great head as I sucked him both harshly and softly.

I had brought John to the brink of crisis and then tumbled him into rhapsody several times, and I knew well his stages of arrival. I gleaned subtle clues of his impending climax from the sound and rhythm of his breathing, from the growls in his throat and the groans on his lips, the motioning of loins and hips and the tensing of his hands and thighs, and most prevalently from the rushing of the blood in his engorged phallus, the pearls of treacle that came ever faster from the tip, and its menacing swelling. All these indicators were powerfully apparent, and I knew it would be just moments away.

Quickly I stood and stepped back. “Oh, I shouldn’t!” I gasped. “I want to more than anything, but I shouldn’t!” I covered my eyes and fluttered my hand to gesture his pleaser. “You must put him away before I lose the struggle with my resolve,” I said with confusion in my voice.

His face was a mix of pleasure and pain and yearning and desire, I could see in his features the notions in his mind. He thought me unfair, that I was both wonderful to perform such a pleasure on him and sinfully iniquitous to cease before he had attained its conclusion. He saw me as lovely and sweet, pretty and desirable, but also teasing and selfish. As I wondered just how deeply he saw through my deceptions I affected tears again and through my fingers watched him tuck to bed his fallen champion.

“I cannot, John. Not now. Oh, I’m so confused! Is it wrong to want you so, when my wedding is but weeks away? Am I wicked for giving you pleasures I fear to share with my betrothed? Oh, what is to happen?” I turned from him and cast myself upon a settee and hid my face as I pretended to sob.

John was on one knee at my side a moment later. “My Lady, I never thought it was wrong. Not really. Not between us. I worry someone will see and make something bad out of it. But when I’m with you, like we’ve been, they’re the most beautiful times of my life, and I’ll always keep them in my mind.

I sat up and took his kerchief. “You’re right, of course,” I said with a little sniffle. “May I keep this?” I said and twirled his kerchief between us a moment.

“Of course!” he said, his tone to remind me it was mine to begin with.

“Thank you, again. You’ve always been so good to me,” I said and swept my hand along his jaw. “Will you forgive me for being so silly?”

“Miss, you’re not silly,” he said urgently.

“I am, John. I’m young and silly and have much to learn. What I hope is that you will always be my teacher.” I leaned and kissed his lips. “Go now,” I said. “Let me reflect. I have much to think about, and you have to organise the redecorating of the kitchens.” He nodded and rose to leave. “Kitty asks after you,” I said after he had retreated several steps, he smiled most handsomely. “I promised her we would again indulge as we did last night. Save yourself for when we three are one, and I shall send for you when the time is right.”

His smile widened a moment before he composed himself as a butler should. He bowed and backed away, before turning and leaving. I stood, dabbed my eyes and left his kerchief on the couch as I walked off into the garden to enjoy the summer breeze.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I had experienced an awakening and was eager for more. As if in response to the heating of my passions the summer sun had warmed the air by several degrees. I felt a new affinity with the flora and fauna that blossomed and scampered about my world. As I strolled barefoot through the garden it seemed all flowers turned their heads to smile in my direction. Young squirrels paused in their pursuit of play to watch me pass as their mothers’ patiently endeavoured to teach them their skills. Papa’s pristine white doves sat atop their cote and nodded down at me as they cooed their hellos. I stopped and bowed to the pretty creatures and bade them good day and blew her a kiss as I wished bon chance to mother squirrel.

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