A Lady in Waiting

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Cheryl had spent most of the day pampering herself. It began wonderfully. She enjoyed the sensation as her sleepy body slid luxuriously over soft, coral-pink, satin sheets. Her smooth skin tingled as the clinging fabric caressed and teased. Even this early in the day she felt the boiling cauldron of her desires as they spread throughout her body and mind.

With an effort she resisted the urge to satisfy her longing. Her long fingers lay folded across her taut, flat stomach and refused to take the effortless journey down between her closed legs. Even to accidentally brush the thickening flesh at the tips of her breasts was forbidden. No, she thought, tonight is too important, too exciting to risk taking the edge off of my desire.

Eventually, she forced herself out of bed and ran a deep bath. A few drops of her favorite Jasmine oil in the water woke her mind as it relaxed her body. She lay back to allow the deeply sensual fragrances to suffuse her senses. Once again, she fought with herself to resist relieving her growing needs. In fact, she barely remembered the last time she had simply taken a bath without enjoying her own body. That thought brought a smile to her delicate lips. She would never have believed that frustration could be so exciting.

The bath water began to cool and she reached for a bottle of luxury moisturizing bath gel and poured a measure over her giant natural sponge. As she rubbed the foamy sponge all over her exposed flesh, she felt her resolve begin to weaken. Damn! Why did this have to feel so good? Eventually, squeaky-clean from top to toe, she stood up and turned on the shower attachment to rinse the soap from her body. Every touch of the water jets stimulated her aroused nerves. Even parts of her body she had never considered as sexy were screaming for attention. But still she held herself back.

She padded through her apartment, wrapped in a thick toweling robe. An orange juice, a black coffee and a couple of slices of toast later she brushed her white, even teeth and grudgingly got dressed.

Her first appointment was at the hair salon. Cheryl always loved having her hair pampered, but today it was almost too much to bear. She was afraid that she might spontaneously respond to the stylist’s touch. Why had she never felt like this with the stylist before? Somehow, she forced herself to think about the weather and the news and the prices in the supermarkets. Eventually the crisis passed.

The manicure and pedicure had cost her an arm and leg – or at least a finger and toe – and she was delighted with the results. Her nails had never looked so perfect before and she just couldn’t wait to put them to good use. But God! How seductive had that pretty blonde girl been as she had masterfully touched each of Cheryl’s fingers and massaged her feet. She had never been attracted to women before.

Cheryl had reached a state of constant arousal. A breath of wind would have been enough to tip her over the edge.

Lunch was late, around 2.30, just a bland snack of chicken salad on brown bread, no dressing. She wouldn’t risk any spicy, highly flavored food. A glass of strawberry and banana juice slipped over her tongue and eased itself down her throat. As she licked her lips she could imagine Peter’s tongue; Peter’s kiss.

Later, Cheryl browsed around the Mall. She bought smoked salmon here, champagne there, titbits and snacks, which she knew he would love and which would help build the atmosphere. Her shopping ended in her two favorite stores: buying a small box of luxurious Belgian cream-filled chocolates in one, and a beautiful – and frighteningly expensive – black lace teddy in the other. Satisfied that she had everything under control, she made her way back home.

It was now nearly 5.30 and the butterflies were fluttering wildly in her stomach.

She had one more major job to do. Being careful not to mess up her immaculate hair, she stripped off her clothes and headed for the bathroom. She ran a cool bath, and carefully washed herself clean of the day’s grime. Then, with her shower spray as hot as she could stand she held it to her pussy, allowing the water to run freely through her dark, curly hairs. The sensation was almost unbearable. She could not, and would not, succumb to the obvious temptations. When her pubic hair had soaked and softened long enough, she took her ladyshave sensitive skin gel and smothered it all over her curls. Before she could change her mind, she followed with the specially bought Gillette Mach 3 razor.

Little by little, beşiktaş escort Cheryl denuded herself. At first, she thought that she might keep a tastefully sculpted heart, but her artistic talents weren’t up to it. No, everything had to go. As her black curls dropped into the bath water, she was amazed at how easy it was. Soon her pubic mound was bare and smooth. Next, she carefully moved her attentions to her pussy lips. Fortunately, the growth was not too thick and these too soon lost their covering. Heavens! She felt so clean. So wicked! Now she felt truly naked.

Please let him find it as exciting as I do, she thought.

The combination of shaving for the first time and thinking about him had a powerful effect. She had never been more wet and aroused, but still refused to give in to her lust. Reluctantly, and as clinically as she could, she ran her face cloth between her legs and washed some of her juices away.

Now it was 6.30. Only half an hour to go!

She fixed her makeup and took out the precious lingerie that she had bought that afternoon. Her arousal was everything now. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking about him and her desire was so intense that she could hardly breath.

The card on the bookshelf caught her eye. Still naked, she smiled and padded over to it, and re-read it for the hundredth time.

“Happy Advance Valentine my darling.

“You know I have to go away for a week on business but I will return at 7pm on Valentines Night.

“We have never spent even one day apart since we met a year ago, and I will miss you with every fibre of my soul.

“I make you a promise. Between now and when I see you again I swear to complete celibacy. Not with others – you know I would never betray you. But with myself. Even if I wake in the night from my dreams of you, I will take a cold shower.

“My pleasure is only for you, my love.

“If you can bring yourself to deny yourself as well, I am sure that our rejoining on 14th February will seal our love for all time.

“Be my Valentine. Be my life. Be mine.”

Also, for the hundredth time, a smile crossed her lips and a tear filled her eye. It was 2 minutes before 7pm. She stepped into the erotic black lace garment and pulled it up her body. As she slowly drew it over her swollen breasts, she stepped to the window and parted the closed blinds. Her heart missed a beat as she saw Peter walking down the drive with an enormous bunch of red roses in his arms.

The key scraped the lock. She heard the front door open and Peter’s familiar, wonderful voice:

“Darling, I’m home. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

The week had gone so slowly as she had waited, imagining the magic of this moment. How she would rush into his arms, smother him with kisses and …

But now that the moment was here her fantasy dissolved. She just stood by the window, nervous, anxious, her self-confidence drained. She couldn’t open her mouth to answer him: her nerves were so strong. What if she had misunderstood? What if his card was a joke that she had read too much into? She started to feel silly, dressed up like some kind of … she really didn’t want to think what.

Then he came into the room.

“My God you are beautiful.” He couldn’t have chosen better first words. He dropped the roses on a side table and rushed to Cheryl, wrapping her in his strong arms. Their lips met, eyes wide open as their hungry mouths opened to each other. Like a first kiss, their tongues caressed each other, sliding, exploring, tasting.

She could feel Peter’s excitement growing. The tenderness of the first moments soon changed to a mutual lust. He pulled her body tight to his, squashing her lace-covered breasts against his broad, strong chest. His hands slid down her back until they rested on the cheeks of her rear, then with slowly increasing pressure he drew her groin to his.

Her heart missed a beat when she felt his hardness press against her.

“Oh Peter, I want you so badly,” she said, as her hands scrabbled to unbutton his shirt.

“Did you, you know, wait?” He hesitantly asked.

“Yes I did, and now I feel like a dam that’s about to burst.”

“Me too, my darling. It was so difficult, but I just thought about you and it was worth it.”

“I hope you’ve come home with lots of energy!”

In moments she had him stripped. He stood before her, tanned, fit and beautiful. What really got her attention was his wonderful cock. They had been lovers for a year, beşyol escort but she had never seen him so hard. His skin was stretched, every vein was pulsing and the shiny purple head was just beginning to seep a little of her favorite drink.

“Oh baby!”

She knelt in front of him and took him in her hands. It felt hard and silky, hot and exciting. As she wrapped the fingers of one hand around his generous shaft, the other moved beneath his softly hanging balls to tease the back of his scrotum. She knew he loved that and just as he gasped with pleasure, she softly licked her tongue across the very tip of his cock, relishing the bead of clear liquid.

“Mmmm,” you taste good.

Before he could react, she opened her lips and slid him inside her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his glans, coating him with her saliva. Her hand began a slow-motion masturbation at the base of his shaft as she pumped him in and out of her sucking mouth. He placed his hands on her face, and stroked her hollowed cheeks. She looked up into his dark blue eyes and could see that he badly needed a release. This wasn’t the time to play long drawn-out games. He needed to cum hard and fast. And she needed to taste him.

Her other hand pressed further between his legs until she could feel the tight ring of his ass against her seeking fingertip. She gently wriggled her finger until she managed to get an inch or so inside him, then she speeded up the work on his cock.

One of his hands moved up his own body to pinch and stroke his nipples – a sure sign that he was nearly ready to cum. The muscles in his thighs tensed into solid slabs, his head went back, his breathing almost stopped and his cock seemed to swell even more inside her willing mouth. With perfect timing, Cheryl pressed her finger harder into his ass and gripped tighter around his shaft, pumping him as fast as she could.

Then she was rewarded. His first jet of hot spunk hit the back of her throat and coated her tongue. Then his cock jerked, expelling wave after wave of his long-stored juice. She couldn’t swallow it all, even though she tried, and by the time his orgasm has abated, she still had his sperm on her face and in her mouth.

Knowing that it would excite him, she stood up and leaned forward to kiss him. He unhesitatingly opened his mouth to share the feast with her and finished by licking her face clean.

“That was so good, Cheryl. Now it is your turn.”

He lifted her up and carried her to their bedroom. He laid her carefully down on the bed and moved down to her feet. Gently, he licked each toe, carefully sucking them one by one into his mouth before moving on to the next. Then he kissed his way up her legs to her knees, slowly parting her long, smooth legs. He could see that the black lace covering her crotch was soaking wet. The sexual perfume of this woman who he dearly loved, reached his nose, and reinvigorated his own appetites.

He continued to kiss every part of her body, except those places she most wanted to feel his lips and tongue. He knew that she would love the teasing and would soon tell him when she needed more. Cheryl was lost to the sensations. She had reached a state where her orgasm was only a breath away, but she wanted it to wait. Wanted to enjoy this peak of sensuality for as long as her body would allow.

When he finally reached her mouth they kissed again, long and deep.

“I want you naked, my love,” he whispered.

“Then I have a surprise for you.”

She stood beside the bed and began to seductively sway and strip for him. Her hard pointed breasts shivered as she slowly slid the lace over them, exposing first one, then the other to his lustful gaze. Never had she felt her nipples this tight. She couldn’t resist running her fingers over them, teasing their wrinkled firmness, and rolling them between finger and thumb. It was like an electric shock, all the pent up emotion of the last week flooded through her in response to that brief touch.

Then, she slid the black lace further down her body and allowed it to pool at her feet. It was Peter’s turn to gasp as she stood proudly him, feeling so much more than naked.

“My God, you’ve shaved. Oh my baby, you look so sexy, I’ve got to feel you.”

Giggling, she jumped back on the bed and rolled over on her back. She drew her knees up and let her legs fall apart.

“Go ahead darling, its all yours,” she said, giggling.

He wasted no time at all. His strong fingers slid down her taut stomach beykent escort and caressed her naked mons.

“So smooth and soft! I love it!”

She knew that Peter had always loved her pussy, and had spent as much time as possible learning everything about it, but this was all so different. She felt different, and he was lost in his exploration.

“Tell me what you see.”

“You look so much more vulnerable, so fresh. Your clit seems bigger, more exposed. Your lips are smooth and open, redder than they seemed before. And you are so wet! Every fold is glistening. Oh my darling, you are so beautiful.”

What made it even more exciting for Cheryl was the knowledge that she had done this as a gift for him. For them.

He dropped his face to kiss her inner thighs before licking his way to the center of her desire. His tongue felt different. Strange. Smooth, shiny, slippery, and so sexy. It parted her lips and the tip made contact with her inner opening. This welcome intimacy set her copious juices flowing in earnest. He used his fingers to hold her apart while he lapped the length of her heated core, flicking her clitoris at the top of each stroke.

And every time he breathed his hot breath over her super-sensitized flesh, it was like an angels wings beating her.

Cheryl knew that she couldn’t hold off any longer. Her clitoris began to buzz deep inside as the orgasm, which had been hovering near the surface for so long, began to break through. Her toes curled, her fingers gripped Peter’s hair, pushing his face harder into her soft flesh, her nerves flashed sparks throughout her body and then, like jumping off a precipice, she was released.

Peter knew her too well to stop until she told him to. He kept up his licking and sucking on her clit, feeling every pulse of orgasm wash through her, until he felt the intensity begin to fade. Her fingers released his hair and she slowly sank back in a world of her own.

When she finally opened her eyes, Peter was kneeling beside the bed. She focused on his hand, outstretched towards her.

“Cheryl, I love you more that I can say. Please accept this ring. Please marry me.”

“Maybe,” she said with a gleam in her eye, “but not half way through!”

“How did I ever get involved with such an incorrigible vixen? You asked for it!”

He climbed back onto the bed and knelt between her still splayed legs. His penis solid, and pulsing with anticipation. Cheryl thought that he was going to fill her hard and fast, but was surprised when he just rested the head of his cock against her wetly parted lips. His juices merged with hers forming a slippery lubricant, which allowed him to begin a sweet massage of her entire pussy region, using just his hard cock. Her newly naked flesh was so sensitive that she could feel every ridge and vein as he stroked between her legs.

Her legs involuntarily spread wider apart, her knees pulled up and her heels crossed over his tight butt. She wanted him deep inside her so badly, but loved this merciless teasing. As Peter leaned forward, he trapped his solid manhood between his stomach and her clitoris. Without slowing this wonderful grinding pleasure, he lowered his mouth to her breasts. At first, his lips merely grazed the soft flesh, but he was feeling the urgency too and in no time, he seemed to be devouring her. He drew as much of each breast into his mouth as he could and lashed her tender nipples with his tongue.

Cheryl was actually panting by the time Peter detached himself from her breasts and traced a wet line to her arched throat. At the moment that he made contact with the soft skin above her collarbone, he flexed his hips and adroitly slid his throbbing cock deep into her slippery pussy.

She could feel herself gripping his rock-hard cock like a silk glove. Without any conscious effort, Cheryl tightened the grip her legs had on Peter, pulling him even deeper, and began a slow rhythmic contraction of her pussy muscles, teasing and touching every part of him.

They were no longer individuals making love; they had passed into that state of mutuality where they only existed for each other’s pleasure. And what pleasure it was. Each knew precisely what the other was feeling and could judge the exact movements required to bring the ultimate conclusion. Their orgasms began together, slowly grew through each other’s pleasure and finally erupted into the world like a volcano.

Just as they passed their peak together and began the slow climb down to becoming individuals again, Peter closed his mouth over Cheryl’s and kissed her deeply. She could only respond as she felt her love for him explode in her mind.

When their kiss eventually ended and Peter rolled to Cheryl’s side, she turned to face him.

“The answer is yes, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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