A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 06

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I let out a contented sigh as I leaned back from the table and sipped my coffee. “As far as Christmas dinners go, that was the best one I have had in many years. I need to thank everyone for joining us, and especially the ladies for all their hard work on the lovely meal. It’s been too many years since I actually felt like the host at a holiday dinner.”

“Now that dinner is finished however, I think it is time to adjourn to the living room. We held off opening presents so Corbin could join us, and he only has a few hours before he needs to get back on the road for home,” I said as I stood. “I don’t know about anyone else, but I could go for a nice amaretto as well.”

We relaxed and enjoyed a drink as everyone opened their presents. It was an odd time for me, as I was not used to seeing my girls fully dressed. I had taken them shopping a couple days ago so they would have something normal to wear when Corbin arrived, as well as letting them pick out a few presents for the rest of the house.

The only real surprise gift was when I handed out my present for all the ladies in the house. Finding a set at the last minute for Marian had taken a couple stops, but it was worth the extra effort to see her face light up with the rest as they saw the half-carat diamond earrings.

There were several objections, but they let me overrule them fairly easily with the reminder that I was worth several million and a half dozen pairs of diamond earrings was not going to break me. We chatted and enjoyed each other’s company for a while, until Corbin announced it was time for him to head out because he still had a four-hour drive ahead of him.

As he loaded up the car, Sonia kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for the earrings before dragging her husband back to their house. Corbin hugged Felicia, telling her how glad he was to see her so happy. After a final exchange of pleasantries, Felicia and his parents watched as he drove off before coming back inside. As soon as the door closed, Felicia, Amanda and Elizabeth started peeling off their clothes.

“I don’t know how you stand to be dressed all day long,” Elizabeth said to Marian. “I would go crazy if I had to do that every day.”

“I think you should all go take a shower and get your regular outfits back on for now,” I told them. “It is still early and I would like to spend some more time enjoying the holiday.”

Once they were upstairs, I went back into the living room and picked up the phone. “Our special guest just left, and I sent them up to shower, so they should be back down in fifteen minutes or so…No, they don’t suspect a thing…Perfect, we will see you in about half an hour then.”

When I hung up the phone, Jaden and Marian gave me a questioning look. “It’s a surprise for the girls. Do not ask, but I am sure you will probably enjoy it as well. Let’s have another drink while we wait for them.”

I put some more Christmas music on before pouring another round of drinks and sitting down. When the girls came back down, I saw they were all dressed in their usual house attire. Elizabeth and kitten both curled up with me on the couch as Amanda went to snuggle up with Marian, figuring she would be spending the night with them.

When their tests came back clean, I gave the girls permission to play on their non-breeding nights. Last night, Elizabeth went right from her session with Teodoro to their bed. Tonight should have been Amanda’s turn with them, but I had other plans.

The knock at the door took everyone else by surprise. “Elizabeth, Amanda, I need the two of you to go answer the door.” I could see the confused looks, but they got up and went to the door. “It is a little surprise for them,” I whispered in kitten’s ear in response to her questioning glance.

I heard the door open, followed by stunned silence for a moment before a high-pitched squeal of excitement pierced the air. I could tell the curiosity was getting to her, so I told Felicia she could go see what the surprise was. I chuckled as she jumped up and rushed out of the room.

“Okay, spill the beans already,” Marian said. “What is all the surprise that has them all excited?”

“Elizabeth and Amanda have been worried because their Master’s presents had not arrived yet, and he never misses a holiday,” I explained. “Julien usually makes a trip to the Swiss Alps around this time of year with all of his special pets for a two weeks ski vacation. We arranged to have him take an extra day so he could drop off their presents personally and let them visit with their sisters. That is who is at the door right now.”

I stood up as Amanda and Elizabeth led Julien into the room. “Julien, glad you made it safely. From the sound of it, the surprise worked out well. I have coffee, amaretto, or wine if you prefer that,” I said as I shook his hand before looking over to Elizabeth and Amanda. “Yes, you have permission to greet everyone as you clearly want to.”

“Amaretto would be wonderful,” he replied before Elizabeth’s mouth ordu escort covered his. I poured his drink with a laugh and set it on the table next to him. I figured he would be a few minutes.

I had just sat down when I was surprised to hear a child’s voice. “Your tail is so fluffy, are you supposed to be a cat? I am a cat too, but Daddy-Master says I cannot have a real tail until I get older though. Do you like being a cat?”

It was interrupted by another woman I did not recognize. “Sophia, sweetie, you have to give her a chance to talk if you expect her to answer. What has Master told you about asking questions, and what did he tell you about kitten before we arrived?”

“I have to stop between questions so people can reply,” she recited dutifully before getting a horrified look on her face. “I’m so sorry, Daddy-Master told me you cannot talk and I was asking you a million questions.”

I watched as Felicia put a finger over the young girl’s lips to silence the apology with a smile, and then point to the couch. As they sat down, she pulled out her speech device so she could communicate. I was wrapped up in watching them and did not notice when Julien came to stand next to me.

“She is quite pretty, and appears to be a real sweetheart as well. Elizabeth and Amanda mention her often when they write,” he said. “From the looks I have seen so far, I would say she adores you. How have my two been acting for you?”

“Other than scheming to find Felicia for me, and I won’t hold that against them because it was something we both needed, they have been perfect angels. Even when I was not treating them very well, they never complained. They just decided I needed my own pet and set about finding her,” I told him with a smirk. “I would like to ask you for a favor though. She has never had anal sex, and is very nervous about any kind of anal play. I have no experience outside of a couple times with Amanda and Elizabeth, and am afraid I am going to hurt her. I was hoping she could spend the night with you and see that it does not have to hurt.”

“I would love to spend the night with her if she agrees, but I think there is a better option if you want to help her get used to anal play. She is not a slave, and I will not treat her as one, so it needs to be her choice,” he told me. “We do need to figure out our sleeping arrangements for tonight. Are your guests clean?”

“Yes, we just got their test results back last night. I still have to breed Elizabeth tonight, so I will need her in my bed. I was hoping you would take Amanda and Felicia to bed with you. Amanda has been craving a spanking, and I am not really good at that,” I replied. “We have two empty rooms on each floor, so we should have plenty of room. I just hope you can find some time for Elizabeth and Amanda before you have to leave.”

“Okay, our guests appear to be drooling over the twins, so let’s have them stay there. I will take Amanda, Katherine, and Felicia in one of the rooms upstairs, if Felicia is willing. Katherine has a very gentle touch. She is the best person to help your kitten get over her fear of anal play. Scarlett and Kayla can stay with you and Elizabeth, as I know they are all close and would probably like to catch up,” he explained. “If we put Sophia and Paige in one room, we can split the others between the two empty rooms and be fine.”

Jaden and Marian seemed quite pleased when the twins sat in their laps, claiming to be their bed warmers for the night. They all made a quick retreat upstairs after the twins kissed Sophia goodnight.

I showed Paige and Sophia to what used to be Sonia’s old playroom. There was an old television and VCR in there, along with a large selection of kid’s movies. When I left, they were settling in to watch Toy Story, so I figured they would be fine until bedtime.

Isabella and Mandy got the second downstairs bedroom, Anna, Shelly and Violet got the empty upstairs room. When I got back to the living room, Felicia was laying across Scarlett and Julien being loved. “Amanda, Katherine and Julien are going to be in your room with you tonight if you could show them the way. Elizabeth, Scarlett and Kayla are going to be sleeping with us tonight. I need to talk with Felicia for a bit before we come up if you would like some time to chat. You will have most of the day tomorrow to catch up with your other sisters as well, because they won’t be leaving until late afternoon.”

Kitten looked a bit nervous as she crawled into my lap while everyone else went upstairs. “You are not in any trouble my dear; I just wanted to talk to you privately. I know I told you that our guests were allowed to play with you, but you did not have to do more unless you wanted to. I would like you to spend the night with Julien, Amanda and Katherine tonight, but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“We have talked about trying anal sex, but we keep putting it off. You get tense every time we even try to touch you back there, and I am worried rize escort I will hurt you or possibly tear you because of my inexperience. Julien will be playing with Amanda, and Katherine would like to help you get past your fear of anal play,” I explain to her. “The choice is entirely up to you, but I would still like you to spend the night in bed with them, even if it is just to cuddle and sleep.”

We sat for a few minutes, just holding each other until her thoughts were interrupted by Katherine coming back into the room.

-Katherine several minutes earlier-

I followed Amanda and Master out of the room, a bit surprised that Master had chosen me to spend the night with him and Amanda. I was not objecting of course, because I had missed her and Elizabeth immensely, but Amanda words as we walked upstairs made it a bit clearer.

“Alonso wants Felicia to spend the night with us, doesn’t he,” She asked. “I was hoping you were going to spank me then pound my ass into oblivion, but I don’t know what kitten will be comfortable with. She will be fine playing with Katherine, but she may not want you doing more than touching her.”

“I know that my pet and I told Alonso that it would be her choice because she is not like you,” Master replied. “He would like us to help her get past her fear of anal play, and I know Katherine is the best person to do that if she will not let me. I am still planning on spanking you and taking your ass unless you are worried it might frighten her too much.”

“It might Master, she is very nervous about anyone touching her there. We have to pet her for a while with her tail resting against her anus before she will relax enough for us to put it in,” Amanda told him. “If she sees you spanking me and them taking my ass she may panic.”

I could see Amanda’s apprehensive look as we entered the room, so I offered my own possible solution. “Master, if I may suggest something. I understand her fear of pain. I had the same fear for years because of my condition, and it was not that long ago that sex could be very painful for me. You were always so gentle with me so you would not hurt me. If I give the two of you some alone time and talk to her downstairs, I may be able to help her see that we understand her fears.

Master turned and kissed me. “I think that would be the best choice honestly, my pet. Go talk to her, and knock before you come back in if she is not ready to see me taking Amanda’s ass. You know how I get after giving a spanking, and it may be more intense than she is ready for.”

Amanda was bent over the bed before I even got to the door, and I heard her gasp as Master’s hand contacted her ass as I closed it. I smiled as I walked back downstairs. I could understand her craving to be spanked even if I did not share it, as any time with Master was precious, but I prefer not to watch a spanking. I just hoped I could help Felicia.

When I entered the living room, I found Alonso and Felicia still curled up together in the same chair as when I left. Alonso looked confused when he saw me, “Is everything alright Katherine? I thought you would be busy with Amanda and Julien.”

“Everything fine, I just let them have some private time for the moment, as I was hoping I could talk with Felicia,” I told him as I sat down on the couch. “Master told me what you asked him about, and I want to try to calm some of her fears. I do have a lot of experience worrying about being hurt during sex.”

Alonso chucked at my slight morbid humor. “Yes, I remember. Your sisters mentioned you were going in for another procedure when they arrived. If you do not mind me asking, how did it turn out? They never mentioned anything more than you were going to Los Angeles to see a new doctor.”

“You have been my lover on a couple occasions, so I don’t mind you asking. It went far better than expected. The last few months have been amazing. For the first time in my life, I have not had to worry about my partner hurting me. Once Master was sure I was okay, he let me go a bit wild,” I said with a blush coming to my cheeks. “I was the main attraction at a party for the Stables trainers and grooms. I had someone’s cock pounding away in my pussy for hours, and it was amazing. All twenty of them got to cum in me before the party ended.”

“I am surprised Julien allowed that. I thought he was more restrictive about who he allows to play with his personal pets,” Alonso replied. “I remember his father mentioning it was rare for anyone that lived on the island to have access to you girls.”

“He is usually, but it was a special request that I made. I was trying to make up for years of Master having to treat me like a porcelain doll,” I explained. “It is hard to explain how frustrating it was, living with a condition that makes anything but the most gentle sex painful. Master was always so gentle with me, and I was hoping to help Felicia understand that he would be just as gentle with her.”

Felicia shook her head, then came sakarya escort over and sat next to me, picking up her speech device. “Master, I have no problem spending the night with them. Elizabeth and Amanda have told me so much about their Master that I am interested in having sex with him if you are okay with it. I will even try to let them play with my ass, but I want you to be the one to take my anal virginity.”

“Of course you can play kitten, I would not have you spending the night with them if I was not okay with you going as far as you wish,” Alonso replied. “I will try to get over my fear of hurting you. I know your first time will hurt, and I don’t do well with that.”

“Alonso, if I may offer some advice. You were very gentle when you made love to me because you know you could easily hurt me. If you approach taking her anal virginity with the same caution, she will have very little pain from it,” I told him. “We will help her learn to start enjoying anal play tonight. Amanda and Elizabeth can help prepare her for your first time, just tell them you want to take her ass, and you want them to get her ready for you. Take advantage of their experience. If you are curious, ask Scarlett and Kayla to show you how to get a woman warmed up for anal sex after you finish breeding Elizabeth tonight,. They both enjoy it, and you have full permission to play with them, so enjoy it.”

“I think might just do that,” he replied as he got up and kissed Felicia. “Have a good night little kitten. I love you, and will see you in the morning.”

Her quiet little ‘raow’ in response was adorable as I pulled him in for a kiss as well before he went up to bed. “Well Felicia, or do you prefer to be called kitten?”

“Kitten please,” she typed in. “I hate to ask this, but everyone else has already gone up, and I don’t want to disturb Master. Would you be willing to help me get cleaned up? I am not allowed to do it myself.”

“Of course kitten, I completely understand having to follow our Master’s rules and will help with whatever you need,” I told her with a chuckle. “I was going to ask if you wanted to stay down here a bit longer, or go upstairs now. I know my Master is probably pounding Amanda’s ass hard right now, and I did not know if seeing that would bother you with your concerns about anal play. If you like, we can take care of what you needed to do first, and then we could play a bit before we go up.”

“I think I would like to go up after I go potty. Maybe seeing her enjoying it will help. Would it be okay if you play with my bottom some while we watch? I will try to relax for you.” I could see she was still nervous from the look in her eyes, so I reached over to caress her cheek.

“Kitten, let’s get you taken care of first. When we get upstairs, I want you to crawl up on the bed in whatever position is most comfortable for you and relax,” I told her. “Don’t worry about me playing with your bottom yet, as I am going to play with the rest of you first.”

She nodded and led me off so she could use the bathroom. I was a bit surprised when she led me into a solarium and I saw her crawl into a large litter box, but understood her request that I help clean her up.

“Kitten, would you be okay with me taking your tail out now? That way I can clean you up back there as well and we will not have to worry about it when we are playing.”

When she nodded, I gently pulled the plug out before thoroughly cleaning her. Upstairs, we found Amanda on her knees and elbows, where she was quite vocal of how she was enjoying Master taking her ass. Kitten slowly entered the room and crawled up on the bed next to Amanda, watching as Master worked her over with long, steady strokes. “Master, Kitten would like for us to play with her, and would like to give herself to you tonight. She would also like her Master to taker her anal virginity soon and was hoping we could help her learn to relax.”

Master reached over and ran his fingers though her hair. “Of course little kitten. Why don’t you get comfortable and let Katherine play with you while I take care of Amanda? I am looking forward to playing with your beautiful body.”


I was shocked by the sincerity in his voice when he said he was looking forward to playing with me. I had seen his pets and had no clue why he would have any interest in me. They all looked half my age and were insanely gorgeous to boot. Knowing that he desired me, when he had so many beautiful women who would do anything he asked them to, made me feel beautiful.

“Would you like to get comfortable kitten, so I can play with you,” Katherine asked as came up and ran her fingers down my back. I was still on my hands and knees, having been fascinated by Amanda’s pleasure at having her Master take her ass. Her pleasure had me more curious about having my ass played with than I had ever been before.

I crawled closer, laying my head on Amanda’s ass so I could watch as Julien’s massive cock slid in and out of her tiny little asshole. My Master’s cock was the largest one I had seen before now, but Julien’s was much larger in both length and girth. I was not sure it would fit in my pussy, and had no idea how Amanda was taking it so easily in her ass without screaming in pain.

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