A Holiday With Kelly Ch. 08

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Big Dick

Opening his eyes to bright sunlight flooding through the balcony doors Rob very quickly became aware of his mother’s mouth around his cock, sucking greedily on his engorged rod.

“Mmmmuummmm… Nnnnghhmmmm…. Gggguuunngggg!” the sound of her slurping filled his ears and he flopped back onto his pillow letting himself enjoy the feel of her lips tightening on his erection.

Looking down his body all he could see was the mass of blonde hair that had fallen across his mother’s face, bobbing up and down as she fellated him hungrily. Then, every so often, she would pause and run her tongue around his sensitive tip of his glans to tease him before taking his prick deep into her mouth again.

“Hhhhuuummmmm… Gnnnuuummmmm…. Uuurrrmmmmmm!” Kelly swallowed as much of her son’s thick hard 8″ as she could, one hand massaging his balls while her lips tightened and relaxed around his solid girth.

“Oh fuck… mu… Kelly… I…. I need to fuck you…. now.” He gasped, gripping the sheets as the pleasure grew in him.

“Uh… uh!” his mother shook her head and continued too orally please him.

Her lips slid almost effortlessly up and down on his shaft, coating it with her saliva, as she sucked enthusiastically on the throbbing pole that was stretching her jaws apart.

“Shit… shit… I’m gonna…. oh fuck…. I’m gonna…. CUUUMMM!” Rob shuddered, grabbing her head and thrusting up, forcing his cockhead into her throat as his dick erupted.

“Gggguuuuurrrgggggggggggg…. Uuuurrrrgggggggggg!” Kelly choked as she swallowed the first heavy spurts of semen that splattered down her gullet.

Pushing her head down Rob continued to cum, his cock pulsing as it continued to spew out his seed, flooding his mother’s mouth with a copious amount of his man cream.

Keeping her lips wrapped around her son’s erection Kelly swallowed again and again until his prick finally stopped jerking. Then, taking her time, she kissed and licked him clean before moving back up the bed to snuggle against him.

“Enjoy that?” she giggled naughtily.

“Enjoy it? It was fucking incredible. You’re incredible.” He sighed breathlessly, wrapping an arm around her.

For a while they lay quietly together just enjoying the closeness until Kelly eventually broke the silence.

“We had better get ourselves up and get some breakfast honey.” She announced emphatically rolling up off the bed and looking down at her son.

“Aww do we have to?” Rob moaned cheekily with a smile.

“Yes, we do. Now get up you lazy thing.”

Grinning broadly, he rolled out of bed and pulled his mother into his arms, kissing her firmly.

“Eww… Rob… stop, my mouth’s all yukky with your stuff.” She pulled away laughing.

He joined in with her amusement and, letting go of her, lightly swatted her backside as he followed her into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later they were showered and dressed; Kelly in a long vest top over her leopard print bikini while Rob was, as always, wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

Walking out of the hotel the couple turned left and strolled down towards the beach and their favourite bistro for breakfast.

“What would you like to do today?” Rob asked his mother after they had ordered.

Kelly thought about it for a moment, “How about we go to the main beach? It’s something a little bit different.”

He shrugged “I guess we could. We haven’t really been on it yet.”

“You never know you might find yourself a proper girlfriend there.” His mother teased him.

“I have a proper girlfriend right now.” Rob answered seriously, “Unless she wants to dump me that is?”

Kelly bit her lower lip and responded in a rather demure tone, “No honey she doesn’t want to dump you…. Ever.”

Their food arrived just at that moment, ending any further discussion as they settled down to eat.

Sipping his hot cappuccino Rob regarded his mother over his cup.

“Are you ok about tonight? The contest and all?” he asked her after a minute or two.

She shrugged “I don’t know. If I’m being absolutely honest about it. Part of me, your porn star girlfriend bit is, but the rest of me is more than a little apprehensive. How about you?”

Her son looked at her obviously worried about the part she would be playing in the public spectacle at the club later, “I’m a bit nervous really. Seeing you on stage and… you know… watching you strip completely.”

Kelly giggled, “I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’ve been naked on the beach and we’ve even had sex in public… in the sea… twice remember.”

Rob blushed and took a bite of his croissant, “Yeah I remember.”

Once they had finished breakfast, they sauntered back to their room to collect their things before heading down to the resort’s main beach.

Finding a couple of sunbeds and a parasol that were available they settled themselves mid-way between a small beach bar and the ocean.

Laying out their towels Kelly then proceeded to strip down to her tiny bikini, giving all the nearby males, young and old, the chance to ogle her before Bakırköy Escort stretching out on the lounger.

They had barely been seated for ten minutes when the beach attendant came around to collect the fee for the loungers.

Wearing just a tight pair of shorts and reflective sunglasses, his bronzed chest on display, he stood over Kelly obviously leering at her scantily clad body.

“Ten euros each please.” He requested the charge for the sunbeds.

She sat up and fished in her bag for the money as he stared at her barely covered breasts.

Ignoring Rob completely the attendant took the cash, “You want to get a drink with me later?”

Eyeing him up and down Kelly shook her head, “No thanks, I’m busy later.”

“Another one who wants to fuck my girlfriend?” Rob propped himself up on one elbow and chuckled after the collector had departed.

His mother sighed and rolled her eyes despairingly, “It’s not my fault honey. The last thing I want is some neanderthal chatting me up wanting to take me for a drink.”

Laughing he laid back, “Guess so. Can I have the sun cream…. Kelly.”

The main beach at the resort was as busy as they had expected and most of the sunbeds were gone by midday. Wanting to get a drink they left their towels in place as they headed up to the beach bar.

Wearing just her tiny bikini Kelly drew plenty of appreciative stares but she made sure she hung onto her son’s arm so no one got the idea she was available. It still didn’t prevent them eyeing her up but at least it kept any predatory men at bay while they got two ice cold beers.

Sitting under an umbrella they sipped their drinks and watched life at the beach; people sunbathing, some swimming, a game of volleyball going on as well as plenty of water sports.

“How about trying that with me m… Kelly?” Rob suggested nodding towards the shoreline.

Trying what?” she asked apprehensively, unsure as to what her son was referring to.

He grinned, “The para sailing silly. It looks fun.”

“No. No way.” Kelly declared firmly, “There’s no way I’m going up on that parachute thing.”

“Oh, come on, it’ll be fun.” Rob urged her, “It’s perfectly safe and I’ll be on it with you.”

His mother shook her head obviously nervous, “I’m not sure honey, maybe I should just watch you.”

However, there wasn’t any way Rob was taking no for an answer and after fifteen minutes of pleading, arguing and bullying he stood in line with his mother, waiting their turn on the dual parachute.

“I’m really not sure about this.” Kelly protested feebly as they reached the front of the queue.

“Don’t worry we’ll be fine.” Her son laughed as they were ushered through to be harnessed up.

The young Spaniard who seemed to be in charge was probably only in his early twenties, with sun bleached shoulder length hair and fashionably unshaven stubble on his face he had a sexy beach boy look about him. Giving Kelly a broad grin and a wink as she stepped forward with her son, he quickly strapped Rob into his harness before turning his attention to her.

“Hi gorgeous, first time?” he asked feeding the belt around her upper body.

“Mmhhmm… yeah.” She replied nervously.

Taking his time, he made sure he had a discrete feel of her scantily clad breasts with the back of his hand as he clipped her in and then definitely rubbed his hand against her pussy when he fed the straps between her legs before checking all the fastenings.

“Tell you what beautiful…. if I make sure you survive how about having a drink with me tonight?”

“Oh err… yeah maybe…” she stammered, terrified at the prospect of being lifted into the air.

“Good… I’m Andres.” He smiled showing his white teeth.

“K… Kelly.” She told him before stepping forward to be hooked to the main rope.

“Did you enjoy that? Another neanderthal chatting you up.” Rob asked her with a smirk as they were finally done and standing ready to take-off.

“Cheeky sod had a bloody good feel of my pussy and my tits,” she giggled anxiously as she waited for the boat to go and lift them into the air, “Then he asked me out for a drink tonight.”

“I can’t say I blame….” Her son’s reply was cut off as they were jerked forwards and up.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kelly shrieked when her feet left the ground, “FUCK OH FUCKKKKKKK…. oh shit, oh shit….”

Next to her Rob laughed out loud as his mother screamed and kicked her legs, the line being slowly eased out sending them even higher and making her squeal even louder. Trying not to look down Kelly gradually calmed herself and started to enjoy the panoramic view from her precarious seat.

“Ohmygod…. ohmygod…. it’s amazing!” she shrieked looking around at the bird’s-eye view from the parachute.

It was several minutes but only seemed like a few seconds to her before the boat slowed and they began their gradual descent towards the water.

“Oh shit… shit… we’re gonna…” Kelly started to say as the Başakşehir Escort came down into the sea.

“Get wet.” She giggled as her head popped above the surface and she unfastened her harness.

The boat soon picked them up and Andres, the young Spaniard who had fitted her straps, helped her climb into the boat. Discretely reaching around her body and between her legs he had a long feel of both her tit and her pussy as she was manhandled over the side.

Finally managing to stand a blushing Kelly lifted his groping hands off her with a rather sarcastic thank you.

“So where do you like to drink?” Andres enquired, looking back as he picked up the discarded belts from the water.

“Mostly the Epic bar.”

“Maybe I see you there tonight then.” He grinned and winked at her.

“Did you enjoy that?” Rob slipped his arm around her waist as they got back to the beach.

She pulled his mouth round to hers and kissed him, “Mmhhmm… I did.”

Laughing they made their way back to their loungers and dropped on to them, holding hands.

“It was amazing honey. I couldn’t believe the view. But it was a little scary to.” Kelly finally admitted to him.

“And what about the prehistoric man?”

“Andres you mean? I did think he was rather gorgeous.” She giggled as she teased her son.

“Tonight might be even scarier. Getting up on stage and… you know… doing that.” Rob ignored her comment and changed the subject, reminding her of the contest she had entered that evening.

“Oh shit!” Kelly exclaimed “I’d forgotten all about that what with going parasailing and all.”

Her son grinned, “That was kind of my idea.”

“Someone’s getting very devious.” She laughed and leant across to kiss him, “Thank you honey.”

They both knew that they would have to eat early in the evening to get to the bar in plenty of time for the competition. So, they left the beach just before five and strolled back to their room to get themselves ready.

Slipping out of her costume Kelly went to go straight into the shower with a clear instruction to her son to wait outside.

“What for?” he protested.

“Because” she told him firmly, “I’m going to need to be as horny as possible when I’m up on stage. You want me to put on a good show, don’t you?”

He grabbed her pulling her against him, “I do but maybe you need to practise and tease me a little bit.”

Kissing her he slapped her bottom and gently guided her into the small bathroom in front of him. His hands sliding around her, fondling her breasts and playing with her already swollen nipples, as she turned on the water.

“Oh shit…. Rob.” She groaned leaning back against him letting one of his hands slide unopposed down her belly and between her legs.

Probing between her outer lips he started to run a digit back and forth along her slit, teasing her entrance, while his other hand toyed with her tits. His ministrations elicited an immediate response from his mother as her thighs parted wider allowing him complete access to her sex.

Closing her eyes Kelly leant back against her son and gasped with pleasure when his finger finally pushed up inside her.

“Aaaahhhh… yes… oh yes, yes.” Shuddering as he forced a second digit knuckle deep in her Kelly closed her eyes and moaned softly.

Pinching her nipple hard Rob twisted it making his mother yelp as both the sensations of pain and pleasure flowed from the abused bud. At the same time, he wormed his fingers deeper in her slick juicy hole forcing her up onto her toes.

“Fuck… oh fuck… oh shit I’m….” she bucked violently, her body responding to the things his hands were doing to her.

“Do it… cum for me mum.” Rob whispered in her ear.

Kelly responded to his suggestion, her body tensing before going into a series of almost violent spasms.

“Shit… oh shit, shit, shit…. I’m gonna cuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!” she squealed as her orgasm ripped through her slim body.

Holding her to him Rob let her cum, waiting until she was left trembling, enjoying the faint aftershocks of her climax.

“That was wonderful baby.” She kissed him, batting her eyelashes at him, “Now let’s get ourselves cleaned up.”

“Awww… that’s not fair mum. You can’t leave me like this.” her son’s arousal was obvious from the huge bulge in the front of his shorts and she felt guilty about teasing him.

With a smile she dropped to her knees and dragged his shorts down to free his prick. Her hand closing around it and gently starting to wank the throbbing slab of man meat in front of her face.

Gazing up at him she flicked her tongue around the head of his cock, slavering over it as she covered it with her spit before slipping her moist red lips onto the first hard inches.

“Ummmmmmmmm… Nnnngghhhh… Hhhhhmmmmmm!” slurping hungrily she began to pump her mouth up and down onto his hard shaft letting the crown push into her throat.

Groaning lustfully Rob wrapped his fingers in her blonde hair, gently Bebek Escort guiding her movements.

“Oh shit…. mum….”

Tightening her mouth around his cock she continued to bob her head letting her teeth lightly rake against his hot pulsing flesh.

“Fuck… fuck…. fuck!” throwing back his head and gasping her son tried to hold back, his balls tightening, cum starting to boil up his shaft.

“Ummppphhh…. Uuuurrrmmmmm…. Nnnnnnuuummmm!” taking him in as far as she could Kelly held him there and stared up into his eyes.

“Oh…. Goooddddddddddd!” Rob shuddered and gave one last moan as he came.

Kelly’s eyes widened as the first thick spurts of sperm filled her throat forcing her to swallow rapidly as even more man cream erupted from Rob’s pulsing, spasming shaft.

“Uuummmnnnngghhhhhhh!” gagging she kept her lips wrapped tightly around her son’s cock until the last drops of his seed spilled onto her tongue.

Then licking around the tip, she cleaned up the remnants of his cum and sat back on her legs.

“Fucking hell mum…. You really are amazing.” He grinned at her as she giggled and wiped her lips on the back of her hand.

“Now I need to get ready.”

Leaving Rob to finish in the bathroom Kelly went through her usual routine, drying her hair and putting on her make-up; gluing on her false eyelashes, applying eye liner, brushing on her mascara and eyeshadow as well as adding a pink lip gloss to complete the effect she wanted.

Her choice of clothes was a little more difficult and, wanting something simple to remove on stage, she eventually she settled on a red thong with her tight denim shorts that emphasised her rounded arse cheeks. A white, tight fitting, crop top that clung to her modest breasts and her white sandals with the 3″ heels completed her outfit.

It was still fairly early but now they were dressed and ready the couple set off to find a restaurant wanting to eat before making their way to the bar for the contest.

Choosing a small quiet place they ordered their meal, chicken for Kelly and fish for Rob.

They both had plenty to occupy their minds and to talk about with the upcoming competition later.

“You nervous mum?”

Kelly nodded and smiled, “Absolutely. Performing a striptease in front of an audience, it’s the closest I want to get to being a real live porn star.”

“It’s a pretty terrifying prospect isn’t it.”

“A lot scarier than just getting your tits out on stage.” She replied making them both laugh.

The conversation tailed away after that as the pair of them sat and, nervously, finished their meal. Settling the bill they took a slow walk in the cooling evening air down towards the Epic club, arriving more than a half-hour before they really needed to be there.

“Hola it’s my friend Kelly and…. err…. Rob. Let me get you a drink beautiful.” Miguel greeted them almost immediately as they walked in.

“Thanks, I’ll have a tequila sunrise and Rob will have a beer please,” she said, dodging his arm as he reached around her, his grasping fingers slipping off her bottom.

He grinned, “Sure, sure… Talk to my son Andres for a minute while I get them.”

Taken by surprise Kelly twisted around to come face-to-face with the young Spaniard from the para sailing on the beach.

“Son?” she blurted out, ignoring Rob for a moment.

“Si.” He grinned at her, “We own the club and the beach business as well as few other things.”

Returning with their drinks Miguel interrupted them and handed Rob his beer before leaning closer to whisper to Kelly as he gave her hers.

“Perhaps we can have a private drink later baby?”

He had had her once, the other day on the nude beach when Rob gave permission for him to fuck her but she wasn’t going to be his whenever he wanted her. She belonged to her son now and, while she would fulfil his fantasies, she wasn’t going to be a slut available to just anyone without his agreement.

“We’ll have to see, maybe.” she replied without making any firm commitment.

“So, you’re….err…girlfriend,” Andres butted in talking to Rob, obviously trying to determine his relationship with Kelly, “… she is in… the contest later?”

She answered first, nodding, “Mmhhmm, I am.”

“Perhaps after we could have that drink together?” the good-looking young Spaniard suggested.

“Maybe.” Kelly fluttered her long lashes at him as she avoided making a promise to him as well.

“Was he after what I think he was after?” Rob asked after Miguel and his son had moved away.

His mother nodded, “Mmhhmm, they both were. Andres and his dad want to invite me for a private drink later.”

“And? Will you go with either of them?”

She took her son’s arm, squeezing it, “Probably not. Not unless you want me to that is.”

Finishing their drinks, they let the subject of Andres drop while they, nervously, waited for the contest to begin.

It wasn’t a long wait fortunately as almost on the stroke of nine the DJ asked for all the female entrants to make their way backstage.

Going behind the curtain Kelly was surprised to find there were only eight other girls there, recognising just one of them, Daisy, from the wet t-shirt contest.

“Good evening girls.” Miguel stepped into the middle of the group, smirking lasciviously at them, “Let me fill you in with the rules and then we can get started.”

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