A Great Ending

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At least once in each man’s life, there is a very special woman. In this story, a married man relates the final chapter of an affair with his son’s ex-wife. The author leaves it to the reader’s imagination to determine whether this is based on actual events or entirely fictional. If you think it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Enjoy!

All good things come (No pun intended) to an end. While I knew that Laura and I couldn’t continue our intimacy indefinitely, I didn’t realize our last time together would be this soon. Laura had to move into a safe house to get away from an ex-lover. We talked with each other by cell phone and she said she could see me for a few hours, but not all night. It was late October, so I was able to get a nice room, with a king-size bed and other amenities for an off-season $39.95 rate. This was two steps up from the economy chain that Laura worked for and well under their $53.00 standard rate. The plethora of empty parking stalls told me that there wouldn’t be many guests, so there was practically no chance of running into anyone who knew either of us. Even so, we could enter and exit on the far side of the building. This was a discreet as I could have possibly imagined.

Laura arrived at 8:00, so we had nearly four hours to play. Before we got into any heavy petting or kissing, I had to let her know that John would be leaving town. Of course, that meant it would be difficult for me to have ataşehir escort an excuse to visit. She said it was probably just as well, because she’d just been on a date with a really nice guy. I asked if she just wanted to talk and she said that she really wanted me to make love with her in every way possible. I had to excuse myself and went to the bathroom, but left the door open so we could continue talking.

As I wiped off, I was thinking I should really shower before getting intimate. Laura must have read my mind. She asked, “Would you like to take a shower together?” I stood next to her and began undressing her. Kissing her, I unfastened her blouse, button by button. Laura began to unbutton my shirt. Then I pulled off my T-shirt and unfastened her bra. I unzipped her jeans and she unfastened my slacks. Both naked, we walked into the bathroom and started the water running in the shower. Laura nonchalantly sat on the toilet and peed.

After unwrapping the bath soap, I stepped into the water as soon as I felt the temperature was right. Laura stepped into the tub and we traded places so she could get wet. With the soap on my hands, I rubbed her back, shoulders and then reached around and soaped her breasts. Laura softly moaned and pressed her buttocks against my erection, intentionally swiveling her hips to push my penis sideways a few times. I reached down and placed a finger between her ass avcılar escort cheeks and two fingers of the other hand on her clit. Her pussy was already dripping wet and that was only partially due to the shower.

Laura began washing me, paying careful attention to my balls and cock. By this time, I was so hard, it felt as if my cock might break off. When we finished rinsing off, we shut off the water and dried each other off. Turning down the king-sized bed, we settled in under the covers and began some intense foreplay. Laura shaves her pubic hair, except for a small patch, about an inch wide. This made it easy to work on her orally. When I inserted two fingers in her vagina and continued caressing her clit and pussy lips with my tongue, she moaned and had the first of many orgasms.

Continuing my oral invasion of her private parts, I coaxed two or three more orgasms from her, before she told me to lay on my back. Facing me, she mounted my cock and rode it to an intense climax. Then she turned around and exposed her backside and anus to me. I wet my fingers and thumb with saliva and moistened her tightly puckered anus. As she began to hump me again, I pressed my thumb against her tiny little ass and she groaned with pleasure as I gently probed inside with a moist finger. The pressure on my member was intense, when I felt the spasmodic tightening of yet another climax. She was as hot and passionate avrupa yakası escort in making love as I’ve ever experienced.

Laura simply enjoys all forms of sexual intimacy. She knows what turns her on and what she’s wanting at the moment. I enjoy being a total slave to her desires. There is nothing else that compares to the feeling of pulling her orgasm trigger.

After a very brief respite, we engaged in the doggie-style position. After all this intensity, I was beginning to soften just a bit, so we switched to the missionary position after Laura fired her next orgasmic salvo. She was wearing me out! I felt the intense pleasure, but couldn’t seem to get to my own orgasm. She could tell I wasn’t as hard and even her intense excitement wasn’t reviving my erection. Her own climax came and went softly – we’d been at this for nearly an hour and were both wearing down.

Finally, she said she wanted me to come on her chest so she could rub my cum all over her breasts. As she watched intently, I stroked myself until I unloaded, splattering cum on both her breasts. She spread it onto her nipples and put her fingers in her mouth. Pulling my cock to her lips, she squeezed the last few drops of cum out and sucked them into her mouth. I licked all the cum off her breasts and sucked her nipples. Then she just said, “Kiss me.” I did, and she savored the taste of our body fluid cocktail.

No wonder I was getting tired, the clock indicated it was already past 11:00 PM. Nearly three hours of naked, wet and wonderful play. It was finally time to say good night and good bye. We knew this would probably be our last opportunity to be together, so we made the most of it. It was just a very special night that I’ll treasure forever.

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