A Good Little Wifey

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He came home from work tired and hungry, just like he does every day. She stood up from her chair and kissed him quickly before asking how his day was. His response is typical ‘it was ok’ it’s obvious he’s not in love with his job, he’s tired more from boredom than hard work and if she knows him he’s hungry for more than just dinner!

She’s really been making an effort to have his dinner ready when he gets home as well as her other chores. Which he noticed today and acknowledged with a kiss on the forehead as he said ‘good girl’ and swatted at her butt as she scurried off to make sure dinner was done. A smile beamed across her face…. god how she loves those two little words. Just hearing them said to her somehow melts her heart and dampens her panties at the same time.

He went and did whatever it is he does with the computer while he waited for dinner. It was only a few minutes before she called to him, and he dragged himself away from whatever he was doing, grabbed two plates and filled them up. Something he took up when he realized her eyes always seemed bigger than her stomach, and she was grateful for this because without it she would almost certainly over eat. Surely to others it would seem odd but to her it was just confirmation that he was taking care of her and looking out for her best interest. She tends to be a little self-destructive and he tries to keep that in check. She sighed through a sweet little smile as she sifted through the drawer in search of two forks. Feeling more loved and cared for then she even knew possible.

They bakırköy escort sat and relaxed as they ate their spaghetti & meatballs. He commented on how good it was. It was obvious she had spent all day making sure the sauce was just right. She’s no chef but she’s not a bad little cook. He says that is because she cooks with love, and he’s right. As they ate they laughed and joked around watching TV and chatting back and forth about nothing in particular.

After a while he looked at her and said c’mere, pointing to the floor, and she wasted no time doing as she was told. She got up took the few steps over to him and dropped to her knees at his feet. She bowed her head and smiled, she knew what he wanted and she was not about to make him wait. By this time he was pretty well undressed, nothing but a pair of light blue boxer briefs and a t-shirt. She nestled in between his legs and he could feel her tits press against his thighs as she leaned in, and her hot breath through the thinning cotton. She makes a mental note ‘this guy needs new underwear’ and giggles a little, shaking her head. He puts his fingers under her chin and tilts her head up to look at him and he half smiles, shaking his head too, as if to say ‘what am I gonna do with you?’. She licked her lips and he leaned back into the couch, closing his eyes and she wasted no more time. She couldn’t wait to feel his cock in her mouth and taste him as he got harder and harder, eventually filling her throat. She lightly scratched her fingernails in circles beşiktaş escort over his balls through his boxers as she pulled the top down exposing him in his semi hard state and quickly flicked at him with the tip of her tongue. Which made his cock twitch, something she always gets a kick out of. Then she quickly sucked it into her mouth taking in every last bit, rolling her tongue all over it getting him totally soaked and feeling him harden between her lips… opening her jaw wider. She loves knowing that it takes so little for her to get him so hard.

She slid her hands back around under his ass to pull his boxers completely off and make him more comfortable, and so that she could have better access. She leaned down and took his balls in her mouth sucking and licking them. Rolling her tongue back and forth and her mouth was watering so much they were practically dripping onto the couch. He put his hand on the back of her head, holding her there for a minute. She only stopped for a moment to lick the palm of her hand before she wrapped it around his cock.

She put a little twist on it as she slid it up and down… still sucking on his balls and flicking her tongue just under them. God she loves the way he tastes and hearing him practically growling, all she can think about is making him cum…. hard!

She moved her way back up, rolling her tongue along his cock as she went and stopped again for a second to look up at him looking down at her…. and he groaned, closing his eyes and shaking his head and she beylikdüzü escort got back to it. She needed to feel him deep in her throat – and then he was. And he bucked his hips up making her take just a little bit more and he reached out, stroking her hair and said ‘good girl’ and she almost lost it. She could feel her own wetness soaking her panties and practically dripping down her leg, but this was not about her own physical pleasure. She closed her eyes and concentrated on him, the way he tastes and smells, the way his breathing isn’t quite right, the sound of his voice caught in his throat as he tries to moan.

She just kept sucking him, trying to hold him as deep in her throat as she could. God she wanted to feel his hot cum as it sprayed against the roof of her mouth and her throat… trickling down the back of her tongue. His hand went from gently stroking her hair to wadding it up and pulling it, snapping her head back so he could see her face. How her lips were red and her cheeks and chin were glistening with saliva and he leaned down and kissed her before he pushed her mouth back down on his cock. She could almost cum herself when he pulls her hair like that, but she doesn’t. She just takes his cock back in…. bobbing up and down on it, and she can hear him telling her not to stop. She took him in deeper sucking him kinda hard as he grunted and filled her throat with cum.

His legs stiffened as his cock throbbed, draining every last drop into her mouth. And she quickly swallowed as much as she could, letting the rest drip from her lips. When she was sure he was done and he slumped back against the couch completely drained and content she licked her lips and rested her head on his thigh. He brushed his fingers against her cheek, stroking her hair again and told her that he loved her and she smiled, because for that moment… all was right with the world.

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