A Golden Request

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My darling wife is the most incredible woman I have ever met (that’s why I married her) and she is the best lover I have ever had and most likely ever will.

She is a mix of conservative values and wild child and occasionally the wild child is allowed to play.

I developed a fetish or desire that is for golden showers and wanted desperately for my wife to pee as I watched. Not on the toilet but in a sexual setting, something that would make us both feel naughty and highly erotic.

Well, she shunned my request and yet never flat out said no and so I would throw it in the hot talk every now and again to see what would happen. A few times I got a nibble of discussion and got as an answer that it sounded kind of hot but that she could not go there, ugggh. It times like that, that you want to go and find some vixen to fulfill your desires.

So we would go on and she would satisfy me constantly with what we would do. She is absolutely the best beşiktaş escort cocksucker in the world and I would love for all you guys to have her show you (but that’s another story), she enjoys it up the ass, doggy style is her fav and she loves to mutually masturbate.

We are Canadian from Vancouver eh, and we are known for being a bit on the reserved conservative side which is not the way my mind works, and so her refusing my request was not a huge shock. A disappointment yet not a shock. Then one night told me as I caressed and pulled her nipples, that she had to pee and I took that opening and suggested she pee for me, and she wanted to know what I would like.

So hearing those words made me even harder than I already was and she could sense my increased excitement, so I answered. Sitting in the armchair with me between your legs, panties on or off, and let me watch. And what I got back was “I’ll take them off”. beşyol escort I scrambled out of bed, fixed up the chair and put a towel underneath it to catch the flow. She got in that chair and scootched her butt right to the edge, spread her legs wide and played with her nipples as I told her how fucking horny I was and we waited…

Fuck! It was not going to appear. Not to be discouraged as she was there it would just have to wait for another day. And sure enough not a few days later there we were, talking once again and it comes out that she has always had a thing about peeing when she masturbated alone and there we were scrambling for the chair again. She spreads herself wide and starts telling me how she will undress in the bathroom at work and as she approaches orgasm from playing with her nipples and clit, gets up close to the sink and pees in it as she is cumming…fuck me that is exciting to hear come out of your wife’s beykent escort mouth.

And she tells me it is coming, and sure enough I see just a hint of wetness hit her glistening lips, and I encourage her. A full-fledged trickle comes and I am harder than I have ever been before, and then the flood gate opens and a full stream of golden joy erupts from her bladder. The sight and the scent are incredible and she is moaning with delight and I am loving it. I put my hand in the stream as if to make sure it is real and I love the heat it smacks me with. And as she is finishing I cannot help myself as I thrust my face forward and lick her lips, and then I jump up and enter her and fuck her hard as she is demanding of me, and I have never ever fucked with such vigor and excitement. She moans and thrusts and I cum inside her pee soaked cunt like the second cumming of Christ, and I am spent.

Our adventures have progressed since then to include her straddled over my chest with panties on, fuck me is that nice, and on our deck as she sits in a chair with me between her legs and our neighbors listening if they care to, to me drinking her golden nectar and kissing her afterward. Oh my I cant wait for the summer to get hear so we can go outdoors again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32