A Girl Has Needs…..

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I knew he was coming over to my place only for sex. I wasn’t naïve enough to think he wanted a long-term relationship. But in the bedroom, we were extremely well matched. The anticipation of our tryst had been building for weeks. Finally, we were able to meet. And he was due any minute.

Adam didn’t like any fussiness when it came to sex. So I didn’t bother with candles, lingerie, or soft music. I pressed play on my Ipod, which began to shuffle my rock playlist. I dimmed the lights in the bedroom until the room was nearly dark, but not quite. The scene was set.

I was dressed in a simple body-hugging black tank and matching boyshorts. My long copper hair was loose and flowing down my back. I didn’t bother with a bra to frame my size B breasts. I didn’t want to ruin another bra due to our sex play. Adam wasn’t exactly gentle, and had been known to rip and tear clothing in his haste.

I settled down on the couch to wait for him. And I started to worry. What if he didn’t show up? Would it be awkward between us? These no-strings-attached rendezvous were lovely, but sometimes both parties felt the need for small talk, and awkward silences ruined the moment.

The doorbell rang loudly, startling me out of my seat. I rushed to the door and threw the deadbolt. Adam stood on the other side of the door, hands in his pockets and a crooked grin on his face.

“Come on in,” I said, gesturing to the living room behind me. God, he looked yummy. He was casually dressed in jeans and a scarlet T-shirt. I closed the door and leaned against it, taking in the sight of him. But instead of strolling into the room as I expected, he quickly whirled on me and set his lips on mine.

He thrust his fingers into my hair as he held my face in his hands. His mouth crushed into mine with a ferocity that took my breath away. I wasn’t frightened exactly, just surprised. Pleasantly. The anticipation of our tryst had already turned me on, but now I felt my juices flowing and my pussy started to twitch as he pushed my mouth open with his tongue.

Adam took a deep breath as he pulled away. “I need you now,” he panted. I didn’t have time to respond before he resumed his exploration of my mouth. His rough hands raked up my thighs and hips before he pushed up my top, seeking my breasts. I let my head fall back against the door as he brought his lips down to one nipple, swirling his tongue around the tight bud. He squeezed the tip between his thumb and forefinger and pulled slightly, making me moan with pleasure. His hands and mouth alternated from one breast to the other, kissing, sucking, and teasing me. If atakent escort he kept this up, I might climax from the breast play alone.

I grabbed his head and pulled him up to standing. I reached down between us to his belt, which I started to undo. But he reached around to my ass and lifted me off the ground, grinding me directly into the hard ridge that had formed behind his zipper. I wrapped my legs around his muscular torso as he carried me to the bedroom, throwing me to the plush bed as he pulled his jeans off.

He stood at the foot of my bed, in his tightly fitting boxer briefs and T-shirt, staring at me with hunger in his eyes. His eyes darkened as he surveyed my body. I desperately wanted his touch, but my heart was beating out of control. I began to scoot back on the bed, trying to put a little distance between us so I could catch my breath. He began stalking towards me, like a predator with its prey. He crawled slowly onto the bed, and then over me, forcing me back down. He kissed my neck slowly, breathing hotly in my ear. He reached down between us and he cupped his hand directly over my mound. He began to press and knead his palm into me, his fingers slipping between my folds even through my panties. I growled at him, desperately pulling at his shirt. I wanted him naked so I could see all of him.

Finally, Adam raised up onto his knees and pulled the shirt above his head in one swift motion. He slowly ran his hands down over my hips, slipping my panties down my smooth thighs. I reached for his underwear, trying to expose the girth of him to me. But he moved away from me, off the bed. He pulled off his underwear quickly, finally exposing his cock. I subconsciously licked my lips in anticipation as he grabbed my ankle and dragged me to the edge of the bed. My thighs wrapped around his hips as our sexes collided.

He pushed the ridge of his naked cock along my cleft, rubbing it back and forth over me. I shivered in expectation, feeling the length of him, now coated in my juices. His eyes held mine as he slid himself back and forth over me slowly. He was teasing me. One of our favorite games to play together. Going slowly when I wanted fast. Holding me back from the brink of orgasm at the last possible second. It was exquisite torture, and he knew I loved it. We both looked downward and watched his cock slide slowly against my wet pussy. I suddenly wanted to taste him so badly my mouth watered.

I pushed myself away quickly and pivoted around on my stomach, placing my mouth over him. He cursed as he buried his fingers into my hair, pulling ataköy escort it away from my face so he could see me more clearly. I ran my tongue around the ridge of the head slowly, savoring the feeling of his warm cock against my tongue. I tasted myself on him, which only heightened my arousal. My tongue worked over the length of him, wetting him with my saliva, so my mouth slid over him more smoothly. I brought more of him into my mouth and began to suck forward and back over his shaft. My hand reached below to cup both of his balls in my hand. I lifted them up and gently squeezed as I took his entire length into my throat. I heard him groan and he palmed my head, pushing toward him further. I worked my tongue back and forth along the bottom ridge of his cock as I held him tightly. Then I pulled away from him slowly and ran my hand over him, sliding the skin over his shaft, like velvet over marble. I continued to kiss and lick the slit at the tip as I pumped him up and down slowly with my fist.

He reached down and cupped his fingers under my chin, bringing me up to meet him for a kiss. His tongue snaked inside my mouth, exploring, running his tongue along my teeth and lips. He kissed his way down my neck to my breast, running his tongue in circles over and around the tight bud. He leaned over me, holding himself up with one forearm, and the other arm trailed down over my stomach between my legs. He slipped a finger between my damp folds, running it forward and back over my slit. Then it deftly slid inside me, swirling sensations coming from nipples and pussy had me panting, my body writhing, searching for even more sensation. He slid another thick finger inside me, and started to circle my clit with his thumb. The roughness of his touch sent me spiraling out of control, my orgasm building quickly. He lightly bit my nipple, sending me over the edge. My body involuntarily thrust into his hand as the sensations washed over me.

Adam withdrew his hand, and rose above me, a sexy smirk on his lips. He lay on top of me, his rigid cock pressing into me. I wrapped my legs around his hips so I could feel him directly over my pussy. He kissed up and down my neck and face, his hand roaming over my breasts and abdomen slowly. I began to rock my hips back and forth so that his cock slid over me deliciously. He reached between us and guided the head of him directly over my opening, thrusting inside in one long stroke.

I gasped as he filled me, contracting my muscles to clench over the length of his shaft. My hands came up around his shoulders, stroking over his skin. He began atalar escort a slow circle with his hips, grinding into me. We kissed again, more urgently this time, our tongues entwining. I reached up to frame his face in my hands, but he grabbed me by the wrists and held both arms above my head, trapped by him. I tried to wiggle free, but he held me tighter. “Patience,” he growled at me.

I tried to hold still as he resumed his long, slow strokes into me. But I’m not a patient girl. Soon, the tension in me started to build and my hips started bucking of their own volition. “Beg for it,” he whispered in my ear.

“Please, fuck me,” I panted at him. “Fuck me hard and fast.”

“Like this?” he said as his cock slid slowly into me, and slowly back out. He smiled that devilish grin again, knowing he was driving me crazy with pent up lust.

“No. Faster. Please, ” I pleaded, my hips rising up to take more of him inside my core.

“Like this?” he questioned again as he pulled back, allowing only the tip of him inside. He thrusted quickly back and forth, but only going so far as head-deep.

“No, please! Fuck me!” I begged.

With that, he withdrew his cock, and flipped me over onto my belly. Then he used his arm to raise my hips and entered me from behind, all the way to the hilt. We both groaned as he filled me up again, and resumed his thrusting, this time with hard, powerful strokes so that he shook my body, banging into me with each thrust. I pushed back at him, loving the way he filled me. He gripped my hips roughly as his pace quickened further.

“Yes!” I screamed, throwing my hair back, and grasping the sheets below me with both hands.

Adam grabbed the length of my hair, winding it around his wrist, tugging backwards.

The slight pain mixed with the ferocity of his thrusts threw me into another orgasm. I groaned and pushed back at him as my climax overtook me. My contractions squeezed his cock, sending Adam over the edge as well. He grunted with his release, and I could feel his hot seed filling my core. He collapsed onto me, breathing heavily into the curve of my neck.

We lay entwined for several minutes, basking in each other’s warmth, not speaking. After a few minutes, he rose up on one arm and looked down at me.

“Amazing, as usual” he stated, smiling at me.

I watched him as he left the bed and searched the room for his underwear and jeans. He donned the rest of his clothing and came over to me, still lying contentedly.

“I gotta go, babe.” He whispered, dropping a kiss on the tip of my nose.

“Until next time.” I said.

And with that, he walked out of the room. I heard the solid thunk of the door as it closed behind him, and rumble of his car starting. And then the sounds of his car faded as he drove away, but not the heat that still filled my satisfied body. He had quenched my lust, for now.

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