A Girl Called Sami Ch. 15

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In the days following Katrina, as the horribleness of the situation came to be known to the world, the sadness was replaced by shock, and then outrage at the government’s inabilities to provide aid and help.

There was plenty of blame to go around; from the local city level, on up through the state officialdom, and onward to the clown college that the present administration had become in Washington, D.C., the politicos played the ‘blame game’ as it had not been played in recent memory.

Slowly, the stories of rapes and murder in the Super Dome came to light, along with the ‘ghost tales’ of Navy Seal teams infiltrating the city to take out the rogue gangs that had been firing on rescue ‘copters and the like.

Within a week of Katrina it was apparent that it would be a long time before New Orleans could sustain a population with basic services, never mind emergency medical or relief.

Bonnie and Sami were still at Sami’s place, trying to put a game plan together of some sort. They knew that the fall semester of 2005 at their school would be non-existent, and they could only hope that the spring semester would actually happen.

Bonnie’s home in Gulfport had sustained some damage, but nothing that couldn’t be repaired. The problem was that the entire Gulf Coast of Mississippi couldn’t provide any basics; water, electricity, telephone services were weeks away yet, so going home for Bonnie was not an option.

Uncle Joe contacted Bonnie and Sami, offering them their jobs back until there was some order restored to New Orleans and the girls knew when, or if, returning to school was going to be an option.

Sami and Bonnie talked about it between themselves, then with Sami’s parents, and of course, with Bonnie’s parents as well. The girls accepted the fact that they would lose the semester, and since that was a given, they decided that returning to Memphis was not a bad thing; at least, they had someplace to go, to live, and to work.

Not many of the residents of the Crescent City could say that.

Sami and Bonnie returned to Memphis around mid-September, returned to the apartment, but not with the excitement of early summer when they first came to Memphis. They weren’t bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, carefree college students when they returned to Memphis; no, Katrina had taken that from them and replaced it with sadness and depression hanging over their heads like the Sword of Damocles.

They accepted the lot that fate had thrown them, and they would survive this set-back in their young lives. What was hard for them to accept was the terrible fate that had befallen the City and its inhabitants; they hurt for months for all who had suffered, and they suffered because they felt guilty at having relatively good fortune dumped in their laps.

Both counted their blessings at having each other in this moment in their lives to lean on, to cry with, and to be strong for.

Thank God, they thought, that, at least, they did have each other.


“How’s it going with you and your girlfriend?” AJ asked, between bites of her salad as she and Sami ate lunch together, in the station’s break room.

“Girlfriend? What girlfriend?” Sami answered, and a bit too quickly maybe?

“Sami, please; who between the two of us, ‘knows’ things?”

Sami put her head down and bit her lip, chewing on it for a bit before she looked into AJ’s eyes.

“Is it that obvious?” Sami answered.

“Only to me, Sami, don’t be alarmed.”

Nodding her head a bit, Sami took a small bite from her sandwich, and looked at AJ again.

“It’s going fine, AJ, and before you ask, I still haven’t broken Rule Two, okay?”

“Why is that?”

“Because I respect your boundaries; I did tell her that I had a thing that weekend but never told her with whom,” Sami confessed.

“That’s a good girl, Sami,” AJ smilingly said, finishing her last bite of salad, afterwards, “and would she also respect my boundaries?”

Not sure where this was going, Sami hesitated a bit before answering, “I’m sure she would, AJ, but why is that important?”

“Because, if the two of you accept my invitation to my annual Halloween party, obeying Rule Two is an absolute requirement,” AJ said a bit smugly, “and, by the way, costuming is required, got it?”

“Got it,” Sami said in reply; she sure is a strange one, thought Sami, as she gathered her lunch trash for disposal, but strange or not, she’s a lot of fun, and a party might just be what she and Bonnie needed to get out of the doldrums that they had been in since Katrina.

“We’ll clean up the bursa escort dishes later, sweetie, why don’t you pour us a shot and come and join me on the couch?” Sami said to Bonnie, punctuating her suggestion with a kiss to Bonnie’s lips.

Bonnie gladly accepted the kiss but wanted more, desperately wanted more from her Sami-girl.

Since the return to Memphis, both girls’ libidos had been off-kilter, their love-making less often than before the storm. Slowly, Bonnie had to admit, it was returning to them both and for Bonnie, it couldn’t come soon enough.

“Here ya’ go, baby,” Bonnie smilingly said as she handed Sami her shot of Black Jack.

Touching glasses, they toasted one another and throwing their heads back, shot the Jack, causing them both to shiver just a bit, ya know?

That was the other thing about them since the storm; they both drank a bit more and smoked a wee bit more often than before.

Coping, they told themselves, massaging their guilt a bit.

“We’ve been invited to a Halloween party, costumes and all; interested?” Sami asked.

“Oh, yeah, that sounds like fun, Sami; where, with who?”

Leaning her back against the arm of the couch, Sami pulled Bonnie with her, turning her around so that her back was against Sami’s chest; wrapping her arms around Bonnie, and hugging her a bit snugly, she told Bonnie the story of that weekend.

“And she really called me your girlfriend?” Bonnie asked after hearing it all from Sami. Bonnie’s hands were slowly rubbing Sami’s arms which were still embracing her.

“Yeah, but she swears we’re not that obvious and I believe her; AJ knows things that will scare the crap out of you, like I believe she’s a true psychic, ESP and all that.”

“Huh,” was all that Bonnie could offer.

“And she really called me your girlfriend?” Bonnie repeated, really liking how that sounded, and then added, “You know, we soooo seriously need to unwind, Sami; I mean we haven’t really done much of anything other than go to work and return home.”

“Yeah, I know, baby, and I also know that I haven’t exactly been any fun for you to be around; especially in bed, I know that I’ve been a bit off my game,” Sami honestly answered.

“We’ve both had a lot on our minds, baby, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I do miss our spontaneity in the sack,” Bonnie answered, and turning her head to look up towards Sami’s face.

Looking down to Bonnie, Sami felt as if a load had been lifted from her soul after telling her of that weekend. Sami’s eyes fixated on the full, luscious lips of Bonnie, feeling a stirring inside of her that she hadn’t felt for a while.

“How’s this for spontaneity?” Sami asked just before she lifted Bonnie’s mouth to hers, her hand slipping under Bonnie’s top to feel those full breasts that she loved so much.

Slowly squeezing and feeling Bonnie’s breasts, Sami explored Bonnie’s mouth with her tongue, causing Bonnie to softly moan her contentment and desire for more. And when Sami’s hand moved between Bonnie’s legs, Bonnie moved her legs apart after pulling off her panties, tossing them somewhere onto the floor of the living room.

Two fingers, Bonnie thought, two fingers filled her and she wanted more; reaching with her own hand to Sami’s hand, Bonnie squeezed three of Sami’s fingers tightly together and pushed it into her wet pussy, thrusting with her hips to meet Sami’s fucking movements.

Sami buried her fingers deep into Bonnie, loving the tightness of Bonnie’s pussy against her fingers, and when Bonnie’s breathing became labored, Sami fucked her harder and harder until she drew the orgasm forth from Bonnie’s body.

Not waiting for Bonnie’s spasms to stop, Sami moved to kneel on the floor, positioning Bonnie so that her legs were over Sami’s shoulders.

Reaching up and kissing Bonnie on the lips, softly and tenderly, Sami ended the kiss to those lips, and bowing her head between Bonnie’s legs, she brought her lips to those other lips, those other lips that were wet with juices and smelled of lustful arousal.

The dishes were left until the morning.


The next ten days were like the first ten days after they had crossed the line and had become completely intimate with each other. They fucked each other at the drop of a hat, at the sound of a raindrop, after an accidental brush against the other’s body; love reborn? Not sure, but reborn lust? Ah, yes, that had indeed been reborn.

Bonnie, especially, had become particularly aggressive in her lust for Sami; there was bursa escort bayan not anything that Sami could ask of her that she was not prepared to do for her Sami.

More and more, Bonnie knew that she was so fucking far from the Bonnie Sue Madison that graduated Valedictorian of her High School class that she wasn’t sure she even knew who that other girl was; more to the truth of the matter was that she didn’t care to know that girl ever again.

Bonnie wanted them to costume as ‘butch bois’ but there was no way in hell, no matter how much they tried, that either of them could pass for a butch; a butch’s bitch, not a problem, but a butch? Wasn’t going to happen, Stan.

Bonnie to the rescue; borrowing a sewing machine from Uncle Joe’s wife, she bought material and made them both, ‘goddess’ outfits, toga-like, but more form-fitting. Sami insisted that Bonnie show off her boobs, and so, Bonnie did exactly that with a very low-cut, almost to the naval, bodice that showed her boobs nicely.

Sami’s was shorter, almost Athenian-like, and showed her long, lovely legs to her advantage, not to mention her tight, fine ass; a couple of inches shorter, her pubes would be showing.

They both looked so hot that when they costumed at home for each other, the resulting fuck-fest went long into the early morning hours.

“So, are there only lesbians at the party?” Bonnie asked Sami while Sami drove to AJ’s. Bonnie usually preferred Sami to drive, to be in control, so to speak; she didn’t know why, she just did.

“I really don’t know, sweetie, I only know a couple of the gals from the ride, remember?”

“I’ve never been to a lesbian party,” Bonnie cheerfully revealed, to no one’s surprise.

“Well, as good as you look, baby, expect to be hit on a lot tonight, I’m sure,” Sami laughingly warned.

“Want to take someone home with us? I mean, you know, if we can?” Bonnie asked of Sami.

Looking to Bonnie from the corner of her eyes, Sami replied, “You sure? I mean, sure, I guess we can if you’d like to.”

“It’d be a bit different, don’t you think, you know, a little kink for a change,” Bonnie offered.

“Well, we had that thing with Charlene and Debbie, and then there was the thing with Jena, and lest we forget, there was also that thing with Billie and Jules” Sami reminded her, chuckling afterwards.

“And they were fun, but if you don’t want to share me….” Bonnie teased, letting her voice trail away.

“Oh, I’ll share you alright, but only just as long as we wind up sleeping together,” Sami said, a bit surprised that it came out of her mouth.

“You mean that?” Bonnie asked, hopefully.

“Yeah, I do, Bonnie, I mean that,” Sami answered, honestly.

“Then let’s have some fun tonight and I promise that someone might get my pussy, but they won’t get my heart,” Bonnie said sincerely.

“Works for me, sweetie,” Sami replied.

Sami was right, they were hit on a lot, both of them; they teasingly played along with the flirts, sharing a few lustful kisses with the ‘hitters’, both really liking the attention, and both letting the flirtations keep their horny motors running.

It took about an hour or so into the party before Bonnie spied her target; she was an African-American woman of about 28 or so, taller than Bonnie but shorter than Sami, and her name was Jill, Bonnie had quickly found out from AJ.

“Good looking woman, isn’t she?” AJ remarked to Bonnie when she had asked the woman’s name.

“Yeah, she certainly is,” Bonnie answered; Sami was off getting the three of them some fresh beers right then.

“And yes, she does enjoy threesomes, a lot,” AJ said to Bonnie, though Bonnie had not asked the question.

“How the hell did you know what I was thinking?” Bonnie asked dumbfounded by AJ’s point-on comment.

“Didn’t your girlfriend tell you,” AJ answered, “I know things; scary, ain’t it?”

“Ya think?” Bonnie said, still shocked by the remark.

“What I think, Bonnie-baby, is that you should ask her to dance, while you can,” AJ smugly remarked and then walked away with a little wave over her shoulder to Bonnie.

And when Sami returned with the fresh beers, she had to look a bit to spot Bonnie on the dancing area of the living room, her arms holding a very attractive black woman to her body as they danced to the slow tune, slowly moving on the crowded, small dance area of AJ’s cleared living room.

When Bonnie returned to Sami, she brought Jill with her and introduced the two of them, handing Jill the third bottle of beer. bursa sınırsız escort Tapping bottle-necks together, they took pulls at their beers, and made conversation.

When another slow tune came up in rotation of the party-mix CD, it was Sami that asked Jill to dance; Sami knew what Bonnie was hoping for with this woman, and now, Sami wanted it also.

As she danced with Jill, Sami nibbled at her ear, lightly brushing Jill’s cheek with butterfly kisses as she held Jill tight to her body. Jill responded very positively to the moves that both girls were putting on her as they took turns dancing with her, getting her beers, letting her know that they definitely found her alluring and attractive.

The deal clincher was when the three of them walked into the back yard for some fresher, cooler air. Finding a spot in the back yard, near the back of the property, Bonnie and Sami took turns kissing Jill and Jill liked the attention, she liked it a lot.

And when Bonnie suggested that the three of them go back to their apartment, Jill eagerly agreed, asking if she should leave her car and just ride with them.

“We’ll bring you back to your car,” Bonnie said as she nibbled on Jill’s full lips, “won’t we, Sami?”

“Yes, we will,” Sami responded, turned on by watching her Bonnie do her thing with Jill, enjoying the tableau before her.

Sami could feel the dampness in her panties as she drove them home, her eyes darting to the rearview mirror to catch quick glimpses of the make-out session in the back seat of Bonnie’s car.

Bonnie and Jill stayed in lip-lock for damned near the entire drive, their moans of lust filling the car which only served to make Sami even hornier; well, the sounds of lust and her hand rubbing her honey-pot under her gown as she drove.

Once home, the girls wasted little time in getting Jill into their bed with them, and Jill did nothing to dissuade them from their goal; no, Ms. Jill was hot to get between these two good looking gals, every bit as anxious as they were.

“My, oh my, what a lovely group we have here,” Jill said in a sultry voice while taking off her ‘Cat Woman’ costume and eyeing Sami and Bonnie as they disrobed. Costume on the floor at her feet, Jill walked to the girls and putting an arm around each, she began lustfully kissing them, each in turn, while the girls fondled her slender body and firm breasts.

Bonnie loved how Jill’s long tongue felt in her mouth, loved how it felt as it tried to slither into her throat. Sami kneeled between Jill and Bonnie, trading licks and kisses to each pussy while her hands played and squeezed with their asses.

“Let’s play, sweeties,” Jill said, walking from the girls and getting onto the king bed that the girls shared.

Bonnie went between Jill’s long, toned legs first, her sounds of contentment rising from her mouth as she performed cunnilingus on this attractive black woman’s naked pussy.

Jill pulled Sami until she had Sami kneeling over her head; pulling Sami’s pussy to her awaiting mouth with her hands on Sami’s ass, Jill closed her eyes and reached with her tongue to taste Sami’s sweet nectar.

Sami spread her legs a bit more as she felt Jill’s tongue slide deep into her love-box, closing her eyes in enjoyment while Jill fondled her breasts as she dined at Sami’s ‘Y’.

As Bonnie ate Jill, her own hand was busily masturbating herself, teasing herself for quite a while before climaxing; she held her climax until she heard and felt Jill get off and then she allowed her own orgasm to spring forth, her cries of joy mixing with Jill and Sami’s.

Sami orgasmed at nearly the same time as her playmates, and one that shook her body to its limits.

The night was filled with the sounds and smell of raw, sexual energy from the three playmates as each interchanged their roles willingly, and seamlessly. The daisy chain was what finally put them over the edge, draining what energy they had left after quite a few hours of fucking each other.

Jill spent the night and rewarded the girls with wake up sex and orgasms before they brought her back to her car. Exchanging phone numbers, Jill gave each a deep, passionate kiss before she left, telling them to call her ‘anytime’ they feel like a night of fun with her. They told her that it might not be that long before they made that call, all of them laughing afterwards.

“That’s fine, girls;” Jill said, “the sooner the better,” waving goodbye as she drove away.

“Well, how’s that for kinky, baby?” Sami casually asked Bonnie as they hunted for a place to grab breakfast.

“Not bad, for starters,” Bonnie mischievously replied, glancing sideways to her Sami-girl.

“So, how’s Roy? I haven’t heard you say much of about him lately,” Sami asked out of idle curiosity.

“Nothing to talk about, honey; Roy was then, and we are now,” Bonnie replied.

“Yes, yes we are,” Sami answered with a smile on her face.

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