A Friend Online – Kim

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Contributors to Literotica get many messages from readers, particularly those concerning lesbian sex, and some are very erotic. So I thought I would share some of these exchanges with readers – names have been changed to protect the guilty, and I have taken the liberty of editing the real exchanges. I have called the series A Friend on Line. Let me know if you’d like me to post more of these.


Linda was feeling rather confused, which was a most unusual state of affairs for a highly respected lady, normally so sophisticated and sure of herself, holding a very responsible management post in a multi-national advertising company. At 40, Linda thought she was emotionally stable and without personal complications. Her marriage had lasted only five years before she ditched her husband. He was a washout and, on reflection, Linda couldn’t remember what she had seen in him in the first place. Perhaps he caught her on the rebound from a previous boyfriend.

Her sex life was now well and truly satisfied by her personal rampant rabbit thruster. It gave her fantastic thrills that no man had ever given her. And no complications with men. Men! Or women for that matter – well, until recently. Linda had found erotic stories on the internet to stir her imagination whilst enjoying her rabbit. This internet connection had led to chatting with other women with similar needs and mutual masturbation sessions, and she realized that she had definite lesbian leanings never previously even thought of. There was never any thought in her mind of exploring her sexuality with other women. Until recently, that is.

But in spite of her misgivings, her marriage had produced a lovely daughter for her. And this was causing her the present confusion. Kim was growing into an attractive young woman – or rather, had already grown into one. Tall and slender, long ash-blonde hair, now 18 years old and at college, Linda felt she had fled the nest, leaving her mom feeling curiously alone, even though she had many friends to console her and feed her interests.

On Kim’s first break from college, the evening she came home, Linda saw her in an entirely new light. Almost as though she was a stranger. A very attractive one! When she saw Kim through her bedroom door, going through her underwear, wearing a flimsy top and lace thong – she felt a sudden pang of desire. She was taken aback when she realized that her daughter had a pair of her mum’s soiled knickers in her hand, holding them to her nose. This sight so disturbed Linda that she went downstairs into the kitchen, heart pounding, to brew a pot of tea, trying to make sense of what she had seen. Was Kim actually aroused by the smell of her mom’s knickers? The thought was disturbing – confusing – but arousing at the same time!

Meantime, whilst her mom was struggling to come to terms with her changed sexual outlook, Kim had been aware of her own developing sexuality for quite a long time. In fact, it was when her mom, in a fit of anger, a while back, had spanked her bottom for getting paint all over her bedroom floor, that she realized the pain also made her feel horny. Kim’s loins bubbled with some form of inexplicable desire. The cheeks of her bottom stung. She had wanted her mom to rub her throbbing bottom with baby oil to sooth her … which had resulted, she remembered, with eagerly masturbating to a wonderful orgasm.

At college, Kim had the attention of several young men – but, in spite of roaming hands touching her vulva, she felt no thrill in the physical contact. Kim too had stumbled on the Literotica web site one evening whilst browsing, finding stories of mother/daughter incest very arousing. She was driven to masturbate in order to relieve sexual hunger in her body. One story in particular, made her horny. Hoping to get some advice on how to approach her sexuality, she sent an email to the writer, Sarah Loveitt.

“Hi Sarah. I love your lesbian stories. My favorite was “Memories of my daughter, Polly” – it is very erotic and made me tingle pretty wildly. I am single, eighteen, size 12, love music and am very bi-curious. At present I am rediscovering my sexuality after going out with a few guys at college who didn’t turn me on at all. I am still a virgin, played around a bit with guys but no penetration. I haven’t told anyone about my feelings so it would be nice to have someone to chat with. Someone who I am sure will understand my dilemma. I do find mature women very attractive so I don’t have a problem with your age.”

Kim was delighted to get a reply by return of email.

“Thanks Kim. ‘Memories of My Daughter’ was written after a chat with my friend Sam (a 20 year old bisexual) who had this fantasy about herself crawling into bed early one morning to be with her mother. Some young ladies have fantasies about sniffing their mum’s soiled knickers for a turn on – being caught, maybe by an aunt or even their mum – and ‘taught’ how to make them orgasm. What about you?”

Kim was reminded of the spanking episode some years earlier and she wrote about it to Sarah.

“Hi Sarah. I enjoy being a little kahramanmaraş seks hikayeleri subservient. I think it stems from having a dominant mum and being reprimanded a few times, slapped legs and on my bum too. My fantasies are around being “mothered” by an older woman and shown different things. The thought of being undressed by another woman and being touched between my legs through my undies makes me so wet. The thought of being spanked naked turns me on too. Not sure about the sniffing thing, I’ve never thought about it, but I’ll try it when I go home for the vacation. I do masturbate a lot and was very fearful mum would say something about my undies as they’re always sticky! Anyway, she didn’t. I sometimes wish she would, and see what it led to!”

Sarah suggested that it may be the feel of the silk against her skin, or maybe the thought that the knickers had encased her mum’s pussy – and perhaps got damp when her mom felt randy herself. Sarah had told her that, if she thought moms don’t get randy – boy oh boy!! They certainly do! Particularly if the husband is away – or no longer around.

“With no dad around, do you think about surprising your mum whilst SHE is masturbating. Lying on her bed, knees bent, thighs apart, hand rubbing quickly over her clitoral hood and the little button itself. Eyes squeezed shut in the ecstatic moment of orgasm, she hasn’t notice you. But you have seen the baby oil on the bed-side table. You are too mesmerized by watching your mum bring herself off, the other hand pinching and rubbing her big nipples, to think of leaving.

In fact, you are so turned on that you want to crawl onto the bed between her legs, pushing your tongue against her dripping pussy, the white honey dribbling from the vagina. When your exploring tongue finds her clit – still being manipulated by her fingers – she gives a sudden cry. Her loins buck from the bed as her head lashes from side to side, back arching, until she finally subsides.

There Kim. How’s that for a fantasy. It could turn into reality.”

Kin thought it sounded great and decided to try to arrange an evening with mum when she got home.

The evening was fine. Kim started by having an early shower and then chilled out in her room for a while. She thought it would be a good idea to sort through her clothes and undies to find some sexy bits to wear, wondering what her mum would like to see her in. So she enjoyed herself, giving her time reflect on how she looked and felt about herself.

For the next hour Kim tried on all her tightest skirts and dresses, and experimented with just wearing tops with undies, or T-shirts and heels, without undies! She found it very exciting and as she was tidying up Mom knocked on the door and brought in a drink of tea. She was curious to see what her daughter was up to, so Kim just said she was going through her wardrobe and blushed. At that time she only had on a cropped top and lacy thong. Very revealing. Linda had a good long look – there was a gleam in her eyes as they gazed on her daughter’s pubic area behind the lace!

“She picked up on this and said that she needed to do it too and it was a good thing to do. I then said I wished I had more sexy things to wear including undies. Mum told me to follow her into her bedroom where she showed me where all her nice things were. She said to feel free and just try things on and wear what fitted if I wanted too. I had seen some of her stuff but couldn’t believe how sheer some of her undies were!

Then Mum decided to go for her shower while I was going through her bits. When she came back I had put on a silky short robe and matching white silk undies. She said it looked good on me and that I looked very feminine. I was tingling all over – wow. She was dressed in a long sheer robe and knickers. It didn’t leave much to the imagination! No bra! My mouth went dry as I gazed at her fantastic breasts. I think she noticed, but didn’t say anything. Just smiled.

We then spent the next hour chatting on her bed and she said it was nice to spend some girly time together. I felt that there was a lot of sex in the air! I did say it felt nice in her clothes and she suggested that I dress like it again when the two of us are home together.

I kept the knicks on all night – it felt so very sexy.”

Sarah replied to Kim with a little advice.

“That sounds to me like an invitation by mum to cuddle up and fondle – explore breasts – then, one thing leads to another. Perhaps not the first time, but eventually, she’ll kiss you and caress your breasts – you follow suit. Let her do the leading and very soon, you’ll be groping and feeling each other properly – having mutual orgasms. I promise! Sarah”

“Your ‘promise’ made me so wet! I just had to finger myself! The mere thought of stroking mum’s fanny sends me almost hysterical! Oh Sarah – if only… yes yes! Let’s chat tomorrow.”

“So nice to chat with you Kim. You got me so wet, you naughty girl! I ought to put you over my knee and spank your lovely cheeks til they’re red and sore. Then soothe them with baby oil!! Ooops – my finger slipped into the crack of your cheeks and over your little rose-bud. Mmmm it clenches on the tip of the finger. It enjoys being felt and penetrated! I’ve stuck my finger inside. Mmmm – then explore a bit further to your other secret passage – that delectable pussy that promises so very much.

Your mum sounds a real horny lady to me – I’m sure she’s gagging for sex, and who better to give it to her than her lovely cuddly daughter?? Oooooo yes. I’m coming again! You naughty girl – making me come like that!”

Still half asleep early the next morning Sarah fantasized about Kim and her mum.

“You were sitting together on the settee in front of the TV. Mum had her arm round your shoulder and you were resting your head on her shoulder. It was rather warm and you were both dressed in flimsy clothes – you wearing a long white T-shirt, which wasn’t quite long enough to cover your black lacy thong. Mum was in her kimono over a white silk slip and white panties.

You were watching Sex and the City. Miranda was wearing a rather daring dress.

‘She has a figure a bit like yours mum.’

Mum laughed. ‘A bit firmer though!’

‘No, you have nice boobs.’ Mum gave you a squeeze.

‘I like cuddling with you. You’re nice and soft and warm.’

Mum laughed again. ‘You’re nice and cuddly yourself, Kim.’

Glancing down at her legs, Linda thought they looked nice and shapely . She hooked them into her free arm. Lifting them over her knees. ‘There. That’s cosier.’

You didn’t say anything.

Eyes back at the TV, Linda started to gently stroke your thighs.

‘Mmm! Wonderfully smooth.’

After a few moments watching Miranda’s boobs almost spilling out of her dress, you turned to Mum.

‘I wish I had your boobs mum. Do you think mine will ger bigger – like yours.’

‘Oh, darling. You have lovely boobs. What’s wrong with them?’ And she held the palm of her hand under your left breast, feeling the weight whilst squeezing the nipple between finger and thumb. She looked down at the nipples pressing against the fabric of your T-shirt and thought she wouldn’t mind nibbling them.

Linda realized that you weren’t wearing a bra. Neither was she for that matter. Her breasts were resting against her rib cage, the long nipples beginning to harden. her mouth started to dry up a bit! Gosh, she thought, I was getting turned on by my daughter’s tits.

Your cheeks colored up a bit. Mum wondered if you were blushing – a bit embarrassed.

‘Would you like to see mine,’ she asked, ‘you know, close up, study my nipples you once suckled,’ pulling open the kimono to expose her large tits under the see-through slip. The nipples had hardened. They looked very inviting to Kim.

You turned to look with lust in your eyes. ‘Touch them,’ Mum said hoarsely. After a slight hesitation, your hand snaked across to fondle her right boob. As your hand started to dig into the softness, the hand stroking your thighs got a bit bolder, rubbing the very top of the inside – warm and a little damp.

You fingers slipped under the top of my slip onto the bare flesh, reaching for the nipple. I juddered briefly at the touch. ‘Can I kiss you?’ Mum asked. Your face turned up towards and she latched her lips onto yours. You were rather unresponsive at first, but after chewing your lips softly for a few moments, yours began to move against Mum’s. Your tongues eventually met as her fingers reached the silky crotch of your thong. She felt the jolt in your loins. She knew you were excited.

Then Mum started to kiss your eyelids and ears and cheeks, whilst slipping her fingers into the thong to feel your bare fanny. Oh my goodness – it was so very wet. Your hips were trembling. That was it! Linda dropped to her knees in front of you, peeling off your thong to uncover the very secret of your body. The very center of your lovely being. It was covered with a light growth of brown curls.

Fingers eased the lips aside to expose your narrow inner labia and the gaping vagina, dripping with your womanly nectar. As Mum leaned her face into it, you suddenly cried out.

‘Mum – I’m going to cum.’ your hips shook and arched high. Then a big jolt. Your eyes screwed tight. You head fell back. Your shoulders tensed.

‘Ye-e-e-es! Fu-u-uck! I’m cummmmming!’ And what an orgasm.

Linda climbed back onto the settee, slipping all my clothes off as you recovered. She was now naked. ‘Come on, darling. Between my thighs. Take a good look at where you first saw the light of day.’

You swung your legs onto the floor in front of your Mum, gazing in astonishment at her voluptuous vulva. She has large floppy labia. ‘Go on – play with it – lick it.’ And she just lay back and let you explore her sexuality, tasting the honey of your mum!

When you’d got over the initial excitement of seeing her fanny, shaved smooth, labia hanging loose, you really ate her! She held your head moving it to the places she wanted you to visit with your tongue. Your hands on her bum were magical. Then Linda felt the climax approaching. It was toe curling! The tension grew to a peak. Her breathing stopped.

‘Fucking hell Kim! Yes yes yes yes! Don’t stop. I’m cummmmmmming! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! Give it to me – ooooooo, shit!’ She came, pushing her loins hard against your mouth, filling it with my juices.

“Wow Sarah, that was awesome. Really got me going! But listen, I had another lovely evening with Mum. She says she likes having girlie time with me. We went up to her bedroom – Mum had some sexy undies she wanted me to try on – and her eyes never left my hips and bottom as I climbed into the flimsy knickers. I wasn’t wearing a bra either, but I could see it my groin that interested her. She told me what a lovely bottom I had and should look after it – keep it oiled! Wow Sarah – would you believe – she had me lying on her bed, face down and massaged me with baby oil. Her fingers kept straying though, and finally she rubbed my clit. I didn’t say anything – I was a bit embarrassed – but I had an orgasm. I tried to smother it, but Mum just sat me up, hugged and kissed me hard. I was much too nervous to respond by massaging her and kissing her. I wanted to respond, but couldn’t.”

“Kim. My advice to you is to respond to your mother in kind. Just copy what she does to you. Perhaps it would make it easier for you if you didn’t talk or ask if you might play with her. Just do it! She’ll love it! There is no doubt at all in my mind that she’s really begging for you to caress her, to rub her clit – finger her pussy – rim her bum – suckle her long nipples. She’ll probably have a fairly quick orgasm – she’ll be so tensed up with lust and excitement that she won’t be able to hold back. And when she explodes, kiss her hard and cup her pussy firmly in the palm of your hand until she subsides. Then Mum’ll want you to start again – so take your time – caress her tits, stroke her belly and run your hand over her groin – her inner thighs – then her pussy. When you feel ready, kiss her belly and move down to her clit and fanny – then lick and kiss and nibble her whole pussy. Once you’ve made the first move – broken the ice – overcome your nerves – it’ll be easier from there on. You’ll be finger fucking each other every night and morning!!”

“Well Sarah, it finally happened. Let me tell you about it. Mum bought me some new undies at the weekend. Very sexy. She said she wanted me to wear them for her. We went into my bedroom and I took off the ones I was wearing and put these new ones on. They hid absolutely nothing! All my pussy was on display – including my little lips poking out. Anyway, I still didn’t have the confidence to finger her fanny for the first time. I really wanted to feel her. I tried to remember what advice you’d given me, but in the end I didn’t need to – mum showed me – she guided my fingers – she just took my hand and put it on her fanny without a word and I just toyed with it.

It was really really wet and warm. She has such fleshy, mushy lips. I was so intrigued. And of course, she’s shaved. Not hairy like in your fantasies. She held my hand hard over her fanny and moved my fingers up and down. It surprised me to realize that I wasn’t in the least embarrassed after all. I think that’s because I was so fascinated being able to feel my mum. I just wanted to explore her fanny – every little crevice. An ambition realized! I knew what she wanted, of course, but was a bit nervous about fizzing her. My fingers found their way into her fanny. It was really cool! Awesome in fact. I really had my fingers inside Mum’s fanny. It was unbelievable!!

But she was writhing against the heel of my hand, pressing it against her clit – rolling it round. Moaning as well! Lots of hums and ahs! Finally, she tensed with her face screwed up, her bottom lifted off the bed, she went tense and rigid. Then she jolted. Her whole body jolted as though an electric current had shot through her. Awesome Sarah! I’d made my mum cum! Just fucking awesome! I just watched her in amazement as she began to relax. Then she looked at me and smiled, gave me a big hug and a kiss, our naked bodies pressed together, breasts squashing against each other. Breathtaking!

Then she undressed me – not that there was much to take off. She kissed me all over as she did – tits and nipples and belly and groin. She commented on how wet my knickers were! ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘you’re all wet and sticky. Let me clean it up.’ Then she opened my thighs, dropping her head between them and started to lick my sticky juices. Wow! And when she tongued my bum it made me squeal. I couldn’t stop writhing and twitching. And I came! Sarah, I came!! Mum had made me come again. She just held me tight and kissed me hard as I kept shaking and shaking and shaking!

Then she said I should shave the hair off my fanny. ‘Shall I do it?’ she asked. I murmured agreement. And she got her lady shaver , spread a towel under my bum, and spent ages carefully removing the hair. Gosh, Sarah, it was so erotic. I started to leak heavily again. And she noticed as she shaved the hairs from the side of my fanny. ‘You are a sexy daughter, Kim.’ So when she’d brushed the hairs away, she leaned over to kiss me better, as she said. But she kissed me to another jabbing orgasm.

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