A Foot Fetish Realized

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I used a corkscrew to open our second bottle of a very nice Cab-Merlot blend and poured each of us another round into the long-stemmed glasses. My wife, Dana, our next door neighbor, Sue, and I were enjoying a warm, early evening on our deck last summer.

Dana took a sip of her wine, leaned back, and put her foot in my lap. Automatically, I put my hand on her foot and began to slowly stroke the length of her long, narrow foot. She wiggled her painted toes in response to my caresses.

Sue took a long sip from her glass and watched me stroke my wife’s foot lovingly.

“Paul gives a wonderful foot massage,” Dana told our neighbor. “Sometime, I think he has a foot fetish,” she added with a giggle.

I was a bit embarrassed, but I continued to lightly stroke the top of my wife’s foot absently.

“It must be divine,” Sue offered. “I wish my Dan would do that for me. My feet ache at night after I’ve been in heels all day.”

Dana found it hard to believe that Dan didn’t like to play with Sue’s feet. “There are only a few things that feel better than a good foot massage,” she quipped.

I reached for my wine glass, leaving Dana’s foot in my lap.

“Hey, don’t quit now!” Dana told me. “I was just starting to enjoy it.”

I told her that I was just having some wine and would soon continue.

I returned to massaging my wife’s foot and pulling gently on each toe. Dana leaned back and closed her eyes as I slowly worked on each small bone within her foot.

Dana finally opened her eyes and glanced at Sue. “Really, haven’t you ever had a good foot massage?” she asked.

“No, not really,” Sue replied. “I really don’t like massage stuff,” she added somewhat haughtily.

Dana grinned. “You don’t know what you’re missing, Sue. “You would love it, I’m sure.”

“Dan likes some of my other parts,” Sue joked, calling my attention to her ample breasts.

“Nevertheless, you should let Paul massage your feet for you. He’s really good at it.”

Sue hesitated. “I doubt if Paul would want to do my feet,” she kemalpaşa escort said without looking at me.

I looked over at Sue as I began to stroke Dana’s other foot. “It would be my pleasure, Sue,” I assured her.

Sue was wearing a T-shirt, a pair of white shorts and cute sandals. I noticed that she, too, had red painted toenails to match her fingernails. Sue looked very attractive as she held her glass and looked to my wife.

“Well, are you sure, Dana?” she asked tentatively. “You don’t mind if Paul does my feet?”

“Heaven’s no, Sue. If Paul does a good job, maybe you can get Dan to give you foot massages on a regular basis. It’s fun.”

I could tell that Sue was intrigued by the idea, but was still hesitant.

“Give me your foot, Sue,” I said. “I’ll do both of you at the same time.”

Sue giggled at my comment. “Maybe just a little bit,” she decided as she slipped off her sandal and lifted her foot onto my leg, about halfway up my thigh.

It was exciting to hold a woman’s foot in each hand. I felt that I had a challenge.

I explored Sue’s smaller foot with my left hand as I continued to massage Dana’s foot with my right hand. Finally, I decided to try the same moves on each foot at the same time, just to see what would happen.

My hands stroked the top of each foot. I saw Sue shiver a little as I traced from her ankle to the tip of her big toe. Then, I began to tug on each toe of each foot, starting with the little toe and working up to the big toes.

“See how good it feels, Sue?” Dana gushed as I continued by inserting my finger between each toe.

“Oh, yes, it does feel good,” Sue confessed.

After concentrating on the top of each foot and each toe, I repositioned their feet and worked along each heel, using my thumbs to massage the soles. It was obvious from Sue’s accelerated breathing that she was thoroughly enjoying the sensation of someone paying close attention to her bare foot.

My thumbs worked up along each arch and onto the ball of their escort kemalpaşa feet. I heard low moans from Dana and Sue, so I knew they both were enjoying my ministrations.

By now, I had finished both of Dana’s feet, so I moved to face Sue more directly and asked her for her other foot. She slowly raised her other leg and put both feet in my lap. As she moved, I got a brief glimpse of her silky, peach colored panties.

I was now able to use both hands on each of Sue’s feet, clutching them and manipulating the various structures to help her relax. Dana was sipping her wine and watching. Sue had her eyes closed and clearly was off in another world. Sue would lick her lips and bite her bottom lip off and on, indicating a degree of arousal I had not seen in her before. It encouraged me to keep going.

I stopped abruptly and reached for my glass to take another sip. “Oh, don’t stop now!” Sue gasped as her eyes snapped open.

“Just pausing for a little sip,” I assured her. “Are you ready for more?”

“You were right, Dana, it feels divine,” Sue gushed somewhat embarrassed.

“I know, I know,” my wife replied with a sly grin. “Paul’s an expert foot man.”

I returned to Sue’s right foot and again used my thumbs to slide up from her heel, across her instep, and onto the ball of her foot and along the base of her toes.

“Oh God,” Sue moaned as I repeated the maneuver.

I repeated the moves again, even slower, and slipped my finger between her toes at the end. The third time I did it, as I was sliding along her instep, Sue gasped and a low moan escaped her lips.

“Oh, ahh, oh yes,” was all Sue could utter as I felt her body shudder slightly.

It was pretty obvious to me, and to Dana, that my foot massage had given her friend, Sue, a small, but satisfying orgasm!

“That’s enough,” Sue moaned as she returned to Earth a few seconds later. She was more than a little embarrassed that she’d let herself go. “I think I need some more wine now, please.”

Sue pulled her kemalpaşa escort bayan feet from my lap and tried to cover up her arousal. Her face was now flushed and splashes of red covered her upper chest and neck. I got another flash of peach panty as she again sat upright in the deck chair. There was also a small wet spot in the crotch of her shorts.

“I told you he was an expert,” Dana teased. “I don’t blame you for enjoying every minute.”

Sue picked up her wine glass and took a deep sip. I raised my glass and touched hers in a symbolic toast. Our eyes met and I saw a mixture of emotions sweep across her face. I had just given my neighbor a small climax and she had no idea how to handle that.

Dana filled the awkward silence. “Honey, why don’t you get us more chips and some of that good salsa we picked up the other day?”

Happily, I jumped at the chance to cool off a bit. I excused myself and headed for the kitchen.

When I returned, the gals were deep in a different discussion and we continued until the wine was finally consumed. There was no further comment about foot massages, but I had the distinct feeling that Dana had talked to Sue about it and had assured her that all was well.

Sue finally headed home to await Dan’s homecoming from his office. She and Dana exchanged their usual hug and peck at the door. Sue turned and gave me an unusually tight hug and very quickly kissed me on the mouth.

“Thanks for everything,” Sue whispered before she turned and walked across our front yard to her house next door.

“That was fun,” Dana commented as we closed the front door. “I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I tried to play it cool. “It was definitely an interesting evening,” I admitted without really admitting anything.

Later, Dana and I bathed each other in our oversized tub. She gave me a soapy foot job and rinsed me off before bending forward and taking my now-stiff cock into her mouth.

It had been a long time since Dana had been so obviously aroused. I lit some candles and we enjoyed a lengthy love-making session to cap off our day. We finished with Dana on top, furiously riding me to a crashing climax for us both.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get to give two simultaneous foot massages again, but if not, I will always have that evening to remember.

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