A First Time like No Other – Sonya Pt. 03

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She floats like a swan

Grace on the water

Lips like Sugar

Lips like Sugar

Excerpt from Lips Like Sugar, Echo and the Bunnymen.

I stared at the lyrics she posted in the private message. I felt like I had seen a ghost. Who was this young woman?

The song was one I jokingly said I would be amazed if she had ever heard of. Seconds later she was singing the lyrics and typing them out to me. It was released in 1987. She wasn’t even born then!

While 80s music was very popular at the time, it hasn’t exactly made a comeback since. Austin Powers even made the joke that the 70s and 80s had “A Flock of Seagulls and not much else.” How on earth has this vixen Sonya heard of my favorite song from the time?

I have been listening to the song a lot lately. It has moved up to first on my iHeart Radio playlist. I even got busted with the old singing at the top of my lungs at an intersection scenario while listening to it the other night.

Are the lyrics reminding me of someone? An elusive beauty leading me on but not quite letting me get close enough to touch? Hmm. Is a rocket scientist needed to spell this out?

On the topic of scientists…

I have already told her my real name. Why did I also have to tell her I once practiced medicine and failed? She probably thinks I am the biggest pile of bs lies to ever gaze at her body and fall in love.


I practiced medicine and failed. It isn’t a lie. It also was the other major factor in why my wife and I broke up. I quit medicine, got real fat, and became depressed. Not exactly someone you want around.

I’m less fat now, less depressed, and couldn’t remove a boil from someone’s ass if I had to. But I’m better. My wife is unlikely to take me back, but I’ll try. If it doesn’t work out. I’ll still be OK.

Before you go that route, I didn’t kill anyone or get my license revoked. I never even had a malpractice suit brought against me.

I just couldn’t take the emotional stress. I thought I was tough enough. I wasn’t. Anyone thinking of going into medicine needs to consider that. It is one thing to see an old person die. Can you watch a child die? Can you watch someone die looking at you with terror in their eyes and you know you have no way to help them? Doctors can. I couldn’t. I kept thinking I would get used to it. I didn’t.

Doctors do those kinds of things all of the time. The next time you see one, quit bitching about their bill and give them a hug. I guarantee they have had at least a few sleepless nights suffering nightmares even Stephen King would have trouble with.

I’m a wuss. I couldn’t cut the mustard. If you read Sonya’s profile, it says she likes to dominate “sissy boys”. That’s me! Dominate away.

Her profile also mentions things like “CEI.” Of course I asked. I imagine my face was beet red when she answered. “Um, pass,” was all I could say.


I’m still living in the group setting. She knows it and admitted the other night that she still likes to tease and see if I get so excited that I risk getting caught anyway.

“Come on, you evil Vixen! Oh that looks good. Oh that looks really good. Oh shit here we go again.”

I have to laugh at the thought that she could put Viagra completely out of business.

In 1987 when “Lips Like Sugar” blasted the airwaves, I was 28 years old and we were about to have our first child. My wife had unscrupulously seduced this handsome stud known as myself and bam, another night at the local bar leaves the women wondering if there would be anyone left for them.

Translate that last sentence to mean that I had met a wonderful woman and was lucky to have her. I did have my days as a looker, but not the entourage to go with it. The greatest compliment someone ever gave me was that she thought I looked like Robert Redford.

She was quite drunk.

1987 was also my junior year in Pre Med. I was working like a dog at the local grocery store and was putting myself through school. When I got accepted to medical school, I thought nothing could happen to ever ruin the utopian life I was about to have.


“This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife!”

Excerpt from Once in a Lifetime, The Talking Heads.

David Byrne’s words explain my feelings exactly. Here I am in 2021 and a beautiful webcam model seems to be my soulmate. Of course she can anticipate certain needs and desires. Webcam mersin escort models do it all the time and Sonya is the best of the best.

But pluck Echo and the Bunnymen out of my mind?

I asked her about it and she joked, “Maybe I’m a witch and I have you under my spell”. I laughed.

Then I got a shiver. Was she really kidding?

Witches always seemed to me the least scary of Halloween monsters. Gimme a vampire anyday. I even come from Boulder, CO, where the Wicca community has had a large presence for decades. I remember joking as we grew up in school. “They have naked orgies.” Every boy wanted to be abducted and sacrificed in one of these orgies. Every mother feared they might.

The reality is that Wicca is a respected religion and is now recognized throughout the United States.

But what if other witch cults were having orgies and trying to get the local community to believe Wicca was doing it?

I sense a fantasy coming on…


Stu Redding took one last drink of his Coke and tossed it in the trash. He had to get back to his cashier line at the large grocery store across the street, or he was going to be late. That didn’t stop him from peeking through the blinds at the next door shop, “Deja Vu”. He had no idea what the shop was about. A travel agency or something. He just knew they had a new employee and she was captivating.

Her desk was empty, unfortunately. That disappointed him. She had been in the store a couple of times, but always went through Rod’s line, the local hunk. Rod was 6′ 2″ tall, rippling with muscles and looked like the spitting image of Christopher Reeve. Every woman wanted to go through his line. The new young lady could not be blamed. If only they all knew he had the IQ of a grapefruit. Then again, maybe they did and didn’t care.

He looked down at his own biceps. Pathetic. His last girlfriend had said he was “wiry”. He was pretty sure that was a nice term for “stick boy”. His one claim to fame was that during the cross town rival football game he had laid out the big fullback star playing for Fairview. He played for Boulder High, however. That kind of fame lasted a week there, at most. Boulder High had the brains. Fairview had the jocks.

He rushed back in the store, signed in and turned on the light for his register. She was already there waiting for him.

For lack of a better name at this time, let us call her Deja Vu. She had long straight blond hair that actually went to well below her waist. Her eyes were the lightest blue and her smile a set of the most perfect teeth you could ask for. Her nose was just slightly pointed. Not really an imperfection, just making her capable of giving a wicked grin if desired.

He was staring at her chest. He was always staring at women’s chests! Why, oh why couldn’t he start above their neck? He had been busted so many times he was sure a special place in Hell had been reserved for him with nothing but mannequin chests lying around as far as the eye could see.

She did have an interesting necklace. It was like a dreamcatcher, but much smaller.

Prying his eyes upward, he smiled and said, “Hello”. She nodded and looked down, acting eager to get moving on. He looked down and realized why. The first of her three items was KY Jelly. He quickly rang it up and got it in the bag. She seemed to appreciate his awareness.

Her other two items were a can of cat food and a spatula. Sometimes when he was bored he would play a game, putting the items of a small order together to make a story. This one was not one to be missed. “Poor cat,” he chuckled internally.

When the total came up, she seemed to get nervous again. “I’m sorry, I seem to be short by a few dollars.” She looked like she might leave.

Realizing she did not want him to pull the KY out of the bag, he reached down to his wallet and pulled out enough to cover it. “It’s not a problem, Miss, I have it covered.”

She looked extremely relieved. “Thank you!” she said, “I owe you”.

He decided it was the perfect time to ask her out. He opened his mouth, but it said, “More sexual favors than you can possibly imagine.”

Her mouth popped open. His heart completely stopped.

She reached into her wallet, pulled out a blue ballpoint pen, and grabbed his hand to write something on it. He looked at it as she strode away as fast as possible.

He looked down and she had written “Kelli” followed by her phone number.

The cashier anamur escort on the next check stand was a tall, buxom brunette with a dry sense of humor. “I cannot believe that worked at all. I would have decked you”. The next customer in his line looked like she might.

It was 20 years later when he heard the line again. It was a joke in the video game Fallout 3. He didn’t get upset. In fact, it was as if the line had been plucked from the game in the future and forced through his mouth back in 1987.


Stu drove a 1975 Trans Am that had been part of a racing team from Reno, Nevada. It had been repainted a metallic black and a Starsky and Hutch stripe painted over it. The stripe was a red, yellow and blue rainbow. It had large AR 62 wheels in the back with as close to slicks as were allowed on the street. Some in town talked of being faster. They never were able to prove it.

That night it was buffed and cleaned to perfection. He had spent the entire night before putting together the tape, yes tape, that was going to fill her ears with musical perfection.

When he pulled up to her address, he was surprised to see it was a small house. Boulder, Colorado had once been featured on some major magazine under the moniker “Where the hip meet to trip.” On an inside page was the image of cocaine lines being snorted from a bar. That brought the stampede. Boulder had no intention of being overrun, however, and the price of everything had gone up in leaps and bounds ever since.

It took a person of considerable wealth to afford even a small postage stamp of a home like this. Stu had to live in the next town over on his cashier salary, even though it was more than minimum wage would be 30 years later.

She stepped out of the door before he was able to knock. His car was not exactly quiet, so it didn’t surprise him. He did see the cat. A gray tabby. She gave it a peck on the nose before locking the door and taking his arm.

She looked like a different person. At her work she always wore long flowing skirts and blouses with modest openings. He had never seen her with hair up. He wasn’t sure it was possible. It had been only a few months since she had appeared in the store across the street, however.

“You look, look….you look, ” he stammered.

“Spit it out,” she said.


“You might want to check those eyes of yours,” she said, “as handsome as they are. You should see I’m slumming it in slacks and a T-shirt as you requested. At work I try to always dress with elegance, but you gave no such stuttering compliment.”

“You did have on a nice necklace yesterday.”

“So that’s what you were staring at? Well, thank you. It is not a necklace, by the way, it is a talisman and I never take it off.” She demonstrated the chain on the side of her neck.

“You don’t want to wear it on the outside of the tee?”

“And cover up Dolores O’Riordan? Perish the thought.”

“Who is she, by the way? I’ve never heard of her. The T-Shirt says Cranberries. Is that a band or a song?”

She just smiled and steered him towards the car. Six years later the Cranberries were on every station and he never remembered the premonition.


Boulder was an easy place to go on a date. A small college town, there was something for everyone. They ate light Italian, then watched the buskers for a while on The Hill. It was a beautiful night and they danced barefoot in the street.

She finally yawned and said, “I’m sorry, but I do have to work in the morning.”

“This has been fun,” he said, “and you look beautiful no matter what you are wearing.” After seeing her curious look, he added, “no, I didn’t mean that. I just think you are a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you, and you are quite the handsome man.” Did I make you jealous going through that mindless beefcake’s line so many times?”

His face must have looked stunned. She reached up and whispered in his ear, “sometimes you have to reach out and just grab what you want in life. You were a bit – bold, but it worked, didn’t it?” She smiled the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

Driving her home, his mind was in a quandary. She said she liked him being bold, but was that supposed to mean right now? He had never slept with someone on a first date. Boulder might be “hip”, but that was something he imagined others just embellished.

As he was going over it in his mind, she did something erdemli escort you never, ever did in a guy’s car back in the 80s. She flipped the tape. “Lips Like Sugar” filled the air.

He was filled with rage. She had touched his music? Who was this woman?

Who indeed.

“Pull over here,” she said. Was she kidding? It was a small overlook used by the high school students to do their groping. He nodded and obliged. Fortunately, no one else was there.

She turned to look at him. “I imagine you like your women like you like your cars, fast and loud. Let me be clear now, I’m not that kind of woman. I’m, um, slightly older than you and I like to be pampered and cherished. I’m not talking about fancy dresses versus T-Shirts, I’m talking about old fashioned romantic courting. I’m not a one night stand kind of person.”

“However, I do owe you.”

With that she reached out and undid his belt. He sat up but she pressed him back into the seat. “Undo the seatbelt, please.” was all that she said.

Stu was not a virgin. He had received many handjobs as a youth and was one of the first in his year to go all the way to fourth base. A funny thing about those bases, however, there wasn’t one for a woman’s mouth. He had received a few quick licks, but most young women seemed to avoid it.

Kelli lowered her head into his lap and latched onto the already stiff head of his cock with her mouth. It felt incredible. She barely had to move. His cock just seemed to grow and insert itself deeper and deeper into her mouth.

She pulled up and looked him in the eyes. “Can I get my entire $2.73 back for this?” she asked.

He laughed and said, “Of course, you’ve already earned that! Wait, I didn’t say that. I think you should continue.”

With a wicked grin she lowered her head again. This time she used her tongue to go completely around the head and up and down the shaft. She paid particular attention to the area he loved, just where the shaft met the head. When she started nibbling there, he knew he couldn’t hold off much longer.

“Um Kelli?”

She worked her tongue up over his head and was furiously licking. She took him completely in her mouth and he felt her tongue still working away to give him intense pleasure. He had only seen a woman use her mouth make a man cum in a porn film before. This was real. this was happening to him.

“Kelli? I’m going to cum. You better pull it out.”

Her head gave a negative shake and then she took him completely down her throat. His butt lifted completely off of the seat and he arched his head back in a mind tearing yell of ecstasy. “Oh My God.” he screamed, and started bucking wildly. He felt the first stream shoot out of his cock and had no idea where it stopped. The next two bursts were the same.

Then she did something he did not think possible. She took him in even deeper! Her lips were pressing against the base of his shaft and her cheeks kept sucking in followed by a burst of air through her nose.

The feeling was like nothing he had ever felt before. He didn’t know if he had started a new orgasm, or if this was the original ramping up again. She had wisely turned him a bit to the side. He was lifting her head so high he would have been crushing it against the steering wheel.

He just kept cumming. How was she swallowing this all? Sure, most of it was going straight into her gullet, but she had to be getting some of it still in her throat. He couldn’t wait to tell his friend what a $2.73 blowjob felt like.

An intense pain filled his crotch. She had clamped down on his balls. Slurping slightly, she swallowed the rest of what was in her mouth, lifted her head, and gave him a look with her eyes that could kill grass.

“You missed my point from before. I will forgive you this once, and only this once.” He felt completely confused, and in great pain.

She finally released her vice grip grasp on his balls. “Do you think bragging about a woman swallowing you comes under the definition of old fashioned romantic courting?”

He just stared, mouth hanging open. He never knew later if she took it as a signal that he wanted to kiss, or if she just wanted to share his fluid. She suddenly grabbed him by the back of the neck and plunged her tongue deep into his mouth. He couldn’t resist and responded with an equally passionate response. They entwined tongues, then she pulled away. He tasted himself. Now he understood why women avoided swallowing.

“By the way.” she said.

She had a strange but beautiful glow to her face.

“I am a witch and I CAN read minds.”

She snuggled against his chest and purred like a cat.

“You may take me home now”

To be continued…

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