A First for Dec and Amy

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This excerpt is part of a much longer story about Dec. It didn’t fit with the original story, which is much less raunchy, but it still needed to be written. Dec and Amy have been friends, good friends, best friends, more than friends for a long time, and they have just admitted their true feelings for each other.

They get out of the car and run giggling to the front door. Dec fumbles with his keys and drops them.

‘Fuck it.’

As he bends over to pick them up, Amy slaps him lightly on the arse. ‘Oi, save it for inside.’

“Just giving you a taster.”

He turns to her and pulls her towards him, kissing her hard on the mouth, pushing her lips apart with his tongue.

‘Very tasty indeed. Enough tasting though, let’s get on with the main course.’

Dec opens the front door and holds it open for Amy. She walks past him, flicking her hair over her shoulder and into his face. He chases her up the stairs. She runs up two at a time, squealing. They reach the door to his room breathless, laughing. He lets her in, closes the door behind him, and they stop laughing. This moment is where they’ve both wanted to be for a long time. She looks up at him, he gazes into her big blue eyes, bends down to her, takes her face in his hands and kisses her on the mouth. She twines her fingers in his hair and pulls his mouth towards hers, parting her lips and flicking her tongue exploringly inside. They’ve been doing this all afternoon and are both already really turned on. He folds his arms round her, pulling her body hard up against his, wrapping his tongue around hers. She can feel his hard-on through his cargo pants, pressing into her stomach. He can feel her soft body pressing against the length of his erection. At last, it’s OK to do this, to feel this way. It’s not a fantasy any more, it’s real. He doesn’t have to back off when they hug, scared she’ll feel how hard he is and be repulsed. She doesn’t have to yearn for his touch, pretend she’s not getting wet thinking about him. He pushes his tongue in further, kisses and licks her, laps at her mouth, his hands travelling down to hold her arse, pulling her against him, then back up the length of her spine to bury his hands in her hair. She sucks his tongue and opens her mouth wider, wanting more of him; arches her back, pushing her breasts against his chest, feeling her nipples hardening and the maddening moist tingling of desire between her legs.

He suddenly steps back, pulling away from her, searching her face. He needs to know, before this goes any further. Too much more and he won’t be able to stop. He needs to be able to stop, if it’s not OK. ‘Is this OK?’

“It’s very OK.”

‘Its just … I kind of need to know pretty soon if it’s not because –’ She reaches up and pulls tesettürlü escort his mouth down to hers again, thrusting her tongue in deep, tasting him, showing him how much she wants this. She grasps the bottom of his t-shirt and pulls it up, over his head. She kisses his bare, muscular chest, runs her fingers down it from his shoulders, over his nipples, round his belly button, to the top of his cargos. She hooks her fingers in the waistband and uses it to pull him towards her. He groans, reaches down and grabs the bottom of her short dress, pulling it over her head and leaving her standing in her underwear. He is awestruck.

‘Fuck, Amy, you’re so beautiful.’

She is amazed and concerned to see tears spring to his eyes. She reaches up and brushes them away.

“What’s the matter?”

‘I … I just never thought we’d … I’ve wanted you for so long … you’re so fucking amazing. I can’t believe it. I just can’t fucking believe it.’

“I’ve thought about doing this with you a lot, too.”


“Yeah. I can’t believe it either. But it’s real.”

‘Yeah. Fuck, I know. Can we carry on?’

“Mm, yes please.”

He wipes his eyes with the back of his hand and looks at her. He has got so hard his cock is straining uncomfortably against his cargos. He guides Amy’s hand to his belt, and she starts to undo it, while he reaches forwards and cups her breasts in both hands. Her nipples are hard and he rubs them with his thumbs through the lacy fabric of her bra. She moans, pants a little and feels a growing, tingling response from her pussy. She finishes undoing his belt, undoes the button and zip on his cargos and lets them fall to the ground. His cock springs forwards, and she reaches behind him and pulls him towards her. They both gasp and stare at each other as they feel his naked hardness between them; she reaches down and holds it through the fabric of his boxers, pulls it out through the opening and down towards her pussy. He has craved her touch for so long, it is now almost unbearable, making him throb and pulse as she holds him between her legs and he rubs the length of him along the wetness gathering in her knickers. He reaches behind her and unhooks her bra, feeling the weight of her breasts against him as they are freed.

‘Is this OK?’

“Stop asking. It’s all OK.”

He pulls her bra off and bends his head down towards her hard nipples, licking them one at a time then taking them into his mouth, sucking and nibbling, leading her to the edge of delirium.

“Oh yes. Ohh, yes.”

‘Fuck, Amy. You’re fucking gorgeous.’

In reply she runs her hands from his shoulder blades to his boxers and pushes her hands below the waistband, türbanlı escort feeling his muscular arse tighten under her fingers. She squeezes.

“Ohh I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. I love your bum. It feels even better than it looks. Dec, shall we … just … do it? I really want it, I’m pretty sure you do too. Let’s just get completely naked and do it. I don’t think I can wait any longer.”

He stares at her, astounded that she has said what he was thinking.

‘Fuck, yeah. You’re a bloody mindreader.’

He quickly pulls down his boxers while she takes off her knickers. They stand naked in front of each other and stare, drinking in the sights. She takes his hand and leads him to the bed. They lie down facing each other and fill each other’s mouths with tongues and kisses. His hands roam all over her, touching, stroking, teasing. She holds him tight so she can feel his hardness trembling against her and he can feel her nipples against his chest, then she lets go, rolls over onto her back, lifts her knees and spreads her legs wide, turning her head to look at him, raising her arms above her head, stretching. He sits up, gazing into her eyes, and then looks at her body all the way down.

‘You’re fucking awesome.’

He kneels between her legs, his engorged cock twitching and throbbing in anticipation. He stares at her wet pussy. She stares at his long, hard erection. She wants it in her. He wants it in her. She looks so glisteningly delicious though that, much as he wants the length of his cock inside her, he wants to taste her first. He bends his head between her legs, moistens his tongue and licks the length of her wetness from back to front, flicking his tongue inside her and then up to where he feels the swollen clit, which he kisses and sucks. She feels his tongue on her, in her and then just there, and it’s so amazing, she’s throbbing now. She really wants to feel the length of his cock inside her. She pulls his head up, pulls him towards her, kisses him, tastes herself on his tongue. They both moan. His cock is so close to her pussy, it’s nearly there.

‘Amy, are you sure –’

“Do it. Please, just do it, please …”

He moves his hand down and guides himself in, pushing the head of his rigid cock slowly between the lips of her pussy.

‘Fuuucking hell …’

“Ohh my God …”

They look into each other’s widening eyes, startled at the intensity of what they are both feeling. He pushes further in, then further, slipping in easily with the wetness of both of them. He pushes slowly all the way in and stops, delighting in the tingles and throbs. He fills her.

‘That feels sooo fucking good.’

She squeezes him from inside and they tüyap escort both gasp.

“Oh my God, that feels even better.”

He pulls out slightly, then pushes back in, her tightness enhancing every sensation for both of them. He pulls out further then pushes back in harder. He starts to thrust rhythmically, as she moves under him, in time with him. Her breasts are bouncing with their rhythm and he watches them, hypnotised. As the sensation builds and spreads, they both start to shout out.

‘Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’

That’s what he’s saying, and what she’s thinking, but she can’t say it.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, don’t stop, don’t stop.” is what she cries. She’s thinking fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, harder, faster, fuck me.

He really is very fit and very strong, and he pounds hard and fast into her, so hard her breasts are flung up and down with the force. She spreads her legs wider and wraps her legs round him, crossing her ankles against his arse, trying to pull more of him into her. They both feel slippery, wet, luscious and they are both close to coming. It’s been a long time for both of them, and this is going to happen quickly and explosively. She feels him stiffen, his cock getting even harder within her, knows he’s as close as she is. Her clit is throbbing, being rubbed with every powerful thrust. He feels how close he is, he almost can’t bear it, it’s exquisite, delicious. He can feel it growing and building in his cock and his balls, and he wants it to last, it feels so good, but soon he can’t contain it any more, and with amazement he feels her muscles begin to squeeze even tighter, and then–

‘Oh, fuck, fuck, uhh, I’m coming, oh, Amy, fuck, I’m coming – OHH AAMMYY! FUUUUUCK! OHHHH YEAAAH! UUUUUH! AAAaah!’

and at almost the same moment as he comes, and shoots and spurts his hot cum inside her, the throbbing tingle intensifies in her pussy, she feels herself thickening and tightening inside, and then it all explodes inside for her –

“Yes, yes, oh my GOD YES! GOD YES! GOD, YES! OHHH! Oh my God, oh my God, ohh myy God …”

They both feel his hot spurts, and the tight spasms inside her; time slows down and the world disappears for a few moments. He’s on top of her, around her, filling her. She’s under him, around him, envelops him. They carry on moving together for a while, slowing down, delighting in their tingles and throbs and spasms, in the juices running out of her, in their naked, sweaty bodies touching, in the togetherness they feel. They kiss, tenderly, holding each other. He pulls out, lies on his side and pulls her into his arms, kissing her mouth, her eyelids, her nose, her hair. He is crying again. She kisses his tears and tastes salt.

‘Sorry, Amy, I just … that was truly fucking amazing. I love you so much.’

His eyes widen as he realises what he’s just said.

‘Fuck, I’m sorry, shit, I mean, what I meant was –’

She kisses him gently on the mouth to stop him, before he takes it back.

It’s OK, Dec. After that, and after all this time, I know what you meant. I feel the same. I love you too.

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