A First Date

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There was something about being in her early 40’s. Maybe it was the hormones. Or maybe it was the fact that Elizabeth had been stuck in a loveless marriage for the past few years and was about to jump back into the dating scene after close to 15 years. But whatever it was, she was seemingly horny and insatiable all the time. So, when Elizabeth finally took the plunge and jumped onto some dating apps, she wasn’t sure what to expect. But she knew she wanted some action, and soon. What she did find was surprising. First off, there were a lot of duds. Elizabeth recognized she was no longer the twenty something she was the last time she dated. Yes, she had a few wrinkles and some grey hairs but she still felt she was attractive with 38B breasts; a strong, firm ass; and some nice curves. However, many of the matches she was being met with looked old enough to be her grandfather with beer bellies and not much substance to boot. She did connect with a few guys on the apps – guys that seemed promising, but then the messages quickly turned from “What do you do for fun?” to “Here’s what I’d do to you” and the sexting commenced. Elizabeth and her ex had never sexted, so this was fun, flirty and turning her on. But that’s all they were – messages – that never led to anything or any actual meetups.

So, at the urging of her single and dating friend, Elizabeth set her filters down to attract some slightly younger men. And that’s when she came across Kyle. He was just a few years younger and his profile intrigued her. Not only was he attractive, he was intelligent and definitely had a sense of humor. And from his pics, she could tell he was a bit of a blue collar guy who was good with his hands. She took the plunge and decided to message him and he responded shortly thereafter. They hit it off with the messages and he definitely did have a sense of humor. The next day, they continued to message, and Elizabeth wanted to meet this guy, sooner than later, before it turned into another go-nowhere sexting fling. She was free that evening, so what the heck? She asked him if he could meet up and he said he could. Now, she panicked a bit! This was her first date in 15 years. She was a mix of nervous, excited, and definitely horny. She wore a cute little outfit – tight black jeans, tank top, denim jacket and scarf to match – with lacy black bra and matching lace cheekie panties…just in case.

Just a few hours later, she’s pulling into the parking lot of a local beach town, not sure what to expect.

“Kyle?” she asked as she approached him. He was tall, about six feet tall with a close cropped haircut and matching close cropped beard. He was definitely cute and with a nice smile to match!

They walked to the restaurant, making small talk along the way and during dinner, conversation was about families, travel, work – the usual first date stuff. Both Elizabeth and Kyle were introverted and a bit shy, but Elizabeth eased up as the glass of wine hit her belly and the conversation flowed even more freely after that. After dinner, they decided to walk along the beach, but after only a few minutes, the cold March breeze got to them.

“Wanna go talk in my truck?” Kyle asked, motioning towards his nice, large bets10 pickup truck in the nearby parking lot.

“Sure,” Elizabeth responded.

They continued talking there for a little while longer. Elizabeth, eying the clock, knew she should be headed back home soon…but also didn’t know how to end the date when Kyle, noticing her getting ready to end the date, simply asked “Mind if I kiss you?”

Elizabeth didn’t have to think long on that and in seconds, their lips were embraced. He was a really good kisser. His soft lips met her plump lips and their two tongues danced together as their kiss became deeper and more passionate. Her hands reached up to his face, pulling him in closer to her. This was the first passionate kiss Elizabeth had in years and it was really nice…and turning her on in a big way. After a few minutes of kissing, Kyle pushed the cup holder out of the way that divided the truck’s bench seat and pulled Elizabeth in closer to him. Their kisses continued, their tongues tickling and teasing one another. His hands were running down her sides and Elizabeth could feel herself getting even more turned on. She didn’t know where this was headed, but she liked it. She made her way on top of Kyle, their kisses becoming more impassioned and fevered and she could feel his bulging cock beneath his pants. She knew she wanted more.

The lights of the parking lot seemed like spotlights on their affection. “Wanna go somewhere a little more secluded?” Kyle asked. Ignoring all online dating safety tips, but feeling she could trust this guy, Elizabeth let out an “mmm hhmm” and Kyle then drove a few minutes down the road to a secluded little gravel parking lot just barely lit by a distant street lamp. As soon as he parked, Kyle pulled Elizabeth back closer to him and their lips were matched together almost instantly. She straddled him again in the front seat and their kisses were almost animalistic, so full of passion and desire. She pulled off her scarf and set her glasses on the dashboard and they continued making out like teenagers at a drive-in movie. He pushed her denim jacket off and he started to move his hands down to feel her mound. He rubbed her gently, before sliding his fingers down into her pants and feeling her wetness. She knew there was no going back now and she had to have him – and soon! She reached down to his pants and rubbed her hand over his bulge, letting out a quiet moan as she did.

“There’s more room in the backseat,” Kyle remarked and they tumbled over the seats quickly and with intent. In the now roomier backseat, Kyle quickly pulled off Elizabeth’s shoes and then pulled her pants off to reveal her black lace panties. He slipped his finger around the waistband, pulling them down, and then made his way downward to lick her now sopping opening. His tongue was like heaven. Elizabeth moaned out in ecstasy as his tongue made motions all along her slit, then dove into her wet tunnel. He then moved his tongue upward, making flickering motions on her clit that nearly brought her to tears. Slowly, he worked his tongue down from the clit to her opening and back up in long, sweeping motions – over and over and over, up and down. This nearly brought her bets10 giriş to the edge so when he jammed his fingers into her, while he rubbed her clit, she couldn’t take it any more. Her back arched, her legs tensed, and her hands reached behind her onto the now steamed-up windows. “Oh my god. Fuuuucck!” she cried out as he brought her to her first orgasm. He looked up at her, seemingly proud of a job well done and enjoying the moment, and then dove down to kiss her again, letting her taste her own juices. They passionately exchanged kisses, while she fumbled at his pants to get to his throbbing cock. She pushed his pants down, and he pulled them off, revealing his hard member and she knew she had to have that inside her immediately.

With her hands on his cock, Elizabeth lay back on the seat and guided Kyle into her dripping wet pussy. He slid in easily and she let out a moan as he filled her. He felt so good inside her. She hadn’t had a dick inside her in months and the feeling was amazing. She reached around to grab his strong ass and pulled him in closer to her. On each thrust, she raised her hips to meet his. Their lips continued to meet every few thrusts, in between Elizabeth’s moans and each of them catching their breath.

After a few minutes, Elizabeth pushed Kyle up so that he was sitting up and she straddled his legs and mounted his big cock. Kyle pulled her shirt off, revealing her round breasts peeking out from the black lace bra. He pulled her right breast out of the bra and sucked on her now hard nipple, tracing his tongue over and around her breasts while he squeezed her left breast. He then squeezed both breasts together, dancing his tongue between each nipple. The feel of his tongue on her breasts and his cock in her pussy was amazing. He continued licking and squeezing her breasts while she rode up and down on his hard cock.

Kyle then leaned forward, his strong hands behind her, and eased Elizabeth onto her back again and he began thrusting deep and furiously into her. “Fuck yes!” she cried out while he pounded her. Their eyes met, she bit her lip and he smiled a little smile that said “Hell yeah – I’m going to fuck you all night long.” Elizabeth couldn’t contain her screams and moans of ecstasy and Kyle was loving it. He hadn’t ever been with someone so vocal and it was making him want her even more. With a few more thrusts, Elizabeth cried out as she reached her second orgasm, her pussy tightening around his throbbing member inside her. An uncontrollable shiver ran through her body and she pulled him down closer to her to embrace his lips again.

Not done yet, Elizabeth sat up and pushed Kyle onto the seat where she leaned down and her mouth met his hard cock. She could taste herself on him and she moaned out in enjoyment. She ran her tongue up the length of his shaft and then her lips encircled his cock, tickling the tip with her tongue. Kyle let out a quiet moan and ran his hands down her back and onto her ass. Dripping saliva over him, she grabbed his cock with her right hand while continuing to suck the top and tip. Over and over, she moved her hand up and down while continuing to move her mouth up and down, tickling the tip each time she bets10 güvenilir mi reached the top. She looked up at Kyle and could see he was almost in a trance, sighing deeply. Each time she moaned, the vibrations on his cock sent him even further into ecstasy.

Not wanting the fun to end, Elizabeth moved her lips upward, running her tongue along his stomach and chest before reaching his lips again. Kyle let out a little smile and then she sat atop his dick again, wrapping her legs around him in an embrace. She rotated her hips around, grinding on his cock, while her clit rubbed against him. Their passion had now turned more intimate and they sat quietly like this, grinding and rubbing while sharing more kisses. He moved her head to the side and ran his tongue down her neck, nibbling little love bites along her neck and shoulder then back up again until his tongue danced along her ear. His tongue thrust into her ear, and that combined with his warm breath, turned her on even further. Elizabeth’s breathing turned to panting and she let out more moans as he continued hitting this erotic spot. She then returned the favor, licking her tongue along his neck and then into and around his ear. He moaned in response and then his hands rubbed along her backside and then down to her hips where he began lifting her up and down along his cock. “Oh god, oh god,” Elizabeth cried out. The feel of his cock every time it neared her opening was too much for her.

Elizabeth couldn’t believe what was happening. She was having more sex in just these few minutes in the car with Kyle then she’d had in the past year. And hot, crazy, intense sex that was lasting more then 3 minutes! While these thoughts danced around in her head, Kyle had pulled out of her and positioned her so she was now in doggy style on the backseat. He knelt behind her, one leg on the seat, the other in the footwell and ran his dick along her ass and slit. She cried out as he teased her this way. The feeling was amazing and then he slipped his cock into her dripping pussy. With one hand on the seat and one on the window in front of her, he pounded into her. With each new thrust, she let out another moan, only making Kyle thrust even harder and faster until he couldn’t take it any longer. “Fuck me harder! Oh God, yeah!” she cried out as she could feel him tensing up. With a quiet, yet forceful, grunt, Kyle erupted into her, filling her pussy with his warm cum. She squeezed her muscles around his cock, milking it for every last drop before he pulled out and fell back onto the seat, letting out a little, exhausted chuckle. She collapsed too and turned to face him, giggling a little at what just transpired. Their eyes met and they came to meet one another again, locking lips in an intimate exchange and bringing moisture back to their dry mouths. They continued to kiss as they pulled in close to one another, feeling each other’s pounding hearts. Elizabeth rubbed her hands down along Kyle’s strong arms until her hands met his and their fingers entwined.

Looking at the clock, Elizabeth realized she’d have to be headed home soon, so together they fumbled getting dressed in the darkened truck and made their way back to her car.

“Well, that was fun,” remarked Elizabeth with a flirtatious look in her eye. “Second date sometime?”

“Definitely,” Kyle responded and they shared one last, long kiss before she got in her car to head back home, immensely satisfied after that first date.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32