A Fantasy Cum True Ch. 1

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Matt had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Finally he had met a couple that really turned him, and they also had a lot in common with him. Matt had been looking for a couple like this for many years. Sexual exploration was definitely something he was into, and something he wanted to do. He had a few encounters in the past some very exciting and fulfilling, but unfortunately they were mostly physical and lacked that certain something, but now it looks like he found what he had been looking for all these years.

Diane and Steve were friends of his who he had actually met online. He had been talking to them on and off for about six or seven months. They talked about turn ons and turn offs. They talked about what new things they wanted to try, but they also talked about what other interests they shared outside of sex. One of the hobbies they shared was skiing. All three of them it turned out were accomplished skiers or at least they new they were better than the vast majority of people out there. This shared passion for skiing and powder snow, as well as the common interest in sex really turned on Matt.

Matt invited Diane and Steve up to the mountains of Colorado for a week of skiing, and the hopes of all three were hoping for much more. Matt waited at the terminal for their arrival at the airport in Denver. He was a slim guy only about 160lbs, but he stood about 6’3″. He definitely was a slim guy in short blonde hair, and glasses that didn’t hide the excited gleam in his blue eyes. He was wearing a pair of tight jeans, and he hoped not too many people noticed the bulge in them, or the little damp spot of anticipation that was apparent there.

Diane pinched her nipple through her t-shirt as she watched the airplane taxi toward the gate. She was very excited and she reached over into Steve’s lap and was checking Steve’s excitement level. Mmm.. She thought he is excited. She could understand why. Through the months Matt, Steve, and Diane had been trading pictures over the net. They had Matt pose in every possible position, and some they never thought they see a man do. Those toys of Matt’s sure looked fun, and erotic when he used them in those pictures she couldn’t wait to Steve and Matt together, and she couldn’t wait for both of them with her. She continued to caress her hard nipples, she was a petite girl only 5’1″, and only weighed about 100lbs, and she liked her body. Some women complained when they didn’t have big tits but Diane loved her small little b-cups, and her long pink nipples, and she liked lying with them as well.

Steve reached over and bit one Diane’s nipples, Diane gave him a playful slap to warn him that someone might see. He just smiled up at her with his charming smile. He was a slim guy too, about 5’11” and 165lbs, but he a short black hair and brown eyes, and he couldn’t wait to see what he looked like next to Matt and Diane. His cock ached in his jeans, and he also couldn’t wait for this weeks skiing and he new great sex was going to be had. Steve couldn’t believe this was going to happen he loved Diane very much, and they both had been looking forward a long time to something like this. They had played all the online games, and he knew that this week would be worth all the let downs in the pass. His curiosity was going to be satiated.

The plane docked and Matt waited for Steve and Diane to get off the plane. He became very nervous his stomach all turned into knots. Hopefully all the anticipation would be lived up to. He saw Diane long red hair before he saw Steve. They recognized him immediately and rushed up the gate entrance. Diane decided to break the ice pretty quickly and just ran up and hugged Matt giving him a big wet kissed. Matt was shocked and slightly embarrassed but the sultriness of the kiss soon overcame his nervousness and he returned the kiss with an long pent up excitement. The kiss didn’t last long and Matt turned to Steve and shook his hand introducing himself. Steve smiled at him, and they all knew that things were going to be just fine.

“I told Steve that he should be the one to kiss you in the airport, but he said he wasn’t ready for that kind of thing quite yet, and so I figured I’d break the ice,” Diane said with a wink.

“I think you did that,” Matt said with an embarrassed grin.

Steve put his arm around Matt and Diane and they went to go pick up the luggage, and get this adventure started.

It was a beautiful day in the mountains. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and about a foot of fresh snow fell the night before, so Matt, Diane, and Steve all enjoyed a great of skiing, and quite a bit of teasing as well. There was quite a bit of fondling on the chair lift, and there definitely was a certain tension that was developing. The three of them could not believe this was happening. Matt kept staring at Diane’s tight ass accentuated by the ski pants she was wearing and Steve kept giving him a knowing grin.

Diane bent over one time to edirne escort check the buckles on her boots, and she saw the two boys grinning relentlessly behind her. She looked up knowingly, and ran her hand over her small firm ass and said,

“Boys, you want some of this. I bet you do, but you can’t have my butt until I see both yours.” She grinned at them a she skied away.

“God, you’re a lucky man Steve!” Matt said breathlessly. Steve gave Matt a knowing smile and a slap on the ass and said,

“Now your going to be lucky too, and I am going to see your tight ass too later tonight.”

Matt skied after the two it was somewhat difficult skiing with a mammoth hard on but he managed. Matt really started to anticipate the night of sexual bliss that was coming. The rest of the day went accordingly plenty of powered snow and sexual energy. As the trio skied to the lodge at the end of the day Matt walked them into the condo. Steve and Diane hadn’t seen the condo yet, with the powder day they all wanted to get as much snow in as possible, and Matt was excited that they didn’t get to see it yet. He had a surprise for them. He had been to the condo earlier and had stocked it with sensual snacks, some wine, and brandy for after dinner. He walked them around the plush place it was a two bedroom with shag carpeting and a fireplace, but Matt hoped that they would need just the fire, and one bedroom. He walked them out onto the balcony it had a high wall for privacy.

“I know you guys said to try and make the stay somewhat inexpensive, but I will pick up the tab on this baby. I knew we would need the hot tub after today, and since its private who knows what might happen!” He said as he brushed his hand across Steve’s crotch.

“You are one sexy bitch!” Diane said as she smacked Matt on his ass. Steve just smiled and his cock twitched with anticipation. Diane couldn’t wait anymore she wanted these studs now and she wanted to see them together, and the firebrand in her took over.

“Why don’t you two boys go get us a few cold beers and sit there on the couch? I will be right back.” Diane went into the bathroom and quickly pulled off her ski pants and jacket, and commenced to throw on a pair of skin tight jeans, and a loose fitting gray sweatshirt and she made sure her bra and panties were well adjusted underneath. Her pussy had already soaked her panties but she kept them on knowing she soon wouldn’t need them and she was going to be the first one in the tub anyway.

Matt and Steve were sitting on the couch as she returned they both had discarded their jackets but the ski pants were still on she looked at them out of the corner of her eye she ran her hands through her red hair with sensual bliss. Steve got up to give her a kiss, but she ordered him back into his seat.

“You two are going to watch me right now. Give me that beer,” Matt handed her one, and she took it from him greedily. She ran the cold glass over her forehead letting her bangs gather the moisture clinging to the side of the bottle. She turned her back to them and lifted the bottle to her mouth and let her hair fall over her back. She turned around licking the tip of the bottle coyly.

“Its really, really warm in here. I am so hot. I think I am going to let some air in,” She turned and opened the sliding door to the deck letting the cold mountain airflow in like a wave. The steam from the hot tub ran past her legs. The two men look at each other in disbelief. Even Steve had never seen Diane like this, and it was only beginning.

“You boys ready to heat this body up good? I can’t wait. I can’t wait for you two to ravish me, and I cant wait for you two to suck and fuck each other silly. But not yet… I want to mmm…. Tease some.” Diane turned taking once last sexy sip off her beer.

“Matt,” She said, “Go put on some nice music, something fun, something hot!” Matt readily complied and went to the stereo and put in some Lords Of Acid a little erotic techno for her. Diane started to move sultry with the bass line. She slid her hands all over. She ran one hand slowly over her breasts and turned from the boys and slid the other hand over has with the middle finger slowly exploring the center of her ass.

“Boys I am so hot. Even though the door is open I can’t stand it. I have to take off these close. I need too.” She turned to them. They both were staring wordlessly at her sexy body. Matt had to remember to wet his mouth with beer he was staring so open mouthed.

“Are you boys hot?” They both nodded dumbly, “You can’t take off your close yet I am not ready. I want you both too watch me. Very carefully. I bet your cocks are very hard just thinking about what is going to happen tonight aren’t they” She continued to move with sultry grace. The music thumping slowly in her. She slowly lifted the sweatshirt from over her shoulders, and tossed it two the floor. Matt and Steve could see her hard pink nipples pressing elazığ escort against her white lacy bra. The combination of cold air and sexual energy made them stand at complete attention. Diane poured a small amount of her beer between her small firm breasts. Even though they were small Diane loved how perky and firm they were and she loved the pinkness of her nipples. The beer made her shiver slightly only heightening the heat in her body. She winked sly at the men sitting uncomfortably on the couch and she faced away from them. She was so wet. She slowly snapped the button free on her fly, and bent forward slowly peeling the jeans from her hips. She turned to the men so they could see the tops of her white lacy panties. Her breath steamed in the cold air.

“You boys want to see my pussy don’t you? I know you like watching my skinny little ass, and my small tits. You like the way my nipples look through my bra?” She reached behind her and unclasped her bra and let it fall easily to the floor. Matt couldn’t believe how hot this little red headed vixen was, he couldn’t wait to ravish those tits with Steve’s help.

Diane slowly began to peel her jeans down facing the boys. She let her long red hair fall forward covering her body and teasing the men as she peeled her jeans down.

“I am so wet. You like this? Watching me strip for you… This is nothing compared to the show I want from you two.” She stood up and step out of her jeans her French cut lace panties arced beautifully over hips. She reached down and pulled the panties into her pussy, loving the way they felt. She felt so sexy stripping for these men. Knowing how much they wanted her and each other. She teasing slid a hand down her panties feeling the steamy wetness hidden there. She smiled at the men.

“You want what is in here don’t you? It feels so wet and sticky. It feels nice touching myself. Mmm… I bet it tastes so sweet too.” She reached up and licked her sweetness from her fingers.

“Oh it tastes so good. Like honey, but you know that Steve, and Matt you will know it very soon.” With that she peeled her panties off and tossed them onto Matt’s lap. Matt couldn’t believe this girl her pussy looked so good and her panties felt so wet. Her pussy was completely shaved except for a small glimpse of red at the top in a v. He couldn’t resist sniffing her panties, and even licking their wetness. She tasted good even though Matt knew she had been skiing in them all day. Steve looked over at him knowingly. He knew what Matt was tasting and he liked what he saw.

“You boys haven’t said a word since I started. Cat got your tongue, or is it my pussy?” With that she turned from them and ran out into the hot tub. Matt and Steve didn’t waste any time. They both got up and frantically started stripping off their clothes. Neither one could stop taking glimpses at the others body. Their slim bodies were pale in the firelight, but they both approved of what they saw. Matt gasped a little bit as he saw Steve’s cock pop out of his pants. It was about eight inches long and slightly thicker than his, but the best thing it was completely shaved. Matt almost started drooling in anticipation.

“God, your cock looks yummy,” Matt said.

“Your going to find out exactly what it tastes like my man.” Matt lowered his pants and Steve also groaned in agreement when he saw Matt’s cock. His balls and ass were shaven and his cock to was about eight inches long but there was a patch of dark pubic hair at the top.

“That my friend looks yummy… I can’t wait to get that in my mouth.” Steve couldn’t help but say.

“Would you two stop drooling over each others cock and get out here? I want to drool too,” Diane yelled from the tub, and all three shared a good-natured chuckle. Then men could tell from the devious grin that she liked what she saw, and that she was in charge as well. Diane sat up exposing her tits to the cold night air. Steam slid off her exposed skin.

“Come here Steve and lick my wet nipples, and you Matt come give me a kiss!” Steve and Matt crawled into to the tub. They both loved the shock their bodies felt as the hot water gripped their skin after the cold night air. They both slipped into the water, and moved across to Diane. Steve began to lick and suck Diane’s hard nipples. He loved their taste. Steve watched out of the corner of his eye as Diane greeted Matt in the tub with a slow sensual kiss. This was the moment Steve had been waiting for with trepidation to see how Matt would react at first, but Steve was pleased Matt kissed Diane with a soft sultriness that left him weak in the knees. Steve was afraid that Matt would be over bearing and he was pleased to see he wasn’t. Instead he was very sensual, and because that Steve knew this was going to be great.

Matt kissed Diane lightly yet with a subtle force. He loved the feel of her lips and tongue on his. They toyed teasingly with their tongues slowly playing around. erzincan escort Heightening each other’s pleasure. Diane was in heaven she loved the way Matt kissed, and she couldn’t believe how good it felt having Steve’s warm mouth on her chest that was exposed to the cool night air. Diane pushed Matt’s head down to let him suck her other nipple. She was loving this. She reached under the water and felt for both men’s cocks and was pleasantly surprised to find Matt and Steve slowly stroking each other under the water.

“Oh you dirty sluts,” She said playfully, “You couldn’t keep your hands to yourselves. Oooo… I like it!” Diane was fondling their balls while they continued to feel each other and suck her nipples. The moans mixed with the sounds of the hot tubs jets filled the night with sounds of ecstasy. Matt slid his body over so one of the jets would shoot along the crack of his ass. The motion of water made him moan while he was sucking on Diane’s nipple. Matt loved the way the warm jet pulsed against his ass. How the jet flowed across the pucker of his ass. Oh he was loving this, and he could not believe there was going to be more. Diane slipped up on to the edge of the hot tub. Her whole body steamed in the cold air. Matt couldn’t believe the sight of that beautiful pink slit.

“Matt, why don’t you come over here and taste me?” Diane said wiggling her finger cutely at him. Matt looked over at Steve who just shook his head and smiled. Matt leaned down and kissed the insides of Diane’s thighs. His tongue explored her smooth skin. Diane couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. Steve just leaned up and started kissing Diane passionately. He was enjoying watching Matt pleasure Diane with his tongue. Matt slipped his tongue along the wet folds of her pussy. He enjoyed her taste a great deal. Her clit peaked at him from under hits hood and he couldn’t help but suck it. Diane began to moan loader and loader as Matt continued his oral exploration of her pussy.

“You like eating pussy, don’t you Matt?” Steve asked sarcastically. Matt only moaned in response. The vibrations of his moan making Diane begin a new moan of her own. Diane noticed that Matt’s ass was arced just above the level of the water, and she had a devilish idea.

“I like how you are eating my pussy. Mmmm…it feels so good, and you look so sexy doing it. I love it. Steve likes eating pussy too, but Steve likes licking other things too. Don’t you Steve,” Diane pushed Steve down towards Matt’s raised ass. Steve got the idea. As he moved he ran his hands over Matt’s back and ran both hands over the small globes of Matt’s tasty looking ass. Steve couldn’t resist any longer and he reached his tongue out extending it in a point and began flicking the edge of his tight pucker. Matt began to groan from the attentions. He was in bliss a beautiful pussy in front of him, and a tongue in his bumm. What more could he ask.

“Oh… Steve you look so hot licking his ass. Oh that looks so yummy.,” Diane couldn’t believe how hot she was and she began moaning uncontrollably, “Oh please don’t stop. Oh yes!…. Mmm. Ynnnn… I love it!” She gripped her legs around Matt’s face driving his face into her body as she convulsed in pleasure. Matt continued to lick and suck with greater vigor the more Diane moaned. He was really loving it, and Steve’s tongue in his ass was adding to his pleasure.

Diane pushed Matt’s face away and crawled back towards Steve a slow passionate kiss, and she licked Matt’s ass as well. Matt pulled away from their sexy attention and helped Diane push Steve up against the hot tub’s edge.

“Someone hasn’t received much attention. What do you think Diane? Time for Steve to get his cock sucked by both of us?” Diane just moaned and began licking the shaft of Steve’s hard cock. Matt flicked his tongue across its purple head swirling his tongue over the warm pre-cum gathering there. Steve was loving the attention watching Matt and Diane licking and sucking his cock. He placed his hands behind their necks, and ran his hands through their hair. He watched them kiss and suck over his cock.

“Oh yes, suck my hard cock. That’s it you tow sluts suck my cock. I am so hard,” Matt began to take as much of Steve’s cock into his mouth as he could, and Diane began to rim Steve’s puckered hole, “Oh yes, yes… I love it. Mmmm… Oh god, yeah suck it.” Matt and Diane continued to suck Steve’s stiff cock, “Oh I am going to cum… Ughhh!” As Steve began to spurt Diane and Matt open their waiting mouths and began to catch the spurts of Steve’s cum. They began to kiss and lick Steve’s cock clean and then began to deeply kiss one another sharing the taste of Steve’s cum.

“Oh you two are so hot, That was the best blowjob I have ever had.” Steve said watching his lovers kiss. Diane sat up and let Steve kiss her on the mouth letting him taste his own juices. Matt stood up his slim body slick with the water from the hot tub. “I think we should go inside.” Matt said as he climbed from the tub and walked inside to warm next to the fire. Steve and Diane watched his steaming body walk inside. Diane whispered into Steve’s ear, “Let’s go turn up the heat o Matt.” With that she winked and walked inside, and all Steve could do was smile and follow.

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