A Dream Come True

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I must thank the seeker and Kitschx who helped me Edit and Polish the Story.

“Ohhh God, Dad, please, more… just… a bit more… Please help me come”, Selma whispered to me.

I was busy sucking on her clitoris, while we were flying through the sky at 35,000 feet. My dream cunt, my obsession, my very own daughter in law was right there in front of my face…. My dream come true… at last.

But before I proceed, let me back up a bit, and give you a brief introduction. I am 56 years young, and in the pink of health. I am a Surgeon by profession. I run my own Hospital in Indonesia. My wife, like me, is part Malay and part Indian. She is 51, and very pretty, only a bit overweight, and unfortunately, losing interest in sex.

However, we share a very happy home, and a happy marriage with two wonderful boys. Our eldest son is Roger, who is a Bio-mechanical Engineer in Florida. He is married to Hilary, who is an American girl.

Samuel, my other son, is a Doctor. He is married to Selma, who is also a Doctor. Sam and Selma fell in Love during their Medical School days. Though she is two years his junior, she often used to come home and to the Hospital. We knew that they were going to get married and both my wife and I had no objections. I discovered later that her Dad had wanted her to marry the son of some business associate. So Selma’s dad was a bit unhappy initially at the thought of her marrying our boy Samuel. Both Sam and Selma did their Masters study in America. They worked in a hospital there for a few years and are now back in Indonesia with us.

Selma is 29 years old. She is a tall, well proportioned woman. I would guess her measurements at about 34 – 26 – 36. And she is an extremely attractive girl.

In my opinion, she would be well suited to act in some advertisement, especially for lingerie. She has that look that is sexually beckoning.

After their return to Malaysia, Selma started coming to the hospital . With both my son and his wife now there, I started to slowly handover various responsibilities to them. I continued to see my patients. I supervised what my son and daughter in law did with the patients and provided them with what I felt were necessary inputs. For some time now, our family have been prominent citizens. We have earned respect in the community, so I wield a certain amount of influence in the Country. I was the personal Physician to at least two State Ministers, members of the Royal family, and also to several Generals in the Army.

I have noticed that Selma very often comes in to my examining room and watches me interact with patients. She always assisted me in the Operating Room. I found that I was starting to feel a bit more than just a fatherly love toward her.

I always loved it when my Daughter in Law would kiss my cheeks as Birthday/ Anniversary greetings. I used to get a brush or two now and then during clinic and surgery meetings. Selma would also give me a peck or two while I was watching TV or eating.

In retrospect I now recall that these kisses were not all initiated by me. Once, while I was reading some stuff from an adult site at home, Selma she walked in. My back was to the door and I did not see or hear her come in to the room.

She said “Dad…”

When I turned and saw her, she just smiled at me and went out to get me a glass of milk.

I was a bit embarrassed to say the least. I had no idea how long she was standing behind me, and whether she saw me as I had unconsciously been stroking my semi-erect cock through my pajamas.

She started to smiled at me a bit differently, sort of a ‘knowing’ smile, from that time on.

I used to imagine and fantasize about Selma. I had even written a story to this site, that I did not post. It was tentatively titled “Selma, my darling daughter in Law”. I never got it to the point where I really considered it finished, but was developing the story.

Around late fall last year (2007), Sam and Selma were to travel to Washington, D.C. for a Medical conference. They had even paid the delegate fee and the Hotel deposit in advance. One of Sam’s Patients, who was a very important person, wanted to schedule a surgery at that same time. Sam and Selma could not back out from the conference without losing a lot of money. By chance, it happened that my wife and I were to travel to Florida around that date to spend time with Roger, my eldest son. The four of us decided that I should travel with Selma, attend the conference, fly to Florida with Selma afterwards, while my wife would join me with Sam in erzincan seks hikayeleri Florida for a family reunion at Christmas. Both Hilary’s and Selma’s Parents were also going to be joining us for the Holidays.

I was thrilled at being presented with the opportunity to travel with Selma. We were to fly to New York from Djakarta, with a stop over in London. We were traveling in First Class and there were hardly any other passengers in that section with us. There was just an elderly couple with a small boy, probably a grandchild, and two businessmen, who appeared to be Japanese. They were engrossed in such deep a discussion that they did not even seem aware that the flight had taken off.

After takeoff, Selma took out her Lap top computer and started to open a presentation file. This presentation was in regards a paper that she was to present at the conference. Selma asked me to review it for her.

I reached over towards Selma for the lap top and started to read the presentation when she said, “One minute”. She minimized the presentation file to check out something else….

It was then I noticed an icon on the screen which I thought was titled “Selma my darling daughter in law”

I was a bit taken aback.

Selma checked some file, and after a minute gave the lap top back to me and said, “Can you check out that presentation, Dad?”

I smiled over at her and started to look into one of the in flight magazines. I opened the lap top. Before I opened up the presentation file, I looked at the icon and saw that the file was indeed what I thought it was. I opened the file to find that it was my story, and I started to read when I noticed that Selma had got up from her seat and probably had gone to the rest room.

Actually, she was watching me from afar. She later admitted this to me.

I was stunned to see that the story was mine. But it was somehow different. It had been edited and more intimate stuff added. By reading this, I learned that my idiot son Sam did not give Selma much in terms of oral pleasure, but that he did at least get oral sex from her.

In that revised story, the new author (I presumed it was Selma) had mentioned how much she had wanted me (Dear old dad) from the beginning, and how she harbored a deep lust for me.

I read the story, or should I say the new story, and my cock was getting quite when she returned to her seat, sat down, and with a smile asked me, “So Dad, how was it..?”

I was a bit taken aback and did not reply. I looked at her quizzically and she said , “The presentation Dad …?”

I replied “…Good… uhhh very good.”

The flight attendant came to check if we needed anything and Selma asked her for a Vodka Martini. I was stumped as I had never seen her drink anything but Wine and an occasional glass of beer… Selma proceeded to ask one for me too and said….”Relax Dad , Holiday season…”

I smiled back at her observation…

When the Drinks were delivered, I asked for the next round as well.

Selma asked for a dinner menu. After we had a nice meal of Chicken a la Kiev, a shrimp salad with some nice dry white wine to go, a couple of glasses each, Selma asked for a blanket and the overhead lights were switched off.

I was in a tizzy, and did not know what to do. To quote Hamlet (Sort of…) To do, or not to do….

Selma wrapped the blanket in such a way that it covered her and even a bit of me, she placed her head on my shoulders and said, “Is this o.k. Dad?”

I said, “Of course.”

She snuggled up to me. By now her breasts were rubbing my forearm and I was feeling extremely randy. I slowly put my hand around her and patted her shoulder and she covered my hand with the blanket.

My hand started to drop from her shoulder. I should mention that her shoulder skin was exposed to my touch, as she had worn a sleeveless blouse. I was just touching her arms when she bent down and my hands came in contact with the soft flesh of her breasts. I could hear her exhale softly with a ‘hissss’. I thought I felt her hands groping my pants! I normally avoid alcohol, being a surgeon, so I was not too sure if it might just be the Vodka that was making me imagine all this, or if it was really happening.

I soon realized it was real. Selma’s hands were all over my thighs, and she had sunk down in her seat so that her head was lying on my belly now.

She turned her face and looked up at me and asked… “What’s wrong Dad? Is there some problem? Not feeling Sleepy?”

My reply was just a muffled grunt, as she had hit a very sensitive spot in my groin with her hand. I threw caution to the wind, and my hands groped for her Breasts. In no time at all I found them. As I started to massage and feel around, she looked at me and smiled, and she proceeded to unbutton her blouse and her bra to provide me with easier access…. I mentally gave thanks for the system the airlines have developed that provides fairly large blankets to first class passengers. We were both covered by the blanket and the cabin was fairly dark.

In any case, as near as I could tell, almost all of the passengers on the plane were asleep.

My thoughts drifted back to Selma and I felt those beautiful breasts. I carefully lifted the blanket just a bit and peeped in to see that her breasts were very fair and they felt quite firm to my touch… Her nipples were erect by now, and she was lying face up on my lap. I bent over to kiss her sweet lips.

She was breathing heavily as I continued to massage her fine tits. I was in heaven! I was by now grunting, and she had sat up to take my face in her soft hands and move it to her breasts. I leaned over, under the blanket, and started to go to town with my tongue lapping at her nipples.

She was whispering in my ears… “So daddy wants his baby’s milk? He wants to suck her boobs?”

In the spirit of her comment, I replied, “Yes, baby! Please…”

She grabbed my head and pressed my mouth on to her swollen nipples.

I grabbed them between my lips and started to suck on them. I imagined I was sucking on them as if I were a hungry child.

She said “I’ve waited so long for this Dad. Please don’t stop. Suck me dry, both of them!”

She then pressed on my head indicating she wanted to transfer my lips to her other nipple.

I started to bite just a bit, when she said, “Ohhhh, yesss dad! Please be a bit rough… hurt me a little…”

I lifted y head just long enough to say, “O.K. baby…”, and bit her nipples and squeezed those lovely melons hard.

She hissed and said, “More… Please Dad….. more, more, suck me more, bite me, more.”

I started to let my hands do a bit of exploring of her body while nibbling her nipples, and let them grope up her thighs. Thanks to the inventor of the sarong Selma was wearing. It turned out to be such a convenient dress for such amorous occasions.

Oh, her young thighs were so smooth and well rounded. I kept moving my gentle caresses up her thighs. By now I had also hit a nice high in terms of the stiffness of my own erection.

Selma was busy trying to unzip my pants and take my stiff cock out.

As soon as my fingers touched her slit, I found her pussy to be wet already. In fact she was drenched and she almost yelled out the word “Daaaad….”

I was afraid that somebody in the cabin may have heard us…. The sexual tension of all this was too much. My fingers found her clit and I started to finger her.

She said “Oh, dad, please, oh, God, nooooooo,” just before she tensed up and climaxed. This climax was her second. She was moving around so much that it was obvious that she yearned for more…

I asked her, “Was it good???”

She said only, “Wow….”

Before I could say anything in response, she had my dick out of my trousers and held the shaft with her hand. Selma said, “Dad, you are big… Much bigger than Sammy!”

I had started to leak my pre cum, which she licked up eagerly. She started to lick my knob first, and tease the length of my shaft with her tongue. I whispered into her ear that it had been more than 6 months ago that I made love, and hence I may not be able to hold off for very long.

She turned her face toward me and smiled at me. She said, “No problem Dad! We will take care of that.”

She continued to lick and suck my cock. I was in such a state of complete arousal that I did not notice the blanket had come off and her blowing me was fully visible to anyone that happened to be awake.

I tried to pull the blanket back up over us when she said, “No dad! It’s too hot…. So what if someone sees us. We don’t know them!

I was dumbfounded at her boldness. In one of her hands she held onto both of my balls and asked me, “So dad, you’ve been holding your cum up inside here for your little daughter? Are these balls full for me Dad? Do you like it???”

And then Selma pressed my shaft between her fingers while she bit me gently on the tip of my cock. She started to let her teeth run gently along the full length of my cock.

That felt so good that I said, “Selma that is sooo fantastic.”

She asked me, “Does ma, Blow you dad…”

I told her the truth, which was No…. “Maybe three decades ago when she was younger and before the boys were born…..”

Selma said, “I bet she hasn’t done this…”, and proceeded to suck me like a vacuum cleaner.

I told her, “Selma dear, I am going to come…. please…”

She said, “Yes daddy, come for me Dad, come…”, and her lips held on to my shaft tightly while she proceeded to suck me dry…..

I shot my load of cum for her, and she lapped it up.

As I was coming, she looked up at me and smiled with her eyes and swallowed my cock down her throat…

I was so thrilled and blown away…..

I guess one could say I was blown away by my Daughter in law.

She said “Dad, I came again when you did… it was fantastic” and she smiled with her cum covered lips.

I told her, “Selma, no favor goes unrewarded.” I moved to get on my knees in front of her. I suppose you could say I was half kneeling, half squatting. I moved my hands to her hips and she raised her hips for me. I reached forward and pulled her soaked panties off her hips.

She knew what was coming and said, “Dad, you know Sam does not like to do that for me. From your story I found that you were obsessed with licking my Cunt, now your daughter in law’s cunt is all yours …”

At first I started to kiss her thighs and to gently let my hands roam around the mound above her cunt, but below her navel. She closed her eyes and was leaking her own pre-cum. She was hissing with pleasure and moaning slightly. She grabbed my head and held it to her tightly.

Selma brought my head to her cunt and said, “Please Dad, eat your daughter in law to your heart’s content.”

I said, “All in good time…”, and proceeded to tease her with my fingers and kiss her thighs. I found her swollen cunt lips with my finger tips and started to fondle them. Then I reached for her clitoris. Her clit was standing in attention and the opening of her vagina was oozing. I felt her wetness.

She said, “Ahhh…. please dad, please….”

I could not resist any longer, and proceeded to lean forward and lick her cunt lips.

The moment my tongue touched her cunt she came loudly and said, “More Dad, please once more Dad!!!”

I planted my lips firmly on her clit and started to suck her cunt, and more importantly, paid attention to her clitoris. As I sucked she cried, “Ohh, God, what a wonderful feeling , oh , please Dad… don’t stop, make your baby come once more, please!”

At this encouragement, I started to suck her clit like it was her nipple and she was screaming and creaming…. Her screams were soft but not her orgasms!!! I was busy down there and she had her eyes closed and legs spread for me… My dream was finally coming true!

Selma came again, more violently than before, only to find my lips still firmly clamped on her clit. I was still licking and sucking!

she was twitching. And by now she was a bundle of excited nerves. It was then we both turned to see that the lady flight attendant who had served us was sitting just behind us and watching our sexual display, with her skirt up around her waist and her right hand deep inside her Panties!!!

I looked at her right in the eyes. She smiled at the two of us and said, “Please, carry on!”

My daughter in law was by now even more excited, if that is possible. I dropped my head back to Selma’s lap, knowing that we had a willing voyeur.

I held my mouth firmly on Selma’s cunt lips. I pushed my tongue inside Selma’s cunt and felt her clit with my hand. I ‘tongue fucked’ her again, until she came and said, Enough dad, Please, Stop, I cannot take more!!!” . I removed my lips and noticed that Selma had closed her eyes and was in a world of her own.

As I came up I spied the flight attendant ,was also deeply engrossed in bringing herself to a climax.Her eyes were closed and she was moaning in a soft voice ” Yes, dad,that’s the way your Paula like it , lick the bud Dad , yeah ,suck your babys Clit..” and then she came so loudly that Selma woke up from her slumber and looked at Paula.Paula smiled at both of us and whispered ” Thanks dad, you were terrific..” gave us a wink , adjusted her Uniform and went back to her Work Station.

We landed and as we left the aircraft I noticed Selma exchanging a few words with Paula and giving her a business card…

I thought to myself…..What is in Store for me at the Hotel Room in Washington, D.C.??? Well that story is for another day…

I hope you enjoyed reading about our flight one tenth as much as I enjoyed living through it!

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