A Dominants Weakness Pt. 02

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I dressed slowly after my shower, trying to pass the minutes just a slight bit quicker. As I buttoned my shirt I looked over to the bed at the toys that I had brought for my good girl, the nipple clamps, rope, Hitachi and of course the belt around my waist. While these were far fewer than I had first thought to bring to our encounter I decided that simplicity and our own bodies would be the centerpiece of what was to be our one and only encounter.

As it got closer to 4 pm I received a text from her saying that she had been given a last minute task at work and that she might be late. I was enraged at the idea that I would have to wait even a second more to take what is mine and she must have sensed my disappointment as she quickly completed her task and informed me she was on her way. The impact of that statement finally hit me, all the anticipation everything would culminate in just a few moments.

The gentle knocks on the door were like being roused awake from a deep sleep, suddenly alert and alive to every sensation. As I opened the door to look on my good girl finally the breath was taken from me, instinctively I wrapped my hand around her throat and the other firmly on her hip as I pressed myself into her. I could feel her trembling, the look in those beautiful eyes begging me to touch her. Her breathing was shallow and ragged as my hand caressed her face and my lips pressed into hers.

Her lips were soft as they parted slightly to allow m tongue to explore her mouth. I found myself lost in the moment, acting on instinct and not any type of plan. All I remember is asking her “Are you going to be my good girl?” Her answer the most beautiful words I could ask to hear, “Yes Sir”. I began the exploration of her body, a mix of soft gentle strokes to hard and firm grips. I tried to delay my initial want to reach under her dress and feel her warm wet sex until I succumb to my own need.

As I reached down tracing the line of her inner thigh up to her smooth lips I felt her body shutter and her eyes went wide with anticipation. As I touched her she was hot and wet, it had run down her thigh and when I put my finger even slightly inside her she tightened her body and grabbed me firmly. I brought my finger up to my mouth, her scent intoxicating me and when I tasted my good girl it was as sweet as I could have ever imagined.

We continued for a bit but it was time for her to shower and prepare to present herself to me. I slowly lifted her dress revealing the soft gentle curves of her perfectly fit body. Her breasts full and swollen, aroused and erect for my touch. The strong lines of her shoulders and neck, the sensual softness of her hips, it took every ounce of self control to not take her right there. Again, my weakness for her was evident and it excited and aroused me beyond imagination.

Amrita went to the bathroom to shower and prepare her body antalya escort for my inspection. As she washed herself clean for me I tried to compose myself, I had been in this position a hundred times before but this time felt different. The ritual and scenes have always been something of a known quantity in the past but with her I felt unsure of myself. As the scent of her was still on my fingers I found myself counting the seconds until I heard the shower stop and she entered the room.

Naked and exposed before me as I had always wanted she stood trembling just slightly. I found my hands wandering the course of her body as I accustomed myself to her exquisite flesh. I positioned her in front of me and asked her if she would like to start by being tied in a chest harness, her answer was “very much, Sir”.

I began slowly adorning her body with the rope, the intimacy of feeling it glide along her body, hearing her breath become more rapid and her skin flush as she stood there exposed for me was beautiful. I teased her nipples as I ran the rope under her breasts, making sure to stop occasionally and admire the beauty before me. Her inner thighs glistened with her wetness as it found its way from her swollen pussy. The sights and sounds caught me off guard and again I found myself losing focus from the rope, a pentagram harness that I had done a dozen times before suddenly became impossible to remember. I felt myself hard and aching for her but I restrained myself long enough to finish some semblance of a tie with the rope.

I then moved my attention to her tender perky breasts, they longed to be touched as much as I longed to touch them. I made sure to use a multitude of sensations from, licking and caressing to biting and finally a hard slap that caught her off guard as she recoiled slightly. Her suffering was so beautiful that I could not resist applying the nipple clamps, she watched intently as I applied them and then as I tugged on them to make sure they were securely in place.

It was time to hear that sounds that I yearned for and had only heard briefly in a grainy video clip she had shared with me. The sound of my good girl cuming for me.

I reached for the Hitachi and placed it on the low setting. I kneeled down in front of her as she stood exposed for me and told her to make sure she did not allow her legs to close. She was not prepared for the intensity of sensation and the shock to her system was evident as she began leaking a steady stream of her sweet liquid down the device. The look on her face quickly turned from shock to concentration as I turned the setting higher. Her body began to tremble and her posture deteriorated and she struggled to remain standing amid the intense waves of pleasure convulsing through her body.

I desired this for so long that I savored every second of her pleasure, she began to crumble artvin escort and I held her up with my other hand as she said “I’m coming, Sir can I please come?” Yes of course, that is the only thing I could want at that moment. A guttural moan began in her throat and took over her body as she nearly collapsed and I watched as she came for me, my good girl. I noticed the line of tears running down her face, the release of her orgasm so powerful on both a physical and emotional level. Later she would tell me that she was not prepared for the fact that she would be brought to tears, I would explain to her that the release of emotion is part of the beauty of submission.

Now it was time for my pleasure and I could wait no longer, I pushed her to her knees and she knew exactly what she was to do. She greedily accepted my hard cock, taking its full length and making sure to make all of those pretty gagging sounds that I craved. Her mouth felt perfect and soon she had that deep viscous fluid seeping out the sides of her mouth as my cock slid down her throat. Her struggle as I pushed myself harder down her throat and told her that she was my good girl made me want her even more.

I had thought about taking my pleasure from her in this way for some time and yet only a few minutes into the act I found myself wanting, no needing to have her in the one way that seemed to matter most. I knew that she had earned a punishment for her past indiscretion on a task, this was my responsibility to her but again my weakness to her was evident and my base primal desire for her won the day.

I knew that there was a bond of trust that should never be broken with my collared Sub, sex with others was always to be with protection. I also knew that I could not take my good girl this way, if this was to be the only time we are together I needed to have her completely. Again, I was weak and my will was bowed by this woman kneeling before me, I wanted her, I needed her and I loved her!

I pulled her up and threw her onto the bed, spreading her legs I couldn’t even wait to remove my clothes completely. A primal hunger took me over, looking down as I ran the tip of my cock along her outer lips I could tell she knew what I was about to do and that she wanted it as much as I. I could wait no longer, I forced myself inside her but my good girl was soaked and I slid deep into her. Even deeper into the ecstasy and bliss of being one with her, feeling her surround me and caress me from the inside as I took everything that was mine.

My strokes hard, deep and long into her gushing pussy brought me to the point of orgasm with every push but I endeavored to make this last and I was nowhere near done with her tight wet little pussy. I wanted to look in her eyes as I continued my ownership of her body so she was instructed to turn over. I wanted to feel what I had just witnessed beylikdüzü escort so I applied the Hitachi to her now tender and swollen clit as I pushed myself deep into her. I wanted her focused and in the moment so I slapped her hard across the face, she was completely unprepared for this and yelped in pain but it served its purpose, I had her full attention. I wrapped my hands around her neck and slowly squeezed keeping the air from her lungs and controlling not just her orgasm but her very ability to perform the most basic human function of breathing. Her second orgasm was a rush from inside her, the smell of her sex growing and her pussy pushing against my thrusts. The look in her eyes and the convulsion that overtook her was glorious. I could feel everything inside her an intimate connection and what I had needed for so long.

I however was not done with my good girl yet and a few more slaps to her breasts after the nipple clamps were removed brought her back to the moment. She made her only mistake of the night by attempting to touch me without permission and I quickly corrected her with an even harder slap to the face, I could see that she was again not prepared and shocked. I could tell she was tasting the blood from where she was cut inside her mouth but good girls don’t break the rules so her punishment was deserved.

Her third and fourth orgasms were as beautiful as the others, her body responsive to my every touch and desire. Her pussy fit my length and width perfectly, I wanted to stay there forever and luxuriate inside her but the time to truly claim my good girl had come. I asked her where she wanted me to cum and she of course wanted to feel me inside her. Buried deep inside her I felt the rush of release and in that moment all of her was mine.

In the aftercare we spent time talking about various things, her presence alone was invigorating. My good girl has spirituality, a kind of gravity that in that moment I realized had drawn me in since the very first email she sent me. I could have talked to her for hours, I thought of spending the rest of the night with her, sampling her witty banter and engaging intellect amid many more rounds of sexual exploration and submission. So why did I tell her that it was time for her to go?

It was weakness, it was fear that I would never want to let her go if she stayed another minute. Would I tell her that her submission was the most beautiful I had ever seen? Would I tell her that I loved her? She pierced my armor as only one person has ever done before in my life and I was left helpless and wanting only one thing, my good girl.

In the days after we stopped talking and went our separate ways as hard as that was. I also faced the consequences of my decisions while I was with her. I took full responsibility as it was all my choice but I know I have caused a breach of trust with my owned sub that may not be fixed. However, when she asked me if I had any regrets about my time with my good girl, I had to answer honestly. While I am sorry that my decisions hurt her my only regret is that I did not look into Amrita’s eyes as we were together and tell her that I loved her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32