A Dome Apart Ch. 03

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This is a fiction story. All characters are 18 or older. Also, I remain adamant, unprotected insemination is completely unadvised and meant for serious couples that want to have kids. There is real responsibility. But this is just a fun fantasy that explore the erotic part of unprotected sex.

A DOME APART Chapter 3


A young group of female-only scientists are picked for a thorough research assignment in a sealed-off Dome. But through some small mistakes on both sides, a guy ends up paralyzed and unable to exit the dome before it is shut off from the world for a year.

Now, April finds herself between a rock and a hard place, so she makes a big call, but this sets in motion a lot of events that would only further turn their research in the Dome upside down. It does not help that Sayuri makes a startling discovery that turns her world completely upside down.

Not really written as a stand-alone. So, just know it’s best read as a series.

Important notice: I’m also NOT writing this to be scientifically accurate in practice or jargon. It’s just a fictional story.

Part 1

~April Makino~

“Don’t give me that look! Out! I let you stay here as a courtesy. But I need…” April paused. She knew what she wanted… what her pussy wanted…. She shook her head. “I need some time to gather my thoughts on the experiments we are doing. I haven’t even looked at the pink spores yet, much less the male variant. Go bunk with your sister for a week. She won’t mind. Maybe after that, we can figure it out, or draw straws for that matter.”

April rubbed her temples. To be fair, she didn’t want Tim to bunk somewhere else at all. Just since the previous night, making him cum on her in his sleep… She bit her lip. It made her all kinds of horny. But she had to be the one in control. So, it had to happen. She didn’t want it to happen, but it had to. At least until she could get a grip on herself.

“You can’t be serious,” Tim said with some trepidation, the only times he and his sister ever really fought was when they were lumped together on camping trips… “Ugh, why not bunk me with Cora then? I feel she is a much better option.”

April had to gulp back her gasp.

“Under no circum…” She stopped mid-sentence and took a deep breath. “No. You are bunking with your sister for now. We can… talk about it next Monday. Besides, don’t you get along with Emily?”

Luckily she stopped herself. She was that close to saying something about Cora being too horny for her own good. She could hardly put her finger on how to categorize the Greek girl. But their conversations made it clear Cora was more in… tune with her sexuality.

And one thing was certain. She needed to make sure no mating took place in the closed-off dome. It was just too… risky. To say the least.

Yup. Definitely no mating.

Tim looked sulky as she waited for his reply. She tapped her foot more and more impatiently. Until she took a breath…

“Fine. I’ll bunk with Emily.” Tim said.

“Good. Now grab your backpack and head to her.” April said with a satisfied nod.

With that, Tim stalked away and started packing his things. His reaction though, it made her frown for a moment. Why was he that keen on bunking with Cora anyway? She shrugged and took up her pen. Happy that after her… lapse of control the previous night, she felt much more in control. Though thoughts about that event… cumming like that… Her pussy moistened.

No, it felt good. But, for crying out loud, she made the guy cum in his sleep!

She had felt the tiniest bit of irritation that he hadn’t woken up from her nightly humping against him… but now, she felt exceedingly glad Tim was none the wiser. She looked to the side at her laundry hamper. The boyshorts she wore the night before peaked over the edge.

Her heartbeat quickened. Memories of those warm splashes of sperm right against her covered pussy filled her mind.

For a single moment, she turned around and said,

“Tim, you don’t have to…”

But then she looked at her empty room.

She slapped her cheeks wildly.

“Get a grip on yourself.”

She gripped her pen more tightly and started scribbling in her notebook. For a moment she looked at the one category she had started, “Greatly increased lubrication”. She would remember that moment for the longest time.

She had squirted. For the first time ever.

Masturbation was not strange for her, she had done it many times over the years, though she knew she was not as hooked to it as her sister June.

Still, in some of her most steamy sessions of self-pleasure, she had never even produced more than a little bit of girl cum.

Yet, when Tim’s cum splashed over her crotch, she felt how her Skene’s glands suddenly pulled taught and streams of girl cum shot out into the crotch of her panties.

It has to be said, feeling her glands like that was 100% all the effect of the plant sap that she applied to the tiny openings.

But, it didn’t explain the squirting. From her no less. She bursa eskort bayan had never produced much lubrication even when hot and bothered.

April tapped the pen to her lips, deep in thought.

Her curiosity was nagging at her.

Once more she stared at the laundry basket. Her foot started tapping.

She had to know.


No, she had to know!

April jumped up and waltzed to her bed and flung herself on it.

Her hand shot under her skirt. One of the few she brought for the year, but that morning she had felt like wearing a skirt.

Her fingers started dancing over her covered pussy lips.

And sure enough, her crotch became wet within seconds. It was utterly out of the ordinary. But, to be honest, she liked it.

She teased her throbbing clit as she spread her thighs. Though soon enough her panties started bugging her.

With a quick tug, she pushed them down over her knees and she smiled happily as her fingers found her now naked coral-colored pussy lips.

Her newfound increased wetness made her moan in the naughtiness of it, her fingers slid through them and into her wanting hole.

She glanced up at the door, hoping beyond hoping that Tim forgot something and would come back and see her like that.

Her arousal increased massively as she played it as a naughty scene, he would come in and start kissing her soft thighs.

April groaned as her fingers slicked in and out of her wet pussy with meaning.

The scene continued. He would finally get to her pussy and give it nice slow licks, her girl cum would be all over his tongue.

Surprised, April neared her climax. It was so soon.

She sped up her naughty scene. Tim was jerking his cock as he abused her naughty clitty. But as he moved to penetrate her in her mind’s play, she suddenly stopped him. They could not mate!

“Cum on my pussy!” She surprised herself as she moaned out loud in the room.

Her eyes shut tightly as she recalled the moment he came in his sleep the night before, how it shot all over her boyshorts, right against her covered vagina.

April’s orgasm tumbled through her as she recalled that awesome moment.

Yet as she moaned in pleasure, she didn’t feel her Skene’s glands contract like they did back then.

She was so wet as she fingered her cumming pussy, but she did not squirt.

As the waves passed, April smiled at the pleasurable orgasm, but then a frown creased her brow.

Why did she squirt right then, but with Tim she did?

She sat up and looked down at her pretty little pussy. It was puffy from her playing. Her fingers spread her lips and she grabbed her tiny make-up mirror.

As she looked at her thoroughly drenched vulva she noted the tiny openings of her Skene’s glands were not dilated like they were the night before as she went to clean up.

It made her wonder why it had been different with Tim’s cum.

Then like an arrow, she realized she had just masturbated to Tim cumming on her pussy!

April jumped up, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

“April!” She admonished, slapping her cheeks.

Suddenly she was glad she had made her decision about Tim sleeping elsewhere. His presence messed with her, and sleeping next to him made it worse.

She took a deep breath.

“Okay, it had been fun. But I have to focus from now on. Great.” She clapped her hands in determination. Feeling in control again.

~Tim Harmony~

He groaned as he kicked a small pebble down the path.

What had happened? The day before April had been more than content with him staying with her, and she was cool. There was nothing weird between them. Yet, now he had to bunk with his sis.

He kicked the pebble once more.

It kind of sucked, he enjoyed sharing the bathroom with Cora. His cheeks pinkened as he remembered that one event where they had cum together. It was so spontaneous. He could hardly recall how on earth it had led to that moment. But, regardless, it had been great fun.

It would have been cool to bunk with Cora. They could have lost their virginity together even!

But now he had to bunk with Emily on the other side of the Dome. It sucked!

He liked his sister. But, that was like such a waste. She was much more active than him, she would be up before him and ruin his chances to sneak out to have fun with either Sayuri or Cora.

This time he knelt on his haunches and picked up the pebble before he skipped it over the water of the pond.

“You look bothered.” A voice said from the side.

“Yeah, April is making me bunk with…” Tim said turning to the girl. Then he stopped cold. “Oh! Hi Emily.”

But before he could make up or down, she swooped in and pecked his nose.

“And that is 9! Whoop! Kneel before my greatness brother! You make this all too easy.”

“Oi! I was brooding and you come in with our game!” Tim said with a frown.

“Pish Posh! What best way to get you to forget your worries than our little game.” Emily said with a smirk.

Tim bursa merkez escort shook his head. He couldn’t deny he felt a little better.

He got up before she could abuse his lower position to finish off her 10. He had to groan, when last did she win it? Must be like five years.

“I have to give you props. Your last two were quite clever.” Tim said as he picked up his backpack that have slipped from his shoulder in the event.

“You know me! I am a clever little girl.”

“Oi, no Jurassic Park references.” Tim chuckled.

Emily’s grin was infectious, but then she frowned.

“Hey, what’s with the backpack?” She said with more than a little worry creeping into her voice. “She’s not getting us to press the button, is she? That would cause so much chaos!”

“Chillax bunny. She just kicked me from her room.” Tim said, again frustrated at the move.

“But why? Did you mess things up?” Emily asked a little accusatory.

“No! Why would you think that? She just said stuff like she is a bit more distracted with me there and it is messing with her research notes when I’m hanging around there.”

“Mmm, guess she just needed a break. Anyway, where are you bunking then? I can’t imagine the garden benches are at all an option, that would suck.”

“Nothing as extreme. Though I have to warn you, it affects you.” Tim said.

“No, you can’t be serious!?” Emily said with incredulity.

“See. That was my reaction too!”

“Yeah… I can see why you are brooding.” Emily said rubbing her forehead.

“I told her it’s not that we don’t get along. But you know what I mean?”

Emily nodded.

“Definitely, we are good friends. But it’s kinda awkward.” She said, her main reasoning being she had been cumming on her bed three times a day since a few days ago. “Yet, let’s not make a thing about it. It’s like we are camping. We used to share a tent all the time.”

“Yeah, you are right. But, it sucks. I asked April if I couldn’t just bunk with Cora.” Tim said absentmindedly, not knowing what effect the statement would have.

“Hmm, yeah, that would have been better than with me… wait, why with Cora?” Emily asked pointedly, her whole demeanour suddenly different.

Tim felt like deer in headlights all of a sudden, realizing his slip. He couldn’t outright tell her he wanted to be naughty with Cora.

“No reason that pertains to you,” Tim said, being truthful, but still keeping it close.

“Oh, so there is something?” Emily asked even more pointedly leaning in closer.

Tim gulped. Their family made it a point to not lie to each other. Lies are too poisonous and never bring true peace. But, something in the immediate situation could get tricky.

“We…” Tim started to say, ‘we had a moment.’ But then Emily lunged forward, grabbed his shoulders, lifted herself off the ground and pecked his nose.

“WHAT THE!!!!” Tim shouted.

“And that is 10! Weep! Weep oh brother, dear. I win!”

Tim grabbed at his heart as he tried to figure out how it just played out.


“No swearing,” Emily said far too happily.

“Fudge! Emily. What the heck was that?”

“That is the rush of me winning,” Emily smirked.

Tim suddenly lunged at his sister to tickle her, but she squealed and sprinted out of his reach.

“You… if I didn’t have my backpack…”

“Oh? Scared to run after me now, are we?” Emily goaded him.

“Fine, let’s play it that way. Better run little bunny.” Tim said with determination, putting down his backpack.

Immediately he lept after her. But she had been ready as she sprinted away.

Over the next ten minutes Tim close twice, and the last time it was almost. He desperately grabbed at the back of her shirt hoping to get some grip, but all his fingers could get hold of was the clasp of her bra, but in gripping it, it popped loose, sending him tumbling forward into a bush.

“Hey! You could have ripped my bra, you ass.” Emily said, but the playfulness in her voice gave away her mirth.

Tim got up.

“I give. I still have some ways to go before I catch a little bunny like you.”

Emily grinned.

“You know it! Anyway now for my win demand.” She said mischievously.

Tim gulped.

It had been too long to know how shrewd she would be with her demand.

“No streaking! There are only girls in the dome beside me.” Tim blurted.

“Nah, it would be too much of a waste. Besides, the others would enjoy it, but what do I get out of seeing you naked? Not that you aren’t decently hot.”

“Good point. So what then?”

“A full massage every night before bed. For at least five days!” Emily said triumphantly.

“Agh, come on Em! 5 days, really?” Tim groaned with frustration. Shoulder massages were common in their household but full? That was so much work…

“You lost, remember?”

“Fine. But understand it’s under duress. When, not if I win again, I’m going to hit you with a big one.”

“Ooe, I’m so scared.” Emily mocked.

“Yeah, laugh bursa sınırsız escort bayan about it. The storm is coming.” Tim said, stretching his fingers.

Emily just grinned and walked off.

“Okay, see ya later. I’ll be waiting for my massage.”

Tim waved at her before heading back to get his stuff.


After exiting Emily’s room, he walked down a particularly dense section of plant growth.

Suddenly, an arm grabbed him from the brush.

Tim gasped, but then saw a smiling Cora.

“Keep quiet and you will see something fun.”

Her voice dripped with naughtiness, and Tim felt his cock harden. It didn’t help she was wearing a thin tank top that did little to stop her nipples from protruding quite significantly, and her small skirt fluttered about her cute butt.

She dragged him through the tall plants. It was somewhat hard going since clearly there was hardly anything that one could call a path. But, she persisted in pulling him along.

Minutes later, Tim got impatient, he got some scrapes on his shins already.

“Where are we going?” Tim asked finally.

Immediately, Cora spun around and shushed him.

“Keep your voice low.” She whispered.

Then in the shadows, they entered a bigger opening and right at the edge there were gaps in the big leaves. Revealing a sunny location with a clear pool of water.

Tim looked at the water and frowned, he didn’t see anything.

“What are we here for?” He whispered.

“You will see in a minute. But while we wait… I’ve been so horny since the other day. I had cum from the memory many times already.” She whispered and cupped her breasts in her tank top.

Tim nodded. He had gotten raging hardons constantly since that night. In fact, it was kind of weird being hard for that much time. He has been in a constant state of trying to hide his boner from the girls in the Dome.

Cora then sensually glided over the grass in the opening and sat down patting a section right where the leaves had their openings.

Tim swallowed, not sure whether to be nervous or not. But still, he enjoyed Cora’s company.

As he neared her spot, Cora’s hand shot out without warning and pulled down his shorts in one big yank.

He sucked in a gasp as his throbbing cock bobbed into the open air.

“Cora! What are you doing!?” Tim hissed, though still keeping his voice down.

“Having some fun. Don’t you want to have some fun?” Cora mewled conspiratorially.

Tim rolled his eyes but then proceeded to sit down on his now naked butt.

Cora grinned with glee as she didn’t waste time grabbing his cock.

“I’ve missed you and your big friend here. Now, let me take care of you.”

She stuck her other hand below her skirt making him think she just wanted to play with herself. But then she brought her now wet fingers up from her pussy and wrapped them around his cock.

Tim sucked in a breath as the pleasure coursed through him. It was so hot seeing a girl do that.

“I see you like having pussy juice on your cock.” Cora whispered as she nibbled on his ear.

He grinned and grabbed her behind her neck. Nothing forceful, but with some meaning.

“You know I do.”

Cora moaned and kissed him passionately as her fist wet with girl-cum slicked up and down his hard shaft.

A moment later, she broke away and said,

“I do know. I could feel how happy your cock was playing against my pussy the other night.”

As she said this, Tim slid one of his free hands under her skirt, only to find it bare, no panties at all.

“Going bare today?” Tim said with mirth, slipping two fingers into her virgin hole.

“I felt naughty,” she gasped through his kisses. Then she pulled back again looking a little peeved. “It compounded with the fact that I found April bunked you with your sister from now on… I was pissed.”

“Same here, I even asked her if I could rather bunk with you.”

Cora perked up at this. Hope seemingly bloomed in her.

“What did she say?”

“Nothing good.” Tim started and Cora’s shoulders drooped a bit, “I could swear she started with ‘Under no circumstances’, but she stopped mid-way through. I don’t know why she acted so resolutely.”

Cora groaned, her hand squeezing his cock, but she didn’t stop jerking him, only went slower.

“I guess that is my fault,” Cora said with some frustration, “I’ve been a little too open with her… ugh. I kinda wished I had not been like that now. We could have had so much fun!”

“Yeah, hey but let’s enjoy this now. I do like playing with your wet little pussy.” Tim said with a grin as he squeezed her clit before flicking through her soaked lips.

Cora moaned.

“Yesss, let’s enjoy this.”

She dropped the topic and started in earnest to jerk his cock wetly, now and then topping her motions up with more of her girl cum.

Tim groaned, she was doing an amazing job on him. Though it caught him by surprise that every time he would get close to cumming she would stop and squeeze his base, biting at his lip.

On the other hand, he was sure she had already cum twice on his hand. Her jerking hips and lustful moans accentuated that.

But still, she denied him from cumming.

After the fourth time stopping him, Tim growled and Cora gasped a little, but then she got this shy smirk on her face, still squeezing his base.

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