A Different Kind of Touch

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Hey. If you are here just to boost your patriarch’s sexual imagination, stop reading. If not, let’s start.

This is a lust story.

My name is Nina. I am a cool, 30-year-old woman who has a love for heavy music and bubble-butt women. And this night was just the night for it.

I went to my local bar to get things going, ordered a double vodka, and just as I asked the bartender for a lighter I saw the best butt walking by me in my life. I thought she is here for the first time, I have never seen her before. But, as always, I was wrong. It was my high school classmate Gina from the good old times and boy did I hate her back then.

Of course, that didn’t mean that I didn’t jerk off to her. Hatefuck desire is a nasty trigger, isn’t it?

Anyway, I was drinking, alone for the whole night, and wasn’t touched by another woman’s hand for some time. So, I decided to wait. She has to pass through here to go to the toilet, and she’ll recognize me anyway. Even better, I knew back then that she loves women, and everyone said that she can also make a pussy explode easily.

After the 4th double vodka there she was, coming towards me. First, she looked surprised mersin escort that she saw me, then ordered a drink, and we started talking, you know, the usual shit. She was actually leaving, but I guess she was also in for some fun this night.

Tits are not big, not small but also not huge. Bubble butt. Stockings. Heels. Black dress. Long black hair. Pervy voice.

I thought to myself if she talks this sexy normally, how great will she scream in bed? You may ask yourself also about me, but hey, I was my usual self, jeans, jacket, and boots. I attracted women with smart conversations anyway.

I was on my 7th double vodka. You probably realized by now that I can drink. She also had a few drinks and as it was almost midnight the bar was closing. I was thinking about how to persuade her to take her to my place but she thought of it first and suggested that we should go to her place as she was staying nearby.

Just like that, 15 minutes later we were in her hotel room. She started pouring us drinks, with her back towards me, and I wasn’t gonna wait. I grabbed her from behind, felt those beautiful breasts with my hands, she started moaning with mersin escort bayan her beautiful voice, kissed her on the neck, and as she was turning around I stopped her and bent her on the table and I started to spank her big ass. She was moaning even louder. I started leaning my hand toward her pussy and as I was rubbing her I could feel her wetness on her panties. She started taking off her clothes and so did I, we started kissing passionately and she sat on the table and spread her legs. I could smell it. The wet beauty. But I wasn’t gonna give her the end just as easy. I started kissing her again and I told her to lie down on her belly, she knew that I knew what I was doing. I started spanking that naked butt and I pulled her hair. She did look like a dominant bitch with her clothes on, but naked she was a nasty submissive with beautiful moaning voices. I pulled her hair harder with my right hand and I started to finger her pussy with my left. Slow and easy. She was so wet it was difficult not to go fast. And then I started faster and faster. And then really fast and really pulling her hair and spanking her and then she started screaming and moaning louder escort mersin and louder and begged me not to stop as she was obviously cumming. Her whole body shivering. She came. I slipped my hand out of her wet pussy and slid it on her leg which was all wet to her knees. I licked my fingers.

God, the taste of pussy.

She laid on her back with her legs spread, put her hands on her head, and started laughing happily. I started laughing too. Then she stood up and started kissing me, I sat on the table and she stood near me and started fingering my pussy while watching me directly in the eyes. We were head to head with her fingers in my wet pussy going in and out as fast as it can get. Then she slowed down. Then fast again. I was never really loud but this time I was even louder than her at one moment. She was fingering and kissing me at the same time and I felt it.


Blood floating.



Here it was, seconds away, so close. She started counting down to 5; she was perfect, and I exploded as she came to 1. I was breathing heavily. Ecstasy. We started kissing and laughing again.

She went to pour us the drinks we didn’t manage to drink before. I laid back on the table collecting all my thoughts about what the fuck just happened and is this the best sex of my life?

And who said that bumping into old high school classmates is a bad idea?

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