A Diamond Is Found

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First, about me. Married right out of college we had two kids right off. Life has been good though like everyone there are areas open for improvement. Let’s just say that as a child my wife had it indoctrinated into her from an early age that sex was for making babies and anything beyond that was dirty, evil and sinful. So, naturally, after our second child the sex quickly diminished to nothing. The last decade has been literally devoid of the passions and joys of the bedroom. So, like any red-blooded male with an active testosterone component I’ve had to settle for self gratification these years.

My wife has a brother and unfortunately he was subjected to the same lectures regarding sex. He’s a hard working bloke, for sure, but odd in his own ways. He and his wife also married early and after a miscarriage my brother-in-law took that as a sign and he resigned from any sexual activity with his wife. In fact, he’s almost come a recluse at times, as if he’s carrying some sort of guilt load or something. He spends most all of his leisure time drinking and smoking dope, blind to those around him.

Like I said, Harry, my brother-in-law, is hard working. He and Donna enjoy a modest lifestyle that is comfortable and suits them just fine. She doesn’t work outside the home, not because they don’t need the money but because every time she talks about it Harry gets bent out of shape. So, she spends her days at home, visiting a few friends now and then, and mostly being bored.

My wife and I both have careers but mine is more flexible in that I am able to work from home about half the time. I have an office set up at home and I sometimes work late at night after the others have gone to bed for the night, or stay at home in the mornings after the house has emptied and is quiet. Not that I always need that much time in my office, for many hours are spent in private watching webcam broadcasts. I watch two different sites and can stroke myself to pleasure while watching any number of women exposing themselves for nothing more than the thrill of knowing there are guys like me doing exactly what I am doing. I’ve even broadcast myself a few times.

Okay, so you probably see where this is going, and you’d be correct. Here I am watching the webcams one weekday morning, perusing through the various cams when I come across one that I’m not familiar with. The woman is undressing but careful not to ever show her face or head. She appears to be about my age and has the build and proportions that I prefer, so I lingered for a while to see what happens.

The lady, who goes by the name of Diamond, is obviously new to this. She isn’t smooth in her movements and her poses seem nervous and tentative. Her webcam is silent so I type in a message about her being beautiful and refreshing. She doesn’t respond but seems to like the comment as well as others from other men watching. As her broadcast continues she seems to relax a bit and become more open about showing herself, as the comments are prodding her to do.

I’d been watching maybe twenty minutes or so with Diamond not showing much more than her tits and a glimpse of her ass, and I was about to move to another webcam when something caught my eye. Something in the room behind her.

I sat upright in my chair and maximized the screen to only the image. There, over her left shoulder and beside the bed she was sitting on was something I recognized: the nightstand. Not just any nightstand or a common nightstand, but a unique nightstand. A one-of-a-kind nightstand. A nightstand that I had made in my wood shop just for Donna and Harry.

Diamond was Donna!

A number of thoughts ran through my mind. One, I wasn’t too surprised that Donna had found some avenue for excitement and to fill her days, and two, her body was as Anadolu Yakası Escort awesome as I’d always imagined it would be. We’d been on family outings to the beach and I’d seen her in a bathing suit, but Donna had always dressed very conservatively and kept her figure somewhat obscure. Once I’d hugged her closely and felt the curve of her waist begin to flare our above her hips, and honestly I had been surprised that she had allowed my hand to linger there for as long as it had.

A bit of background now. Donna has always been nice to everyone, a very pleasant person to be around, but never a flirty person. That is, she’s not flirty until she gets a few drinks in her and then she is prone to flirt. Harry usually watches her pretty closely and if she’s got all he thinks she needs he will usually say something, or cut their visit to a close and take her home. The exceptions are when Harry has gotten his nose down in the jug and is feeling a bit high himself. On more than one such occasion I’d found myself close to Donna and had received a number of sexy glances from her, prolonged eye-to-eye contact with that “come fuck me” look on her face, and had her make comments about wanting to go camping because she “wants to get me out in the woods.” Fortunately when Donna had gotten like that my wife was off tending to Harry or having a good time herself with others.

I started watching for Diamond every morning and began to piece together the schedule she was following. I also noticed that she never broadcast at night. I became one of her regular viewers and carried on a typed dialogue with her, and it was obvious that she never knew who I really was. Her actions and movements were becoming more daring, and she was showing more and more intimate views of her very fine body. Indeed, I was impressed with how fit she was and how well she kept herself. Her broadcasts never lasted more than an hour and she never masturbated on cam, but she was showing herself fully nude by now and was erotic enough for me to come to climax easily each day.

One day I suggested that she try broadcasting late at night, after her husband was in bed, but she didn’t seem too interested. I mentioned it a few times more over the next week or so and towards the end of the week she sent me a private message through the dialogue box.

“I’ll be on tonight at midnight for you” was the message. I replied that I would be online and was looking forward to it.

Sure enough, less than a minute after midnight I saw that one of my favorites was online and had invited me to a private session. I hit the ‘agree’ button and Diamond’s screen popped up. The room was dark and her body illuminated only by the light of the computer screen. I couldn’t tell anything about the background and she still kept her face and head out of the image, but as I watched she opened her robe and allowed it to fall from her nude shoulders. Her breasts are not large, I’m guessing 34B’s, but they retain the shape of a younger woman and are pert and firm. Her tummy is flat and smooth and her hips flare to the curves of a mature woman. She was sitting in a recliner chair that I recognized as being in their den. She leaned forward and typed something, and the message popped up in my dialogue box “turn on your cam”.

I was in my study and had turned the lights out, so the screen was my only illumination also. I had my camera focused close enough that all she would see was my stomach, hips and junk, and part of the chair I was sitting in. I knew that in the poor light she’d not likely recognize the chair, so I activated my cam and trained the camera on my growing erection. As I did, Diamond moved her camera down a bit, splayed her legs out and propped them on the arms of the recliner, and with her pussy wide open and Pendik Escort in full view began to vigorously masturbate herself.

I’d never seen Donnas boobs before and found them very attractive, but when she opened her legs to display the trimmed bush above her cunt, then pulled the ample lips of her pussy wide open I almost sat upright to get a better look at the screen. I was stroking my cock by autopilot then, my mind and eyes occupied on that pussy as her fingers alternately worked the clit and plunged into the sweet, wet depths of her vagina. Seeing her start to squirm and buck her hips against the digital assault on her very wet pussy made me even hotter, especially knowing it was a special show for me even though she knew not for whom was actually watching. I think the combination of all those sights and thoughts brought me to orgasm almost before Diamond Donna hit hers, with cum flowing down my cock and over my hand as I slowed the strokes. Her orgasm almost lifted her ass clear of the seat, and her legs clamped against her hand as the power of the climax overtook her. As her energies subsided and she regained her control and breath, her screen went black. I killed my camera, cleaned myself, shut off my computer, and took those mental images with me to bed.

The next few days I managed to catch at least a portion of Diamond’s broadcast on the usual morning broadcast, but she never typed any message or acknowledgement to me so I decided to step up the situation. While she was on cam I gave her a call on her cell phone. As I watched she reached and picked up her cell phone and answered the call. Her voice sounded a bit as if she were otherwise engaged, and watching the screen I knew why. She was naked as the day she was born and had been twisting one nipple with one hand and rubbing her cunt with the other when the phone rang.

“Hi, Erik, what’s up?”

“Good morning Donna. Hey, I was wondering, if you aren’t busy at the moment would you like to meet me down at the diner for some breakfast or coffee?” There was a brief pause and the action on screen had gone hesitant.

“Well, I’m right in the middle of something but I can meet you there in about thirty minutes. Is that OK?”

“Yeah, that’ll work. I’ll see you then!”

“Erik, is everything okay?”

“Oh, yeah, everything’s fine.” We settled it, hung up and I watched as she shut down her broadcast on the webcam. Before she shut it off I’d taken a picture of the screen with my phone camera, taking care to get her and the dialogue box with names visible. I shut down my computer, grabbed a few things and my jacket, and headed out for the diner. I wanted to make sure I got there first.

When I got to the diner I scouted the booths and chose one that was in a far corner and towards the back, away from where most of the customers were seated. I use the place often to meet clients and the dayshift manager knows me and makes sure not to seat too many nearby my booth, affording some privacy. A healthy tip never hurts, either.

Donna arrived just a few minutes after I did and all either of wanted was a cup of coffee.

“So, Erik, what’s up?”

“Well, I figured you could probably use an excuse to get out of the house and I could stand the company. What are you doing for fun these days, Donna?” I thought I’d see where she went with this.

“Not much, really. I’ve been doing some reading, cleaning the house, just the usual. How about you?”

Here goes. “Well, I’ve sort of been in a rut myself, but found something interesting lately.” While talking I had pulled up the photos on my cell phone and had enlarged the image taken of Diamond’s screen. I turned the phone towards Donna. “I ran across this site a while back and found one particularly interesting lady.” The color Kurtköy Escort dropped from her face, her eyes clouded up instantly and Donna sat back in the seat. My guess was instant embarrassment and shame and humiliation. I turned the phone back to me and killed the image.

“How long have you known?”

“A few weeks I guess, maybe a month. Long enough to know you are normally on during the morning hours.”

“Erik, I don’t know…..” Her thoughts must have been whirling around in her head.

“Donna, don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me, and I’ll share one with you. My user name is Hawkbill.”

“Oh my god, then you’re the guy..”

“Yeah, that was me.” I felt a slight blush come over my face as did one on hers. “I’d say that we both achieved what we were looking for that night.” Donna was looking down at her hands, not able to look me in the eyes. “You know, I’ve been watching you for a month or so, and honestly I’m surprised no one else has recognized you so far. You sure you really want to continue doing that considering what you have to lose?” She knew exactly what I was talking about. If some of the less respectful clods in our area found out about her on there it would quickly leak to Harry and then it would all be over between them, no doubt.

“You’ve been on there for the satisfaction of having guys see you, to feel attractive and sexy, right?” Donna merely nodded her head in agreement. “Well, I’ll say you do have a fantastic body, as I always suspected.”

A grin crept to her face and she turned up to look at me. “You don’t think badly of me?”

“No, and I don’t think there’s any reason this has to go beyond the two of us.” She smiled at this and was about to say something before I cut her off. “But, I enjoyed seeing you, obviously, and I think you enjoyed me too.”

“I did, Erik, but it would feel weird now.”

“That’s why we’re going to be face to face.” A look of shock and surprise instantly came over her and before she could say anything more I went on, “you and me, alone, as often as we need it, and we’re going to start right now.” Protests about to erupt from her, but I continued, “You’re going to follow me back to my place and we’re going to work this out,” I looked her straight in the eyes, “and I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer.”

I’m not sure whether Donna was stunned, shocked, felt compelled through fear of some threat, or was in agreement with the arrangement and felt obligated to feign some protest in preservation of her morals. But whatever was going on in her mind she willingly agreed, followed me out of the diner, got into her own car and followed me back to my house.

Donna lagged back just a bit behind me and that gave me the opportunity to get there first, park in the garage and get into the house. I’d just come into the kitchen and taken off my coat when the front doorbell rang. As I let Donna into the house she walked on past me into the den and as I entered the den her arms were flung around my neck and Donna was fully into delivering a deep and passionate kiss.

When the kiss broke, our bodies aligned and pressed intimately to each other, she spoke softly. “Erik, first I want to thank you for finding me and rescuing me from being on the webcam. It was exciting to be sure, but I always knew there was a danger involved. And, I’m glad it was you that I chose to private with that night because for a long time I’ve had a fantasy about being with you. And now here we are and if memory serves me, you’ve got a nice set of big, hairy balls and I’d like to go back and do my best to fuck them off right now.”

A grin, a sweet little kiss, and hand in hand we headed to the bedroom for the first real sex either of us was to experience in too many years. The passion was hot, fast and furious at times, and the session ebbed and flowed for hours. As Donna walked out of the bathroom from her shower, totally nude and fully comfortable in herself around me, she spoke, “You do know that today is just the beginning, don’t you?”

All I could do was smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32