A Debt in Error Ch. 03

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A debt in error: Chapter 03.

I thought it would get easier. It didn’t. I began to call it ‘the fog.’ It referred to the constant presence in my brain that clouded all other thoughts. This fog was a constant horniness, an insatiable feeling that I could not lose. It was caused by my cage and the inability to jerk myself to release. I managed to have anal orgasms but they only temporarily dampened the fog. The horniness and fixation never left me.

It was all I thought about. My waking day dreams would be of me fucking girls until my cock burst with satisfaction. Girls who often looked like me in my ulterior clothing. My actual dreams whilst sleeping, were me being fucked whilst my caged cock shrunk to uselessness. I would awaken to my cage covered in slick cum.

I daydreamed through my day and spent my free time trying to satisfy my body, despite the cage. When my mom was out I would ride her dildo, dressed in her or my effeminate clothes, watching my cock leak in the mirror. My ass would orgasm and my cock would leak with pleasure. Soon after, I would still be unsatisfied. This cage was akin to torture.

When mom was home, I didn’t dress up or take her toy. Instead I would find a quiet space and finger fuck myself or even use household objects. I would often lock myself in the bathroom and fuck myself infront of the mirror imagining there was someone behind me using me like a fuck doll.

What also added to my frustration, confusing and conflicting as it was, in the five weeks since my cock had been locked up, the brothers had only used me twice. The first occasion, they had both driven me out to some farmland and took turns fucking me over the hood of the car whilst the other smoked. It was bliss. I felt complete when one of them was in me, using my hole. My cock would throb and cum, unlike the pathetic dribbles that I achieved when I tried at home. They each fucked me twice before driving me back home.

The second time was just Sid. He again told me what to wear and drove me to a lake. He laid out a blanket and fucked me in the missionary position. It once again felt like he was reliving a moment from his own experiences. I didn’t care, as long as I received pleasure from it. I writhed and moaned under him, encouraging him and running my fingers over his chest and back.

I think that if his brother was there, he would have chastised me for my sensual reaction. However, as it was just him, he seemed to enjoy my enthusiasm and took his time, making love rather than just fucking me. It was all the same to my ass, which gripped his cock hungrily as he thrust into me.

It was this that I was thinking about whilst laying in bed one night, writhing in the endless torment of pent up cum, when my phone pinged. It was Sid. He told me to be ready at 7pm on Saturday night and to dress slutty.

My cock immediately tried to swell in its confinements and my ass yearned with anticipation. I spent some time using my phone to browse some retailers that I could order from. I ordered a thong, a short skirt and a tube top that would arrive before Saturday.


On Saturday, I was waiting to be picked up wearing an outfit that I considered to be very slutty. High heels, a pair of stockings that showed some bare thighs before reaching my short skirt. My blonde wig, makeup and tube top made me look like a fuckable slut. I had even slipped in ‘chicken filets’ to give myself some small tits. I was both proud and aroused by my efforts.

Sid pulled up and I hopped in. He drove quickly and without speaking. His familiar smell aroused me. I pictured him stading over me, fucking me with a look of pleasure on his face.

We pulled up to his place and walked inside. Music was playing and it was busy. A room full of guys, drinking beer, laughing and playing beer pong. Most were oblivious to us entering. Sid walked ahead to speak to a few people, leaving me standing awkwardly. The longer I stood, the more eyes I drew, lingering looks.

Eventually Sid returned to me, a grin on his face. “Follow me,” he said as he walked towards his bedroom. Closing the door behind him, he pushed me to my knees and slipped his hardening cock into my mouth. The softness of his character was gone, he was back to ‘punishing Sid’. I felt him swelling as I sucked him off. My own cock reacting happily to the event. My ass was jealous Manavgat Escort of my mouth. He moaned and thrust deeper into my throat, holding the back of my head.

After a few minutes he lifted me and pushed me onto the bed. I landed heavily and he pushed my arms out over my head. He handcuffed my wrists together, the chain wrapping behind the sturdy bar on his headboard. I did not fight it, but my heart raced as adrenaline pumped through my body.

He rolled me onto my stomach and pulled my thong down to my knees and was inside me within mere seconds. He moaned deeply as he began to slowly fuck me. I could feel my toes curl as my body welcomed his cock. My body relaxed as the comforting feeling of being filled spread warmly through me.

“Just remember tonight who you belong to,” he breathed out as his pace quickened. “You and your holes belong to me.” I felt like he was close already. “Say it,” he commanded, “Tell me that you belong to me.”

“I belong to you,” I said meekly, pressed into the sheets, “My holes are yours.” He moaned in pleasure. This seemed to be enough to tip him over the edge. He pulled out of me and I felt his cum shoot onto my back and ass.

He stood up, leaving me attached to the bed. Shortly after he left, his brother walked in followed by some of his friends who were smiling and watching from the doorway. He didn’t say anything, he just slipped his cock and stroked it as he approached me. He Climbed on top of me and pushed it into my slickened ass. He was faster than Sid, pushing deeper and forcing my smaller frame into the mattress. My ass enjoyed the fullness and the friction, my wanting dick began its familiar oozing as it showed its own pleasure.

Between my bound hands, my thong around my knees and his weight on top of me, I felt utterly pinned. His hard thrusts caused us both to bounce and I could hear my ass cheeks clap against his skin. Each insertion stretching me around his cock.

I lifted my head to look at his friends, there were four gathered between the bed and the door with grins on their faces, rubbing their cocks through their clothing. My breathing became ragged as their hungry eyes added to my pleasure with the thought of being wanted. Needed. My cock lazily throbbed and I felt a flow of warm cum pool beneath me.

I muffled my moans into the sheets and bucket back against his assault. My ass and cock throbbed in time with the pounding until his thrusts quickened to a crescendo. He grunted loudly. He too pulled out and shot a load onto my ass and back, adding to his brother’s.

He walked towards the door, high fiving a couple of guys as he went and chuckling. “Just don’t damage her,” he said before disappearing out of the room and closing the door behind him.

There was a quiet moment as the five of us looked at one another. The guy closest to me stripped off his pants and walked up to the base of the bed.

“Wait, flip her over so we can get some too,” chirped a short guy as he pulled his cock over his waistband, which was already hard.

The guy at the base of the bed climbed on and rolled me onto my back, he lifted my legs into the air and kneeled down, letting my ankles rest on his shoulders. As he did this the smaller guy removed his pants and crawled onto the bed and over me so that his dick pointed straight down at my face. In the next few moments the two cocks filled my ass and mouth. It was lucky the smaller guy also had a smaller dick, as he thrust his cock into my mouth and fucked my face like it was a pussy.

They seemed inexperienced and grateful. The cock in my ass fucked me like a rabbit. So fast and desperate. They didn’t say anything to me; they barely saw me as a person. I was simply holes for their horny cocks.

The cock in my ass paused, he probably thought he would cum too soon and didn’t want to embarrass himself. He grabbed my ankles and pushed them slightly away with his hands before resuming at a slower, rhythmic pace. The new angle allowed him a different angle spot and I felt my legs turn to jelly as my mind melted.

I didn’t have to concentrate on giving pleasure to them at all, my mouth was being fucked – as was my ass. I tried to control my breathing and suppress my moans of pleasure. I felt a new cock slip into my hand, which I instinctively gripped. A larger hand then grabbed mine and used Manavgat Escort Bayan my hand to jerk it off. There was again nothing for me to do, other than be used.

There was a moment in which all three of the cocks seemed to match the same pace and it all became too much. The whole scenario overwhelmed me, the fact that they all wanted me, my own pent up frustration, in that moment of synchronized pleasure my body caved and succumbed. My ass clenched and my eyes rolled as an orgasm racked my body. It bled through me. My legs began to shake and my back arched as the pleasure rolled over me in waves, each pulse sapping me of strength and control and replacing it with warm bliss.

The fucking continued which prolonged the waves of pleasure. My mind spun in a timeless daze as my body was pushing the boundaries of what I knew pleasure to be. A steady, unbroken flow of liquid snaked its way from my cage, around my stomach and onto the bed. My chest heaved as my body sought air, the intense pleasure taking its toll. I lay, limp under sensations that wracked my whole body.

To my surprise, the cock in my hand came first. The view must have been too much, I don’t think he meant to. He stopped using my hand to jerk him off and held it perfectly still for a moment before his cocked throbbed in my hand. He stayed hard, however, and I clutched his cock like a vice: a response to my own mindless pleasure. After a brief pause he started to fuck my fist slowly, now slippery with his own seed.

The cock fucking my mouth was next, pushing deep into my throat and holding it there as his cock pulsed and his cum filled my throat. I swallowed his load and felt some fall onto my face as he withdrew, his cock still oozing.

After his two friends had unloaded, the guy fucking me couldn’t take it anymore. His short friend had climbed off of me, he saw my pretty, cum splattered face and moaned in inevitable acceptance. He pulled out and grabbed his cock, finishing himself over my stomach.

He pulled out and took a step back. I lay limp on the bed looking at those that stood around me. The fourth guy seemed happy to jerk his cock while watching, enjoying the voyeurism. One was still slowly fucking my hand and the other two were recuperating.

The door swung open and in came another guy, smiling at the scene before him. He looked at me on the bed and bit his lip, enjoying the sight. I could see a bulge in his shorts. He stepped towards me, the others giving him space. He pulled down his shorts and his cock swung in a semi erect state. It was by far the biggest cock I had ever seen. It hung, thick and heavy. He stroked it as he squeezed my thigh. It continued to grow as it rose into the air.

He rolled me onto my stomach and pulled my waist up so I was kneeling with my hands still tied in front of me. I was still in post orgasmic bliss and it seemed that my daze made me vacant and even more compliant.

He pressed his cock up to my ass and began to push it in. My ass, despite all the practice it has had, including recently, was not able to take it. The head stretched me as he added more pressure. The feeling was a mixture of both pain and pleasure, my body wanting to be fucked and was accepting this as the cost. His cock head pushed inside me and he paused momentarily, appearing to enjoy the effect his cock has on the holes he uses. He continued to push it inside of me and my body tried to relax to accept it. I had never felt so full once he had bottomed out. He had entered me all the way to his balls and held my thighs tightly, pushing as deeply as he could go.

My legs immediately felt weak and began to shake. I hadn’t fully come down from the orgasm before and this had restarted the process. Without him even moving, my ass felt satisfied and stretched. The presence of his massive cock was radiating pleasure inside me. My mouth hung open as involuntary moans crept out of my throat. My dick felt the pressure from within and leaked as the cock was buried deep in me. I felt small and pathetic, the cage adding to the sense.

And then it began. He started fucking me with his thick, long cock. My body was immediately brought back to the heights of pleasure, his thick manhood seeming to press all of my sensitive areas all at once. I could feel every vein and bulge of his cock as he pulled out and pushed Escort Manavgat back in, my stretched ass trying to adjust to the sheer size of his meat.

Any strength I had regained was sapped, my chest and head hit the bed leaving my ass in the air. My hole throbbed with pleasure as orgasms erupted inside of me. It was hard to tell what was an orgasmic contraction and what was the pounding from the enormous cock. My whole body felt detached from me. I had no control, I could not lift a finger or close my mouth. All I could do was feel its pleasure.

I could hear a high, pleasurable moan which I realized was coming from me. My ass convulsed in orgasmic bliss for the entire time that he was inside me. There was nothing I could do, not that I would have done anything, the pleasure was simply too intense. I no longer felt my cock, the feeling of my ass being railed and the pulsing pleasure took over all of my senses. Time stood still as my body lay wrapped around this cock. The world didn’t matter, nothing existed, there were no thoughts, feelings or wants. The only thing in the world was the cock pounding my throbbing ass.

I don’t know how long he fucked me for. I think others came on me, someone fucked my mouth and at some point I realised I had slumped over and was laying on my side, the monster cock still fucking me.

Eventually, the fucking of my tight hole and my limp body proved even too much for his monster cock. He slammed hard during his final thrusts and shot hot ropes of cum inside of me. My whole body shuddered when the cock pulled out of me. The cum it had shot inside of me trickled out and after a few moments my own cock gave a pathetic spurt from lingering arousal.

I think others used my ass after him but my mind was in such a transient daze that I couldn’t be sure.

It was later that I regained a sense of self and was in the room in the dark, alone. I conjured my strength and sat up, pulled up my thong and stood, realizing that my hands were free. I walked into the living room where the party was ongoing.

Sid looked at me and smiled. After a moment on his phone, he loudly announced “Last chance with the hole, I’ve called her an uber.”

I still felt dazed and vacant. My body floating weightlessly without direction from my brain. The men in the room seemed emboldened by the fact that they had used me already, and were happy to take their pleasure in the shared area of the living room.

In the time it took for my uber to arrive I had been bent over the beer pong table and fucked by two guys, sucked off another. The voyeur had watched and then cum on my fake tits. He also kept my panties as a souvenir, pocketing them sheepishly.

Soon after, I was slumped into the uber, exhausted. The adrenaline of arriving home began to kick in during the ride and I had managed to regain my thoughts. I had no idea what time it was.

I asked the driver to drop me away from the front of the house and snuck in through the back door. As I did, it was clear that mom’s friends were still over and they were loud and drunk. I heard a loud voice approaching the kitchen so I slinked into the garage.

“We’re out!” boomed the voice from the other side of the door.

“There’s more in the garage,” replied the distant voice of my mom.

The door swung open and stumbled a drunken Matt, the husband of one of mom’s friends. He switched on the light and let the door swing shut behind him. He stopped dead when he saw me.

He paused as he began to recognise me, the process slowed by his intoxication.

“Please don’t say anything,” I whispered desperately, “I’m just going to bed.”

His face relaxed, “I can keep a secret.” His eyes looked me up and down. He reached down and cupped his cock through his jeans. “We can both keep secrets.” He closed the distance between us and pushed me back against the car. He turned me and lifted my skirt revealing my lack of underwear. I didn’t resist.

He was quick. Which was a good job as otherwise he might have been missed from the party. He slipped his cock in my wet hole and fucked me like a drunken, frustrated husband who gets no pussy. He nuzzled his face into my neck and breathed heavily. He lasted around twenty seconds before he shuddered and pumped me full of his cum.

He stood still, regaining his breath and enjoying the tight caress of my warm hole. He pulled out, slapped me across the ass, grabbed some beer from the garage fridge and returned to the party.

I slinked upstairs and hid my new clothes, opting to sleep naked. My ass was raw, my balls drained and, for the first time in weeks, I felt truly satisfied.

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