A Deal Till Marriage

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, all characters are consenting adults.


Jack Peterson, (21 years old), slouched on his bed, aimlessly scrolling on his phone. He glanced over at his sister Amy (20 years old), as she sat tapping away on her laptop. A year younger than Jack, the two had always been close but when they decided to take online university courses instead of going to university, they became each others’ study buddy too. With no friends from university to hang out with, the two spent nearly all day with each other and naturally had grown closer.

Jack took a moment to run his eyes up and down Amy’s body. Her shoulder length blonde hair would usually be up in a ponytail and her tank top hugged her body to reveal her curves. Much like their mother, Lizzie Peterson (40 years old), Amy had been blessed with large breasts, and she always wore her short shorts around the house. This was no coincidence – Jack would often turn the heating up to make sure both his Mom and sister wore as little clothing as possible. The trick had worked like a charm for as long as he could remember, of course, their Dad, Mark Peterson (40 years old) never complained!

The four of them lived in the typical suburbs and would spend their weekends hiking or jogging. Health and fitness was very important to the Petersons, Both Lizzie and Mark grew up playing sports so naturally were quite fit and looked more like Jack and Amy’s older siblings than parents. Lizzie’s long brunette hair contrasted with Amy’s blonde and though Amy was a lot more athletic in her body form, Lizzie was by no measure unfit. Lizzie’s breast were easily a cup size bigger than Amy but Amy beat her Mom in the curves department. It was always like the two had a unspoken competition for the attention of the men in the household. They knew they were hot and would take any opportunity to show off. Mark and Jack of course thought their careful glimpses were going unnoticed by the girls – they weren’t.

Both Jack and Mark had spent a summer a few years back building a home gym in the garage. To the surprise of the ladies, the two actually made use of their gym and had made considerable progress. Jack was a lot leaner than his father, proud of his six pack, he’d have his top off whenever he could but Mark could out lift his son any day of the week. Mark was an inch less than the typical dad bod, but he was strong and burly. Wide, broad shoulders from all the bench press and big, strong thighs from the heavy squats, Mark would easily draw the attention of his wife and daughter, something he secretly enjoyed very much.

Both Mark and Lizzie come from highly religious upbringings and so naturally instilled the same values in Jack and Amy. Though they weren’t much church goers anymore, Mark and Lizzie were very much traditional in every other sense. So when Jack and Amy decided to take home classes to save on tuition fees, rather than to go in person university, both parents were largely relieved. The money they could have worked out however they were proud their kids were thinking about their financial futures. But secretly, they were more relieved their kids would not be subject to the temptations of college life.

Back in Jack’s bedroom, Jack snapped out of his trance, from eyeing his sister up and down he sat up and cleared his throat. “Ugh, Amy, you know err, I was thinking about Mom and Dad…” Amy looked up from her laptop with a quizzical look.

“You know how they told us no sex before marriage, and you know they got married when they were 18 because they were high school sweethearts and they had me at 19 and…” Jack rambled.

“What are you trying to get at Jack,” Amy said impatiently.

“It’s just unfair, that’s all” Jack sighed.

“What do you mean?”, Amy swivelled in her chair and looked at her brother, carefully pushing the conversation along.

“Well, it’s just, things were different back then, and so no sex before marriage was easier, like, they were both younger than us when they started, you know, and we are both older, virgins and still never really experienced anyth… and I just think, maybe…” Jack was staring at his phone, avoiding eye contact with Amy.

“So you want us to fuck?” Amy blurted out matter of factly.

Jack was stunned, he quickly sat up; “Huh, what no, I was just saying maybe it would be ok if we fooled around with others… wait, do you… do you want to?”

Amy moved onto Jack’s bed and knelt by him; “Well, who are we gonna fool around with? All our friends are off to college, no one around. Besides, I was thinking, the whole ‘no sex before marriage’- thing, well, it was more of a ‘you should only have sex with someone you love’ – thing. And we love each other. I mean not in that way I suppose but it’s still ‘love’ in a way. So we wouldn’t be breaking any rules if we were to experiment on our own – right? I mean if we -“, now Amy was rambling and Jack cut her off…

“Okay” bursa eskort bayan he blurted.

Amy looked puzzled; “huh, okay?”

Jack’s mind was racing, he wasn’t even sure what he was agreeing to, but he was jumping on the opportunity; “yeah, okay, let’s do it – I’m down.”

A smile spread across Amy as she jumped up and straddled Jack’s hip. His basketball shorts and her mini shorts trapped Jack’s cock between them. Amy wasn’t intending for this but she didn’t really know where to go either. Jack was just lost in the moment, here he was on his bed, with his sister sitting on his cock. He naturally moved his hands forward and cupped her breasts through her top. Amy bit her lower lip, never having her breasts felt up, even through her top, this was sending electricity through her. She lent forward, placing her hands on Jack’s chest and her hips started to grind by their own instinct. Soon, Amy was dry humping her brother as Jack massaged his sister’s tits. The two inexperienced siblings were enjoying pressing their genitals into each other. Even through their clothes, Amy could feel her brothers hard cock pressing against her pussy, and Jack could feel the heat emanate from Amy onto his groin. The excitement and electricity that was running through them was driving them both wild. Lost in the moment as they slowly reached their climax, they didn’t hear Jack’s bedroom door open.

“OH MY GOD!”, Lizzie shouted as she watched her daughter grind on her son. The two froze and turned around like two deers in headlights. “Amy. Your room. NOW.” Lizzie was clearly livid, her motherly instinct took over as she swung the door open. Amy sheepishly got off Jack and walked out without a word. Jack sat up with his mind flat lining. “I’ll deal with her first, do not move a single muscle mister,” Lizzie said through near gritted teeth. As she closed the door behind her, Jack ran his hands through his hair in disbelief. What had he done? What was he going to do now?

The next 30 minutes were the longest minutes of his life. Jack sat on his bed, trying his best to hear what was going on in Amy’s room. His bedroom was sandwiched between his parents on one side and Amy’s on the other. But he couldn’t hear much, other than some muffled voices. Lizzie had gone downstairs and grabbed Mark before going into Amy’s bedroom. All of a sudden, the voices died down and Jack could hear a couple pairs of footsteps go down stairs. His bedroom door swung open, his Mom looking at him with a half disappointed half sympathetic look; “Downstairs, you dummy.” A sliver of relief hit Jack hearing his Mom call him dummy affectionately. He got up and followed his Mom down the stairs into their living room, where Amy was sitting next to their Dad. Jack avoided all eye contact as Lizzie sat next to her husband.

As Jack went to sit next to his mom, he began, “It’s all my fault, I started it and I take full responsi….”.

Mark cut him off, “It’s okay Jack, Amy here explained everything and we understand completely.” Jack looked at his parents, his jaw ajar. Mark took a deep breath and sighed, “We messed up. As parents we were too careful and over protective, we didn’t let you party, we didn’t let you date and you two, surprisingly, actually listened. We stopped you from experiencing the things we experienced. Your Mom and I got married the day after she turned 18, we just couldn’t wait, and we’ve been fucking like rabbits ever since!”

“MARK!” Lizzie smacked her husbands shoulder, trying her best to hide her smile.

Mark returned a smirk before continuing; “What I’m saying is, we both understand that curiosity killed the cat and your hormones and urges will take over, all we ask is, that you guys wait a little. Don’t rush into anything, you’ll graduate in a year or two, get jobs and before you know it, you’ll be engaged. “

The four sat awkwardly on the couch, Dad and daughter on one end and mother and son on the other. Amy turned to her parents, “But Dad, it’s just, we can’t help it, it’s not that everyone else is doing it – it’s that I really want to experience it for myself. It’s not just curiosity. It’s basic instinct. I mean, it’s just really tough, you know?”

Jack quickly added, “We get where you’re coming from but we haven’t even had our first kiss…” Jack looked at his parents and his parents quickly looked at each other. Hearing their kids say this broke their hearts. Both Lizzie and Mark felt a massive burden fall on their shoulders. There was a silence in the room as Mark tried to find the words to express himself. Suddenly, Lizzie turned to Jack, “I understand honey, it’s just… we never really thought…. you know, maybe…” she turned to her husband, “if it’s a kiss you’re looking for maybe we could give you that? I mean, this stays between us and if it will stop the two of you going any further…?” Lizzie was more speaking to her husband now than she was to Jack. And Mark, realising his wife was asking for permission bursa otele gelen eskort bayan more than anything else, gave a sly nod to his wife. Lizzie turned to Jack; “What do you say, one kiss, so you know what it’s like. Kill the curiosity instead of the cat, so to say?”

Jack was taken aback by the offer. He had always day dreamed about fucking his mother and sister. All the different positions across all the different rooms in the house. And now, all of a sudden, his own Mom was offering to kiss him? All Jack could do was nod. Lizzie placed her right hand across her son’s left cheek and slowly moved in. Jack watched as her eyes closed and she puckered her lips, he quickly replicated and closed his eyes just as their lips touched. He could feel his mom’s warm breath pass over his face as she lightly parted her lips before closing them again, kissing him gently. Mark and Amy watched in amazement as Jack carefully returned the kiss. As quickly as it had begun, it ended and Lizzie drew back with a smile. Jack lingered before opening his eyes. “Not fair! I wanna try!” Amy said and before Jack could truly take in the moment, Lizzie turned to Mark.

“Go on, it’s only fair I suppose.” Lizzie gave Mark the permission he was looking for. He turned to his daughter who eagerly moved forward. Their lips connected, their eyes closed, their hands over each others faces. Amy savoured the moment, enjoying being kissed for the first time. Feeling a little daring, she parted her lips and pushed her tongue between her father’s lips. To her surprise, his tongue met hers. A groan escaped her mouth as Jack and Lizzie watched their sister and husband in a full on make out session. Mark slowly broke the kiss and sat back. Jack watched as Lizzie licked her lips; “hey mom, could we try kissing with our tongues like they did?” Jack couldn’t believe he had just asked his Mom that. “It’s only fair,” he added. Lizzie looked at her husband, who nodded in agreement. Lizzie smiled and moved her lips to her son’s once again. This time, she tentatively pushed her tongue to met Jack’s. Soon they were making out. Lizzie couldn’t believe it. She was making out with her son. And surprisingly, she was enjoying it. He was a good kisser. No, a great kisser. All of a sudden, Lizzie could feel her body heat up, her face started to flush red. She broke the kiss and cleared her throat, adjusting herself before looking at her husband who carried a devilish smirk. He could tell his wife had enjoyed that and with that playful smirk, Lizzie knew her husband was teasing her. She darted a ‘quit it’ look straight back to her husband.

“You know I’ve never really been curious about kissing,” said Amy. All three turned to her, wondering where she was going with this. “I have always been curious about what a real cock feels like….”

“Amy!”, Lizzie broke Amy off before she could finish.

“It’s only fair Mom – I’m just saying, Jack got to settle his curiosity, I want to settle mine.” Amy looked at her Mom with those big eyes. Lizzie thought for a second. Her daughter was right. She turned to her husband with a look of confusion and question. Mark picked up on it.

“Maybe you could feel me cock through my jeans?” Before Mark could finish his agreement, Lizzie nodded and Amy perked up with a big smile. Mark slide his legs slightly ajar and Amy placed her hand on Mark’s thigh and moved her hand slowly up over his crotch. Jack took a moment to notice his Dad’s bulge before looking over at his sister who was now biting her lower lip like she had done earlier. He glanced over at his Mom who was also biting her lower lip. ‘Like mother, like daughter’, Jack thought. His eyes traced his mother’s figure. She was wearing a tight t-shirt with regular blue jeans to match. Her t-shirt hugged her ample breasts tight and Jack wondered if those were his mom’s erect nipples poking through. ‘Couldn’t be – she’s wearing a bra under her t-shirt’ – Jack thought.

A gentle sigh brought Jack back to his current situation. Amy had let out a sigh as she felt her father’s cock but she turned around to her mom; “Mom, I can’t really feel anything – it just feels like I’m pressing against a sack of potatoes!”

“Why don’t you sit up honey so Amy can slide her hand down the inside of your jeans?” Lizzie suggested to her husband, who dutifully complied. The two parents couldn’t believe they were going this far. Amy pushed her hands down the front and for the first time, wrapped her fingers around a cock – her father’s cock. She tried to move up and down but the jeans were too tight. Mark must have noticed too as he undid the top button and a little bit of the zipper. Amy kept stroking his big shaft under his jeans before pulling out, somewhat satisfied but craving more.

Lizzie turned to Jack; “I suppose it’s only fair you get to feel a pussy, if you want to that is…”

Jack was in heaven. His Mom had just offered to let him feel her bursa eve gelen escort up. He opened his mouth to say something, to say anything but nothing came out. Lizzie smiled and held back a chuckle at her son’s loss for words, turned slightly on their couch and undid the top button on her jeans. “Here,” she said as she took her sons hand and guided him under the waistband of her jeans. Jack’s hand started to move by it’s own accord, twisting and sliding till his fingers were pushing through some of his mom’s pubes. He pushed further down till he could feel her clit pass under this fingers. Lizzie let out a quiet “Oh”. Jack looked at this Mom who’s eyes were now closed and then looked at his Dad for permission. Mark gave his son a confident nod, eager to see more. Jack moved further down, struggling as Lizzie’s jeans pressed tightly against him, till his fingers slid between his mom’s pussy lips. He instantly felt the wetness and the sudden heat as his fingers curled in just a tad. He couldn’t really penetrate under the jeans but he tried to. Lizzie, realising this, expertly undid her jeans and slid them off under her, never really getting up off the couch. When her jeans passed her knees, she spread her knees, leaving only her green lace panties on and her son’s hand behind them. Jack didn’t dare to move as his Mom took off her jeans but as soon as she settled down, his fingers dove in. Amy couldn’t believe she was watching Jack finger their mother whilst Mark was slowly adjusting his big hard cock that was growing at the sight before him.

Lizzie was in a trance. The taboo of the situation was not lost on her. In fact, it turned her on and she was just as surprised. Feeling her son’s fingers push into her, swirl around, coated in her wetness made her mind race. Before she knew it, she felt an orgasm begin to climb through her. She let her head fall back a little as her son continued to work his fingers, exploring her most intimate parts. Jack wasn’t trying to finger his mom, he was learning, studying his mom’s pussy with his fingers and it drove Lizzie’s mind wild.

Suddenly, Amy interrupted, “Mom – can I feel Dad’s cock with his jeans off too – I didn’t really get a chance to…”

“YES” snapped Lizzie, not really sure if she was saying that to her daughter or to her son but Amy and Mark didn’t miss a beat. Mark ripped his jeans and his boxers clean off and his big, hard cock swung out. He plopped back onto the couch and Amy wasted no seconds placing both her hands on his cock. She started to run her hands up and down before moving a hand to cup his balls, massaging and playing daringly. Pre-cum started to leak from the top of her father’s cock, which she wiped all over the head of his dick. Mark watched his daughter with a smile whilst glancing over to his wife who was clearly blushing.

Lizzie closed her eyes and tried to hide the fact that she was silently cumming. Small shudders shook through her body and Jack began to realize what was happening. He started to move his fingers in and out but as soon as he started, Lizzie’s body stopped shaking and she was coming down from her high. She swung her head forward and her eyes rolled down and she cleared her throat. Jack slowly lifted his hands out of his Mom’s panties as she adjust her self on the couch. Jack noticed his fingers were soaked and looked at his Mom. Her cheeks were red, her face flushed as she locked eyes waiting to see what her son would do. Without hesitation, Jack sucked his fingers in, tasting his mother. Lizzie turned to see Amy was now on her knees between her fathers legs, her face an inch away from his cock, admiring it as she moved her hands up and down. Mark was watching his daughter and looked at his wife with a smile.

Amy turned around, noticing Jack licking his fingers, “Hey! No fair, I want to taste too!” This time Mark wasn’t waiting for confirmation from his wife, he already knew they had gone too far to stop now so he simply placed his right hand around Amy’s head and guided her to his cock. Amy carefully licked the tip and tasted her father before slowly wrapping her lips around his cock. She began to push her head down as her Dad’s cock pushed her jaw ajar. Taking him in she began to slurp and twirl her tongue around, eliciting deep groans from Mark as it was his turn to let his head fall back and enjoy the experience.

Jack turned to his mother and much like his father, was now taking a more active approach: “Mom, since Amy is sucking on Dad, can I suck on your tits?”. Lizzie swung her head from her husband-daughter duo to her son, shocked at his forwardness. Without saying a word, Lizzie lifted her t-shirt off, leaving behind her bra. Jack’s mouth fell open as he watched his mother sit next to him with nothing but a matching pair of panties and bra. But before Jack could really take in the moment, his Mom snapped her bra off and chucked it on the floor, freeing her ample breasts. Jack could feel saliva collecting in his mouth as his eyes feasted on her perfect breasts. Lizzie’s nipples were brown and erect, her breasts full and easily much bigger than one would have thought. Jack reached his left hand out and cupped Lizzie’s right breasts, squeezing and kneading whilst his mouth moved straight to her vacant tit. His lips latched around her areola as his tongue gently massaged her nipple.

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