A Day In the Woods Chapt 6

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Chapter 6
Taking care of Jessica wasn’t terribly hard. She slept the rest of the night and all through the next day. Susan stayed the night to give Paul a chance to get some sleep. She changed her bandages and in so doing saw something that she had become accustomed to. As deep as the wound was it was healing remarkably fast. The ointment that Doctor Crane provided helped with infection setting in but had nothing to do with the speed in which Jessica was healing. Susan knew that the ritual had taken its desired effect; Jessica was now officially one of them. When Paul woke the next morning Susan told him when her bandages needed to be changed next. She had also started Jessica on an IV to help keep her hydrated; she knew she would sleep most of, if not all of, the day. Susan told Paul when the next IV needed to be administrated and then gave him a hug and a kiss and congratulated him. “I need to go home and get some rest myself.” She said. “Call me or Tommy if you need some help with anything. Give us all a call when she finally comes around too … regardless of what time.” Paul agreed and Susan left for home.

Eliot had prepared for the worse the night before. He had brought a change of clothes with him. He stopped at a rest room near the parking area of the woods to get cleaned up. The blood had soaked through his shirt and he quickly washed up in the bathroom sink. He changed his pants and shirt and then put the blood soaked clothes into the bag he had the others in. He checked his watch and had enough time to get across town to meet Beth. As he walked out of the rest room he was confronted by a security guard doing his rounds. The guard asked him why he was there so late. Eliot quickly came up with the idea that he was doing a light jog and brought a change of clothes as he had a date and didn’t want to go all the way home and then back this direction again. Eliot’s face was flushed from hurriedly getting ready and the guard looked at the bag and bought the story. He had told Eliot that sometimes drunks sometimes use the rest rooms there. Eliot definitely didn’t have the look of someone on drugs or alcohol. He tossed the bag in the back seat and left, checking his rear view to make sure the guard wasn’t following him. The guard went into the bathroom to look around none the less. Everything looked fine. As he was starting to leave he noticed what looked like a drop of blood on the floor, a drop that Eliot had failed to clean up in his hurried rush.

Eliot pulled into the lot of the restaurant. It was a nice, quiet, out of the way place where you can sit and have a conversation, as well as dinner. As Eliot walked in Beth was sitting there waiting for him. He looked at her, she hadn’t changed much since the last time he saw her. Dressed professionally as she always was, shoulder length dark red hair, the same green eyes he fell for originally and was still in reasonably good shape for someone nearing fifty. Beth stared at Eliot as well. She had much the same thoughts. Eliot had aged well and hadn’t changed since she last saw him, maybe a little more grey at the sides; that just gave him that Sean Connery dashing good look thing she thought. She stood and Eliot went to shake her hand. Beth smirked at him, “What, no hug for an old friend?” Eliot smiled and hugged Beth. The young lady at the door smiled and walked them to their table. The waiter came over and asked them what they wanted for a drink then left.

As they looked over the menu they exchanged the normal chit chat of two people that knew each other but then again didn’t. How have things been going? Are you seeing anyone? What are you doing for work these days? Eliot knew Beth wouldn’t be seeing anyone as she had been consumed by her work for a number of years. Beth also knew that Eliot would be working some meaningless job as usual doing work that a student or someone just graduating should be doing that is trying to prove them self. The waiter brought their drinks back and asked what they would have for dinner. Beth ordered a rib eye, medium rare. Eliot smiled, an inside joke as he knew Jessica would soon be craving rare meat and he thought it interesting even though Beth had always eaten her steak that way; until now though it didn’t have the same meaning. After the waiter left Beth asked him what was so entertaining about her choice for dinner. Eliot shrugged it off, “It was just something that reminded me of something earlier.”

Beth didn’t waste much time and asked Eliot what Doctor Crane needed help with. Eliot took a deep breath and considered his words before speaking. He told her about the difficulty he was having with a couple conceiving and the recent discovery of the sperm lack of movement. Even that he said isn’t the whole problem. He had tried injecting sperm directly into the egg and it still wouldn’t become fertilized. Beth found it interesting and suggested several things, including using sperm from another donor. That was when Eliot told her he had tried that but the egg still remained unfertilized. Now he had Beth’s full attention and she was starting to become a little more intrigued. That was why he said he needed her help. Not only because of her experience in this field but Escort also because she had access to better test equipment, equipment that he would never have access to considering his resume. Beth smiled, “Ohhhh … so it’s not just me you want but my toys as well.” Eliot was a little lost for words when Beth said, “That’s ok, when did you want me to have a look at all this?” Eliot said the sooner the better and Beth asked if he was doing anything on Sunday.

Eliot knew she was definitely interested or Beth would have never given up her Sunday. It was the only day she really had off. Beth had quickly covered saying that it was about the only free time she had and that they would have full access to the lab and whatever they needed without having to work around someone else. Eliot said that would be fine and would see her Sunday morning. The two ate dinner and Beth tried to probe Eliot for more information, but he was unwilling to give her much more information keeping her intrigued. As dinner finished and they got ready to leave, Eliot gave Beth a kiss on the cheek as they left, “See you Sunday at 8.” As Eliot got in his car he called Mike telling him of the good news and when they were to meet. He also told him that he hadn’t told Beth any of the real details yet and he would see where that goes when they meet on Sunday.

Paul took care of Jessica the rest of Saturday. Eliot stopped by in the afternoon to check on her progress and to also take a blood sample. Just as Susan knew though so did Eliot, no test was needed to prove she had accepted the change well. At ten that night Jessica finally woke. Her neck and shoulder were sore and felt as if it burned. She sat up and the blood rushed to her head. Her body was sore from lying that long and as she stood to her feet she almost passed out before steadying herself. She went to take a step and noticed the IV in her arm. She took the needle and pulled it from her arm and then stumbled towards the bathroom. She had to pee worse than she could recently remember. She sat down on the toilet and she started to urinate, she could smell her own urine. She never really remembered doing that before. The sound it made seemed louder than before as well. She never really paid it much attention before but now it seemed more pronounced.

When she finished she stood and noticed a trail of blood running down her arm from the IV as she walked out of the bathroom. She brought her arm to her mouth and licked. The taste of her own blood was salty on her tongue. It excited all of her senses. She suddenly realized how hungry she was and what she was hungry for. The more she thought about it the hungrier she became. She licked at her arm again, this time sucking some blood from her arm. It tasted so good she thought to herself. The smell of the blood filled her nostrils. Then as she stood there she felt her blood starting to burn. It felt as if her whole body was on fire. Her skin started to itch every where. As she scratched it excited her even more. She felt her body starting to contort. Her legs got weak and she dropped to her hands and knees. Paul was upstairs and cocked his head to one side. He could hear movement from downstairs and quickly made his way down.

As he walked into the spare room there was Jessica on the floor. Obviously having difficulty making the change for the first time and he wasn’t sure what had caused it either. He wasn’t sure what he could do to help. Quickly he ran to the phone and called Mike and Jean. They told him they would be right over. As Paul walked back into the room, there was Jessica on the floor, completely transformed. Her coat was shaggy and he knew it would fill out more completely in the week to come. She looked at Paul, growling huskily. The look in her eye told Paul that the Jessica he knew was buried deep inside and it was the wolf that was now in front of him. He slowly backed up not wanting to startle Jessica. As he did she slowly approached. The hair on her back stood up as she continued to growl. Paul grabbed the door handle and started to close the door. As he did Jessica jumped towards him and Paul slammed the door shut.

He could hear as Jessica hit the door and then barked and growled at the door. He could her claws digging at the door as Mike and Jean came in. he told them quickly what had happened and he didn’t know why. “It doesn’t matter right now.” Mike said. “She needs to eat right now.” Mike and Jean had both brought with them a large steak. They handed them to Paul and told him to give them to Jessica. Slowly he opened the door and again Jessica crouched ready to pounce. She stopped as she sniffed the air, smelling the blood and the raw flesh. Paul tossed the steaks to her feet and she grabbed them, going to a corner of the room before eating her treat. Mike and Jean told Paul to get undressed as they did the same. They said she needed to get calm and would only do so with her own. They waited for Jessica to finish her meal before entering so as she didn’t feel threatened and have to defend her meal.

The three entered and Jessica growled at them, not as violently as when they were humans though. Mike and Jean stood guard by the door as Paul approached. Jessica Escort Bayan nipped at him but Paul continued towards her. As he stood next to her they sniffed noses and then just as canines they sniffed each others crotch. Jessica settled and went over to Mike and Jean exchanging sniffs. Soon after she was sitting on the floor and then on her stomach with her legs in front of her as Paul lay next to her. She drifted off to sleep and as she did she changed back to Jessica. When the others changed they looked her over and noticed the small mark in her arm and the IV hanging down and knew what happened. The wound on her neck was healed enough to where it didn’t need a bandage anymore either. Jessica spent the rest of the night sleeping. Mike and Jean explained to Paul to remember when he first changed and all the strange feelings he first had. Jessica would be going through the exact same things.

Eliot had spent Saturday afternoon getting his samples ready and gathering all of his test data together after he left Paul and Jessica. Sunday morning came and he got up, got ready and headed towards Beth’s workplace. He rolled up to the guard shack and stopped. The security officer asked him what his business was. As he stated that he was there to see Doctor McAllister the phone in the shack rang. It was Beth telling the guard to let him pass and tell him where to meet her. As the guard raised the gate, Eliot pulled through and drove to where Beth was. He got out of his car and Beth helped him with his samples. The next four hours Eliot filled Beth in on all he had done and showed her his work. She did a couple of tests of her own and questioned Eliot some more. Finally she looked at Eliot and asked what the hell was going on. Eliot got a confused look on his face and asked what she meant. Then Beth asked him, “Where the hell did you get these samples from and what are they?”

It was the question Eliot didn’t want to hear. This is where the rubber meets the road he thought to himself. He then slowly started to explain to Beth everything. She sat there and listened. She listened to what she knew was impossible and yet Eliot told it with a conviction that almost made it believable, almost, if you weren’t a leading scientist that knew it impossible. When he finished Beth just looked at Eliot. “So is this what you have been wasting your career on all these years? Some, science-fiction project that will never become a reality? How did you ever get wrapped up in such a wild scheme?” Eliot told her it wasn’t a waste, it wasn’t science-fiction. He also said he could prove it. “Look at the samples”, he said. “They exhibit both canine and human qualities. Obviously this is from a hybrid species. How could I manufacture something like that?” Beth knew it would be almost impossible to manufacture such samples. He also stated that if she absolutely had to he could produce the specimen that some of the samples came from.

Beth scoffed, “So you know someone that is a werewolf and living in Chicago?” “Once again Eliot I don’t know how you could become part of something so ludicrous!” Again Eliot took a deep breath, “I will tell you exactly how I became involved in something so ludicrous Ms. McAllister.” Beth knew that by the tone of his voice she had crossed a line and said something to hit a nerve with Eliot. He asked her if she remembered when they were in college and going out together and living together. Of course she did. They had started their junior year and Beth thought it would be better if they got a place apart from each other as their studies were going to get a lot harder and they needed to focus and that it would be harder to do if they were together. Eliot reluctantly agreed. The idea was that when they graduated they would get back together.

During the year though Eliot had become entranced with an exchange student from Russia, her name was Katarina. Beth cringed at the name. She remembered the name and the girl. She was quite attractive and also fairly smart too. She was the wedge between Eliot and Beth and remained there until after school. When they graduated Beth went her way and Eliot went with Katarina. Beth and Eliot both graduated with honors and apparently living with someone didn’t make a difference to Eliot’s studies. Beth asked what the hell that Russian bitch had to do with any of this. Eliot slapped her face and told her to never refer to her like that again. He told her that it was because of Katarina that he was where he was. They had planned to get married when Katarina told him that she was a werewolf. Eliot laughed and didn’t believe her until she changed right before his eyes. He couldn’t believe it. Then she told him why she was going to school there; because of the inability to breed and reproduce. She wanted to learn all she could to help reverse the process. Eliot vowed to help her as well and swore he would do all he could.

That was start of Eliot taking sub par jobs. By taking jobs beneath him it gave him plenty of time to work on the problem of reproduction. He changed jobs as necessary to get access to the equipment he needed to do his studies. The places he worked at were happy to have his services. As he and Katarina worked Bayan Escort they grew closer to each other. Finally they decided to get married; he didn’t care what she was and was confident they could find a resolution. But their marriage wasn’t to be. Eliot’s parents had a cabin in Montana that they would frequent. It was secluded and there Katarina taught Eliot everything he knew about werewolves. One day while Katarina was changed though a hunter that was poaching deer shot and killed her. The hunter was prosecuted for manslaughter and for poaching. The body of Katarina lay there but the man swore it was a wolf he shot. The ravings of the man were dismissed as he had been drinking that day, but Eliot was devastated. His last promise to Katarina was that he would find a cure for the infertility.

Finally it all clicked with Beth. Everything Eliot had said finally made sense and she now believed him. Four more hours had passed and Beth said she would do everything she could to help Eliot. She hugged Eliot and pulled him to her. Eliot sobbed, it had been better than 15 years since he had thought about all of that and had never told anyone about it. Beth lifted Eliot’s head up and kissed him, “We will find a cure for this and for your friends.” The two of them packed things up and locked them into Beth’s office. Then they decided to get something to eat. Beth did have to ask if Eliot was the one he was referring to that he could get to change. Eliot smiled for once, “No, I never made that sacrifice for Katarina.”

Jessica woke up Sunday morning with Paul next to her. She looked around the room, the door was severely scratched and there were a few pillows that had been torn apart and feathers filled the room. Vaguely in the back of her head it seemed like a strange dream, almost as if she remembered but not quite. Paul woke up and gave his new wife a hug, “How are you feeling this morning?” Jessica was feeling much better today. She wasn’t nearly as sore, wasn’t as hungry and started to feel more like herself. She did ask why she was naked though. “Did we have sex and I don’t remember our first time after being married?” Paul laughed, “No, it was nothing quite like that.” Jessica had to go to the bathroom again. She told Paul to wait right there and when she got back then they would and she would remember.

Jessica got back from the bathroom and Paul was sitting on the bed. Jessica stood before him naked and she could tell he was getting aroused. She crawled onto the bed on hands and knees, Paul watching as she teasingly moved up the bed towards him. She crawled up behind him and rubbed her firm tits against his back whispering in his ear, “Don’t you want to fuck me now that I’m your wife?” “That’s not it at all”, Paul said. “You know I want nothing more than that, but I am not so sure we should do that right now.” Paul tried to get Jessica to change her mind but Jessica found herself incredibly turned on and wanted to be fucked now. She was married for all intents and purposes and wanted to consummate her marriage. She continued to tease Paul, her legs spread wide as she was on her knees. Her head was on the bed and her breasts brushed against the sheets. She brushed hair back over one side of her face and looked back at Paul, “Come on baby, come fuck your bitch.” She shook her ass as she said it and then ran a finger up her legs and into her wet slit as she moaned. Paul couldn’t take any more, and knowing he shouldn’t, he stood up and took off his pajama bottoms and his hard cock sprung forth.

Jessica looked back at him standing there, “Mmmmm, that’s what I want, get over here and stick that in me!” Jessica slid another finger into herself and spread her pussy open. Paul was right behind her. Jessica reached back and grabbed his cock and pulled him to her. He had never seen Jessica this aggressive as she practically shoved his cock into her. Jessica brought her hand to her mouth and licked her juices from her fingers as Paul pushed himself into her. Jessica pushed back as he did, meeting his thrusts with her own. As Paul fucked his new bitch Jessica felt her blood burning. Suddenly she remembered the night before. She remembered the itchy feeling and then she gripped the sheets hard as she started to cum. She started screaming which changed into a howl.

Paul held her hips as he fucked her harder and harder. Then just as Paul had done for Jessica she changed. He felt the fur of her coat against his thighs as he slid his cock in and out of her tight wolf cunt. He felt the temperature change against his cock. He was hesitant for a second remembering the night before. But this time Jessica did remember just as she said she would. Paul loved the sensation and also that they were now one. He too changed before he unloaded into Jessica. As he did his knot swelled and Paul bit down on the back of Jessica’s neck lightly. She howled as she came and Paul started to fill his bitch with his seed. 15 minutes later Paul was finally able to get his knot out of Jessica. As he pulled out he licked her clean as any caring husband would. Jessica returned the favor and cleaned his cock for him. As the two lay together they fell asleep and woke an hour later, human and holding each other. Jessica looked over her shoulder at Paul, “How about that breakfast now?”

Will see about getting chapter 7 “up” for everyone. Let me know what you think.

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