A Daughter’s Orgasmic Journey

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My name is Sam, and I am married to my high school sweetheart Ben. We are both around 24 years of age and I have recently became pregnant with my 1st child. I am a banker at our local bank and Ben is enlisted in the military since graduation of high school. He is currently serving 6 of the 8 years of his enlistment. We live in my hometown of West Palm Beach Fl. It’s near my childhood beach house home where my dad currently lives. I am 1 of his 2 daughters. Our childhood was great growing up. I loved the West Palm Beach area. Always hot boys and men to look at and fondle with. There was always something to do. It’s a great area to settle down and start a life and career.

My dad currently lives alone after the recent divorce with my mom. The beach house is massive with a outdoor tennis court, private pool, and even has access to his on private beach. Ben wants to build his own house after he retires from the military, but renting will do for now. We are staying in 2 bedroom apartment with little amenities. It’s a small place to raise a child. Financially, we’re strapped between my low paying job and Ben currently actively serving in the US Army. We both have big dreams, but waiting on the baby to come before taking any financial risk.

Ben is about to deploy to Iraq to finish is last tour before he retires. Its such sad news and bad timing since I recently became pregnant. I am around 5 months and living alone with the baby will be hard and challenging. My dad offered my old room to stay in until Ben can return. I am short and lanky with my little baby buldge. I wear nerdy eye glasses and short skirts. I love the loose feeling and wind hitting my pussy. I feel so free. The local teenage boys and older men are always dressing me down with their eyes. My boss is always making inappropriate remarks toward me at work. I haven’t told Ben. I didn’t want him to worry while he was gone. Not sure how I feel being alone at home without Ben. A lot of the locals know my husband and are aware he will be going back to deployment soon. Moving back home for a short time isn’t a bad idea after all.

Bryan my dad is around 50 year of age. He is tall and muscular. The gray in his hair with a beach bod always made my mom nervous with the women. He is a silver fox, for sure. Bryan has always had a home gym and works out often. Not having a significant partner has been rough the last few months for him. Taken a break from the women and focusing on work has been his motto since his last fallout with his girlfriend. He hasn’t dated much since mom left. Dealing with a complicated divorce and managing his private business has been challenging to say the least. It’s a little surprising to me though. My dad is a complete stud. He may be 50 but he is kind, very wealthy, and as my mom used to say” He knows how to please a woman.”

Ben just left for his deployment and I decided to move back in with my dad. Having the private beach was just too hard to turn down. Few days go by, being pregnant with no sex partner is going to be a big challenge. I didn’t put any thought in what my sex life would be like with Ben gone. Especially since I am pregnant. Ben will be gone for at least 9 months. My one vibrator had recently broke. With funds tight, no way I could splurge to buy a new one. I definitely didn’t feel comfortable ordering one and shipping it to my dads house. The only thing in my arsenal was the old fashioned hand technique, and I am not in the mood for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I decided to put my white bikini on and go for a dip in the ocean to clear my mind. My dad was watching TV in the game room. I told him I was going for a swim. He said, “Watch out for sharks!”

Of course I wasn’t worried since I was a big girl. The ocean was calm and the sun was starting to set. I was in the water when suddenly, a school of jelly fish was surrounding me. I didn’t know what to do. I was panicking, my heart beating really fast. I dove under the water and was about half way to shore. I was delicately swimming back to shore when a a jelly fish stung me in my thigh right next to my labia. I was screaming, the pain was insane. I ran back up to the house to get my father. Dad heard me screaming and came rushing to the balcony to see what was wrong. I told him I had been stung by a jellyfish.

“Sam, this looks really bad,” he replied. “Its all red and bumpy from the sting. “

I was panicking myself. I had always heard peeing on a jelly fish sting would fix the pain. “Daddy, can you…pee Çekmeköy Escort on me?” He nodded, and pulled out his perfectly shaved 7inch penis from his cargo shorts and pissed on the spot. The pain was so intense. The pain immediately subsided after his warm fluid hit the area. He was basically peeing on my pussy and it gave me shivers. After he was finished, I went back to the house to take a shower to clean up. I was tired from the jelly fish encounter and wanted to rest for a bit, and get my mind off the fact that my dad peeing on me turned me on.

A few days went by, I decided to invite my friend over Amber to have a girls day at the house. My dad was in the office room next to us doing some work for his company. He wasn’t a problem and we basically had the house to ourselves. We begin talking and I bring up my recent jelly fish sting incident. Amber was very curious after I mentioned my dad peeing on me. “Sam, what did it look like?”

“What did what look like, Amber?” I asked.

“His penis.”

“Gross,” I feigned disgust, “I mean, it was bigger than Ben’s for sure…definitely longer, and perfectly shaved.”

“Wow, sounds so fuckable especially with that incredible beachbod he has. I bet he can pick you up and fuck you like a doll,” Amber giggled.

“Amber, you’re so bad and dirty” I giggled. I didn’t know it at the time, but Bryan was listening to our conversation. We both forgot we weren’t alone. My heart was racing and I was so horny after the discussion we just had. Amber noticed my father leaning in from the office eavesdropping on our conversation.

Amber added, “I want a man to fuck me like a doll and fill me with cum!”

“Amber! That’s is so inappropriate. I am the pregnant girl here. I am the one with the wet panties and no one to fuck me. My husband is gone, remember?”

“I am sorry Sam, but the story was just a turn on.”

“I know, but its just a big tease.” I turned the TV on to clear the air. I figured we could watch a movie before going to bed.

The next morning, Amber and I were talking about how much I miss Ben. In that moment I had just came off of a sex dream after waking up. I brought up to Amber how my husband and never made me orgasm. “What?” Amber exclaimed.

“Ben always entered my pussy, and fucked me until he came. I never reached climax unless I used my hand or a toy. I never get anything out of it but a pregnancy.”

Amber was in disbelief. “Your husband looks like he is great in bed.”

I shook my head. “He doesn’t understand how to properly please a horny wife with a few glory holes, if you know what I mean.”

Amber giggled, “let’s get some breakfast.” As they both opened the door, I couldn’t help but notice my dad still in the office room. Definitely a little odd for this time of morning. Surly he is not working. It’s a Saturday. Amber noticed too, “You don’t think he was listening to our conversation do you?”

“Who cares at his point?” I asked. “You sure didn’t mind last night.”

“That was a little different. We weren’t talking about your orgasms and how good Ben is in bed.

“Oh well” Sam replied. “As a daughter, my dad probably doesn’t care as long as he doesn’t hit me or cheat on me.”

“You got a point, Sam.”

After breakfast, Amber left to head to another friends house. I headed back to my room. After all, a sex dream, being pregnant and all this dirty talk as me on a razor edge with sensitivity in my pussy. I have never been so horny. I put on my white panties, white skirt for tennis, and my tennis shoes. I figured a little exercise and taking my mind off of things would help with the large build up. My dad came out the with his bathing suit on.

“Sam, I am headed to the beach for a swim. Be back in a few,” he said.

“Okay!” I replied in a sweet voice. I played a little tennis to enjoyed the sound of the palms leaves moving back and fourth. The ocean waves hitting the shore. It was so peaceful and calm. I finally headed up to the balcony to enjoy the view and to rest for a few minutes. My vagina was so wet. I could easily masturbate right here and no one would even notice. What a thought. I started to fantasize of someone licking my pussy and eating me like lion but with a tender purr. All of a sudden, I heard my dad scream. My father came running out of the water holding his stomach. I could see his abs, in perfect shape. His wet gray hair smoothed in a straight line behind his ears. His bathing suit was slightly loose Escort Çekmeköy and falling down at the waist. He was running in pain and calling my name. “Sam!!”

At that moment, I had realized what happened. A damn jelly fish sting. All I could do was think about what he did for me. Peeing on me to stop the burning sensation. I was too shy. I don’t know if I can even pee on command in front of another man, let alone my dad. He went straight inside into the bedroom and laid on the bed. “Sam, I hate to ask you, but I need you to pee on me to stop the pain.” I could see his bulge even though his penis wasn’t hard. It was a strange moment. One thought, he was my father, but on the other hand, I had a pussy that needed to be fucked hard and long. I wasn’t really thinking with the chaos. How am I going to pee on him without making a mess? All I had on was my panties under the skirt. I straddled my dad. My pussy was right above his dick. My mound set right on top of my dads stomach. I rubbed and slowly stroked my body back and fourth. Trying to allow time for me to pee. My dad was hurting and getting impatient. Slowly my white panties started soaking the pee from my warm body. It drained onto the infected area. So much pee. Then came a loud “ahhhhhh.” The exact moment I realized his pain had subsided just like mine did a day before. It almost felt orgasmic with the way the pain instantly stopped.

I was still on top of my dad. My panties were soaked. The bed was soaked. Pee everywhere. My camel toe was in complete view as I raised up my skirt to look. I felt a buldge in my fathers shorts. I looked into his eyes and paused. Several thoughts were going through my head. I was so pregnant and horny and needed something to release. A strong hand reached down and lifted me up. My mound was still dripping and daring my dad to do something. He was so mesmerized by my pussy mound wet fluid dripping from my hole. He could see my perfect my smooth, waxed pussy underneath. Not a hair on my body. My dad’s dick was standing at full attention through his bathing suit at this point. Dad called me by my name to break the silence.


“Yes daddy?” I replied in the most innocent sexy little voice.

He looked down staring at the bed slightly glancing at me. I could tell he really wanted to do something, but he was nervous to make the first move. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to be fucked, and I wanted to be taken. My dad went to stand up, I grabbed his swimsuit and yanked them down to his ankles. His dick was long and had substancial girth. The veins were extruding, and his head was pulsating like a stop hand on a wristwatch. He was ready to be taken and coerced. I inserted his penis in my mouth. It was so warm to the touch.

“Oh my god, Sam. O my gooooddd. Sam!!…….Sam!!!” he moaned.

I worked the head with my tongue. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into him even deeper. I could feel the back of my throat rubbing the tip of his cock. “Ahhhhh,” he stopped me. He was getting too close to climax. “Sam.”

“Yes daddy?” I asked sweetly.

“You’re almost 5 months pregnant.”

“Yes,” I replied. “Fucking yes I am. I am so fuckable ain’t I daddy?”

He started taking my tennis shoes off and then my socks. The thoughts going through my head. What is my dad going to do? Is he finally going to take me? He laid me on my back. My perky titties pointing straight at him through my sports bra. He grabbed me by the ankles and started licking my feet and toes. “Ahhhh,” it felt so good. Its happening. He continued using his tongue going through each tow one by one. Hs mouth slowly sliding down the bottom of my foot and around my ankles. The build up was so intense. He removed the top and bra and begin to suck and massage my titties. Round and round, tongue up and down. A big sucking motion pulling my nipples before he released. “Oh my god,” I hollered over and over. “Oh god I need you, I need you daddy. Fuuuckkkk.” He slowly moved down my stomach, his hands slide down my legs. He stopped at my wet pussy mound. He just stared at it for a few seconds. My panties were still on. He licked and slurped my juices from the fabric. “Oh my goooood ahhhh” I let out. Daddy was taking his time and really teasing me at this point.

He pulled my panties down slowly. He inched his way back up to my head area. He looked me into my eyes. “Are you ready to release those juices in my mouth? You ready for your first oral orgasm?” he asked.

“Yes Çekmeköy Escort Bayan daddy, please take me. Please please please. It hurts so bad. I need this.” I begged.

He grabbed both ankles again and pulled them into the air. My pussy was spread open. My butt was almost looking at the ceiling. His tongue entered my pussy so deep it felt amazing. He sucked my clit and ate my pussy like he was starving. “Ahhhhhhhh. O my fucking god daddy. Fucccckkkkkkk. Fucccckkkkk!”

My clit was vibrating and pulsating. It felt like he was drinking my juices with a straw the suction was so strong. I released a massive orgasm. My entire body was shaking. The release was the strongest ever. His tongue slowed down. My legs shaking and heart pounding really fast still. The orgasm seem to last for ever. My pussy contracting over and over. It started to settle down and widened back out. Dad looked down and noticed my buthole opening up. My butt was still pointing at the ceiling and ankles high in the air. I felt a tongue hit the center of my butthole. He started eating my butt. My pussy juices had drenched my anas. It was like eating my pussy all over again. His tongue in and out swirling around my rectum. “Ahhhhh. Oh my Oh my Oh my fucking goddd daddy. Daddy it feels so good. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” I was about to cum again. I wanted his tongue in me. I pulled his head closer to by butthole. He started applying pressure to the inside of my beautiful hole. I squirted high in the air soaking my fathers face in more of my juices. We laid there for a few minutes. I needed to let my orgasm come down before I could think straight again.

My dad was just staring at me laying on the bed. He was admiring what he had just accomplished. I squirted. As I was laying there, my dads cock was still rock hard. I could see a lot of pre cum coming from the head. All the licking and eating was just a big tease. He was saving his load for the grand finale. I looked at him and asked “Are you ready to fuck your pregnant daughter?”

“Oh my god Sam. I want you so bad. I want to seed your inner walls of your fucking pussy!” My dad’s dick was bigger than before. At least it looked bigger. All the build up had done something to his member. My pussy noticed. I layed back again and put my butt into the air. He grabbed my ankles. My pussy was like a anaconda looking at its prey. It started to widened even more than before getting ready for entry. I was soaking wet. My legs started to shake again just at the thought of his big dick entering my pussy. He rubbed the head of his dick back and fourth as he was positioning himself. I felt a wide tug of pressure on my inner canal.

“Oh god,” I whispered.

Dad let out a huge “Oh my gooddd SAMMMM. Sammm O my god.” He started slowly moving his dick back and fourth in my swollen, but tight hole. My pussy was just sloppy at this point. The dick easily gliding in and out by each stroke. The strokes started to get longer and deeper and I could feel his cock throbbing with intensity. He was feeling the pregnant pussy for the very first time. He was savoring every stroke. The speed increased. He let go of my ankles and leaned forward. Now, we were in a standard missionary position. My toes was starting to curl in the air. I reached back to grab his butt with both hands. My dad was drilling my pussy. He put his hands on my baby mound using it as a love handles. He went deeper and deeper. “Oh myyy fucking gooodd!!!! Sam. Sam. Sam. I am about to fucking cuuummmmm.”

“Please daddy. Fucking cum in me. Please!” I shouted with a loud groan. I pulled him close. I went for his ear. Using my tongue to lick his ear canal. I moaned, “Oh Daddy!”

“Oh my fucking goooddd. Sammmm fuckkkkkkk. Ahhhhhhhh!” He exploded inside my pussy. 2 weeks worth of cum just filled my hole. We both orgasmed at the same time. Another big release.

We layed there for a few hours before taking showers and cleaning up. We both couldn’t believe what we just did. It felt so good but the consequences from our actions could be detrimental. Luckily, I am already pregnant. Dad spoke up and said “we shouldn’t have done that. I wasn’t thinking very clearly.”

“Its okay dad. I needed it and wanted it,” I leaned across his body. I pecked his lips with mine. I went to get up and he pulled me back into him and gave me a sloppy kiss with a little tongue.

“I love you Sam.” As I was leaving the room, I turned and looked at my dad. He was staring at my ass. We were both still naked. My clean clothes was in my room. I stopped at the door and bent over. My ass cheeks wide and but in the air. I figured I would tease him one more time and give comfort to what he just did to me. After all, I have 9 more months before my husband returns. Wink Wink.

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