A Dark , Stormy Night

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I was 21, and a senior in college. During the semester, I lived at school, but when classes weren’t in session, I still lived at home with my parents and sister. It was a nice neighborhood — your average suburban scene that you’d see in thousands of places across America. All the houses were in neat, 1/4 -to- 1/2 acre lots. The larger ones had in-ground pools, everyone kept their lawns nice and green in the summer, and their driveways and walkways clear of snow and ice in the winter.

It was mid-May. My parents and sister had gone to Ohio where a distant cousin of mine was getting married. I was able to beg out of the trip, because final exams started on Monday, and I needed to spend the weekend studying, not traveling half-way across the country to see a cousin I barely knew get married. I didn’t really plan on studying until Sunday at the earliest, but they didn’t need to know that, and I could use some ‘alone time’ after another crazy semester in the dorms.

Our next door neighbors were the Wilsons to the left, and the Masons to the right. The Wilsons were a nice enough couple, with two young kids I used to baby sit when I needed extra cash. The Masons were around my parent’s age, with a daughter, Emily, who turned 18 on Valentine’s Day. She was kind of shy if you didn’t know her well — a pretty face with long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a beautiful body that she usually kept well-concealed under her clothes. She usually kept her hair up, her clothes too loose-fitting, and wore large-ish glasses, so most guys didn’t give her a second glance. I doubt she’d been on more than a couple of dates, and probably didn’t even have a date for the Prom yet. But if the guys at school had seen her in her bathing suit – a modest one-piece, of course – they would have been all over her.

Her parents were one of the ‘pool houses’ and from my bedroom window, I could see into their backyard. Many times I saw Emily in her bathing suit, relaxing by the poolside with her nose in a book, working on a tan. She had developed into a beautiful young woman. Her breasts were full and firm, her waist slim, her hips just the right amount of curve, and she had a pair of legs that could squeeze your life away if she wrapped them around you. Why she kept all this hidden, I don’t know for sure, but I know her parents were over-protective of her, which may have attributed to her shyness.

Friday afternoon, when I got home from my last final, there was a message on my machine. It was Mrs. Mason. Her great Aunt had died and the funeral was on Sunday in Oregon. They were flying out late Friday afternoon, and they weren’t going to be back until Monday. They were leaving Emily home alone so she wouldn’t miss any school, she said, so could I just keep an eye on the place? I called Mrs. Mason back and told her I’d be happy to keep an eye on things while they were gone, not to worry, Emily would be fine. Although she was 18, her parents had never left her home alone for more than a few hours, and their imaginations were going wild. I reassured them she’d be fine, and they left for the funeral.

I called Emily at 5:00, and told her I was getting a pizza for dinner. “Do you want some,” I asked.

“I’d love it,” she said. “Saves me from cooking for myself.”

I told her I was ordering it at around 5:30, and would bring it over when it arrived.

The pizza came right before 6:00. I went over to Emily’s house and knocked on the door. Emily shouted down from her window. “C’mon in, Jake. I’ll be right down!”

I went inside and made myself at home. Emily came downstairs in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Her hair was wet. “I went swimming before and wanted to wash the chlorine off,” she said, reading my mind.

We ate the pizza and chatted. She told me about her school plans for next year; I talked about my experiences in college. Things got quiet for a few minutes. Then Emily asked me about the women at school. When I pressed her as to what she meant, she told me she was worried about the parties. She’d never drank before, and thought every night was wild drinking and crazy sex with total strangers.

I told her she’d been watching too many teen movies. “Yeah, there are a lot of parties, and a lot of sex, too.” She blushed three shades of crimson. “But people are there to study, so it’s not always one long party. But on the other hand, there’s enough for anyone to do anything they want.”

I knew Emily was shy, and was most likely a virgin, too, thanks to her overprotective parents. In fact, they expected her to go to a local college and live at home. All the more to smother her, I thought.

“Want to watch a movie,” she asked, breaking the silence.

“Sure,” I said. We headed to the living room to watch TV. Emily sat sideways on her father’s chair, her legs draped over the arm, while I sat on the couch. Half way through the movie, I heard some thunder in the background. In addition to being shy, Emily has a lot of phobias. Besides spiders, heights and closed spaces, she şişli escort bayan was also afraid of thunderstorms, and especially of the dark.

The thunder got closer, and was joined by flashes of lightning in the sky. With each crackle, Emily jumped. Soon, she joined me on the couch, holding my hand. Every time the sky flashed, she squeezed it tight. The skies opened up, and it started pouring. You could hear the rain slamming on the metal air conditioner in a steady rhythm as Emily squeezed close to me. I put my left arm around her, and held her other hand in my right.

I was holding her tight, my cock starting to get hard, as the storm got worse. I tried to lighten the mood by asking “Think we’ll have to build an ark?” Emily was not amused. I tried watching the movie, but was more interested in watching Emily as the storm battered against the windows.

The lights flickered…then came back. Just as Emily was saying “I hope we don’t lose power…” the lights flickered again…and went out. We were sitting there in complete darkness as the thunder and lighting made Emily even more scared.

“Do you have a flashlight, or any candles,” I asked.

“Yeah, the flashlight is in the kitchen, and there should be some candles there, too.”

She held my hand and we helped each other navigate the dark house until we found our way to the kitchen. Emily found a flashlight, and thankfully the batteries still worked. Armed with our new light, we found the candles, and some silver candlesticks, which we then carried with us back to the living room. The storm was still howling outside.

We sat down next to each other on the couch, Emily still holding my hand. The thunder cracked, shaking the house. We must have been right in the middle of the storm by now. Emily started to cry softly. I hugged her, and she stopped. Looking at me sweetly, she said “Jake. You’ve known me my whole life. You know how much I hate thunderstorms, and I still sleep with a night light because I’m afraid of the dark. Normally it wouldn’t be so bad because my parents would be home…”

“Emily,” I said, interrupting her. “Do you want me to stay here tonight? Would that make you feel better?”

“Do you mind? It really would make me feel a little better if you could stay.”

I wiped away a stray tear. “No problem, Em. Just help me find some blankets and a couple of pillows and I’m all set.”

“Well…I mean I actually…What I meant…” Emily was stuttering. “When I was a little girl, I would climb into my parent’s bed when we had a bad storm. Cuddling with them, things always felt OK. What I mean is…”

“What, Em?”

“I want you to sleep in my bed with me. I mean, not like that…”

I’d never seen Emily so flustered.

“You just don’t want to be alone tonight.”

Emily nodded.

“It’s OK. And I promise to behave myself.” I didn’t have any sleepwear, obviously, and I didn’t want to go home in this storm to get any. It was going to take all my self-control to behave myself, but I didn’t want Emily to think I was going to take advantage of her.

Emily kissed me softly on the cheek. “I know you will.”

It wasn’t late yet, but with the lights out, there was nothing to do. “Might as well get ready for bed,” Emily suggested.

I reminded her I didn’t have anything to wear, just my boxers.

“It’s OK. It not any worse than seeing you in your bathing suit, right?”

She had a point. But on the other hand, I was never lying inches away from her before, wearing only a bathing suit.

We made our way to her bedroom. I’d been in it before — it was a typical girl’s bedroom, with posters on the wall, a desk in the corner, dresser, night table, and a twin-sized bed. I put the candles down carefully on her desk, and blew them out. To Emily’s dismay, we were again in total darkness, but of course, it’s not safe to leave the candles burning all night.

I could barely see anything, and I wasn’t changing my clothes, so I just kicked off my shoes and socks, pulled off my pants and sat on the bed in my t-shirt and boxers. I turned around to give Em some privacy (more of a gesture than for any real need) as she took off her pants, shirt and bra, and put on a nightgown.

Emily climbed into bed and took the side closest to the wall. I laid down next to her, with barely enough room to keep from falling off the edge.

“You can come closer to me, so you don’t fall off,” she said.

I moved right next to her. Lying on my side, there wasn’t any place for me to put my arm, so I rested it on her hip. Emily put her hand on my side as we lay there looking at each other. We laid there for a little while, before Emily spoke. “Jake,” she said. “Do you find me attractive?”

“Of course, Em. I think you’re very pretty.”

She leaned in and kissed me softly on the cheek. My cock jumped.

“You know, Jake — I’ve had a crush on you since we were in elementary school.”

I blushed. The thunder rolled fındıkzade eskort across the sky, but I’m sure it was drowned out by the sound of my heart beating in my chest.


She cut me off with another kiss, this time on my mouth. I instinctively put my arm around her waist and kissed her back.


“Shhhhh, Jake. I love you. I’ve loved you all my life, and I want you to be my first. We’ll never have another chance like tonight.”

I couldn’t believe what Emily was saying. I loved her too, but always thought she loved me more in a brotherly way than any other. My mind was racing when she kissed me again. I pushed my tongue against her lips. She opened them slightly as our tongues touched. Moaning into my mouth, we kissed harder as I rolled her onto her back.

“Em, of course, I love you, too.”

We kissed again and again, our tongues wrestling in each other’s mouth, holding each other close in the darkness. The storm that brought us together was still raging outside, but neither of us heard it anymore. My hands roamed up and down her body, settling on her firm breasts. I gently rubbed and squeezed them in my hands as we kissed, causing Emily to moan in my mouth as she arched her back towards me. I slipped my hand under her night shirt and cupped her bare breast. I rubbed her nipples between my fingers as I trailed kisses down her neck.

I whispered to Emily, “Take off your shirt.”

She smiled at me, bit her lower lip and pulled off her shirt, leaving her just in her panties. My Goddd I thought. She’s even more beautiful than I imagined. I took off my shirt too, leaving the both of us naked except for our underwear. I bent down and kissed her chest all over, teasing her before I moved my mouth to her nipples. I trailed my tongue in circles around them, before sucking them into my mouth one at a time. My hands explored the breast not in my mouth as I sucked her nipples in and out.

I slowly kissed my way back up to her lips, and as we passionately drove our tongues in and out I slid my hand down her stomach to her panties. I rubbed her pussy through the soft material, causing her to moan louder and thrust her hips towards me. Pushing her panties to the side, I rubbed her lips with my first two fingers. She was shaved bare, which surprised me, but turned me on even more. I slipped my fingers inside of her, making her gasp as I spread her juices all over her bare cunt. As I brought them up to her clit, she jumped slightly. I sucked her nipples back into my mouth as I fingered her, sliding my fingers inside of her while rubbing her clit with my thumb. It didn’t take long before all this stimulation got to Em, and she cried out.

“Ohhhhhh Gooooodddddddd Jake. Oh my Goooddddddd….” was all she could manage as she had her first orgasm. She pulled me to her and kissed me over and over. My cock was rock hard and needed attention. As she kissed me, I took her right hand and brought it down to my cock. She pulled away in surprise. I broke our kiss and put her hand back, this time rubbing my cock with her hand. Tentatively, she rubbed my cock.

“Like this,” she asked.

“Mmmmm….” was all I said.

I lifted my hips and pulled off my boxers. Emily stared at my cock, waving back and forth. She seemed unsure again. I told her to close her eyes. I squeezed my cock, some precum oozing out. I scooped it off onto my index finger, then pressed my middle finger — coated with her juices — against her lips. She opened her mouth and I slipped my finger in. As she sucked off her juices, I told her to open her eyes. She saw the liquid on my finger, as I pulled out my middle finger and inserted my index finger into her mouth. She sucked off my precum, mixed with her juices.

I pulled my fingers out, and took her hand and put it on my cock. Slowly she started rubbing me again. After a few minutes I pushed her hands to my balls, and told her to rub them too.

Emily was completely inexperienced, but a fast learner. She gently caressed my balls, then moved her hand back to my shaft. As she stroked me up and down, I guided her head lower. “Kiss it,” I said. She kissed the head of my cock, then explored up and down it’s length with small kisses. I moaned softly, trying to encourage her. “That feels to gooooddddd….”

She stuck her tongue out and gently licked up and down my cock, avoiding the head. It was so erotic I could barely stand it. “Please,” I said. She looked at me, a little worried.

“What if you, you know…?”

“If I cum?”

She nodded shyly.

“Just swallow it quickly. You already tasted it on my finger.”

“I know, but…”

“Please,” I said.

She smiled at me again. “I like the please.”

Emily leaned down and took the head of my cock into her mouth. I moaned again, encouraging her. She opened her mouth a little more, taking another inch inside of her.

“Ohhhh, yes, Emily….” I moaned.

I thrusted my hips at her, and she soon had besiktas escort more than half my cock in her mouth. She slowly moved her mouth up and down, and I put her hand back on my balls. I opened my eyes to watch my beautiful neighbor giving me one of the hottest blowjobs ever. Her inexperience made her a little tentative, which added to the experience. She swirled her tongue around my cock, as my orgasm built.

“Ohhhh Goodddddd, Emily….Ohhhh Goodddddddddd,” was all I could say over and over as I thrust my hips to her mouth. She held my cock at the base as I exploded, shooting a huge load of cum into her mouth. Emily kept sucking, swallowing my cum as fast as I gave it to her.

As I stopped cumming, I eased her mouth away. She looked up at me, and asked, “Was that OK?” I couldn’t believe her. I just came more than I ever had in my life. I pulled her towards me and kissed her hard. I could taste my cum on her mouth as we kissed. “Mmmm….I didn’t think you’d want to kiss me after that.”

“Why not? If you can swallow my cum, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t kiss you afterward.”

She kissed me again as I caressed her back, moving my hands down to her firm ass.

“I want you so much, Emily. But what about, you know, protection?”

I didn’t have any condoms on me, and doubted Emily kept any in her room.

Emily looked at me sweetly. “Don’t worry. My mom is so overprotective of me, she put me on the pill when I was 16 — just in case, as she said it, someone tries to take advantage of me.”

I relaxed, and kissed her again. Emily pulled off her panties and threw them to the floor. “Ohhhh Goodddddd Jake. I want you too. I need to feel you inside of me.”

I reached down and rubbed her wet pussy. I slipped my fingers back inside of her, making her arch her back to take them deeper. I bent down over her, my cock teasingly rubbing against her pussy. It took all my self control not to fuck her then and there, but I wanted her to experience everything her first time. I slowly kissed down her body and Emily tried to pull me back on top of her. I was too strong and moved down her stomach towards her virgin slit.

“Ohhhh Godddd Jake. Don’t. I want you inside of me.”

I didn’t listen to her. I wanted to taste her pussy before I fucked her. I gave her pussy a long lick from the bottom up to her clit.

“Ohhhhhhh Goooddddddddd…..” she said again. But instead of pushing me away, she put her hands behind my head. I started kissing and licking her sweet pussy as Emily thrust her hips at my face. I rubbed her clit with my thumb as I licked her up and down. She tasted so good. I started licking the alphabet on her pussy, and by the time I got to “G” she was getting ready to cum again. I pushed two fingers back inside of her and sucked her clit into my mouth. Emily clenched her legs around my head and came hard, coating my face with her sweet nectar as I sucked on her clit. She came at least twice before I released her clit and lapped up all her juices. She came again and pushed my head away.

I positioned myself over her body as we kissed again. I could kiss her like this forever, I thought. My cock pressed against her virgin hole as we kissed, the head trying to push its way inside. I broke our kiss and took my cock in my hand.

“Are you ready,” I asked.

Emily nodded slowly.

I eased my cock inside of her, watching as first the head, then the next couple inches eased inside. I let go of my cock as I held myself up over her and pushed slowly. As I hit her hymen, I stopped. We kissed again, my cock halfway inside her. As we broke our kiss, I looked deep into her eyes. “I love you, Emily,” I reassured her.

“I love you too, Jake.”

I pulled my cock out until just the head was inside, then thrust back inside of her. I felt her hymen break, as I slid all the way inside her tight pussy. Emily cried out in pain as I took her virginity. I wrapped my arms around her, and whispered, “It’s OK Emily.”

She kissed me lovingly, and I knew she was alright. Slowly I pulled out of her, before thrusting again. Each time I drove my cock inside of her she moaned, making me fuck her harder. I arched my back to take her breasts into my mouth as I thrust my cock in and out of her cunt. Again and again I slid my cock inside of her, bringing her closer to cumming again with each thrust. I was barely pulling out of her before thrusting back in, slamming my cock deep and hard inside of her. As I fucked her over and over, I could sense her orgasm building. I sucked harder on her nipples as I tried to drive my cock deeper inside of her, not even pulling out, just pushing deep and hard in her cunt. Emily screamed out, and came hard, coating my cock with her sweet juices. I held still while she came, her muscles squeezing me deep inside of her as she came. Her orgasm subsided, I started thrusting again but it was too late. I thrust deep into her pussy one last time, and exploded in my own orgasm.

I shot what seemed like a gallon of cum inside her, shooting over and over into her pussy. Exhausted, I slid my cock out of her well-fucked pussy and laid next to her. The scent of our juices filled the small room. Emily rolled next to me, wrapping her arms around me as she laid her head on my stomach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32