A Cuntry House Ch. 02

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This is part 2 of a story I started several months ago, I am sorry it’s taken so long to get finished. I hope it was worth the wait. It is probably worth reading part 1 but not vital.

Same disclaimer, All characters are totally fictional and over eighteen year of age.



Molly walked down the hall to Marcus’ bedroom, her heels tapping on the polished wooden floor. She’d got up early to be sure to be able to keep her promise to her new employer’s son. She was only wearing part of her uniform this morning, just the stockings and suspender belt, with the court shoes and the velvet choker. She hoped this would please the young man she was on her way to wake.

She didn’t knock but slipped quietly in through his door. The room was dimly lit by sun light coming through the not properly closed curtains. Marcus was laid on his back; from his breathing Molly could tell he was still asleep. It had been a warm night so Marcus was covered only by a single Egyptian cotton sheet.

The young red head walked to the foot of the bed and slowly and carefully pulled the sheet down and off him, revealing his athletic body; she was pleased to see he slept naked. His penis lay limp against his leg, but even like this the sight stirred her lust.

She climbed gently onto the bed and on all fours worked her way up his body until her head was over his groin. Then she delicately began to lick along its length. Soon it began to harden under her tongue despite the fact its owner was still asleep. As it rose, Molly slipped the tip into her mouth, savouring the slightly salty taste. Her lips opened wider to except the swelling head as she slid more of it into her waiting mouth.

Gripping the base to hold it steady she bobbed her head more and more rapidly each time taking more of its growing length into her warm wet mouth.

Marcus’ hand came up to stroke the side of her nodding head and tangling in her hair. Molly glanced up to see Marcus looking down his body into her eyes. She released his cock and smiling said,

“Good morning Marcus.”

“Good morning Molly, very good morning in fact.” The young man replied.

Molly held his cock in her hand and ran her tongue round the head allowing her saliva to dribble down its length. She engulfed just the deep red mushroom in her lips and flicked her tongue over it pushing its pointed tip against the slit at its tip.

Marcus groaned loudly.

“Oh My god.” He exclaimed, “That is amazing, you’re better than your sister , hell I think your better than any woman here.”

“Thank you Marcus , I am glad you like it.” She purred, releasing his cock once again.

“Seriously Molly, you are the best cock sucker I’ve ever met. But I was hoping to do more.”

“You can have me any way you want me.” She giggled as she rubbed the end of his still growing cock against her face.

“Uh hu? Well why don’t you swing around and get that hot little pussy of yours on my face?”

Molly dutifully spun round and planted her legs astride his head, then dropped down so Marcus could bury his tongue in her waiting twat. Marcus flicked his tongue under the hood covering her clit and then pushed it into her, separating her wet folds as he did so. Molly in turn resumed her oral efforts on his now fully erect cock. After several minutes f this Marcus gripped her waist and lifted her off his face.

“I want to fuck you now,” he said.” Lie on your back please.”

Molly did as she was told and Marcus knelt between her splayed legs. He positioned his iron hard tool at the entrance to her pussy and then in a single thrust, slammed it deep into the waiting girl. Molly cried out as the jolt of pleasure shot through her, orgasming the moment he entered her.

“You liked that did you?” He asked, pulling out and ramming into her again. Molly could only gasp and nod as waves of pleasure washed over her.

“You are such a slut!” he cried, “I’m gonna fuck you every day. And you gonna love it aren’t you!”

“Yes. Oh Yess, Please fuck me , I love it, I just want to feel this way all the time.” she cried.

After that neither spoke until Marcus suddenly pulled out and gripped his cock, his fist jerked along it twice and then an arc of semen shot from it to splash over Molly’s heaving breasts.

“Direct hit!” He cried, as further jets spurted out to land on her tits and stomach.

Molly lay dazed for a minute

“I’d best go and get dressed.” she said.” I will be expected to help serve breakfast.”

As she was heading back to her room, intending to shower and get properly dressed she passed Lord and Lady Daniels door which opened suddenly. Lady Caroline was about to step out into the hall, she was naked and Molly could see her vagina was open and smeared with juice; then seeing the girl she paused in the doorway to greet her, but then frowned.

“Good Morning Molly,” She said, “I am rather disappointed to see you are not in uniform this morning.”

Over Lady Caroline’s ensest sikiş hikayeleri shoulder Molly could see into the room, she had a clear view of the bed. On it Lord William was knelt behind Molly’s mother, Janet, who was on all fours, her ass thrust into the air as the Lord slammed his hard cock into her repeatedly. Janet’s face was wet; she had clearly just been eating Lady Caroline’s pussy.

“Come in dear,” said Lady Caroline, her voice softening, “Why don’t you join us?”

Molly followed her into the room and watched as Lord William pulled his cock form Janet’s pussy and then rubbed it round her tightest hole pushed slowly into her mother’s ass. Janet gritted her teeth but Molly could see the passion in her mother’s eyes as she was sodomised by their employer.

Lady Caroline caught her attention by clamping her lips over Molly’s breast, sucking at the cum that covered them.

“Mmm. My son’s cum is so yummy.” she exclaimed, and then raising her head shared a salty jism filled kiss with the girl.

“Would you mind finishing what your mother started dear?” She asked and Molly immediately dropped to her knees in front of her ladyship. Once again Molly’s clever tongue went to work on a member of the Daniels family, probing deep into the blonde woman’s cunt.

Next to them on the bed Janet’s breathing became more ragged as she approached climax. Hearing this Molly lifted her hand and pushed two stiff fingers into Lady Caroline’s dripping slit while she pressed the hot tip of her tongue to the woman’s exposed clit. The double touch was enough to send the Lady of the house over the edge, her leg muscles twitching as she crested the wave of pleasure the girl was giving her. Lady Caroline grabbed Molly’s shoulders to support herself.

Janet screamed out as her own orgasm hit, her head thrown back in as Lord Daniels emptied his pulsing cock into her clutching asshole. He slowly withdrew the last spurts of cum shooting out over her upraised ass cheeks.

“Thank you dear. ” Lady Caroline panted. “Your oral skills are to be commended.”

“Thank you Ma’am.” Molly replied beaming with pride.” Now if you will excuse me I need to get cleaned up before breakfast.”

“Of course dear, and thank you again.”

Janet smiled at her daughter. “Well done love,” she purred.” See you in a little while.”

Molly hurried to her room and stripped off the sweat and semen soaked stockings then grabbing a towel hurried across the hall to the bath room she shared with her brother and sister.

Ben was stood at the sink wiping shaving cream from his smooth cheeks. He was wrapped in a towel. But catching sight of his sister’s naked body behind him caused the front of the towel to twitch up immediately. He turned around to face his smiling sister.

” Oh Moll, I am so pleased you’re staying.”

“Me to Ben.” she smiled walking forward into his arms

Wrapping her own arms behind him she kissed him passionately on the lips as she pressed her hardening nipples into his chest.

Reaching between them she undid the towel from his waist and let it fall to the floor. Her brothers already erect cock sprung up between her parted thighs. Molly lifted herself onto her toes and with the same hand guided Ben’s member into her wet pussy. Ben leaned back against the sink as his sister humped herself onto his cock.

The brother and sister continued like this for a while until Molly felt her legs tiring. Lifting herself off Bens still twitching pole she then turned around and bent at the waist, leant her hands on the side of the bath, locking her legs straight .

Ben took two quick steps behind her and taking her raised hips in his hands pushed into her again. He started to rapidly piston his cock in and out of Molly’s already well fucked cunt.

All too soon Ben felt his balls begin to tighten and in response he increased the pace of his strokes, Molly’s body responded as wave after wave of pleasure washed over and through her. Her vagina walls clamped round her brothers cock, he let out a long low moan as he began to shoot thick ropes of cum up into his sister. Molly could feel his solid member pulsing inside her as he emptied his hanging balls.

Quickly she pulled free and turning, dropped to her knees to suck him into her mouth then lick him clean.

Ben Looked down at his sister knelt before him.

“God! That was worth the wait.” he laughed.

By mid-afternoon Molly’s older sister Jenny was in the library dusting. Cassandra, Lord and Lady Daniels daughter was sat in a high-backed arm chair, reading a large, dark leather bound book. A shaft of sunlight spotlighted her; Jenny couldn’t help noticing Cassandra was playing with her breasts through her sundress. Jenny worked her way round the room towards the young Lady. The two girls were the same age to within a couple of months and had been friends even before Jenny had been employed by Lord and Lady Daniels.

“Is it a good book Ma’am? ” Asked the maid.

Cassandra glanced up and smiled.

“Yeah it’s my grandmothers Journal.” She responded.” Some of the stuff Gran used to do would make even me blush.”

“Really? I can’t believe that.” Giggled the maid.

“Seriously! Listen to this.” Cassandra turned to face Jenny and adopted a passable impression of her grandmother.

“May the seventh; today I was visited by a pair of nuns from the local hospice. They wanted to discuss the possibility of me making a large donation to the running of the hospice. The senior nun, I assume she was the Mother superior came and brought a novice with her.”

Cassandra paused and looked up. Jenny was still dusting but clearly listening. She carried on.

“They were all quite young; the MS looked in her late thirties.”

“I assume grandma meant Mother superior.” Suggested Cassandra, then continued reading.

The MS looked in her late thirties and the novice was probably still a teenager, just. . They explained why they needed the money. I thought it sounded like a good cause so decided to be pretty generous, but I also thought I might get something for myself. I told them how much I was willing to give them but that there was a condition. The MS nodded and said she thought there might be. I told them I wanted them to strip naked and eat each other, right there in front of me.”

Cassandra glanced up again to see Jenny had given up all pretence of cleaning and was now stood, hanging on her every word.

“At first they were indignant, but I said it was entirely their choice. The novice was the first to agree, and then then eventually the MS agreed too. Once they’d accepted my offer the MS was very keen I could tell. She stripped naked very quickly and then helped the Novice undress. The Ms was reasonably pretty but the novice was simply beautiful. They both had pale skin, I assume because nuns don’t go to the Riviera to get sun tans.

I told them to play with each other’s breasts to start with and once I could tell they were aroused I instructed them to use their fingers on each other. Soon enough the MS was on her knees licking that sexy novice’s vagina. Obviously this got me very aroused so I also stripped off. So there I was sat in the library surrounded by these two daughters of Christ, watching them stuffing fingers and tongues in and out of each other’s hot wet vaginas. “

Jenny gasped.

“This happened here, in this room.” She said. “Your Grandmother seduced those Nuns right here! That’s so hot!”

” It gets better. Listen.”

Cassandra returned to reading the book.

“Well I did not want to waste such a fine opportunity. I got the three of us to form what I believe is called a daisy chain, you lie down in a circle and each woman licks the vagina of the one in front , I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Those nuns were incredible. I have made a deal with the MS that the Novice and any others the MS thinks will agree will visit me every week and in exchange I will make large donations to their hospice.

Cassandra closed the book with a snap and looked up at Jenny. “Grandma seduced those nuns and then basically turned them into her own personal prostitutes!”

Jenny nodded” Yes, and I can see why that story got you turned on ma’am, it’s got me wet too.”

“Jenny, who you like to eat my pussy like those nuns ate Grandma?” Cassandra asked, pulling up her short skirt to reveal her naked pussy with its smooth sides and neatly trimmed line of hair above.

Jenny practically fell forward, she was so keen to sample the juices she could see already covering the inside of Cassandra’s thighs. Crawling on all fours she pushed her head between the seated girl’s legs. At first the maid licked all over the outside of Cassandra’s pussy, paying particular attention to the hood that covered her engorged clit. Then she pressed her probing tongue between the blonde girl’s slick folds, worming it deeper inside as Cassandra started moaning.

The door to the library opened and Harold Roberts, the family butler and Jenny’s father, walked in. He walked quickly across the room and stood behind his kneeling daughter, facing Cassandra.

“Oh, Good morning miss Daniels.” He said. Cassandra glanced up and smiled in acknowledgment. Jenny lifted her head free and turned to nod to her father. Then she wiggled her raised ass towards him.

“Daddy, will you fuck me while I eat Cass?”

Harold looked to Cassandra, who nodded and reached forward to pull the maids skirt towards her exposing Jenny’s bare ass and suspenders. Unzipping his fly Harold then pulled out his stiff cock and spitting into his hand began to lubricate its veined shaft. Kneeling behind his daughter, he slid the thick rod into her wet open cunt in a single smooth thrust until his smooth stomach bumped against his eldest daughter’s soft ass.

Jenny groaned with pure lust then returned to licking Cassandra’s now shivering quim as her father stroked his cock in and out of her.

Cassandra was the first to cum, her juices squirting out over Jenny’s face covering the maid’s cheeks and chin as she continued to lap away at the delicious nectar. Harold soon followed, his tight balls shooting thick ropes of cum into his daughter’s pulsing cunt, this in turn caused Jenny to almost collapse as her own orgasm surged through her body starting in her womb and spreading until she was lost in pleasure.

Harold pulled back, his wilting cock slipping free of Jenny’s still clutching hole with a slurping pop. A gooey mix of his seed and her juice dribbled from her dilated pussy to run down her legs. He quickly stood and moved to offer his now limp cock to Cassandra’s waiting mouth. She licked it clean savouring the mingled taste of father and daughter before releasing it so Harold could tuck it back into his trousers. As he walked out of the room the two women were sharing a final, cum laden kiss.

Meanwhile in the conservatory, Lord William was sawing his long hard cock in and out of Harold’s other daughter. Molly was bent over the back of a rattan sofa, once again naked but for her stockings, suspenders and heels. The rest of the uniform was in a heap alongside Lord William’s own clothes. He had been fucking the young red head for almost forty five minutes in a variety of positions.

Molly was flushed from the exertion and her and she was glad the sofa was supporting her slim frame but she was revelling in the feel of her employer’s cock starching and filling her still wet pussy. Lord Daniel’s was gripping the girl’s hips hard pulling himself into her with fast deliberate strokes. The vigorous pounding was enough to trigger Molly’s next orgasm, she’d lost count after the forth.

“Ohh! Fuck yes.” She cried out gasping and panting as her body shook. This was enough for his Lord ship. “I’m ready to cum Molly.” He said, “Where do you want it?”

“In me! Cum inside me sir.” The girl managed to gasp.

Lord Daniels let out the breath he had been holding and with it his straining cock erupted inside the beautiful redhead’s grasping cunt. Molly felt it hit the walls of her uterus and fill her; she’d never had so much cum from one man before. As she fell forward over the sofa thick dribbles of her employer’s cum oozed out of her and ran freely down her legs, pooling along her stocking tops then continuing to soak downwards.

Lord William Daniels turned and picking the girl’s discarded skirt used it to wipe his softening cock. Then he reached out a hand to help her to her feet.

“Are you ok sweet heart, can you walk? He asked, handing her the now sticky skirt.

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” She replied

“You’d best go have a quick wash Molly.” He laughed.” or you’re going to be making a mess where ever you go.”

Molly hurried up the back stairs and into her bath room, quickly stripped and hopped into the shower, smiling as she remembered what she and her brother had done in this room earlier. A few minutes later she stepped out again and grabbed a towel to begin drying herself. She suddenly realised she had forgotten to pick up a clean uniform form the laundry room before she came upstairs, wrapping the small towel round her waist she went down to find some clean clothes.

Molly walked into the warm laundry room to find her sister bent over in front of their mother, pulling on a clean pair of stocking herself. Both women glanced up as she entered. Janette smiled at the sight of her youngest daughter’s naked breasts but Jenny frowned.

“Damn it. Your tits are better than mine Mol.” She then laughed. Molly smiled and went to her sister squashing her bare breasts against her sister’s cloth covered ones. The sisters kissed then broke apart and turned to their mother. Jenny spoke first.

“Cassandra read me something earlier, about a daisy chain.”

Janette’s face lit up. “Oh what a good idea, I’ve been dying for Molly to get her tongue in me since I saw her with Lady Caroline this morning.”

With quick and practiced moves the two older women stripped while Molly simply dropped her towel on the floor. The three of them lay down in a rough triangle, Molly with her head between her mother’s open legs; Janette between Jenny’s and Jenny licking her sisters freshly washed pussy.

Janette was soon writhing in pleasure as Molly worked her magic on her mother’s pouting cunt, alternating between flicking it over her clit and pushing it deep inside her open folds. Jenny was not as skilled as her little sister but Molly was still sensitive from her session with Lord Daniels not fifteen minutes earlier, so was soon shaking with her orgasm as her legs clamping down on her sister’s head. Janette knew what her elder daughter liked and in addition to eating the girl’s wet pussy she pushed a saliva covered finger into Jenny’s tight ass hole, twisting it round to maximise the pleasure for the groaning brunette.

After each of them had shuddered through several orgasms the women of the Roberts family fell away from each other, to lie o the floor of the laundry room breathing deeply to catch their breath.

Janette broke the silence. “We’d best get ready girls, dinner is in an hour.”

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