A Crimson Domme Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Now You See Him

I had given Jimmy a key with permission to come over whenever he chose, and he clearly thought tonight was a good time.

“Who’s that?” Randy asked with a look of death on his face.

“Jimmy!” I hissed, “and he’ll kill you if he finds you.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him to my closet. “Find somewhere to hide in here and don’t make a sound.”

He nodded frantically as I slid the door shut and headed out to the living room. I wasn’t worried about me. Jimmy wouldn’t dare. He wasn’t like that. Hitting a woman was a sin but another man even one that’s 150lbs smaller, well that’s fair game. Jimmy was a sweetheart when sober and had a kind heart but drunk? Well I had no doubt he’d end up in prison if he found Randy in my apartment.

“Where is he?” Jimmy seethed.


Jimmy started charging through my place. I was so thankful to have put his little shoes away and turned the washer on as he started looking everywhere. “You know exactly who! That little faggot at the party. Where is he?”

I was pissed, “Holler fire and save the matches,” I yelled. “It ain’t none of your business Jimmy. Now get out of my home. I told you we were done.”

“Fine, but I’m gonna kill that little turd if he’s here.”

I laughed out loud with my hands on my hips, “Do you really think I’d take a little pube like that home with me Jimmy?” I yelled as I stood eye to eye to him and gave him my best performance to save Randy’s tight little ass.

Jimmy rushed right by me and into the bedroom, “No but then I never reckoned you’d kick me in the balls either Virginia.”

We that was true wasn’t it?

I followed him into my room as my heart beat out of my chest. If he found that little man in my closet with my pink wrap on, he’d blow up such a storm I’d have to step between them. “Jimmy, I’m worn slap out,” I sighed, “look around if you want then leave. I’d done baby. I’m done with you.”

Still his gumption wasn’t going to stop him from finding something and he searched under the bed then rushed over to the closet and slid the door open as my heart stopped that very second. Randy was about to die right there in front of me and I’d be witness number one at the trial.

He was gone.

I had no idea where, but Randy had slipped away.

Jimmy rushed to the bathroom then back to the living room as I stared blankly into the closet. I had no idea how he got out but somehow, he had. I followed Jimmy back to the living room and quickly hid Randy’s glass of wine just as he gave up his search and flopped onto my couch, “I’m sorry Virginia,” he finally lamented, “I was a jerk tonight.”

With my fists on my canted hips I glared down at him, “You were a jerk, Jimmy, and the truth is I’ve had enough of you. We’re still through.” I was sick of his football bullshit and wanted something different in my love life.

Jimmy broke down crying and lowered himself to the floor as he crawled to my feet, begging me to take him back. I could barely understand him as this big ole’ lummex pleaded with me that he would change if only I gave him another chance. His tears ran down my knees as he kissed them over and over and I found myself getting even wetter as he begged forgiveness. Here he was, a first line running back for the Crimson Tide on his hands and knees begging for another chance with me. I loved the rush of power it gave me especially since I was already expecting sex that was likely going to be somewhat, one sided.

Still, I couldn’t figure out how Randy had vanished. He wasn’t in that closet but I had no idea how he could have aydınlı escort gone anywhere else. I thought maybe the fire exit off the deck or maybe out the front door. As Jimmy charged around the apartment, I guessed it was possible he left, wearing my robe. Regardless, he was gone and I was preoccupied with having sex.

The urge to take Jimmy’s cock one last time grew. I was torn over what to do. I wanted to find Randy but then Jimmy was a great lover. I was also plum mad as hell at Jimmy, but at 6’5″ and more than 250lbs of rock-hard muscle Jimmy was worth one last ride.

“Maybe we could have one last night together baby, but then it’s got to end,” I smiled knowing Jimmy could never turn down sex.

He kissed my inner thighs and moved in closer to my sex as he told me he would like that, and I guided his face to my mound. I relished how his mouth set off fire crackers inside me when his tongue slid inside my slit as his mouth sucked away on my lips. It took almost no time at all to make me gush before I pushed his face out from between my legs.

I pulled him to his feet and led him into my bedroom. In my heels I stood a couple of inches taller than him, making it easy to wrap my arms around his thick neck as they rested on his massive shoulders. He was an incredible lover and those orbs of iron were just part of what drew me to him in the first place. My lips locked to his and I tickled his tongue with my own before nibbling on his ear. “Let me undress you baby,” I teased as I reached down to undo his belt, “for the memories,” I smiled.

Jimmy’s drunken droopy eyes lit up as his pants hit the floor and his 10″ manhood tapped the side of my head. I took a hold of his cock, pressed my thumb against his head and watched as his knees buckled before he collapsed onto my bed.

I drove Jimmy’s legs open with my elbows before my lips scraped across his head and shaft as I took the full girth of his naked hairless cock. I’d always hated hair between my teeth and Jimmy religiously followed my hairless rule. A vacuum around his shaft suddenly caught his attention as my lips ran the length of his shaft while the end of his cock cycled against the back of my throat. Jimmy’s hips pulsed into my face, driving his cock deeper, and he groaned in rhythm with our thrusts as he unbuttoned his shirt to open his chest exposing his enormous pecs that stood powerfully over his rippled abs and hide the pensive agony on his face from my view.

As much as I love cock, Jimmy always had one big weakness; fellatio. He just couldn’t take it.

The intensity of my mouth sucking on his cock was always too much for him. It wasn’t that he didn’t like it, in fact it was something he loved, but the angst created by the tidal wave of sex raging through his body was just too much for him to bear. After just a moment of ecstasy, Jimmy shimmied to the head of the bed pulling his cock out of my mouth as he cried in disappointment.

I laughed out loud as a rush of victory filled my loins, “I’m sorry baby, I couldn’t resist.”

“Virginia!” he mumbled with the usual look of defeat on his face. I loved watching him squirm away from a blow job. Of course, I always rode his cock to the end, but there was always a little joy for me to watch him writhe every time he retreated. I lifted myself onto the bed and knelt over Jimmy with my arms flailed out from my hips. I felt strong, powerful, and completely in control. I loved humiliating him during sex and couldn’t help but laugh. “My word, I don’t think you’ve ever learned to take a blow job Jimmy,” I teased, “but let’s bağdat caddesi escort keep going baby.” I tapped my finger between my legs, “I’ll take you right here.”

Jimmy’s beat red face fed my rush as I mounted his cock. I love sex with the upper hand and humiliating a mountain of muscle like Jimmy made me even more hungry for him. Waves of pleasure coursed through me as his head slid into my sex. I threw my blonde main back when my slit spread open as I lowered myself onto his thick mass of his manhood then his hips like a horse in the Kentucky derby. His cock was exquisite. Its massive girth stretched my insides igniting every inch of my pathway, but it was the feeling of that cock as it knocked against the roof of my womanhood I remember most because it was like nothing I’d ever felt. He was an incredible fuck. Jimmy’s hips matched the rhythm of mine as I gazed around the room while waves of energy coursed through my body. My massive tits bounced in sync with him until he grabbed them and rolled my nipples between his fingers, something I just happened to adore.

It was then, as my eyes scanned the room, that I spotted a little eyeball peering back at me through a hole in my over-flowing laundry hamper. My eyes fixed on Randy just long enough to give him a wink before I continued on Jimmy’s shaft with a new enthusiasm brought on by the presence of an audience.

Harder and harder I rode Jimmy’s cock as his hips kept in stride with his panting thrusts that could hardly mask my little screams as it reached deeper inside me each time. Knowing that little man was hiding in my hamper as Jimmy’s cock plucked away at my insides made everything more intense, more sensual, more exciting. One, two, three, I could feel myself climaxing and relaxing over and over as I watched Jimmy’s abs ripple with beads of sweat that created a glistening sheen across his body as it danced perfectly in time with me.

My back arched while my nails gouged the flesh of his iron hard legs until I threw myself on top of him to catch my breath, “I want your cum inside me Jimmy, come’ on baby, cum for me baby,” I told him as I nibbled on his ear then ran my lips across the course grains of his stubble. Jimmy kept thrusting his cock in rhythm with my hips while I locked onto his neck before driving my tongue down his throat for another deep kiss. As I sat back up, my nails left blood red trails across his shaking chest as I pounded my hips into his.

“Come on Jimmy baby, cum for me hun,” I panted as drops of my sweat splashed on his chest, “Cum for me baby!”

His body started to tremble as he drove his cock ever deeper into me until finally, I felt three massive thrusts lift me into the air as he filled my void. He paused just a moment then thrust once again as my hands used his knees to hold me up.

He had been fabulous. As always.

I dropped down onto his chest and nestled my face into the nape of his neck while he gently stroked my back with his fingers. “Virginia, I’m sorry about tonight. I was a dick.”

I slapped the side of his hips as I chuckled, “You were Jimmy. You were.”

“Will you forgive me, please?”

My head perked up to kiss his lips, “Yup, I forgive you but we’re still through baby,” I replied as I gently pulled myself out of his still enormous rock-hard piston.

“What?” he gasped, “No, no, no Virginia, we’ve got something special here. Everyone says we’re a perfect match. And I love you Virginia, I love you.”

“Jimmy, you love fucking me. You love showing me off to your friends. You love your image because bahçelievler escort you’re with me,” I laughed, “and I concede, I’m the same way. I’m sure there’s a part of you that loves me just as I do you. But honestly babe, I’m going to law school next year and I’ll be gone. Stanford, Yale, Harvard, who knows yet. You’ve still got one more year of ball then what baby?”

He laid silently staring through me. He had no answer because he knew I was right. I knew what I was to him. He was a 6’5″, 250-pound muscled varsity jock who was with a 6’3″, 180-pound rippling hard, blonde model that made him the envy of the campus. Together we were the perfect couple. The Crimson White, our school newspaper, had done stories and taken pics of us since we started dating. Sure, the celebrity of being with the school’s first-string running back was cool but the truth was, he was boring as hell. He didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground and discussions with him about anything meaningful just made me stupider for the experience.

“But I don’t want you to break up with me. You can’t Virginia. I need you.”

I reached for my cigarettes, Virginia Slims of course, and lit one, “Yes I can,” I smiled then blew a plume of smoke in his face. “You’ll be fine hun. As soon as those girls find out we’re through, they’ll be all over you like flies to, well, you know,” I laughed. “We’re done Jimmy. It was fun while it lasted but it’s time to move on baby.” I told him before I slid out of bed and sashayed across the floor to give Randy a show before sliding the closet door closed, shutting his window to my world. I picked up my gown and wrapped it around me then headed out to the living room.

Jimmy followed me out with his clothes in hand and sat down on my couch with his naked ass. “You can’t do this babe, I love you.”

I laughed out loud as I flicked my ash into a glass, “Sweetie, you don’t love me. You love fucking me.”

Jimmy broke down crying as he told me he had nothing if I wasn’t with him. It was probably true. If you played football in Alabama, the focus was football, not school. After 3 years he didn’t have much. Sure, a lot of the guys were brilliant and would go on to do great things, just not Jimmy. He was an amazing athlete, but the top floor lacked the furniture it needed for him to move beyond college.

I stood over him with my arm cocked to one side and blew another plume over his head and smiled, “It’s time to go sweetie.”

“Please just let me stay Virginia. I can sleep on the couch.”

I took his hand and led him to the door, “Jimmy no. We’re all done honey. Maybe sometime later but for now, I realized tonight, I don’t want to be with a man like you. I deserve to be treated so much better than I know you can,” then I released his hand and grabbed his crotch. “I will miss this though,” I smiled and blew a smoky kiss at him. “Goodnight Jimmy.”

His head dropped as his clothes fell to the floor and he stood motionless there with tears in his eyes until finally he reached down to put his briefs and jeans on before heading for the door. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I deeply enjoyed dumping him and I could feel myself getting warm again as I listened to him sob. He was completely at my mercy and I had crushed him with just a few softly spoken words. It had made me so hot again. I wanted his mouth between my legs, but I knew that would be unfair to him, not to mention poor Randy.

He walked out the door and turned back to me with tears pouring down his face, “Please don’t do this too me Virginia. I’m sorry baby.”

I smiled and took another drag from my cigarette as he walked out the door, “My key,” then put my hand out and waited in silence as he found it and dropped it in my hand, “Good bye Jimmy.” The walls shook as I closed the door with a slam. He was gone, and I was laughing at how much fun I just had knowing that little man was still hiding in my hamper.

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