A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 07

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* * Recovery * *

The following Thursday Sheri came home!! She was up and walking every day. She finally had her bath, then a shower when deemed safe. The surprise Teresa had prepared (sandwiches) was greeted with yips, hugs and tears of joy. Physical therapy was working with her to regain full use and strength in the affected muscle groups, bringing her slowly back to normal. That would continue, for some time, after her release. A schedule had been laid out. Home health would visit for a week or so. Nikki had been bringing homework every day or two. We would bring Sheri’s computer home so she could get online updates and send in homework.

The softball season was winding down. It wasn’t clear how the team would fare in the conference tournament. Sheri was not only captain and catcher but a key contributor on offense as well. She was missed. I returned to work this past Monday. Half days – but at least I was back. My days would get back to normal now that Sheri’s home. It wasn’t clear when she could return to work. She, too, would start back part time. Whenever. Mr. Watson and his wife came to the hospital the night before Sheri’s release. We were both stunned. Apparently Maddi had been getting updates from Linda. I hugged the man and thanked him for his kindness. I gave his lovely wife Sharon a hug as well. She smiled warmly and wished us well. They would both get an invite!!

Teresa and I spent time figuring out how to get the house ready for Sheri’s return. This would be her home from now on; all three of us had agreed on that.

That morning, before I headed upstairs, I made sure to stop into ER to find Renee. She smiled her greeting. We hugged. I told her Sheri was going home; apparently the hospital grapevine had given her the word. I told her of our plans and asked for her contact information. She looked at me in shock. I told her I was serious, that I did, indeed, wish for her to come. Tearfully, she thanked me. Hospital personnel came to say goodbye as we packed up to leave. Flowers were donated to whatever patients needed them. Staff thanked us both. I told Erica of her invite for Memorial Day. She cried. I asked her to have Catherine stop by before we left. She did. I introduced her to Sheri. I also spoke of our Memorial Day plans and made sure to get her information for the invitation. She was stunned, gracious and thankful.

I did pull Erica aside in the hallway and whispered a most important question: “Is it safe for us to make love?”

She smiled, kissed me on the cheek, and said, “Honey, the two of you are such a happy, beautiful, loving couple. I urge you to spend the night, for as long as either of you can manage, resuming your romantic intimacy.” I blushed quite completely and thanked her. I assured her I would pass her message along and that we both looked forward to seeing her in May.

Randi was waiting as the wheelchair brought my honey to the car. The day was crisp and bright. Sheri stood up as soon as we exited, hugged Erica, said goodbye, kissed me hard, and walked to the car. Randi hugged her. We sat hand in hand in the car. Sheri was glowing. I leaned and whispered, “We have clearance from the tower for tonight.” Her eyes gleamed. I caught a glimpse of Randi. Her shoulders shook with silent laughter. Was our lust that obvious? Apparently!! I caught a whiff of Sheri; I was sopping wet as well. At this rate, I might have to ask Randi to drive a while!! I’m grinning. She slid up the privacy screen; I think it was a tease. Sheri and I both giggled.

We got to our place. When Randi said goodbye, she kissed and hugged each of us. She actually said this: “Don’t stay up too late you two. It’s a school night.” (Pinky swear) I thought we might fall over laughing. Ain’t she the bee’s knees?

Teresa is close to a full foot shorter than Sheri. I was a bit worried she might squeeze her into next week. She fawned over Sheri like she might if she had grandchildren. She barely let her carry anything heavier than a spoon for god’s sake. Heads of state are treated with this sort of deference. Sheri giggled, I smiled, and Teresa fussed.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Teresa knew that today was the day Sheri was coming home. I had instructions that Sheri was NOT to have a hospital breakfast. Teresa insisted that the first meal be hers. We had a giggle about that Wednesday evening when I told her. In fact, I was to call home when Sheri was being discharged so she could have breakfast ready. Jawohl!! We were told, “Sit, sit.” We did. The feast that masqueraded as breakfast would have made Wolfgang Puck weep. Neither of us could finish it, try as we might. Teresa mother-henned us as we ate and glared at all that was left. I was sorely tempted to call Randi back so she could have some. And so the glaring would stop!!

We headed upstairs, as much to get away from the glare as to … umm. We lay together on the bed, face to face, arm in arm. No lovemaking this morning!! bursa escort Nope. This would be kissing, giggling, welcome home soft whispers, touches, and the like. Many hours later, we awoke. The sun’s glare had dimmed as night had begun to approach. We started up again. This was soft, intimate, slow, thorough loving. There were tears this time – both of us, thinking of what had nearly been lost. The way our bodies moved in synch, the cries as places that had not been touched in so long were caressed and loved, the kisses, the joy of looking into each others hearts as we reveled in the furious ecstasy of our pleasure. After, as we lay, body to body, arm in arm, we both cried at the beauty of it all. We were quiet for a time.

I whispered, “Do you think we should venture downstairs for dinner? Or should we shower first?”

Sheri giggled. “I think Teresa might not speak to us for a week if we were late for her dinner. I would very much like to shower with you, lover. And that could be our prelude to later.” That deal was sealed, as they say, with a kiss. I am a puddle; you melt me. We didn’t pretend at modesty; we padded downstairs in robes, hand in hand.

Dinner, as I suspected, was waiting. My wine was as well. Teresa came from the kitchen to ask Sheri what she might like to drink. She looked at me and asked if there was champagne in the house. I laughed out loud!! Scamp! She asked Teresa for a glass of water with ice. That sounded good; I asked for one as well. Dinner was heavenly. Lord knows we needed fuel, umm, after. We ate slowly.

Nikki was coming by at 7:30 with someone else from the harem (oops) to bring Sheri’s computer and homework as well as team updates. The visit would be short; I would see to it. Mine! Homework would be done in Braille later!! Hmm. That could be a fun evening some night! The teacher teaching and the student teaching the teacher!! How could I be so wet after the afternoon we just had!! This is me, not complaining, complete with shit eating grin. Thank you all very much. Please drive home safely. Five lip-smacking words.

Thanks to, umm, earlier, we finished dinner just before the door bell rang. Sheri rose to greet her sorority sisters. They fawned over her, cried, hugged, and kissed her. I smiled. Nikki did come and give me a hug and kiss. I think the other one may have been Mary Jane. Sheri asked them to sit; I fumed. The team lost in extra innings in the first round of the conference playoffs. Everyone had cried; Sheri was missed. Oh please! The sorority goings on were discussed. Me: bored. I yearned for Braille. Sheri smiled at me; my eyes spoke to her. Homework and classes were discussed, in depth, briefly. Sheri stood. They didn’t understand ‘corporate-speak.’ She finally said, “Thank you both for coming, bringing my computer and homework. Tell everyone hello for me and let them all know I’m doing well. I’m looking forward to being back in class and seeing the house.” That makes one of us. Julia, stop yourself!!

Teresa’s eyes showed her displeasure at the intruders, “What are your wishes for tomorrow, Miss?” Hmm. I would be at work; Sheri would have a visit from home health and P.T. Mine would be a full day. Sheri would do whatever she had to do – and homework. She had a lot to catch up on and not much time. Sheri’s return to work would be determined maybe as early as tomorrow. Not too much too soon. Erica’s admonition echoed in both of our heads. Our cries, sighs, and, more echoed in mine. I looked at Sheri; her eyes shimmered with unspoken understanding.

“Teresa, I think Sheri needs a good night’s sleep in our bed. I’ll text Randi for a morning pickup. I think breakfast at 7:30 will work, please.” Aryan blue eyes smiled; only one blink. She was happy that her girls were home safely. Sheri gave her a hug and kiss first; I followed. We headed upstairs. Lessons beckoned. We might thumb wrestle to determine who was teacher and who was student. Maybe not. This much I know: I’m not tellin’!! I did set the alarm before … umm, the rest.

* * Lovers Loving * *

I was sore when I woke up Friday. That’s all I’ll say about our night. Sheri did the glorious stretchy, languid thing. I nearly cried. She is home!! I hurried to the shower. After, I swear her eyes glowed with her love for both of us and the day and night we spent loving each other. I blushed under her gaze; she laughed. From the bed, Sheri called out how I was to dress for the day!! Yes, Ma’am!! I had tears of joy. I left my honey in all her naked glory (oh lord, how I wanted to stay with her) with a kiss, a nipple tweak, and a choked, throaty affirmation of my love. Her eyes glistened as she nodded. Breakfast, my go cup, a quick kiss for Teresa, and I was out the door. Randi was waiting. Her eyebrow raised, I blushed, she smiled. She held the door and hugged me. I squeezed her hand. 5 pm pickup agreed to.

Linda followed me into the office. bursa escort bayan She had an idea. Sheri would likely come back to work just as her internship ended. She proposed a ‘Welcome Back – Goodbye’ party on the same day. I laughed and laughed. By now, everyone knew she had been approved to start her summer in May. It was a glorious idea!! I hugged Lin. We talked of the day’s tasks and the week ahead. Busy. Okay, business as usual. She told me Maddi had called. Mr. Watson wanted to speak to me today. Hmm. No, neither of them knew what it was about. I asked Lin to call Maddi and schedule it. I asked about Kat. She just smiled brightly. Mmkay. Back to work. Lin came back about five minutes later with details. Cool! My mail was on my desk. I tore through a bunch of things. Girl has got her groove on. I smiled to myself. Oh my yes! I did a little dance as I walked to get my coffee. My pussy reminded me not to move too quickly. Thank you Ma’am, I will beg for another! You may laugh. Admit it: you’re jealous, not to mention wet! BANG!

Maddi hugged me, her eyes wet. How sweet! She knocked. The voice greeted me. This nice man hugged me chastely. It spoke volumes. “Please sit down Julia. There are some things that I thought you might want to know now that Sheri is out of the woods.” Oh? Maddi brought in a cup of coffee and winked. I thanked her. I took a sip; there was a hint of whiskey in it. Woah! Mr. Watson continued, “The police came to me with a final report. It seems, from her statement, that Cindy had been unable to find work after being fired. According to interviews – by police from her home town with neighbors and family – she had become despondent and focused her fury on you and Sheri. No one, apparently, took her seriously. Credit card receipts traced her journey as she headed here. She apparently waited, watched your habits, and monitored your comings and goings, that sort of thing. She had checked out of the flea bag hotel she had stayed in the morning of her attack. The police thought it was clear, looking back, that she was aiming to kill both of you. It seems she blamed Sheri for taking someone she had, secretly it seems, lusted after. The police wondered why she attacked Sheri first and not you. There was some sort of diary or journal she had kept. They wouldn’t share much; apparently it was …” He stopped and shook his head. He never gave hint of it in the visit to the hospital with his wife. Had he known then?

I had been back to work. He hadn’t asked for me then. Not till today, after Sheri was home. Hot tears slid silently. He had stopped and was looking at me. “I am so very sorry Julia. All of Sheri’s hospital bills will be paid in full.” I gasped. He smiled and said, “This came from Bob (Woods). He and I have talked.” I sobbed, head in my hands. He continued, “Maddi tells me Sheri will likely be back very soon. Please let her know not to push it.” I could do nothing more than nod. “I don’t have anything more, Julia, other than to voice my very best wishes for Sheri’s continued recovery.” He stood and came around the desk. I just had to. I reached and gave this sweet man a kiss on the cheek. He smiled and nodded thanks. Maddi stood at her desk as I left. We hugged. We’d have to add her to the Memorial Day guest list. (smile)

Linda caught my eye as I walked off the elevator. I jerked my head to the office; she followed me. I closed the door behind her, hugged her, lay my head on her shoulders, and, through my sobs, told her. She cried as well, as much from the sick tale as the wonderful gesture from management. When we both had gathered ourselves, she told me Sheri had called. I was to call ASAP. She shook her head. That was all the detail given.

I rushed to the phone and called. Sheri was pissed off! Nikki had called six or seven times, asking when she could come and visit. I went crazy mad. I told Sheri not to worry, that I would speak to Nikki. She begged me not to. My voice was cold when I replied. Sheri didn’t say a word. I called Randi – 30 minutes. Linda stared; I told her, she nodded. This would end today! I fumed until the phone vibrated.

The ride was quiet; the fury in my eyes kept questions from Randi’s lips. We arrived at the sorority house. Randi was told to wait. I burst through the door, demanding, “Where is Nikki?” Something slim and blonde scampered up the stairs. She returned with a pale Nikki in tow. I grabbed her hand and marched her outside, slamming the door behind us. I dragged her, sobbing, to the car. Randi held the door open. I threw her – no, I am not exaggerating – threw her into the back seat. Randi put the privacy screen up as she locked the doors. Nikki cowered in the corner as far away as she could get. Smart. I glared at her as my heart raced. I waited until I had some measure of control.

In a low, angry, threatening voice I hissed, “You will not continue this futile pursuit. bursa sınırsız escort If you do, it will not go well for you. I will bring any and every resource to bear to protect the woman I love from further harm – for the rest of our lives!!” My voice rose several octaves, “Do you understand?” Nikki quaked with fear. My eyes burned with fury. My voice scorched what my eyes left standing. Little as she is, she shrank further still under the intensity of it. I finished with, “And let whoever else thinks they may lay claim to Sheri know that their folly will be met with the same fate as yours.” The door locks clicked. When Randi opened the door, Nikki literally fell to the ground. She picked herself up and ran to the door. Others were waiting, gaping, staring. She fell into their midst in tears. Message delivered!

Back in the car, Randi closed the door, put the car in gear, and we drove home without a word said.

She slid the car to a stop. I was calm now. She held the door for me. As I exited, her lips curled in a smile, and she fist-bumped me. No words need be spoken. She winked; I nodded. I asked if she would wait. I wanted to speak with Sheri before returning to work. Naturally, she agreed. The lioness walked to her door. Her life was inside – safe.

Teresa’s eyes questioned but she knew I would not ask. I kissed my honey. Sheri smiled.

“Teresa, may I please have a cup of coffee.” She smiled, nodded, and went to the kitchen.

I asked Sheri,” How was your session of physical therapy?”

“They put me through my paces pretty thoroughly,” she sighed, “But they were, apparently, pleased with my progress.” Sheri had been given the green light to return to work and school. I suggested returning to school first and threw out the idea of coming back to work on Monday April 30th. No mention was made of what Linda had planned. It would be a surprise. Sheri whined about work. Oh hell, I told her about what Mr. Watson had told me. The company would pick up the full tab for all of her medical expenses. We both cried. I left out the part about Cindy. That would come tonight, after I returned from work and after dinner, in the privacy of our bedroom.

Sheri asked, “Are you going back to work lover?”

I replied, “Since you have homework to catch up on, I’ll go back to finish the day.”

I could see her churn that one in her head. As she mulled things over, I decided that I would speak to Randi on the ride to work about how best to get Sheri back and forth from classes. Sheri wasn’t thrilled but agreed it was best for both of us.

We kissed goodbye. As we did, she slid a hand to my skirt and pulled it up. Through the kiss, she hissed, “Lift it pet.” I did. I felt her fingers reach me for me. She smiled in the kiss as she found me naked, as ordered. I received a rather thorough, if all too short, finger fucking. It left me with a pool of silky fluid, a thin sheen of dew on my forehead, and complete and utter frustration when she stopped suddenly.

“Bitch,” I hissed.

She nipped at my lip, “You’re welcome pet. Have a lovely afternoon. You may not have a spend. They will be mine to bestow tonight.” Sheri lifted the fingers to my lips, wet them with me, then, her eyes never once leaving mine, brought the residue to her mouth, and made me watch as she tortured me further with the show she put on. A smack on my rear sent me out the door to a waiting Randi. She did a double take as she looked at me. I shrugged.

Oh sure, work was a barrel of laughs. Even Linda looked at me with a cocked eyebrow. I just shook my head. I needed the toilet. I shook in frustration as I sat. I washed my hands and looked in the mirror; her eyes taunted me. Et tu Brute? Her eyes laughed at me; she licked her slips – slowly. Geez, is everyone in on this? She blew me a kiss. I blushed. I love you too sweetie. She nodded and smiled; that’s more like it. I tossed my hair in a huff at both of them. As the day came to a close, Linda came in with her usual – a summary of this week and a written preview of next. She’s the best!! We went through it quickly. She hit the highlights, pointed out where trouble spots might be in next week’s tasks, and asked if I had questions. Yeah, actually I do. Can you get me off real quickly? Inside voice! I said no, thanked her, wished her a good weekend, and set about to finish the little I had left. Randi was set for 5 pm. Lin left at 4:30. I wrapped things up and left.

On the way home Randi and I discussed logistics: Sheri’s school and my rides to and from work. I mentioned that if it came to it I would increase her pay with additional cash from me. Umm, that may have been a mistake. She looked in the mirrors, yanked the wheel, and brought the car to a sudden, screeching stop. Oopsie. She turned nearly completely around and burned a hole in me with her eyes. She used words she hadn’t used in my company since we were lovers in carnal heat. She would call Sheri over the weekend, get her schedule, and together they would work things out. I folded my tent like a carnie con man who heard sirens in the distance. Phew. That went well. Randi smiled sweetly as she held the door when we arrived home. Good god, did I miss the memo on ‘Let’s Get Julia Friday?’ Thank you, Ma’am.

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